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Alpha Males 3

jack and daniel's day off

Summary: The boys get a day off to come to terms with their new symbiotes. How will they spend it? Warnings: SMUT! Sex, language, consensual bondage and a shocking misuse of chocolate sauce. Happy birthday Evil Henchwoman.

"Morning," Jack mutters at me, thrusting a coffee under my nose as he does.

"Hey, you okay?" I ask as I down it in one.


"Ja-ack, come on babe, this is me you're trying to kid. What's wrong?" Day two at home and we're starting to get used to the weird stuff going on. Sort of.

"Oh, just not used to having a snake in my head, that's all. Don't get me wrong, Tally's nice and all, and really quiet..."

"But having a boa on the brain is a pain in the asp?" I ask, helpfully of course.

"Am I going to have to put up with snake jokes all the time?" he groans with a grin.

"Quite probably, but you could go and fetch me another coffee if you want. That would keep you out of my way."

"What am I? Your serpent?"

"Ouch. What's 'rattle'd your cage? I could 'adder' nother request if you like? I wouldn't want to constrict'ya movements."

"Now you're getting 'corn'y."

"That's a load of old cobras."

Bummer, that one was lost on him. It would work on Ed though. At least it's pushed him out to get me another coffee. While he's downstairs I'm gonna nip into the bathroom and make myself comfortable. A leak, wash and brush of teeth and I'm back in bed before he knows it.

"Come back to bed, babe." I try my most seductive tones on him.

"You'd keep me in bed all day given the chance, wouldn't you?" He's trying to complain but he's definitely getting into bed.

"You got a problem with that, flyboy?"

"Oh no, I think I can live with that," he responds with a leer. WOO HOO!

"So, now you've got me here, whatcha goin' to do with me?"

"Everything," I hiss - continuing the snake motif here if you hadn't noticed.

"To start with?" he squeaks.

"I think there's a snake bite that needs the poison sucking out. You want me to see to that?"


I'll take that as a 'yes' then. Some serious kissing later - with a quick stop for a coffee break (well, he did go to the trouble of bringing it up), and then I go down, face to face with his one-eyed trouser snake.

I wonder how it's going to react to my flickering tongue? As if I don't know *mwahaha*. Snakes use their tongues to taste the air and see what's around. I guess I can do the same thing. I can certainly taste the skin. Hmm, tha's good.

A quick swipe here and there and he's hollering to get off. Why? Missed your stop, dear? We can go on a bit longer you know.

"Danny, babe, please," he's begging.

Seeing as he said 'please' and all.


Yep, I'd say that worked.

"C'mere you," he says with a glint in his eye. I'm a'comin', honest."

You know, I've been kissed by some people seriously talented in the art of tonsil hockey, but Jack rates up there with the best of them. And how.

//I'm inclined to agree, Daniel. And I've been kissed a lot more than you.//

{You? Don't you mean your hosts?}

//Sure, but I get it vicariously. And I feel what you feel, remember? Jack's up there with the best of them, all right. Wheeee, what's he doing with his hand?//

{Oh yeah, that's a pretty neat trick when he does that. Makes me scream too.}

//I know, I heard you.//

{This is weird.}

//What is?//

{I'm currently having the shit kissed out of me, I'm being worked by an expert to the point that thinking is getting ree-hee-ally hard and I'm talking to an alien in my head at the sa -hey -me time. God, he's good at that.}

//Get used to it Daniel, weird is normal for you now.//

He's got a point. WOO! So has Jack! Where did that come from? Heh heh heh, I guess there are hidden benefits to being joined.

"On your stomach, Danny," he orders in that sexy, sexy voice he's got. I'm complying - honest. Not going to complain about being ordered around today.

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"Spread 'em!"

Could that man get any dirtier? Oy. I'm spreadin'.

OhGodohGodohGodtha'sgood. I love this, feeling his weight on me as he lies on my back. We're both sweating hard now and it's helping him slide up and down... up and down... u-u-u-up and do-own. If the phone rings now I'm shooting it. And whoever is on the other end. Not gonna be disturbed. Any more than I am already that is!

