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Summary: Set just after Desperate Measures. With many thanks to Joy for the beta and the ideas. Thanks hon - dedicated to you for your friendship and hard work as beta. Couldn't have won the awards without you. A little consensual bondage - all in good fun.

Champagne was popping.

Somehow, the brave actions of Jamie Alfredson and Simon Kinsey had swung public opinion. It hadn't been an easy time. The religious fundamentalists had complained and been shouted down, the old guard of the JCS and the services in general had been laughed at for being dinosaurs and the politicians and military leaders had finally caved. Even amongst the 'straight' population of the services, there was celebration. The risks of even being a close friend with someone of the same sex had been great. If someone had wanted to, they could have looked closely at many deep friendships, those born in combat and under stress, the sort of friendship that never, ever wavered. Even if there was nothing to discover, peoples' careers could be ruined by innuendo and speculation.

What made things better was the fact that Kinsey's popularity had hit rock bottom for his treatment of his son. It more or less ensured that his party would never pick him as the Presidential candidate in the next election. That was the best news for some...

The SGC was a happy place at this time. Whereas missions were good and bad in more or less equal measure, there was a distinct lightening of the mood. Hammond was happy too. His people - his 'children' - were smiling and that hated law was gone. Life was good.

For the most part.

Sam Carter had just lost yet another love before it had started. And then, to add insult to injury, she'd been kidnapped and tortured. She had physically recovered, but she was pretty miserable and her team noticed it. They asked if they could have some time off to try to cheer her up and Hammond agreed readily. Daniel had an idea.

"Tell me why we're in DC?" she asked again for the nineteenth time.

"Surprise," Jack and Daniel replied.

Teal'c had cried off the expedition on the grounds that he a) wasn't really very good at cheering people up and b) he really couldn't stand the idea of what they'd planned.

They walked across the concourse of the airport and picked up their bags. Sam was surprised to see Major Davis waiting for them. She knew that Daniel and he were friends but what was he doing there? And what was Daniel doing hugging him? Oh my GOD! They weren't. Were they?

"Sam, Jack, welcome," Paul said. "My car's outside. C'mon, let's get you out of here and settled in, shall we?"

Numbly Sam allowed herself to be led to the car, gave up her suitcase to be loaded and got into the back. She still hadn't said a thing. Daniel and Paul hadn't touched each other since the hug so she wasn't sure that she should even ask. Internally she gave a sigh. At least she could ask now. What a relief that was.

As they drove to wherever it was they were going (she still didn't know), she ran a few things through her head. Daniel had been happier recently than he had been for a long time before. She had put it down to him and Jack becoming friends again, but now she wasn't so sure. Even when Daniel and Jack had fought in the last few months, the painful bitterness had gone. Everyone at the SGC was pleased about that. But what if... what if Paul was the one making him happy? Did Jack know? He certainly seemed comfortable about being with the guys and was currently amiably teasing the crap out of them. If one really listened, he was saying things along the lines of them 'coming out' - lots of veiled references to closets and freedoms.

They arrived at an hotel - a really posh looking one. Sam groaned. She'd only come with her jeans and sweaters thinking that she was being dragged off on a fishing expedition.

"Um, guys, are we staying here?" she asked.

"Why, don't you like the look of it?" Daniel replied, a little hurt.

"No, yes, it's fine, wonderful - incredible. I'm just not dressed for it. I figured you were taking me to Minnesota."

"Would we do something like that, Carter?" Jack asked with a grin.

"Yes, you would. So I'm ready to fish for a week and you bring me to a very expensive hotel."

"Sam, it's our treat," Daniel said. "Let us spoil you, please. We want to. You've had a pretty crap time of it recently and we want to make you feel good. It will make us feel good," he added with the shy smile that he knew would get her to agree.

"Daniel," she sighed, giving him a hug as they were now out of the car and standing in front of the imposing building. "You are a sneaky, underhanded, manipulative bastard."

