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Alpha Males 8

future perfect

Summary: This is it. The end. One, two, three, aaaaaah. So, it's a time for reflection and celebration and looking forward to the future. The boys go out with a bang *snigger*. Thanks as ever to Joy for the beta and hand holding.

We've been on Alpha for over a year now. The guys back at the SGC have been quietly taking out any new Goa'uld that sticks its ugly head up, so we at the SGA have been left in peace to do our thing. We're meeting and greeting, making friends, occasionally making enemies, but nothing too serious. I'm up to my eyeballs in translations - nothing new there then - and I'm as happy as could be.

The biggest thing on my mind is Jack's birthday. He'll be fifty tomorrow and we've got a big party planned. Not on Earth or Alpha - but on that tropical island we found when I misdialled that time. It's been well and truly checked out and is as safe as any venue that we could imagine.

We had a party in the Springs a few days ago, for family and friends that couldn't come, for whatever reason, to the big one. It was a hoot. Bridie and all her family were there, Patrick, Ferretti and his gang, Colonel John and the SAS, various other SGC and SGA staff, Mom, George - the whole lot of them. Jack was miffed that Josh wasn't there. What he doesn't know is that Josh will come to our little version of paradise. Over the last year or so, people have been using the island for R'n'R. A couple of log cabins have been built there for those that stay overnight. It's wonderful there. Jack and I had a long weekend there about six months back and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As if we wouldn't. Another thing that Jack doesn't know is that we have a major surprise waiting for him there.

Oh, and he doesn't know about the party either. We're all keeping this quiet. Whenever we need to get him out of the way to organise things either I distract him or someone whisks him up to the hockey pitch and has a knock around with him. Jack's a happy camper for the most part. Which is good, because it makes my life a lot easier. I also have some amazing news for Jack. The post sack came through the gate while Jack was outside helping Teal'c with training some new military recruits. One of the control room guys gave a letter to me. I shouldn't have opened it, it was addressed to Jack, but I hadn't had enough coffee to think at that point. I can either give him the news or wait till we go to the island. I think I'll wait till tomorrow, but I'm going to be bursting with this secret. I've got one person in on it though - we're working like mad to get his last-minute surprise organised.

"DJ, everything is sorted," Millie says as she sticks her head through the door to my office.

"Good, come in, shut the door. Tell me what's over there."

She comes in, shuts the door and sits on my couch. I go and join her and we sit and cuddle for a bit.

"All the booze and food is over there. I still don't know how Sam and her techs found a power source for the refrigerators, but it's done. The power is running to the other place as well. Siler and the guys built a huge barbecue, so Jack'll be happy. One of the fridges is full of steaks and shrimps and the like. The others are full of beer and wine. The bread and other stuff is all in the cupboard in the bigger cabin. His presents have all arrived and they're in the cabin too."

"Wonderful. Thanks Mill, I couldn't have organised this on my own. Keeping Jack distracted has been a full-time job."

"Yeah," she sniggers. "How's your arse?"

"Hey! He's not that bad. I have other ways of distracting him."

"I'll bet you do. We're really looking forward to this."

"Me too. George has promised to send all the guests directly there and then tell us so we can go. We have to get everyone from here out there without him noticing. I guess it's up to me to, er, distract him while that goes on."

"I'm sure you'll think of something."

I will. I just have to look at him and I think of something.

"How come you two are still so wrapped in each other? You've been together over four years now, Daniel, surely the novelty has worn off."

The novelty has indeed worn off, and if we don't calm down something else will.

"Give it a couple of months and we'll have been married for four years, Mill. And yeah, we're still pretty wrapped. I guess it's because we've so nearly lost each other so many times, you know? We're thankful for every day that we have together. One thing we really appreciate is the fact that we don't get any funny looks or hassle here. Everyone has grown to accept us being together. We don't find that on Earth."

"Do you still get hassle there?"

"Yeah. Sometimes, if we go to a bar and forget to tone it down a bit."

About four months ago, we stopped in a bar for a drink on the way home from Cheyenne. It's a bar we use a lot. Jack and I were in a particularly good mood. We'd had news that a nasty up-and-coming snake had been taken out by his old team, we'd just signed a treaty with some great aliens for medical tech and things were just going well.

Some guys in the bar took exception to the fact that Jack and I were flirting with each other. They started up on the name-calling and all. We ignored them, of course. The barman tried to kick them out. We're regulars there, they were unknown. One of the guys called me a geek - my hair was growing again - and Jack got mad. He was going to fight them, I could tell. I tried with the cutting remarks but they were too stupid to notice. It was only when the marines walked into the bar and greeted Jack as 'General' and me as 'Dr. J' did the bigots back down. The marines are a scary bunch to those that don't know them. Bunch of marshmallows to those they like though - I'm just glad I'm one of their number.

Something is going on. Every time I try to find out what it is, I get whisked off to do something. Now, I'm not complaining - these distractions have been fun, especially the ones that Daniel does - but I'm confused. I should relax. I know this lot here, they're a great bunch. This is the best posting I have ever had in my life. The whole company here is easy to get on with. Watching the geeks from all of the disciplines in their element is great. Without the military pressures they had at the SGC they're happy as anything - and far more productive. I heard back from the Pentagon the other day that they're thrilled with the progress we're making. Daniel's database is coming on a treat and is being put to good use.

The latest exchange was recipes for a comprehensive history of a Celtic settlement. They didn't have anything written, just followed the oral tradition. So, we sent some of Danny's geeks there with a kitbag full of tapes and batteries for their dictation machines and they went, ate, drank, got legless and came back with more information on druidic society than we had ever known. Not a great help in the fight against the Goa'uld, you may think, but they have different gods, and not ones that have anything to do with the snakes. Hopefully, with more peaceful interaction with them, we may get to meet a completely new alien species. They got recipes as I said. Party mad, those people. And they love their food and drink. They weren't interested in tech, their alien gods seem to help them out with medicines and protection and the like, so the only thing we could offer was a change in their diet. We're sending plants to them soon, spices and herbs. They're thrilled to bits with the exchange.

I've had a busy morning, training the new guys with Teal'c. It's been good, but now I'm tired. So, off to find my honey and see what he's been up to.

"Knock, knock!"

"Come in, Jack."

I go into his office and find him cuddling with Millie on the couch. I don't get jealous anymore. I don't know what happened. One day I was the green-eyed monster, the next I wasn't. I think that fight we had in Chicago helped, but I know we're good now, so no more jealousy. Doesn't stop me teasing him though.

"Typical, I'm out of the base for a coupl'a hours and come back to find you running off with Millie."

They both groan and roll their eyes.

"See ya later, DJ," she says, kisses him on the cheek and stands up. Then she looks seductively at him, drops her voice and says, "Come up and see me later, honey. Ditch the old man and we'll make beautiful music together, what do you say?"

Danny cracks up. I just give her a kiss on the cheek as she giggles and disappears.

"Band practice," he says as she goes. I knew that.

"How was your training, Jack?" he asks as he comes across the room to me and pulls me into a hug.

"Great, wonderful in fact. How was your morning?"

"Busy. And I'm hungry. Lunch?"

"I'd rather eat you."

"You're just so predictable. Mess hall, now."


I follow him out of his room and we head up to the mess hall. Do I ask him what's going on? Or shall I remain apparently clueless. I'm sure it has something to do with my birthday tomorrow. It's the big five-oh. No way is he letting that one slip. I know we had that party back on Earth, but that was a few days ago. I know Danny. Know him better than he thinks. And I know he's up to something. Ah, what the heck? It won't be anything bad. Go with the flow, O'Neill, and let him do this. It's usually left for me to do the big gestures, he wants to do things like that but doesn't like to embarrass me. When he does do them though, they're usually wonderful - like the Albatross. So I'm going to be as clueless as he wants me to be. I wonder if he's organising a party in the hockey room? It's certainly big enough. Stop it! Let him surprise you. Though it won't hurt to go and have a knock around a bit later when I get off duty...