I've recovered again! How is this possible?! I'm nearly forty, for cryin' out loud. Jack's a couple of years shy of FIFTY! This can't be happening.

"Shall we take a break?" I pant.

"Prob'ly a good idea," he moans into the back of my neck, sending my skin into paroxysms of goosefleshiness. And if that's a proper word I'll be very surprised.

"So," he finally pants. "What shall we do today?"

"Bed," I say. "We're staying in bed."

"All day?"

"Yep. Come on Jack, when was the last time we did absolutely nothing useful in a day? Apart from when we're sick that is."

"I can't remember. But are you sure?"

"Absolutely. We need this, Jack. I need this. I don't want to go shopping or do housework or go to the mountain or anything. Mom said we should have a couple of days off. I think we should spend today in bed."

"How about eating?"

"Sandwiches for lunch and we'll get dinner delivered. I'm only getting up for coffee and bathroom breaks. You and I are going to spend the day together, Jack. I'm not going anywhere that we have to behave ourselves; I don't want to have to apologise for kissing you or snuggling with you. I don't want to have to explain myself to anyone. I love you, you know, and I'm fed up of having people 'look' at us."

So that's what this is all about. I understand. The gang are great - our SGC gang and his old bunch of pals, as well as my family of course - but we do tend to hold back and not act as we would like. So, my baby wants to spend the day attached to me like a limpet? My baby gets what my baby wants. For today that is.

[That's very kind of you, Jack.]

(Ya kiddin'? This is Daniel I'm talking about. Ya think that spending the day in bed with him is a hardship?)

[I need to work on my sarcasm.]


"So, now you've got me, whatcha want to do with me?"

"Do you know? It doesn't matter, Jack. Sure, as and when we get the urge, I want to make out, but that's not the point. I want to snuggle, talk, play games, watch TV - whatever. I don't want to have to get dressed or behave or..."

"I get the picture Danny, and I understand. It will do us good. So, how about I pop down and grab something for us to eat? Do you want to find something to do?"

"Okay - chess? Cards? Books?"

"Surprise me."

I kiss him hard (oh, the suffering) and head off downstairs to grab some breakfast. Toast is pretty quick. I make some fresh coffee and dig out the thermos jug and a small jug for milk and a pot for sugar. Great, it's all done. Food and a large coffee supply will keep him sweet. Talking of sweet, I'm sneaking up a few other things too. Like the chocolate sauce and maple syrup from the fridge. Just in case he has an attack of the sweet munchies, of course.

Our laptops? What's he got those for? And the network cable?

"Daniel? Whatcha doing?"

"I'm loading a game onto your laptop, Jack. It's a strategy game - a cross between a civilisation builder and a war game. I think you'll like it. We can play against each other. The AI can fill in the blanks with the other sides. What do you think?"

"Okay, I'll give it a go. You'll have to give me some pointers though, I've never played this before."

We both sling on a pair of sweats - not bothering with a T or anything 'cause the heating's still on. He sits next to me for the first game.

"We'll keep the dimensions small to start with - the game will be over much quicker, but it'll teach you the techniques you need. You ready?"

As I'll ever be. So, while we slurp our coffee and munch our toast we work through the first game together. Daniel's watching me, helping me with my moves and showing me what he's doing and why. Hey, he's right, I can get into this.

"Fancy a break for a bit?" he asks after about an hour.

"A bit of what?" I ask, but I know what. His eyes are black with lust. Oh God, does this day get to be any better?

The laptops are on the floor now, I'm on my back, my sweats are off and he's doing his pack of lion cubs thing again. I'm getting nibbled and licked and slurped and EEK. That never gets old.

"Come here, Daniel, I want you," I manage to squeak.


"Like this, I want to see you."

He pulls my legs up over his thighs, reverently stroking them, his hands moving further and further inside as he goes. I reach to the table and hand him the lube and the next thing I know he's working me inside and out.

"Now, please," I hiss. I need this. He knows that too, I'm sure.