"But you still love me?" he teased as she kissed his cheek.

"For some reason I can't begin to fathom."

Paul and Jack were getting both amused and frustrated by this exchange. They picked out her suitcase and Jack's and headed into the lobby.

"Um, Daniel," she said quietly, pulling him to one side, "aren't you staying here?"

"Ah. Come on, inside, I'll tell you when we get in, okay?"

"You'd better," she growled and followed him in.

Sitting on her bed together he put his arm around her and hugged her.

"I'm sure you've guessed, angel. I'm with Paul. Have been since before our trip to Vorash. Before the Juna thing too. We had to keep it quiet for a while, of course."

"The law was changed a few weeks ago, Daniel. I can understand you not saying anything before that, but why didn't you say as soon as you could?"

"Never the perfect time," he shrugged. "I wanted to tell you, like this - one-on-one. We've not had a chance to be like this. Are you upset with me?"

"Yes," she said and poked him in the arm.

"Forgive me?" he pulled her close and kissed her head.

"Yes." She snuggled closer under his arm. "So, are you happy?"

"Oh boy," he grinned, "yeah, I'm happy. Blissfully happy. It's sickening actually."

Sam laughed at that and then hugged him hard.

"This doesn't solve my problem," she said.

"Which one is that?"

"Clothes. I need decent clothes for this place."

"Then let's go shopping."

Sam couldn't remember ever having laughed so much on a shopping trip in her life. Jack was telling her that she looked good in whatever she chose and Daniel and Paul were being very silly, camping it up and pretending to have fashion sense. She'd always liked Paul, got on well with him at the SGC, but seeing him off duty like this was an eye-opener and Sam realised that he was perfect for Daniel. Whether their relationship had been a shock to her system or not, she was thrilled to bits with him, teasing them both about Paul becoming her 'brother-in-law'. The shy, sweet smile that she got back from them both at that said it all. They were very serious. And, she thought to herself, she couldn't have been happier for them.

She was stunned when all the guys insisted on clubbing together to buy her an evening dress. However, she wouldn't let them choose it - they'd have to wait to see it, though she still had no idea why she'd need it at all.

Paul and Daniel dropped Jack and Sam off at the hotel. The two officers retired to their rooms to rest and then get ready to go out. The men went to Paul's house and pretty much did the same... with one or two exceptions.

"God, Paul," Daniel moaned against Paul's mouth, "this is it, isn't it? We can do this - officially!"

This was the first opportunity that they'd had a chance to get together since the law was quashed.

Daniel felt Paul smiling as they kissed.

"Hmm, babe," Paul murmured. "And tonight, you and I are coming out - loud and proud." He pulled back from the embrace and suddenly had a worried look on his face.

"Paul? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Paul said hastily. Then, at the forbidding look on Daniel's face he said, "Do you want that? Do you want to come out?"

"Paul, nothing would make me happier. I want the whole world to know how much I love you. Are you okay with this? I know how long you've had to hide."

"I want this, Daniel. Over the years I've worked behind the scenes for this, quietly sounding out the brass, dropping hints that this was the way to go. I guess I'm just a bit nervous, that's all."

"Paul, listen to me," Daniel's voice was serious. "We're not going there, dressed either in leather with moustaches," Paul sniggered, "or in a long dress and high heels." Paul laughed out loud at that image.

"Oh God, Dan, I'm just imagining you in a frilly pink dress, fishnets and high heels," he gasped.

"Pink?" Daniel complained. "I'll think you'd find I'm much more suited to blue."

Paul lost it completely and Daniel had to hold him up.

"What I'm saying," Daniel said when Paul finally regained some sort of composure, "is that we're going there as we would do normally; not playing up to some imaginary stereotypes that some people seem to believe. You'll be in your dress blues - which, I hasten to add, I can't wait to see you in - and me in a suit. If, if, we want to do something like touch each other, or even hold hands for a moment, we can. I don't really think that going in there and announcing to everyone at large that we're gay is the way to go, do you?"