The biggest downside to being the CO here is the mound of paperwork. My secretary is brilliant - absolutely wonderful in fact. But I still have so much to sign and check through. After lunch I headed back to my office, trying to ignore the giggles that came up as I walked past people. Wouldn't have minded but it was a bunch of marines who are over here for a training thing. I know something's up. I won't look, I won't. Fuck it, I want to know. I'm only human after all.

No, O'Neill, don't do this.

A couple more hours worth of mission briefings and paperwork and ignoring the knowing looks. It's time to knock off. And here's Danny.

"Hey, Jack, band practice was cancelled. Mike's up to his neck in an experiment with Sam. They're down in the bunker. Somehow I don't want to disturb them. So, as we have the night off, I was wondering, shall we go home? I feel like going out to dinner. Whatd'ya say?"

"Sounds good. I'll just let Susan know before she knocks off." We head to her office. "Hey, Susan, I'm off back to Earth. Call up one of the colonels - whichever doesn't escape quick enough - and put him in charge for a bit, will ya? Carter's reactoring again."

She snorts, okays it and we go to our quarters to get changed into civvies before we head off to the gate room.

"Where do you want to eat, Danny?"

"Don't really care. Let's just go, eat, and have an early night, eh?" his voice drops to a whisper as we reach the rings.

I like the sound of that.

As we emerge in the gate room, I flip open my communicator and tell them to dial up Earth. We wait for the gate to engage, decide that we'll go Italian tonight and then step through when we're given the okay. We deposit our Tok'ra tech as we leave the gate room and head upstairs.

This is so normal for us now. We're travelling across the fucking galaxy to go and eat pasta? We deposit alien tech as we stroll through an ultra top secret base in the bowels of a freaking mountain. And this is normal. Yeesh.

Dinner was great. Danny and I flirted like crazy with each other over the meal, our feet rubbed against each other, our fingers brushed each other... nothing overt, but it was such a turn on. By the time we finished our coffee we were both twanging. We didn't touch each other as we left, we didn't dare. On the way back, Daniel's hands were holding onto the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. We only said one thing on the way back.

"Jack? Where, when, who?"

"Front door, as soon as we get in, me to you babe."

Nothing more. He's just pulled up in the garage. We get out, he locks up, we're at the front door. I know how I'm going to play this, he does too. He wants this as much as I do.

The door's shut, his pants are already around his ankles - I knew he wasn't wearing any underwear, I watched him get changed back at our quarters. It was all part of the slow burn. We do this sometimes, spending hours working each other up. It's always worth it.

I grab his dick as he kicks his shoes off and gets one leg out of his pants. I kiss him hard, working him, stroking, jerking, my other hand moving around, playing with his balls, his perineum, finding his ass and tickling his entrance. He's going nuts, kissing me hard, his hands trying to get into my pants while he thrusts his hips, desperate to get off. So fucking frantic... you wouldn't think he woke up with my mouth on his dick, would you?

He's tightening, his breathing is getting shorter. My own pants have gone the same way as his. He's coming hard in my hands. I catch it all and cover myself with it - fucking him lubed up with his own come is a serious kink for him. Nothing guaranteed to get him worked up again quicker than this. Hands holding him up, he's on his knees. I'm in him in two strokes, pushing hard. It took me years to learn that this is how he loves it more than any other way. Oh, he loves the gentle, on his back, legs around my waist thing, where we get to kiss and touch and play. He really loves to make love. But nothing gets to him like this does. Tie this in with his other kink, blindfold him and handcuff him to the bed and I get him screaming the place down. It's the only time I've ever got him to actually faint.

He doesn't have the voice to command me, but I know I'm doing what he wants. As hard and as fast as I can. I've learned to love this too - not to get so much as to give. Each to his own I guess. But this makes my baby happy, so it makes me happy too. This is incredible, burying myself in the hottest babe on either side of the wormhole, knowing that he'd only let me do this now - only me. Wow. What a feeling. So good. So hot. So oh-jeez. I'm not gonna hold on much longer. He's hard again, knew this would happen. He'll come again without either of us touching him. I angle to hit the sweet spot with every stroke. Riding him as hard as I have ever ridden anyone. He's howling with pleasure, totally incoherent as I drive in time and time again.

"God, Danny, I'm gonna come, gonna come inside your fucking beautiful ass. So good you know, so fucking good. Oh God!"

I feel his muscles spasm as he shoots over the floor and I pour inside him, hard spurts hitting him with every jerk.

We collapse on the floor and I pull slowly out of him. He turns around and I see his chin is wet. Shi-it, he came so fucking hard he hit his face!

"God, love you Jack, love you so fucking much."

"Same here, Danny."

"I know that, but do you love me?"

He sets me giggling and then draws me into a long, slow, luxurious kiss.

"I love you, Danny, with all that I am and everything that I have."

"Then I'm the luckiest person in creation," he whispers back against my mouth.

And he calls me a sap?

I'm going to surprise him. I'm up before him and making the coffee. It makes a change. He's so good to me in the mornings that I try to do this once in a while - I try not to take him for granted. It's not easy, especially when we're so comfortable with each other, but I do try.

Breakfast in bed. The post's arrived. He had all his presents from his family, but some cards have arrived. I'll tell him that he'll get his gift from me when we get to work. Oh, he has no idea.

"Good morning, babe, and a happy birthday," I say as cheerfully as I can as I kick open the door.


"Come on, cooked breakfast waiting for you."

That gets a response. He scrambles to sit up and I put a tray on his lap. I've even put a tiny vase with a single red rose in it there. Well, he always does the romantic things, I guess I should return them occasionally.

"Danny? You feeling all right? It's 8 a.m., you're up, cheerful, you've cooked and a romantic gesture? You sickening for something?"

This is why I don't do this very often. I glare at him and he looks slightly sheepish - for a moment.

"Thanks, love, this is wonderful. You gonna join me?"

"Yeah, just got to go and get mine. Couldn't bring two trays up at once."

I scoot back downstairs and quickly phone the mountain. Operation Hawaii 5-0 is underway. Give them two hours and it will all be up and running. Okay - up at Cheyenne for 10 a.m.

I take my tray up and get into bed with him. He's opened his cards - including the one I got for him. I was in a quandary. I mean - what do I call him? I still think the 'husband' thing is weird, even after nearly four years of being joined with him. Partner, while a good description, sounds almost impersonal. I didn't find any cards that said 'lover' - they may exist but not in the card shop I went into. So....

"To the love of my life,

You own my heart and my head,

But what gets me the most............. when you fart in our bed."

He snorts as he turns the card to read the last line. I'm not sayin' a word.

"Your present's back on Alpha," I finally say when he's stopped sniggering.

"Prezzie? How quick can we get there?"

"Quick? I had something else in mind."

"You did?"

"Uh huh. Finish your breakfast, babe, let me take you through today and I promise you'll have a wonderful time."

"As good as last year's?"

"I certainly hope so. At least Mom didn't get you any books on gay sex this year."

"True, true, but what she did get was equally embarrassing."

Ah yes, Mom's idea of a great present for Jack this year. It was a classic. A series of 'how to' guides. 'How to Fly', 'How to Drive', 'How to Cook' and so on. Jack's manhood and intelligence were severely dented.

"You do realise I'm never gonna accept a present from her ever again, don't you?"

"Can't say I blame you. I promise I'm not going to embarrass you today," he looks relieved, "but I am going to treat you right. Like a king. My lord and master."

"Oh, I like the sound of that!"

I though he would.