I'm feeling no pain as he enters me slowly - I'm blown away by the look of sheer bliss on his face as he pushes up to the hilt. Slowly at first but then a little faster he moves, his still slick fingers taking no pity on my dick. He's jerking me hard now, thrusting inside me to match his movements. Oh God, this is incredible. Love this, love HIM so much.

I'm studying his face so intently that my orgasm catches me by surprise. His, too, as he collapses on top of me.

"Babe, love you so much," he murmurs.

"Me too, Danny, me too."

"Yeah, I know. Sleep?"

"Good idea."

He popped downstairs to get some sandwiches for lunch and to put another pot of coffee on. We finished off the thermos before we hit the shower together. Danny hot and sweaty on a bed is amazing. Danny wet and slippery in the shower is something else. Facing away from me, his hands on the tiles, legs apart as I take him from behind. Mind-blowing - truly mind-blowing.

[I had no idea that the humans were so obsessed with sex. None of my previous hosts were this bad. Not even Hasana, and she was, er, libidinous.]

(She wasn't married to Daniel, was she?)

[I see your point. Is he like this all the time?]

(Pretty much. Not that we can recover this quickly normally. Thanks for that, by the way.)

[You're welcome. I'm having fun too, you know.]

I didn't really want to know that.

Yum. When Daniel makes a sandwich he goes to town. It's not just a ham sandwich. It's a really nice, thick cut, smoked ham with slices of tomato and a crumbly delicate cheese too. In a submarine roll - not just a coupl'a slices of bread for Danny. Oh no - the roll is one of those with lots of grains in it. We've got a pile of them in the freezer. He's warmed these up in the oven. That was lovely.

"So, what now?"

"Want to play another game?" he asks, his eyes twinkling.

"Yeah, but not on the computer. I've got something else in mind - seein' as you've been so nice to me, how about I'm nice to you?"

I can read his face - bring it on, flyboy!

We clear the stuff off the bed and I put his lights out with a bandana.

"Lie down, Daniel," I murmur into his ear. Even through his sweats I can see he's already been turned on. I've found the handcuffs and he gasps as I put them on. I don't have to ask him if he wants this, I can read his body and his face. He's grinning from ear to ear.

I do what he did to me the other day and start by kissing his neck and down the inside of his arm, pausing to suckle on the inside of his elbow. That was incredible for me when I could move and see what he was doing. He has to picture this, feeling my own body on his as I get as far as his wrist, which is currently attached to the bedstead. I can't play with his hands in the same way that he did to me, but I can lick his wrist and his fingers, making him gasp. I swap to the other hand, getting the same reaction. He's moaning 'Jack, oh my Jack,' his head's thrashing back and forth. Down now, I'm going to play with his toes, sucking on them as he did mine. I've yanked his pants off and I'm kinda enjoying the view here. He's getting desperate.

Time to introduce a little fun, I guess.


"Just a little sweetness, my dear," I tell him as I start to lick the chocolate sauce off his stomach and balls - and his dick. I don't think he's been this hard since M'losa.

"Please don't tease Jack," he begs.

Do I take pity on him? Do I indeed. Nope, he can suffer for a minute. But then, if I make him suffer he'll make me suffer. Ooh. Tough one.

[I had no idea you were such a sadist, Jack]

(You'd better believe it. Come on, Tally, is there anything better than having Daniel begging you?)

[I can see the attraction.]

Ya know, she smirks. I know she does. I can feel it.

Okay - time to let him get off now. A quick squirt of the sauce and I'm licking and sucking with gusto. And here we go. Lift off!

Before he gets a chance to recover - "Flip over Daniel, got another flavour I want to try out."

"Jack," he moans, I don't think he can move without an assist. Okay, let's flip you over then baby.

"DON'T call me baby."

Oops. Didn't mean to say that out loud. Better sweeten him up again with some nice kisses. Like the flavour of chocolate sauce and you, hun? Oh God, you do, don't you? Hmm, oh yes, gonna go taste some more. A little maple syrup trailing down the crack of his butt cheeks and I'm in business.