With a huge, happy smile, Paul agreed. He could see what Daniel was saying.

"So," he replied, "we don't have to get ready for an hour. Feel like doing something in the meantime?"

"Well," Daniel drawled, "it would depend on the something, wouldn't it?"

Paul took Daniel's hand and led him to his bedroom, stopping first to show Daniel where his model of the F-15 was taking pride of place. Daniel smiled, pleased that his flippant gift had been accepted for what it was.

"Dan, how are we going to manage living arrangements?" Paul asked as he started to undo Daniel's shirt.

"Hang on, Paul. Do you want to talk or make out? I know I can multitask, but where you're concerned, doing anything other than making out is a hell of a job."

"Talk for a moment?" Paul suggested.

"Okay. Come on, let's get undressed, talk for a moment, then fuck."

With Paul sniggering in agreement, they quickly shucked their clothes and then got into bed.

"It's not as if we can really live together, Paul," said Daniel, "given that you are so far away from me. However, if I leave stuff here, as you have done at my place, then assuming that I'm on the planet we'll stand some chance of being together. I'll come here whenever I'm off duty for more than a day - you do the same in return. Maybe one day we'll get the chance to live together permanently."

"I'll have to get a transfer down to the Springs, Daniel, it's not as if you can really ever leave the project, is it?"

"I could," Daniel said with a smile. "I'd do it for you."

"Ach, I know you would, babe, but the project needs you - the planet needs you there. They can get another liaison."

"Not one as good, Paul. Samuels nearly ruined the SGC right back at the start. Having you as liaison has kept us going, I'm sure of that. Hammond's sure of that too. He and I were chatting the other day. I, um, told him about us. Hope you don't mind."

"No, why should I?"

"No reason. It's just he brought your name up in conversation and one thing led to another and I confessed and he said he'd already guessed and he didn't care and that you were the best liaison he'd ever known and.."

"DAN! Stop. It's okay, babe, it's okay. I think he knew when you were missing on the ship. I think I gave us away then. Look, this having people knowing, it's okay. It's not going to be easy admitting to it, I know, but we can now and there can be no comeback."

"Sorry," Daniel shrugged. "Anyway, how about the second part of the plan?"

"What, you mean the one where I do this?" Paul asked as he latched his mouth onto the side of Daniel's neck and bit.


"And this?" He licked his way down Daniel's chest and fastened his teeth gently to first one nipple, then the other.

"A-ah yes."

"So this has your approval, does it?" Paul teased as he headed further south.

"Paul," Daniel gasped and Paul looked up. Daniel twirled his finger around and gave his lover a lascivious grin. He got one back. Paul twisted around and they lay on their sides, getting comfortable and in position. Almost simultaneously they took the other's cock into their mouths. Daniel felt Paul groan against his dick and let out one of his own. They set each other off as if in a feedback loop - the reaction of one triggering a similar response in the other, and so on. Hands explored the bits they could reach, tongues stroked and sucked, the hot, wet mouths on the achingly hard dicks were exquisite.

Paul felt Daniel's balls tighten in his fingers and his dick stiffen. He braced himself for the outpouring and had to swallow fast as Daniel came hard. His own orgasm followed close behind, triggered by Daniel's.

When they had both settled and stopped shuddering, Daniel reached for Paul who managed to just about find the ability to crawl up the bed. Daniel wrapped his arms around him and rocked him gently, crooning words of love as he did. A small part of his brain said, 'if you'd listen to what you're saying, you'd puke,' but the rest of his brain couldn't care less. He'd put a huge smile on Paul's face, and that was what mattered. He'd just deny everything later.

"Oh Daniel, you look gorgeous," Paul sighed as he saw Daniel appearing in the living room wearing a black suit, pale-blue shirt and a royal-blue tie that made his eyes look bluer than normal.

"I could say the same about you, Paul. That dress uniform fits," he added with a leer.