"So, finish your breakfast because I'm going to run a bath in a minute and I'm gonna take good care of you. 'Kay?"

His breakfast is finished quickly and without another word. While he goes to take a leak, I take the dishes down and set the dishwasher off - he insisted on one so I finally gave in and got him one for Christmas a couple of years ago. Now, back up to the bathroom and I start the bath off. Let's chuck in some bubbles - his men would laugh their asses off if they knew he loved these. It's a bit of luxury I think, dating back to his childhood. Mom's hinted as much but she won't give any more clues. So what, it makes him happy, so I'll do that.

While it runs I go back into the bedroom. He's already naked (not having bothered to put anything on this morning), but I have to get my sweats off, so, I peel them off in front of him. Yep, the slow movement is getting to him. Not yet, my dear, not yet. We've got an hour to kill before we have to leave for the mountain.

I take him by the hand and lead him into the bathroom. The water's in, it's time to get in. Insisting on this huge bath was a great idea of mine back in the beginning. I get in first, then he follows and sits in front of me. I sponge his back down, wash his hair, get some fresh water and rinse it for him. I love watching his head turn back as I pour it over him. He gets the same kick out of washing me too. It's one of those things we appreciate most - the time to take care of each other. That first year it wasn't easy to find the time. Hiding out so often made it difficult. Lovemaking was often frantic, though lots of fun. These days we can build up to it. Sometimes we'll spend all day flirting, fanning the flames as it were.

"Jack," I murmur in his ear. "I want to make love before we go up to the mountain. Tell me exactly what you want - in detail - we'll do whatever it is. Because if you want that, then I want it. Tell me."

"Oh God, Danny," he gasps. "I don't know, I don't care. Just being with you, that's enough for me."

"Same here, babe, same here. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want me inside you? Do you want to watch me?"

I get the loudest groan from the last one. I've got an idea.

"Wait here," I tell him and I stand up and get out of the bath. I lay a large towel on the floor and get some baby oil from the shelf.

He's twisted himself, propping his head on his hands which are resting on the side of the bath. I lay down on the towel. Much as I still feel awkward about this, I want to do it. I'm going to give him a real floor show. I'm as hard as nails already. I put some oil on my hands and warm it up a bit. Now I'm rubbing it into my chest, my arms, concentrating on the muscles because I know that's the bit that turns him on the most. My fingers gently stroke the inside of my elbows and wrists. My cock twitches at this touch, I'm imagining that Jack is doing this to me.

"Jack," I gasp. "Oh Jack."

I hear a groan coming from the bath.

My hands are on my stomach, rubbing more oil in. Now my thighs. I can feel my cock dripping onto my stomach and I haven't even touched it yet. Jack's breathing is getting louder and shallower. So is mine. I still haven't touched myself, but I'm about to... oh yes, two fingers straight away. My legs are bent and I'm fucking myself with my fingers. I can't keep my other hand off me so I'm stroking hard and fast. This is so good.

"That's it Danny, come for me," he moans.

I am so going to do that. Any second now.

"Oh God, Jack, this is good. Love you so much, want you so much. Love to feel you inside of me. You're so beautiful, my Jack, so good. I'm gonna come."

"God, Danny, please, I want to watch you."

Danny throws his head back, he's arching off the floor as he comes hard. Damn, that's so good. I'm out of the bath, dripping water everywhere. I grab the oil, cover my dick and slip inside him. He's so relaxed, so wet, so fucking good. I love screwing him when he's like this, so pliant, panting as he tries to catch his breath. He's still coming down off his high. I push in hard, pull back slowly and do something he taught me. I rotate my hips, really screwing him. He's crying out, good cries as I slam back in and hit the sweet spot. There is nothing in the world, any world, that comes close to nailing Danny when he's like this. Like last night he's on fire, just wanting me inside him, filling him, joining with him. I won't let him down. I'll just get him to return the favour later.

It doesn't take me long, I nearly freaking came just from watching him doing himself. My biggest kink and he played me beautifully. He's incredible. OH GOD.

Lying here, panting as he holds me tightly. kissing my head, my face, any bit of me he can reach.

"Love you Danny, so much."

"Love you Jack," he whispers. "Think we'd better get back in the bath to clean up though."

He's got a kitbag and he won't tell me what's in it. Guess I'll find out soon enough. We're at the gate, waiting for it to connect and he's got a secretive smile on his face. The gate whooshes into life, we get our 'go' and head off to Alpha.

Or not. Our gate room looks nothing like a tropical island. I know where this is, it's Elysium - the place we found when we were drunk off our asses that time. We come here to the cabins for a rest every so often. Haven't been here for about six months though. Danny named it after the ancient Greek version of paradise or heaven. We're not alone.

"Happy birthday, babe," he says as the others come towards us. "I've arranged a couple of days off. You, me and some friends today, you and me from tonight on. Okay?"

Okay? Shi-it, it's wonderful. I just turn him to me and kiss him.

"Thanks, Danny, this is incredible. Party?"

"Oh yeah. Big party. Look who's here."

JOSH! And Paul, of course; Teal'c, Janet, Sam, Ed, Danny's gang... who's that? Holly and Gerry! Oh this is fantastic!

"Hi guys, thanks so much for this. Wow. This is going to be a great party. Um, Danny, we're in BDUs, don't you think we should pop to Alpha and get something more suitable?"

Everyone else is in swimming costumes or shorts. Even Teal'c's in cut-offs!

"What do you think is in the kitbag, Jack?"

"You thought of everything, didn't you?"

"Hope so. It's taken a while to organise this. C'mon, let's get to the cabin, get changed and then the party can really start."

I make my way slowly through the gang, getting hugs and kisses from the girls - and Josh and Paul, but then that's not surprising. We eventually get to the cabin, the smaller one of the two.

"Danny, this is fantastic. Thanks so much."

"Hey, we couldn't not mark such an occasion. It's a big birthday after all. You get to officially be my old man now."

If it wasn't for the fact that we got so well laid earlier I'd get him for that. Clothes off, cut-offs on (he loves to see me in them for some reason - just as well I feel the same way about him in his) and stopping for a quick smooch before we head off into the thick of things. A cocktail of some sort is thrust into our hands as we get surrounded by the crowd. There's music on. How?

"Ah, this is all part of the organising, Jack. Sam, Ed and Siler have devised a power source for the cabins. It's all green, solar panels and batteries and all. So, we have music. And a barbecue. Siler's techs came out and built it specially for today."

WOW! This is incredible. I'm being dragged into a circle by Sam, Jan and Millie and being forced to dance with them. I have no sense of rhythm at all - well, not in a dance sense that is. I have a certain handle on it for other, eh hem, activities. Mind, Daniel's dancing with Paul, so I don't feel so bad. I think I'll feel better if I have more to drink.

Daniel's coming over to me and taking my hand, pulling me into a huge kiss which is getting wolf whistles from all the guys. Don't care.

"Jealous?" I tease.

"Uh huh, no, just wanted to do that," he replies with a grin. I'm not arguing.

I get led to the front of the larger cabin. There's a deck with some chairs on it. I'm told to sit and Daniel takes his normal place in-between my legs. He told me once he feels safe there. Strange, but true. I'll never turn him away, that's for sure.

"Um, Danny? Why am I here?"

He looks up and me, his eyes twinkling, his face beaming.

"Present time, Jack. It's a normal thing, honest."

Millie and Sam come out with wrapped presents in their arms. I'm astounded. I'm given the first one, it's from Danny's gang and I know what it is before I unwrap it.

"A new hockey stick! Wow, guys, thanks!" Mine was a bit battered.

"I told you he'd guess," Mike says. "Said it was a waste of time wrapping it."

Millie smacks him and Danny ducks as I nearly smack him on the head with it. Accidentally, honest.