"Jeez, Jack, more please babe, want you now," more groans and moans come my way. He wriggling his butt as close to me as he can get, what with being handcuffed and all.

"All good things come to those that wait, Daniel," I tease.

"Fuck me now, Jack, or you won't be getting any more later," he growls.

Oh, okay then. Where's that lube? Dammit, where is it? It was here earlier.

"Um, Daniel, I can't find the lube."

I am in deep, deep shit.


I'm really in deep, deep shit.


Where's that baby oil? I'm in the bathroom so fast an Olympic sprinter couldn't catch me for dust. None there! Shit. Must have run out. I have got to go shopping. Downstairs - I am so glad my knee is better - olive oil, veg oil, sesame oil - we're out of the whole fucking lot? We can't be!


"I know, I know, I'm going as fast as I can."

Butter. It's hard as nails, dammit. Margarine - spreadable! YES!


Not soon enough for Daniel's liking unfortunately.

Oh boy. He's on his knees, handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded and begging me to fuck him - I must have been a fucking saint in a previous life to get this lucky. I should ask him if he really wants this - but I doubt I'd survive the fallout if I did. Cover me - I'm going in.

Jeez, how does he stay so tight? So fucking perfect. This is good, too good, I can't last. I'm going as hard and fast as I can, because I know this is what he wants. I want it like this for once. I'm gonna come soon, I know it. Trying to hold out here for him, 'cause he's reacting to this. Want to wait for him too.

(Tally, help me out here, will ya?)

[I AM! I'm not a miracle worker.]


"Oh God I'm gonna come, Danny, sorry, can't hold out... Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!"

Got to help him, but I can't feel my arms or my legs here.

"Jack, get me out of this, now," he demands.

Okay, okay, I can do this. Blindfold first. I get to look into his eyes, still ablaze with passion. His hands, got to do his hands. One, that'll do for the minute. His arms are around me as he launches his lips at mine. In a move that a spec ops general should be proud of, he's got me on my back and he's pounding against my tired body. Just feeling him against my stomach is something else. He's pulled out of the kiss, flung his head back, his mouth open and he howls as he comes all over me.

"Danny, oh my Daniel, you're not hot, you're fucking incandescent. Love you so much."

"Shh, wanna sleep," he tells my chest.

Yeah, baby, me too. Just for a minute.

"Don't call me fucking BABY!"

Jack has hauled me out of bed, but only so that we can have a bath. It's only 3 p.m. We are absolutely going for the record here. It would probably help if I could keep my hands off him, but I can't. And I don't want to either. We never get the chance to do this, so I'm making the most of it. Mom phoned earlier, wondering if we were okay. Jack told her we were spending the day in bed, having incredible sex and that we weren't to be disturbed for anything short of a massive Goa'uld attack or an incoming asteroid. And then only if Sam and Teal'c couldn't handle it.

I could hear here laughing from the other side of the room.

Love this. I'm lying against my hot and hairy general, he's washing my hair and I can feel his fingers massaging my scalp.

"This is the life!" I hoot.

"Doesn't get any better than this, Danny. I guess we'll have to change the sheets before we get back in though, they're covered in syrup, sauce and something else beginning with 's'."

Heh heh heh.

"Are you enjoying today, Jack?"

"What makes you ask that, Danny?"

"Well, it's not the way we usually spend a day off. I guess I'm worried you're getting bored."

"Bored? What? With you around? Not possible, Danny, not possible. I'm having fun. Best day in ages to tell the truth. What about you?"

I nuzzle back against him, turn a bit and start sucking on his neck.

"What do you think, Jack?" I ask in as husky a voice as I can manage.

Yep, I was right. His hearing is directly wired to his groin and huskiness really does it for him. Probably explains why he's over me like a rash when I've got a cold.

Bed's changed - we've found the lube. And got the spare bottles which Jack in his panic didn't see. Margarine indeed. He didn't tell me what he used till I saw bits of yellow grease floating to the top of the bath water.

"What have you got there, Jack?"

"My turn to provide the entertainment, Daniel. Our drink and a couple of films. Which one do you want?"