They hustled out of the door (after a quick kiss and Daniel promising to make the most of Paul's uniform later) and into the taxi that had been arranged. It was a short drive to the hotel and the cab driver was asked to wait while they went to collect their friends.

Jack appeared first in the lobby, responding to the phone call from the desk.

"Gentlemen," he said, his voice booming across the floor as he made his way to them. "You look very smart," he added.

"You look dangerous, Jack," Daniel teased. Jack was also wearing his dress uniform and looking gorgeous. Both Paul and Daniel looked up and down at him in approval and then at each other, grinning maniacally.


"Nothing," they said together.

"Guys?" he growled.

Daniel laughed, "You are so easy to wind up, Jack."

Before Jack could reply he noticed that both men's jaws had dropped. He turned around and gulped. Sam. Or rather a woman they barely recognised. For a start, she was in a long dress. She'd also visited the hairdresser at the hotel and had a smart but feminine hair cut. The dress was in the Chinese style, red silk with gold embroidery, a gold sash around her waist. The dress reached to the top of her ankles and had a split up either side to the top of her thighs. There were no sleeves beyond a short drop over her shoulders. She was looking a touch uncomfortable too. The high-heeled silk shoes she'd bought to go with it made her look much taller and more elegant than normal. It wasn't the feeling she was used to.

Paul was the first to speak.

"Sam," he said as she came close enough, "you look truly beautiful."

"I do?"

"Absolutely!" "God yes!" The chorus from Daniel and Jack was sudden and quite loud, making Sam blush and Paul laugh.

"Daniel," he warned, poking him in the arm. "Down boy."

Jack and Sam sniggered as Daniel did a double-take and then he looked at Paul in exasperation.

"Oh shut up," he snorted. Then he turned back to Sam and put his hands out to her. "I've never seen you look more stunning," he said. "This dress is perfect on you. I think we're going to have to watch where we step when we retrace our path."

All three looked at him in confusion.

"There's going to be a trail of drool wherever you go."

To a chorus of "ew" they left the lobby and entered the cab.

"The opera?" Sam queried when they arrived.

"Not just the opera, Ca, er Sam," Jack insisted. "The Vienna State Opera. They're touring. The guys saw this one and decided that it would be a good one to go to."

"You'll love it, Sam," Daniel assured. "I'm not a huge opera fan, I leave that to Jack. But this one has some of the most beautiful music."

Daniel had realised that this was the way to go when he'd seen his favourite opera advertised. As he'd told Paul, Cosė Fan Tutte held his most loved piece and he was so looking forward to hearing it. Paul looked at him, smiling hard at the excitement that Daniel was exuding.

"We have a box," Paul told Sam. "Just the four of us. Shall we?"

Still stunned by the way the guys were treating her, Sam nodded a little dumbly. Daniel caught up on this and took her arm, letting her run it through his.

"Sam," he said in a low voice. "We love you and we want to treat you. Please, enjoy it. Relax. This isn't root-canal work you know."

She giggled at that and then gave him a blinding smile.

"I know, and I'm very grateful. I'm just surprised, that's all."

Daniel grinned back and they followed Paul and Jack to the box.

"He does have a cute ass," Sam whispered to Daniel.

"Sam!" he hissed. Then he paused, "Which one?"

She sniggered. "Paul. Though, I suppose, so does Jack."

"Sam? Are you saying..."

"No! No. There never was, never will be. I love him as a friend, Daniel, but that's it. You?"

"Ah. Well, there was a time when I'd hoped... but that's past. I do love him, Sam, but like you, it's as a friend."

"Doesn't mean we can't look and appreciate what's in front of us, does it?" she added with a giggle.

Daniel laughed back in agreement and then found the two men turning and looking at them.

"Sam? Daniel? What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing," they chorused, both trying, and failing miserably, to look innocent.

"Right," Jack drawled, suddenly a little worried. They both smiled at him and he shook his head. He knew he'd never get anything from them.