More parcels. This is fun! I've got a T-shirt saying 'General Anaesthetic - use with caution' from Jan. A cap is from Teal'c and it says 'Albatross Air', the nickname of my own personal airline (i.e. me, the bird and a sick-looking Danny). More stuff, books again (they think I need any more?) - a statuette from Holly/Qabil and Gerry/Talnet of Hapy - our house god. They got it made on Eshmunen. Things are going well there, the Abydonians have sort of taken it upon themselves to help them out and the relations between the two worlds are fantastic. Then I get a shy smile from Daniel. He hands me something that looks like a book. I open it up and nearly drop it.


"We got the official notification yesterday. It was a bit of a rush getting this bound, but I have contacts, you know. Congratulations, Jack. Dr. O'Neill."

I'm astounded. So is everyone else. We'd kept this pretty quiet. Most people here didn't even know what my masters degree was in. Daniel's looking so proud - fit to burst. To tell the truth, so am I. I've worked damned hard on this. Defended it last week. It's been difficult sneaking back to Earth for the classes at the Academy, but I've managed as best I could. Being in the military has given me the allowance to miss some classes, and being married to a double PhD, especially as he has one in linguistics helped. We got special dispensation for him to be my mentor. Not the normal way of doing it, but then ours isn't a normal life.

"I didn't know you were going to classes, Jack," Sam says.

"Oh yeah. Pissed Daniel off no end," I laugh.

"Come on, Daniel getting annoyed because you were learning?"

"Not because he was learning," my baby growls.

"Oh no, but because my tutor was a babe."

"What was she like?" Jan asks. Daniel sniggers.

"Six foot four, built like an god, muscles on his muscles. Looked like he spent more time in the gym than the library," I tell her. She says 'oops'. It's funny. Even though everyone here knows that I'm gay they all assume that I can't be attracted to any other guy than Danny. I didn't like this guy - well, that's not true. I thought he was a babe, but he was nothing like my baby.

"Daniel was jealous," I tell them. "It's the only time he has ever introduced himself as my husband."

That gets giggles from the others and a smack on the leg from my honey.

"He was hitting on you and you were letting him," he complains.

"No, babe, he was hitting on me and I was having the time of my life watching you turn into the green-eyed monster from hell. I got so well laid that night."

"TMI!" Sam yells.

"Oops, didn't mean to say that out loud. Sorry."

They all laugh at me and Daniel actually blushes. It had to happen.

"You should have seen him, Sam," my baby moans. "I met Jack in the bar after one of his classes - one-on-one classes at that. This guy was supposed to be a professional, you know, teacher-pupil relationship, but he was trying to plaster himself to Jack. I wouldn't have minded so much but, well..." Daniel's voice trails off.

"Daniel?" Gaz prompts. "What?"

"He had a freaking goatee. You know, talk about clichéd. And a freaking vest and leather jacket. I was half-expecting him to play the fucking Village People on the juke box. And this is a guy who's teaching at the USAF Academy!"

The guys crack up, as do I. Daniel's still trying to look miffed, but his eyes are giving him away. He's trying not to laugh himself.

"I've got one more present for you, well two, but you have to come with me," he says quietly. Then he stands up and puts his hand out to me. I put my precious manuscript down - the first one with my doctorate emblazoned on it - and go with him. The others are staying behind. I look back and see that they're poring over it. I want to go back and get it.

"Jack, leave them, let them read it. You did brilliantly. I know it's taken you all this time, and I'm so impressed by your hard work and dedication to it. You deserved your award and you deserve the recognition. When we get back to Earth we're going to get that published properly. It's a wonderful translation and you should be proud."

"Are you?" I ask.

"What? Of course! I'm so proud, Jack, so very proud of you. I always knew you had it in you and you've proved it. You're one smart cookie, Jack O'Neill and I love you so much. I know I usually only tell you that when we're making out or arguing or about to die or something, but I do love you. You must know that. And I'm proud of you for so many reasons. You're a good man, Jack, the best. You're kind, honest, true, loyal - and I'm proud to call you my friend. I'm proud of your achievements as a human being as well as academically. Don't you ever forget that, Jack."

I can't answer that so I just kiss him instead.

I follow him through the trees till we get near the freshwater lake that's on the island. He tells me to shut my eyes so I do with trepidation. He puts his arm around my waist and tells me to step carefully. Then he tells me to open my eyes.

Jack's face is a picture.

"Many of us got together and built it." He's looking at a cabin - our cabin. I got the materials together and had them shipped over. We've all been putting in as much time as we can to build it. Whereas everyone gets the use of the hockey pitch (it was just something we knew that Jack would approve of), this is his. We can't get to the cabin in Minnesota as much as he would like. Now he can go fishing as often as he can get a day off.


"It's yours babe. I bought the materials, but so many people came to help. Siler and his guys, Ferretti and his team, Colonel John and the SAS, Sam, Ed, Teal'c, the whole lot. We figured you'd want to go fishing. And the best bit is this place doesn't have mosquitos and does have fish."

I duck the clip aimed at me for that one. We head over to the cabin and go into it. We've installed power here too, so there's a fridge and a music system in it. I've taped all of his favourite CDs and brought the tapes over so that he can listen to his operas when he wants to relax in the evenings.

"This is incredible, Danny. How long have you been working on this?"

"I got the idea when we came here six months ago. It's taken a fair bit of organising, but for some of us, every spare day has been spent here getting it ready. Come with me, I want to show you something."

I take him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. There's a huge bed, soft mattresses and cotton bedding, his favourite sort. The window overlooks the lake.

"It's beautiful babe, thank you so much."

He doesn't know what else to say, so I lay him down on the bed and we start to christen it.


"They know where we are, probably know what we're doing too. I don't care. I just want to show you just how much I love you, Jack, so lie there and let me, will you?"

He smiles at me and says nothing. I remove his cut-offs, it's all he's wearing. And without warning I go down on him and take him hard. He nearly bounces off the bed. I love this, love his taste, it drives me insane with want every time I take in his scent. Such a strong masculine aroma and it makes me so hard. I'm running my tongue up and down his dick, he's thrashing about on the bed. I reach to the bedside table that's there and grab the lube I put there a few days ago. He wants this, I know he does. He loves getting nailed as much as I do. As my fingers breach him he cries out in ecstasy.

"Oh GOD Danny, my Danny, so good, so fucking good."

If I've ever learnt anything worth knowing, giving a damned good blow job is up there high on my list of priorities. I know how to drive him out of his mind. By the time he's come down off his high, I'll be inside him and moving slowly and steadily. He loves that. But then he loves me. And I'm so fucking lucky.

We're hardly speaking as we walk back to the others. He's still stunned by the whole thing. His hand is in mine and he's holding me tight. As we approach them he stops, pulls me into his arms and says,

"This is wonderful, Danny. I can't thank you enough for this. It's already one of the best days of my life."

"It's only lunchtime, Jack, there's more of the day yet. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. You have to know how much you're loved by us all, this is our way of showing you."

I get the most beautiful smile from him, his soft brown eyes glistening with a few unshed tears. It makes me catch my breath. I think this is one of those moments in which I fall in love with him all over again.

"The barbecue's hot!" Jan calls as we approach.

"So are you, hun," I tell her, getting a cheeky grin from her. She gives Jack a hug and he drops a kiss on her head. Then we head over to the food and drink.

Andy and Mike are arguing over the cooking - the rest of us just let them get on with it. Jack and I sit on the sand, drinking cold beer and watching the others having a damned good time. It's great.

"Are you going to give Jack his other present?" Sam asks as she comes near us with a hot dog in a bun and a beer.

"Later. Can't have everything in one go."

"There's more?" he asks, open-eyed.

"Yeah. Just one more, but not for now."