I look at the selection. My favourites. Aw - that's so sweet.

"Meaning of Life," I say, could do with the laugh.

He's phoned for some food, even though it's still early. Better eat now, we've got a large bottle of whisky to get through. And I intend doing that.

{Are you going to fix my liver, Qabil?}

//Why do you think I've been so quiet, Daniel? I've been working on it since yesterday.//

Video goes in, glasses get filled and we lie down on our stomachs and watch. Jack's not a big Python fan, but I think he'll like this one. Oops, doorbell, must be the food.

Jack heads downstairs and I hear the door open. Yep, food. Good. After all that exertion I was getting hungry. Didn't think that Jack could get any better in bed, but like a good wine he's improving with age.

Jeez? Could that bag get any more in it? Something smells good.

"What's there, Jack?"

"Oh, it's a mix of stuff, things you love. Mexican, Creole, Cuban..."

"From the new place? La Belle Taco. I love you!"

"Cupboard love."

I'm not saying a word. However, we have a black bean soup, corn bread and enchiladas stuffed with beef and chillies, followed by a chicken and sausage jambalaya. Spice and more spice. And there's lots of it. Woo hoo!

This is good. Great food, our drink, wonderful company and one of the funniest films ever. Some of it's going over Jack's head, I think. It's just not his thing, I guess. Though he's laughing himself stupid over the sperm song.

"Ya do realise that I could get you pregnant," he says, snorting his jambalaya and rice everywhere.

"Don't be so fucking disgusting!"

Qabil is totally lost. He's not getting this at all, though the parade ground bit got him. Anyone got anything better to do than marching up and down the parade ground? Um, yes Sir! Ha ha ha!

"I used to have a drill sergeant like that," Jack howls. "Sarcastic fucker on a good day."

"Hey Danny, that's you that is!"

Huh. The officer with the missing leg bit. I know I have a habit of saying I'm fine when I'm not, but even I'm not as bad as that.

Hmm, he's feeding me now - ooh, I like this.

"Danny, that's a chilli."


"You're not going to-o-o-o damn it, you did, didn't ya? Sheesh, just as well I've been eatin' this stuff. We can't face anyone tomorrow, they'll never want to be in the same room as us." Then he farts and sets me off giggling.

//Any more enthusiasm on his backside's part and he could inflate a hot air balloon.//

{You know about them?}

//Only what I've picked up from you, Daniel. Your mind is like a database.//

{That's the most polite thing my head has ever been called, I can tell you.}

"I could do with one of those things," he says, pointing at the screen.


"A conversation card. Give us something to talk about."

"We talk about loads of stuff."

"Sure, but I don't understand you half the time."


"Aw fuck, Daniel, that's disgusting! Live organ donors!"

"Shh, listen to the song!"

To be fair, the Galaxy Song gets him riveted to the screen - and quiet!

"That was clever," he announces at the end. "Very witty."

"A lot of it is, Jack, these are clever people doing this. It's one of the reasons I love them so much. It was such a shame about Graham Chapman dying so young - though to be fair they include him in stuff now. They did a get-together on TV some years back and had an urn with what was supposed to be his ashes in it. I laughed my ass off, especially when they tipped it on the floor. Oh, oh, listen to this song!"

The Noël Coward sound-alike doing the Penis Song. Jack's drunk enough to howl over that one. That's so funny. He's going to hate the next bit. Mr. Creosote.

"Hey, they really do know you, don't they," he cackles as the guy throws up. Wait till he's had his 'wafer thin mint', dear heart.

//Daniel, that's disgusting.//

{I know *snort* funny, isn't it?}

//I'm beginning to wonder about how sane you are, Daniel.//

{You've known me how long? And only now you're wondering?}

//*sigh* Good point.//

Damn, the food's gone. The drink's half gone and I'm not even half-cut.

//Just try to stand, Daniel.//


"I didn't have the salmon mousse! Ha ha! That's good!" Great, we get to the end of the film and Jack suddenly decides he likes it.