Sam was further surprised to find a waiter in the box when they arrived.

"Ma'am, Sirs, may I interest you in some champagne?" he intoned.

Paul and Daniel grinned at each other - this was part of the surprise that they'd ordered.

Sam tried not to sound too eager when she accepted. The bottle of Bollinger looked fantastically expensive. Only when the waiter had served them and left did she allow herself to appreciate that the guys had organised this, paid for this, the whole shebang - just for her. And yes, the dress and shoes and opera were not really her thing, but, she thought to herself, why weren't they? And it had nothing to do with the money either. It was because all of her life she'd struggled to be accepted for her talents and not thought of as some air-head blonde bimbo that had slept her way to her position. She knew that the men didn't think of her like that - that had never been in question. But they had recognised something that she'd allowed herself to ignore. She was a woman too, and one that really loved to be treated well - just now and then. And they were doing this to show her that while they had the same, immense respect for her talents, they loved her. It was a 'wow' moment.

The lights went down, the audience's chatter quietened to nothing and then the curtain raised. Act one was about to start.

"Oh God, guys this is wonderful," Sam exclaimed as they headed to the lounge during the intermission. Daniel was excitedly recounting the act, especially his favourite trio, and how the singer that was playing Dorabella had the most bird-like voice, and Fiordiligi's voice was to die for and not to mention the slightly menacing air of Alfonso, the guy behind the plot. Not a single sound had come from the audience as Soave sia il Vento came to an end, the three protagonists waving Guglielmo and Ferrando goodbye on their supposed recall to their regiment. Then the place had erupted with cheers and claps, the performance had outstripped anything that Daniel had even dared hope for.

His friends listened in with enjoyment, loving the passion with which he was speaking. Suddenly, though, Paul's face had dropped. He'd seen someone he'd rather not and that someone was bearing down on his position.

"Oh crap," he whispered, his friends picking up on it. "Incoming."

They looked and saw someone that looked familiar - but they had never met him.

"Paul, what are you doing here?" There was a distinct sneer in his voice.

"Edward. I'm here to enjoy the opera with my friends. You?"

"The whole family is here. Grandmama's birthday."

"Oh dear," Paul said, "I forgot that. How terrible of me."

His voice said that this wasn't such a terrible thing after all. Jack and Sam didn't know about Paul's estrangement from his family, only Daniel knew. Daniel moved closer to offer support, the other two picking up on Daniel's body language and taking up near defensive positions behind him.

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Edward asked.

Paul sighed, the rest of his family had followed Edward over and were now observing him.

"Of course. Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Doctor Jackson. This is my brother, Edward Davis. Lawyer."

Paul's mother had now appeared by Edward's side and she was trying to look down her nose at Paul's friends. Paul reluctantly introduced the rest of his family to the guys.

"I see you are still in the Air Force," she said, in a tone that said that she didn't approve. "I'd have thought you'd have given that up by now."

Jack really didn't like Paul's family.

"He is," Jack said, in a voice that rang through the lounge. "You should be proud. Major Davis is one of our most highly-respected officers and is a valuable and highly-valued member of our command."

Mrs. Davis looked at Jack as if he was something that the cat had dragged in. He really really didn't like her. Daniel was getting quietly mad. She looked at him, at least he was a civilian.

"Doctor? Of what?"

"One is archaeology, the other is linguistics," he said as calmly as he could.

"What is an archaeologist doing with the Air Force?"

"I never said I was in the Air Force," he replied through gritted teeth.

Paul had had enough.

"Daniel's my partner," he said, in a voice to match Jack's.

"Partner?" Paul's father suddenly became interested. "Partner in what? I wasn't aware that you had gone into business."

Paul inwardly grimaced. That was so typical of the man.

"Not in business, in life." Again, the louder tone, carrying through the room.

The entire Davis clan were left open-mouthed. Finally his brother said, "You're..." He couldn't even bring himself to say the word.