"It's not another embarrassing present is it, Danny?"

"Oh no, quite staid, but I think you'll like it. I just don't want you to have it yet."

He relaxes ever so slightly. I get up and head off to the food to collect some for us. We've had enough alcohol to demand it. Ah ha, the gate's opening. I'm hoping that's who I think it is... it is. Great.

"Dan! Paul! Come on over. Want some food? drink?"

I'd popped into the other universe the other day and told them about the party. They said they'd try to come. This could be fun, Josh has never met the other Paul. Jack gives them both a hug as they come over, and they hand him a present, giggling like a pair of idiots as they do. My Paul grabs Josh and takes him to meet them. I think I'd better go.

"Josh, you've heard of our brothers haven't you?" Paul says.

"Yes, never thought I'd get to meet you," he says. "I'm glad you've come."

"Twin Pauls eh, Josh?" teases Jack. "Play your cards right and... hey!" Dan smacks him hard for that, laughing while he does.

I get a hug from my twin and a kiss from Paul. This is fun.

Josh says something about twin Daniels and Jack says, been there, done that. He means the joke, but the leer on his face tells a different story. Rat bag.

"So, what did you get, Jack?"

Dan explains, "We couldn't bring over anything that would exist here, because it may disappear, so..."

Jack opens it. It's a photo - of Dan and Paul at their wedding. They actually did it - got married on Earth. They headed up to Vermont, had a civil ceremony with all their friends and Mom and Dad and actually got freaking married. I don't believe it. I know why they've given him the photo - it's a tease. If anyone who doesn't know about them sees it they'll think it's me and my Paul.

"Congrats, guys, when did you do this?" Paul asks.

"A month ago. We wanted Jack and Daniel to come, but they were busy and couldn't come across. Besides, what with the party and travelling and all, we might have had them there too long, couldn't risk it."

"Did you do the name change?" he asks.

"Oh yes. Same as Daniel and Jack - the double-barrelled surname, but it works for us."

So, Daniel Davis-Jackson and Paul Jackson-Davis head over to get some food and drink as I hand some to Jack. Josh and Paul sit with us.

"Well, guys, it's your turn now," Jack says to them.

Paul looks at his feet and doesn't say anything.

"Paul? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he says, a bit too quickly. Josh pulls him into a hug.

"We want that," he says. "But even though my constituents have accepted me, I'm not sure that they would really go for the idea of me being married to Paul. Until we get people's attitudes changed, we still have to play down our relationship. As it is, we can only live together publicly in DC; back in my state we have to stay quiet. Paul visits when he can, but still... maybe one day. I want that. Never wanted it before, but I do now."

"Go to Babylon," Jack says. "It's where we got married. It's not official, or even semi-official, but it's enough for us. As far as I'm concerned I'm every bit as married to Daniel as I was to Sara."

"Same here," I say as Paul and Dan join us. "I feel as married to Jack as I was to Shau're."

"How is she?" Dan asks.

"Fine. I saw them two days ago, a quick trip over there. The baby's beautiful."

Shau're got married to that guy, Zahir, and she's happy with him. Jack and I went to the wedding and between us and Skaara, we 'explained' things to him. He's to treat her right or we tear him apart with our bare hands. He got the message. He's a nice guy, got good status, he's respectful of her. My Shau're was always one for the traditions of Abydos, they were very important to her. He's the same. They had a little boy not so long back. I must admit I cried my eyes out when I found out. She called him Dan'yel.

I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn't opened the gate. Would she have had our baby? Would it have been a boy or girl? Would we have had any more? I know I never wanted kids but it would have made her so happy. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her or miss her - or talk to her. Jack understands. He's the same with Charlie. There are times, especially when we're back on Earth, that we just sit quietly and look up at the stars, beer in our hands, and just think. In my mind I'm talking to my beloved Shau're. He's talking to his precious baby. We never speak then, just sometimes hold each other, maybe cry a little.

I feel myself tearing up a bit. Jack's picked up on this, so have the others. They don't know why though, only Jack does. He holds me close and hugs me hard.

"God, Daniel, I'm sorry," Dan says. "Didn't mean to..."

"Hey, never apologise for talking about her," I tell him. "I'll never forget her. Besides, you were talking about your Shau're, not mine. I'll send her your love when I see her next, shall I?"

"Always, Daniel. We may never have been married but I do love her dearly. You know that."

I think we need to do something to change the subject a bit. The rest of the gang have eaten and we're all sat together, drinking more than we should, but generally having a great time. Daniel's just told the doubles about my doctorate and they're really pleased for me.

"It's really good," Josh says. "I think it's going to be a hit. Other translations are staid, but the little bit that we got a chance to read was really good. Get it published, Jack, and I'll bet it makes it on the bestseller list."

I don't know about that, but if it can make kids more interested in reading such a story, well, we'll see what happens.

More music is put on the system, the gang is getting up to dance. Daniel and I are lying on the sand, cuddling up together for a minute.

"Damn, you two, don't you ever let go of each other?" Josh teases.

"As little as possible," I tell him. Well, what does he expect? I look up at him and he nods his head to one side. He wants to talk. Even after all these years of being apart I can still read him. I let go of Daniel and get up.

"Go and have some fun, I'll be back in a minute, okay?"

"Sure, enjoy," he replies and heads off to his pals.

"Everything okay with you two?" I ask Josh.

"Yeah. It's great being with Paul, you know? He's perfect for me. But it's not easy on us sometimes. You guys are so lucky to be able to be yourselves these days. I just wish we could have the same."

"You know we're going to be starting up the colony proper in the next year or so, Josh," I say casually.

"Yes, of course. We're looking forward to this. It may be the time when we finally announce the stargate to the world."

"Well, we're going to need leaders, politicians, people to help us run whatever bureaucracy that comes our way. The military will still need a prominent role - for the protection of the people, but we'll want it to be as 'small d' democratic as possible; you know, not party political, just a democracy. You should consider the possibility, Josh. You know the military, understand the machinations and the mindset. And you're an open-minded democrat. I think you'd be perfect to help us run the place. We're hoping that within a few years we'd have a stable enough society to have democratic elections, but to start with the government will need to be imposed on the people. They'll have to be made to understand that. We'll need people like you, Josh, not people like Kinsey. You're in politics for the love of the people, to serve as best you can, just the way you did when you joined up. We don't want power-hungry egotists. What do you think?"

"I think," he says, "it will be wonderful. Thanks Jack. I'll talk to Paul."

He gives me a hug, kisses me gently and then we walk back to the others. Daniel's watching me, a shy smile on his face. No jealousy, he understands my relationship with Josh. Just as I understand his with Paul. And Gaz. I let go of Daniel a year ago and found my trust in him repaid a thousand-fold. They talk, laugh, play together. Just as he does with the rest of the gang and the girls. And he always comes home to me. Just as I always come home to him. Predator tutors not withstanding.

A slow piece is on the music system. I have no idea what it is, something modern, but it's okay. Daniel puts his arms out to me and I fall into them. We dance slowly, his head on my shoulder, as mine is on his.

"Having a good time, Jack?"

"The best, babe. Thanks."

"My pleasure. It's gonna get better as the day goes on, I promise."

He turns his head up and we stand still, kissing for a moment. Till we get the predictable chorus of 'cut that out' and 'get a room!'. They don't change.

Oh God, we have had so much to drink. Danny's giggling a lot. The girls are drunk off their asses. Even Teal'c is loosened up. Holly and Gerry are sitting on the sand, giggling as much as Daniel. Tally and Qabil like to get drunk - it's something we learned when they were with us. I head over to Tally, very carefully.

"Hey Tall, how's things?"

Oh, my darling Jack, I miss you my heart.

"Miss you too, sweetheart. Having fun with Gerry?"