Okay - he's got good taste. And not just in partners either.

"So," I say, tracing my finger down his spine. "You want to do something now? It's still pretty early."

"Yeah, I, er, need the bathroom," he blushes and falls off the bed.

"Jack, stop laughing, iss not funny."

It is. Watching him crawl to the bathroom is very funny.

How long is he going to be in there? I want to go. Now. Come on Daniel.

"You'd, er, better use the downstairs one, Jack."

That's easy for him to say, my legs have got a mind of their own.

(Er, Tally, could you take over and get me downstairs, please?)

[I think I'd better. Broken necks are tough to fix.]

Both of us are back in bed now. Some serious smooching is taking place. Love this - it's so good.

"What are we going to do now, Jack?" he says with a twinkle in his eye.

"Apart from drink some more? Ooh, I'm sure I can think of something."

I push him onto his back and pull his sweats back off him. Damned things. Why do we have to keep getting dressed anyway?

I think I'm going to play now. Ooh, look what that does to him. He's got more erogenous zones than the entire cast of a porno movie. I've never known a guy with such sensitive nipples. I think he was a woman in a previous life. Must have been. Just as well we didn't meet up then, what if I was a saint and all.


Oh crap, there's someone at the door.

"Tell them to go away, Jack, please."

Great, just fucking great. Okay, I'll get my sweats back on, and throw his at him.

"Carter? What are you lot doing here?"

It's her, Ed, Jan and Teal'c. Aw crap, I can't turn them away.

"Come in, before I freeze my nuts off."

They follow me in, looking a bit sheepish.

"Daniel, get your ass in gear and get down here. The guys are here."

I hear him crashing about and he finally appears at the top of the stairs. Damn, that boy could scowl for America.

"Did we interrupt anything?" Jan asks as innocently as she can. Witch.

"Yes," Daniel hisses. "Jack and I are having a day off. In bed."

Four sets of eyes are wide open as he stumbles into the kitchen to put some coffee on.

"Look guys, Daniel's sick of having to tone down our relationship for company, okay? We were just being ourselves for a day. If you want to stay, that's fine, but there's no way we're going to sit and pretend that all we do is hold hands."

"We understand, Jack, honest. Just be yourselves," Sam says. "If it gets a bit much, we'll go."

"Thanks. Daniel needs this. Hell, I need it too."

"So, what have you guys been doing today then?" Sam asks Daniel brings the coffee in. Then she blushes as we look at each other and laugh.

"You really want to know?" he says. I know that look. It's dangerous. If she's not careful he's going to catalogue the hows and wheres of what we've been up to.

"No, I, er, guess not," she squeaks. Jan's laughing her ass off. Ed's looking anywhere but at Sam and Teal'c's eyebrow is telling me that internally, my stoic Jaffa is having hysterics.

Daniel and I share an armchair. He's sitting on my lap, plastered to me. He hates sitting on my lap, normally, but I guess he's making a point here.

"How are you guys getting on with Qabil and Talnet?" Ed asks.

"Fine - they're fun," Danny says with a grin, adding with a murmur, "and useful. My stamina has never been so good."

Mine either. I actually feel about as energetic as I did when I was in my twenties. And as horny, but that's probably just Daniel's fault.

[I'm not saying a word.]

(Miracles happen!).

"He made me watch a Monty Python film," I moan.

"Oh, poor you," Ed sympathises - not. "Which one?"

"Meaning of Life."

"Mr. Creosote!"

"Oh yes. That's fucking revolting. And the organ donor thing. And he fucking laughed at it!"

"It's funny!" Ed complains. I'll never get some of his humour, I guess.

"Okay, what's your favourite funny film, Jack?" Jan asks.

"Blazing Saddles!"

"The baked bean scene!"

"The stampede - where the guy lies there, sees he's going to die and says 'oh shit!'."


Teal'c's looking a bit bewildered. He has got to see that film.

"T man, next team night - Blazing Saddles it is. You will love it. It's a commentary on racism in the wild west - and the so-called underdog is the hero. And he is so much smarter than anyone else. It's a hoot."