"I think the word you're looking for is 'gay'," Paul said cheerfully. "Yes, I am, always have been." The bell sounded to take the audience back to their seats. "Time to go, it's been a pleas... well, it's been an experience," he added, trying to smother a grin and took Daniel's hand as he led him back to the box.

By the time he got there, Paul didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The stunned looks on his family's faces had been one of those Kodak moments. Accompanying his family, Paul had recognised some very important clients that had obviously been taken along so they could court them. He'd embarrassed the Davis clan.

Daniel said nothing, but held onto Paul's hand tightly, not letting go. Paul looked into his eyes and saw only concern for him. Daniel kept the anger he felt well-hidden. Jack and Sam, however, didn't.

"God, Paul, how did you ever turn out to be so nice?" Sam asked. "I'm sorry, Paul, but they are horrible. Are they all like that?"

"Oh yes," Paul replied.

"I'm with Carter on this one, Paul. I'm sorry for you." Jack was still shocked by their behaviour. "But the look on their faces when you came out was a picture. I so wish I'd filmed that."

Sam snorted, Paul let out a giggle and then Daniel relaxed a bit.

"I don't know how I bit my tongue," Daniel said. "I wanted to shout at them."

"Dan, they're not worth it," Paul soothed. "Who needs pricks like them anyway?"

Daniel let out a laugh, leant in, whispered, "Will my prick suffice then?" causing Paul to laugh out loud. The other two looked at them and they tried to look as innocent as Daniel and Sam had done earlier - with as much success.

From a box opposite, the Davis clan were watching Paul and Daniel closely. And when they saw Paul raising his hand to stroke Daniel's cheek they all suddenly turned to their clients to deflect the attention they were getting.

The four friends sat in a restaurant after the opera ended, tucking into the finest foods and drinking yet more champagne. Nothing more had been said about the incident, but Jack was desperate to find out what it was all about.

"So, Paul," he said casually, "why are your family so against the Air Force?"

"They're not," Paul replied with a sigh. "They wanted me to go to law school, become part of the family firm and do corporate law." Jack and Sam winced at the thought and Daniel sniggered. "I went to the Academy instead. I had no desire to do that, I was far more interested in politics. I did my degrees in that subject - though International Law was one of my minors. I wanted to fly," he said with a shrug.

"High flyer," Daniel teased.

"You'd better believe it," came the riposte. "Anyway, they were not best pleased. I was fortunate in that the Air Force paid my fees - I did my masters degree as part of the educational scheme. I wasn't going to owe them a thing."

"Owe them?" the others asked in disbelief.

"Oh yes. They paid my brother's and sister's fees for their masters and gave them a living allowance and then expected them to pay it back. Fortunately, we weren't expected to pay them back for our bachelors degrees, though we half-expected it."

The jaws of his friends dropped open.

"I think I'm the freest one in the family," Paul said thoughtfully. "Even though I have to go where I'm ordered, do what I'm told, die if necessary... I don't have to feel like I owe the Air Force anything. It's always been a two-way street. I get well paid, not as well as Daniel," he joked, "but well enough. I get great medical care, my further education was taken care of, I've been taught to fly as well as to fight... in return I give my service, my life if I have to, but I do it out of choice. Nobody made me join up, it wasn't expected of me."

They could all see what he was saying and murmured words of agreement. Even Daniel, the innate pacifist, agreed with his choice.

"So why politics, Paul?" Sam asked.

"Ah. I knew I'd stand a chance of being found out and thrown out of the service, unless, of course, I lived my life as a celibate - not my idea of fun. So, I needed a back up plan. Politics interests me. I love my job at the Pentagon - getting generals to do my bidding without them knowing it, that's a real kick, you know?"

Daniel and Sam hooted and Jack sat there in disbelief.

"Whatd'ya mean?" he demanded.