Oh yes, we had second spawning not so long back. We were able to find a willing and sweet, um, donor. HIC. Oops. I think we've been drinking too much.

A Tok'ra with the hiccoughs. Who'd have thought it? Jacob never did, that's for sure. He was saying how Selmac, while great fun, kept him sober. This was while Daniel and I were drunk off our asses, with Q and Tally encouraging us to drink. Considering that Talnet used to be known as the shyest Tok'ra around, she's really come out of her shell, so to speak. What a pair. I'm glad they're happy with the girls, it makes the separation from them that much easier to bear. Teal'c found a number of Jaffa who were sympathetic to the Tok'ra cause and they're a lot happier to be carrying the Tok'ra larvae too. Rya'c is among the number. He's growing into such a good young man and Teal'c is ever so proud of him.

Oh God, someone's brought a soccer ball and they're having a kick around. Not sure if I should join in, but it looks like fun.

"Jack, c'mon, need you on my team, babe," Danny yells. Makes a change - when we play hockey at the base we're usually on opposing teams. I'm with the 'Flyboys', surprise, surprise, and Danny's with the 'Geeks'. They actually called themselves that. Some of the geeks were complaining about the use of the term up in the bar so the others explained it to them, that it's meant affectionately. They weren't convinced, so Danny tried again.

"You see, it's like name-calling anywhere - if the victim uses the term themselves it takes all the power of the word away. Like, me, you know I'm gay - I'm happy to say I'm queer, got no problem with that at all. It just means that when some moron calls me it, I just shrug and say, 'course I am'. You think being a geek is bad? Nah, the military guys are okay with us. Jack was the one that started it all, calling me the geek. That was after calling me a dweeb. I prefer geek, personally."

One of the guys got it and said, "So, you're a queer geek?"

Danny snorted, said, "Yup!" then went back to his drink.

He's right though, even though there's a hell of a lot of teasing going on up at the base, it's never got out of hand. And the geeks give as good as they get.

Oh dear, how do I let myself get roped into this? I'm exhausted. And sweaty. So's Danny. Woof. Love to see him when he's like this.

"God, Danny, need to cool off. Getting too old for this now," I complain.

He sniggers and takes me by the hand to the water's edge. It's cold.

"It'll feel warmer in a minute Jack, it's just because you're so hot yourself."

"Why thank you, good to know I haven't lost it at my age."

He giggles and nuzzles into my neck. "Oh no, hun, you haven't lost a thing. You are very hot. Very sexy and tonight I'm going to eat you alive."

"You did that earlier."

"True. What do you have in mind then?"

"Not sure yet, but how about outside? If it's only you and me on the island we can do what we want, can't we?"

"Yes, we can," his eyes are glistening as he looks up at me. "And I love making out under the stars."

"I know that, Daniel. You lose it, completely, don't you?"

"I wish you would," he sighs.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing," another sigh.

"Danny? Spill."

"It's just... well... I won't break, Jack. You don't have to hold back with me. I know you've got more in you... I've spent the last four and a half years trying to make you lose control. I've run out of ideas."

"Lose control? Whatd'ya mean?"

He studies my face for a moment, formulating his reply I guess.

"I love it when you go Neanderthal on me, Jack. It drives me crazy. But you always give me the impression that you're holding back. I want you to let yourself go, babe, just give in to what you want, what you desire. You won't hurt me. I'd stop you if you started to hurt me, you have to know that. I've done it before, haven't I?"

"Yes, when it's got uncomfortable you have. I'm afraid to let go, Danny. There's bits of me, parts of my past, my character, that I don't want you to see, to be on the receiving end of. I really could hurt you bad and I'd die rather than do that."

"Jack. I know you. I love you and I trust you. I know you feel the same way about me. Trust me with this side of you too, please. I don't believe there is one bit of you that I wouldn't love."

"You don't know that side of me, Daniel. It's the side of me that allowed me to do things I'd never do now, not since I met you. Don't you understand? I don't like that part of me. I don't ever want to see him again. You once told me that the Colonel scared you. I understood that all too well. He scared the crap out of me too. He's dead and buried, Danny. You killed him and I for one am grateful. You have to trust me on this one, babe."

Again he studies my face, staring deep into my eyes as if he's searching for an answer to a question. I guess he's found it because he nods tightly.

"Okay. I'm sorry to have brought that up, Jack."

"Hey, since when has there been something we couldn't talk about? Never be sorry."

He hugs me hard and kisses me too. We'll be okay. I think I know why this has bothered him, it's as if I'm not giving him all of me when I know he gives me all of him so freely. But for once, I'm not going to give him all of me because that really would hurt him and I won't do that.

Crap - I didn't mean to bring up old hurts for Jack. It seems today is turning into a day of reflection as much as a celebration. Perhaps that's not such a bad thing.

"C'mon, Jack, let's get back to the others, I've got an idea."

"Oh God, what are you letting me in for now?"

"Nothing! Come on, it'll be fun."

"You said that when you insisted that we went clubbing that time in Denver."

"You enjoyed that."

"True - I did. But I didn't realise that it was going to be a club like... well, I've never seen a floor show like that before."

"It was good, wasn't it?"

"Got you turned on."

"You get me turned on, Jack. I didn't need the floor show."

We're back with the others and I beckon to them to sit down.

"It dawned on me that today is a day for thinking about the past as well as the future. So, I think we should talk about what's happened to us up till now."

The others look at me suspiciously and someone hands us drinks. Probably just as well.

"Okay, I know that what we'll talk about won't be common knowledge to everyone here, but I still think it could be fun. Jack? What over the last four years has made you laugh the most?"

He sits quietly for a minute and then says, "You, when you were having a go at Kinsey when we found the Rascal."

I remember that, it was fun. Jack elaborates. "We had found the ship - well, Danny had found it and we were all pretty excited about it. Anyway, Kinsey turned up at the SGC and demanded that Danny went back to attend a budget meeting. He lost the plot..."


"He went on and on, cutting Kinsey down with his tongue while I was rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off, Sam was just as bad - even Teal'c was laughing."

Janet cuts in as we all snigger. "You should have seen it at our end. Even Hammond was bursting trying not to laugh. Kinsey was furious, the rest of us were wetting ourselves."

Josh and Paul agree, they remember that too. Paul says,

"It was as funny as watching Daniel getting dressed while he was stoned out of his skull in Washington before the medal ceremony. Jack had made the mistake of getting him drunk."

"Hey, it wasn't intentional. I didn't know then that Daniel takes happy pills when he flies. But you're right Paul, that was funny..."

"Don't need help drying. Can do it myself. Oops, d'you think they needed that lamp?

Can I sleep now? Dress? Why do I need to wear a dress? Funny party we're going to. Always though that politicians were weird. Oh, get dressed. I get it. Boxers first. Oops! The floor tastes funny. Suit he says. I can do this, find suit, there's the pants, get them on. Zip, I can't find the zip Jack. Why is he laughing at me? Paul? Where's my zip gone? Oh. Take pants off, turn them to face the other way, pull them up and there's the zip. Got it. Jacket now. Put it on. Tie. Jack's laughing again. Stop laughing Jack and help me find the collar. Paul? Why are you taking my jacket off me? We don't do that anymore, but I guess I'm up for it if you're both interested. That could be fun. No? Oh. Shirt first. I see. Put the shirt on, Paul's doing me up. Tell him it makes a change, usually the other way around. Jack's now lying on the bed and crying? What's wrong Jack? Don't cry, baby, love you. Oh, not crying, hysterical. Tuck my shirt in. Paul tucks the back in. Hey! Hands off my ass."

Great - it's going to be laugh at Danny time, I can see. Still, Jack's enjoying this. My turn.