"A comedy is a commentary on something so serious, O'Neill? I do not understand."

Danny takes over for me.

"Look, Teal'c, sometimes people feel awkward about facing things that they know to be wrong. And by laughing at the perpetrators of the wrongdoing, the serious message gets across. What was said and done to the hero in the film was wrong - everybody gets it. Whereas, in real life, they may not. The producer is Jewish. His people have suffered greatly in the past - in his lifetime. But instead of beating himself over the head and moaning about it, he made people laugh and helped them realise just how much suffering went on. It's probably easier to explain it when you see the film. It's called ironic humour. You're not laughing at the people, but with them - and you empathise with their situation. You know Dr. Hendricks in palaeobotany?"

"I do."

"You know he's deaf, don't you?"

"I do."

"You also know he makes fun of himself - all those phone jokes and so on?"

"Yes. I do not understand."

"He does that, a) because he's a great guy with a great sense of humour, and b) to get a message across. He can't answer the phone in the way that the rest of us can. He can use the text phone though. His jokes about mishearing the messages remind people to use the text phone. He's so good at lip reading that people forget that he's deaf. His jokes then usually result in the butt of his jokes smacking themselves on the head and remembering in future. He doesn't get frustrated and start an argument about it. Am I explaining this okay? 'Cause I'm pretty drunk and I'm not sure if I'm totally coherent."

"I believe I understand, Daniel. The use of humour is as a distraction from a potentially volatile situation while getting the intended recipient on your side."

"Got it. So you see? A social commentary which makes you laugh your ass off."

"I do see. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Wanna drink anyone?"

He gets off my lap long enough for the blood to come back to my legs and gets a couple of bottles and some glasses.

"Help yourselves," he says, keeping the JD for us.

We drink a bit, joke a lot with the guys. Time is going on. He's snuggling closer and closer till I'm virtually wearing him as a second skin.

I know what he wants now and he's going to get it.

I kiss him. And I give not a flying fuck whether the others like it or not.

They're not complaining. Neither am I. Or Daniel. Whoo boy.

We finally break apart. Yes, his eyes are black again. When he gets like this I know he wants to get off - NOW! Can't do that though. Wouldn't do that in company if he was a girl. No, not right. He knows it too and he's frustrated.

"Er guys? Do you want us to go?" Jan's asking.

"No, you can stay - for a while," I say, well, squeak really.

Daniel just growls quietly, his mouth almost attached to my neck. I can feel the vibration on the skin. Oh God. When are they going?

Ya know, I don't think he really cares that they are here? He's not stopping for anyone.

"Guys? I think we should go, or we're going to get treated to a floor show none of us were expecting." I think that was Ed, but to tell the truth I wouldn't swear it.

He hasn't taken his eyes from mine. His breathing's going shallow, so's mine. The tip of his nose is touching the tip of mine.

"Bye," Daniel says harshly.

"Yeah, we'll, er, see ourselves out," one of the women calls. I really couldn't tell you which one. Fuck it, it could've been Teal'c for all I know.

I just about hear the door shut and then he pulls me onto the floor.

"Love you so fucking much, O'Neill," he hisses.

"Danny, whatever you want, please, I want it too."

Oh God, the feel of his lips on mine - it's like the first time. Passionate, loving - fucking HOT! Want him now, not gonna wait.

"Please Danny, please."

Sweats are pushed down - I have no idea how it was done or who did it. He's grinding against me. We can't break to find some lube and neither of us wants to wait while we get the other one off. He's arching his back... that is so beautiful. I want to bury myself inside him but I know that if I stopped him now he'd kill me. He's gone - completely lost to the moment. I'll deal with the bruises later. Gonna come now.


"JACK! God, love you so much."

"Me too, babe, me too."

"Bed?" he says, trying to catch his breath.

"Again?" I ask in disbelief.

"To sleep, Jack. It's 10 p.m. We've eaten and drunk and fucked and I'm tired. Maybe later, huh?"

Maybe. Probably. Who am I kidding? Definitely. Later. When I've had a nap.