"Personally, for me, the best fun was when I was getting my own back for how horrible you guys were to me over what happened on M'losa."

Sam, Teal'c, Jack, Jan and Paul all shudder at that. The others don't know about it so I tell them. Unfortunately, it means I have to tell them about M'losa first...

"What's that? The coffee? Only it isn't coffee. Jack described it as a stimulant to get me up in the morning. OH MY GOD! It not only does that it hits the brain too, no wonder I'm feeling hyper. It's like Viagra and speed combined. I'm bouncing off the fucking walls here.

"JACK! Next time leave the fucking talking to me, will you? I have never failed to get it up in the morning, or any other time for that matter!"

Sam's cracking up, Teal'c's laughing too, I'll kill the bastard. Jack's looking worried, as well he should, he's going to be on the receiving end of my superhuman libido until it wears off.

HOW LONG?? TWO FUCKING DAYS! Of course, I had two cups of the stuff. I want to cry. How was I to know you should sip the stuff slowly until you feel it start to work? No wonder that guy took off out of here like a greyhound after a chocolate-covered hare. What a cock-up (to use an accurate phrase). I party till I drop, get dragged over to Washington, high as a kite, embarrassed beyond belief, dragged back across to Colorado and then across the galaxy and now I'm going to be like a fucking rabbit on acid for two days? I look at Jack, he's twitching. He's asking Teal'c for help. I'll give him help, help to never sit down again. IT WON'T GO DOWN!

Sam's crying with laughter, I think she's going to wet herself. I look at her, want her, need her, start across the room to her and she screams and legs it. FUCK!

Jack's telling her to hightail it back to the SGC.

"And what?" I ask. "Line up all the available and willing victims? Hell, just put the word out. Anyone that wants to screw with Daniel Jackson form an orderly queue. I'll get to them all in time!" Now Jack's laughing, I hate him. I pick him up and throw him onto the bed. He looks shit scared of me, and well he should. Your ass is mine, flyboy."

"They gave me hell over that one, I can tell you. So, I let it go for a couple of weeks and waited till I got the perfect opportunity for revenge. And I got it in the form of the Chair of the JCS paying a visit..."

"How could you Daniel?"

"Oh hi Jack, what's up?"


"Sh, Jack, people will hear you. Come in, shut the door and tell me."

"Don't you think you can get around me, Daniel, you're in deep shit. What's gotten got into you? What was with all the homoerotic double-entendre?"


"Jack looked like he wanted to kill me."

"'We went down on the planet!', 'It was a quick in and out job!', 'We went in through the back passage!', 'Things got hard when the security forces turned up and we were screwed!', 'I'd like to get to the bottom of the cock-up!', 'The electricity supply may have been AC fucking DC?'

"How many more quotes do you need, Daniel? And you mincing in there like some sort of fucking queen! What were you thinking?"

"Um. Oops?"

"Oops? OOPS?! I'll give you fucking 'oops!' Daniel, sometimes you just go too far, you know. The General didn't know where to put himself, Carter nearly burst a blood vessel, even Teal'c noticed and tried not to laugh. And I'm so not going to say how Major Davis reacted. Poor guy."

My gang are wetting themselves laughing - so are Dan and his Paul. They never got the chance to be quite as bad as us before their law was changed. Josh didn't know us then either, so he's enjoying the joke.

Oh, oh, Jack's going to say something.

"It got worse - after that he got us all together in the mess hall and gave us a fucking pornographic view of him eating his lunch."

Oh yes, that was good....

I'm picking at my salad, thoroughly enjoying the effect it's having. Perhaps I shouldn't have let that juicy tomato drip down my chin. Nah, it was definitely worth seeing how their tongues came out, wanting to lick the juice up. I licked it instead and watched as all the eyes followed the path of my tongue. Dessert, starting with a banana. Okay, it's clichéd, but I'm going to enjoy this. Just how erotic can eating a banana be?

Start by unzipping it slowly, never taking my eyes from the fruit in front of me. The conversation has stopped. This is working. It's unpeeled, the skin drooping over my hand. I take a moment to savour the sweet aroma before sucking at the top of it. I'm concentrating hard on this, if I don't I'm going to laugh my ass off. I hear a whimper from Paul as I put it further into my mouth and an 'EEP' from Jack as I lick it a bit and then deliberately bite the top off. This is good. I rule. I'm sipping my coffee now, trying to talk to the guys, but it's hard when they are all watching my mouth. Mustn't smile, at least not that way. Innocent face, Daniel, you must give them the baby face. My chocolate bar now, the one with the runny caramel inside it. Oh dear, it's so runny I have to turn my head back and drop it into my mouth, the caramel dripping down the sides of my lips so I resort to licking my fingers to clean up the mess. Time to go, I stand up and in my huskiest voice I say,

"Coming guys?"

Danny was right - again. This afternoon has been a hoot. Remembering the highlights of our relationship has put us both into a very relaxed frame of mind. Even remembering his kidnapping was funny. He was telling them all about what he was saying to Kinsey - I don't know how he remembers all this stuff but I'm glad he does. The gang were rolling around the sand, holding their ribs as he recalled it.

"Oh, this just gets better and better. I should have known you'd have had someone pulling your strings, Makepeace, you've never had an original idea in your life. Kinsey, this is getting tedious. Have you brought me here to kill me? Torture me? Or do you wish to gloat over the fact that I'm stuck in a damp cellar? Could this get any more like a bad B movie? Sheesh. I tell you what, why don't we cut out the scenes where I get to meet the girl, she falls for me, I escape but you get me again - to be frank I've gone off that sort of thing - and go straight to the bit where you tell me just how you intend taking over the world. This is so embarrassing. Kidnapped by amateurs and wannabe megalomaniacs. I'll never live it down in the Secret Agent Knitting Circle. I'll have to hand in my lifetime membership."

"I see your tongue hasn't regained any sense of decorum, Doctor Jackson."

"You know, add a bit more of a sneer to your voice and you too could sound like one of those really bad James Bond villains. Somehow, though, I don't see you getting within a mile of a pussy so you can stroke it."

We embarrassed the crap out of him by recalling his stoned moment on Maui, but he got his own back on me by reminding me of the hot chocolate, whipped cream, Mom and Hammond episode. I still can't look at squirty cream without shuddering.

Sam told the others about the calendar and then Daniel going nutso at Yu before we got rid of him. Teal'c reminded us of the 'A Team' episode too, which got me a poke in the arm from Sam. I never meant to tell her about the time loop kiss, it just came out. Q and Tally have been telling them bits of what happened when the four of us were together - heavily censored, thank goodness. They're getting to hear in more detail about our trip up the Nile.

"That was the most wonderful holiday I have ever had in my life," Daniel sighs, and he snuggles closer into my arms.

The sun is going down, we would party on, but we've been here all day. It's time for everyone to go. We get hugged and kissed by them all as they leave - apart from Ed and Teal'c, obviously. Josh and Paul stay back for the night though, staying in one of the cabins. I'm so glad everyone came, it's been incredible.

"So, have you had a good day, Jack?" Josh asks as we walk arm-in-arm back to the fire that we have going now. I think they want to stay so that they can openly be themselves. We understand.

"The best of my life, Josh. Look at those two, they never change."

We're watching Danny and Paul as they laugh and joke, hugging each other while they're giggling. You'd never think they were as old as they are, they act like a pair of teenagers when they get together. They turn their heads and look over at us and then laugh again. That fills me with dread for some reason.

Josh is laughing nervously too - I think he's as worried as I am.

"What are you two planning?" I ask. Danny does his 'who, me?' routine and Paul acts the politician and changes the subject.

"How do you two ever have a straight conversation, Josh? Two politicians in the house - it's got to be a nightmare when you just want to clear the air over something."

Josh laughs and says that in fact they're always straight with each other: a statement that has me laughing too. They have some beers and hand them to us and the four of us sit by the fire; Josh and Paul wrapped up together on one side, Danny and me on the other.

Josh and I tell them about my thought about the colony and the political landscape. We'll need a liaison between the politicians and the military there then. Josh won't be the only civilian leader after all, and I won't always be there at the base. Paul's eyes light up at the prospect of living in a more tolerant society. I'm glad, it's giving him something to look forward to.

"Jack, you're amazing," Danny murmurs into my ear and then he takes my beer from me and puts it down, before pushing me to lie on my back. What on earth is he planning now? Ah well, I'll just go with the flow, I think.

He's lying on top of me, kissing me sweetly, passionately, all over my face and neck.

"Danny, should we go to the cabin?"

"Uh huh, hun, just you lie there, okay?"

Okay. I'm not sure I'm going to like this, but I trust him. I look over at Josh, can hardly see him through the flames but he's definitely watching us. He must be getting turned on. I know Josh - he used to love to watch me doing myself, just as I got off on watching him - it's when I developed my taste for it. We'd literally watch each other from the other side of the room, getting so turned on as we watched the other jerk off. Oh God, Daniel's undoing my shorts. I can't stop this. Where's Josh gone? I look and see that they've moved around the fire, Josh is in my sight and Paul is doing the same to him that Daniel's doing to me. Shi-it, I've never been into orgiastic sex before - not sure if this constitutes it, but what the hell? Jeez, Danny's gone down on me. I yell as I didn't expect that and I can feel his lips curling into a smile.

I'm trying to take my mind off this but I can't. I want it to last. He's pulling away, oh Christ, he's taking my shorts off. Ohgodohgodohgod he's come back and fucking rimming me, sticking his tongue inside and then pulling away and licking my balls. Dear God - how am I suppose to hold out? I can't. No way. I manage to turn my head and realise that Paul's doing the same thing to Josh. He's as frantic as me.

I hear a snigger from Daniel and he pulls back. He looks at Paul who does the same.

"Move closer, guys," Danny says.

What? He's not going to, is he? He is. I should be feeling awkward about this but for some reason I'm just so fucking turned on I can't think. I'm near Josh now, our shoulders are touching. Oh my God, Danny's kissing Paul. Just gently, not the way he kisses me, but it's enough to tell us that whatever we want the boys to do tonight, they're going to do it. I don't really care, to be honest, I'm just so hard I want to get off. I turn to face Josh as he turns to face me, and we end up in a kiss too - sweet, but there's no passion, not like there is between Daniel and me. Perhaps this is what this is all about? Proving to me once and for all that there is no one else for me, for him; just us two.

He's back on me again, sucking with a vengeance. My lips reach Josh's and we touch as we're both being sucked within an inch of our lives. I'm coming, oh God I'm coming. So is Josh - our lips are bruising each other as we clamp our mouths together while we both come hard.

We collapse onto our backs, panting hard.

"Danny, Paul, come up here," I manage to get out. They're looking dangerous.

They come to lay in-between us, they're naked too. Daniel's lying against my stomach as we face Paul who's lying against Josh. They kiss while we kiss their necks, stroke their bodies, move as close to them as we can. Daniel's the one with the right hand free and I watch as it snakes in-between them and catches them both. I swallow down a moan as I see him working them both. Josh lets one escape. This is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life.

I hear Josh whispering to Paul, moaning and telling him to let go. I tell Danny the same thing.

"Come on, babe, come for me, let me see you, love."

His hand jerks harder and faster, Paul is calling out, his head is thrashing back and forth on Josh's shoulders, and now he's screaming, coming hard and sending Daniel over the edge as he does.

We hold them to us, kissing them and stroking them as they calm down.

"God, Danny, that was the most perverted thing I have ever done or had done to me," I tease him as I lay on my back and pull him to lie on me.

"Did you like it?"


He starts to giggle and buries his head even further in my arms. I can feel his whole body shuddering with his laughter and it's setting me off. The others are laughing too, Daniel's laughter has always been infectious.

"Come on," I say, "let's go to bed, huh? Don't know about you but I'm absolutely fucked."

"No, you're not," he counters with a leer. "But you're going to be."

Bring it on, book boy. Just give me an hour, please.

I'm not sure if I went too far then, but it's too late to worry about it now. We didn't plan that, it just happened. I got so turned on by the sight of Jack in his cut-offs in the fading light and by the fire that I wasn't thinking - straight or otherwise. I just wanted to get him off and then get off myself. And I didn't care who saw us. I think he had a good time. At least it was with the only two people in the universe that we could have done that with.

The four of us stand up, we kick sand onto the fire and then go to say goodnight. Paul grabs me and pulls me into a proper goodnight kiss, the likes of which we haven't done in years. It's good, but he's not Jack. The look in his eye tells me that it's the same for him.

We look at the guys and find them doing the same thing. It's been a lot longer for them since they've done this. We can tell that they're feeling the same way as us. Good. Still friends, no regrets. To have fought over this later would have been a disaster for us all. We all also know it's never going to happen again.

We wish them goodnight and goodbye, as they'll undoubtedly go before we get up in the morning. Jack and I carefully make our way to our cabin.

"So, Danny," Jack says as we get into it and put the light on, "was that the last present?"

"Um, no, that wasn't planned, Jack, it just happened. Are you sorry?"

"No. Absolutely not. I'd have stopped it if I'd been uncomfortable about it. It was the most erotic experience of my life - even more so than you going down on me on Maui - and that was good. You sorry?"

"No - relieved that you're okay with it. I know you're a lot more private when it comes to your sex life than I am. I just got so turned on out there, I couldn't stop. You look so good, good enough to eat - as I said earlier."

"So you did... and so you did," he teases.

"Hmm, so I did. And you're going to have to wait till the morning to get your last present."

He lets out a groan as we go off to the shower that's here (I said we'd worked hard to make this a home away from home). With the power supply and water supply that we installed here, we were able to fit an electric shower so we can have hot water. We get in it together and do our usual - wash each other down, kiss, laugh a lot and then head out, get dried and go straight to bed.

"I'm not up to anything, Danny, getting old now."

"You're not the only one, babe. Still love you though. Snuggle and sleep?"

"Sounds good to me."

So we do.

Ugh - I still hate mornings, though I'm getting better at them. Years of a military lifestyle are finally getting to me, though I still need my coffee. I go and start some off (like I wouldn't have brought a coffee maker over) and then go and wash and get ready for the day. It's another lovely day, so it's going to be perfect for Jack's last present.

"Morning," I hear him as he comes out of the bathroom and staggers into the kitchen. It took me a while but I finally got him addicted to coffee too. I hand him a cup and he kisses my cheek.

"What do we have planned for today?" he asks as he flops into a chair.

"Oh, lazy day, let's do as little as possible, okay?"

"Sounds good."

We have breakfast and then I lead him out to the edge of the lake.

"Stay there," I tell him and head off back to the cabin where I've hidden his present. "You can't look, so keep your eyes front, General," I order as I come back out.

"Sure thing. Just don't shoot me in the back, 'kay?"

"Would I do a thing like that?"


"Gee, thanks. Put your hand out to the side."

He does and I put his present in it.

"A FISHING ROD! Oh, Danny, this is wonderful. But this means I'll be..."

"Relaxing and enjoying yourself, Jack. While you fish, I'll read, just as we do in Minnesota. And I'll watch your ass and plan what I'm going to do with it. You like?"

"I love. Thank you, Daniel, this is perfect. And when I finally retire I think we'll come and live here, whatd'ya think? You could commute to Alpha if you wanted to still work. How's that for an idea?"

"I think," I tell him as he puts the rod down and we snuggle into each other's arms, "I think that our future's perfect."