"Oh, it's nothing bad, Jack. Look, I get a request from General Hammond for something for the SGC, right?" They nodded. "And I know the General, he'd never ask for something unless he needed it, it's not his way. If he asks for state of the art medical equipment, for example, it's because he thinks his medical staff will need it to look after you guys - all of you. We all know how he thinks of the people under his command, how protective he is of you all." Again, the nods of agreement. "So, I go to the relevant people at the Pentagon and it's up to me to get it for you. If I put forward a straight request the answer could well be 'no'. Some of the equipment you have runs into the millions of dollars - the MRI scanner, for example. Now, I know it's needed, you know it's needed, and to be fair, most of the people I deal with can see the reasons behind it. But not all. Some are penny pinching bean counters and nothing else. It's my job to make them think that it was their idea to have it installed in the first place."

"How hard is that?" Jack asked.

"Depends on the person. Some are more politically savvy than the others. Those that are married and have been for a long time can go either way. Either they know they're being played, or, if their wives are that good, they have no idea at all."

Jack howled. "I can relate. Sara was really good at it. First I'd get the 'can we do this?', then when I objected she'd say nothing. It was only later when I ended up suggesting that we did something and I'd get the 'what a good idea, Jack, I wish I'd thought of it' routine would I remember that she'd suggested it to start with."

"Shau're was a natural negotiator," Daniel added. "She wanted me to take a few days off so that we could go visit some of her relatives in a nearby settlement. I wasn't so keen on the idea and tried to say 'no'. Next thing I know I'm happily being introduced to her aunt, uncle and about 59 cousins I didn't know about."

Sam just sighed. "It must be something that comes when you get married," she said. "I have no ability to manipulate men at all."

Jack and Daniel looked at each other, then at her, then back at each other.

"Don't tell her, Danny," Jack said in the language of the Ancients (much to Daniel's delight). "If she knows she can do it, we're in deep, deep shit."

"Don't I know it," came the secret reply. "I mean, what does she think that she's been doing all these years?"

Sam looked at them both as if she was watching a tennis match. She had no idea what they were talking about but she could guess. She stood up slowly and moved around the table and stood next to Jack. Her index finger snaked its way towards Jack's face and then slowly drew a line down his cheek and then down his neck.

"You," she said coolly, "are in trouble."

He gulped.

Then she turned to Daniel and did the same, her eyes twinkling mischievously as she said, "Daniel? You know it's rude to speak other languages in front of those that don't understand."

He gulped too. Then he screwed his nose up.

"You do it to me all the time," he complained.

"I do?" she was stunned.

"Uh huh," he confirmed. "All that physics talk and maths - I don't have a clue what you're on about most of the time." He gave her a satisfied grin as if he'd got one over on her. Paul was wisely staying out of this one.

She thought carefully and then said sweetly, "You don't? Okay. I'll do something about that then."

"You will?" Daniel was very suspicious.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "When we get back I'm going to suggest to General Hammond that I give a series of lectures on wormhole physics to those that don't understand it. Given the nature of our jobs, and the fact that we can get stranded out there," she whispered that bit while waving her hand a little drunkenly in the vague direction of space, "I think it would be a good thing for you to know. Don't you?"

"You and your big mouth," Jack whined at Daniel.

Daniel just moaned and dropped his head in his hands. He was so going to regret that one.

They crashed through the door to Paul's place, giggling as they did. Daniel growled as the door shut and gently but firmly pushed Paul against it.

"I told you," he said seductively, "that I had plans for you in that uniform... didn't I?"

"Oh God, Daniel," came the moaned reply. "Whatever, babe. Do whatever."

"I want you."

"Want you too. Please, Daniel."

Daniel grabbed Paul's tie and led him to the kitchen, Paul following and smothering a laugh that threatened to erupt. There was something incongruous about the bespectacled civilian hauling the Air Force Major by a part of his uniform - and the Major happily following.

"Drop them," the order came in Daniel's filthiest voice.

Paul snorted and did as he was told. He was about to step out of his pants when Daniel told him to stay in them.

"Put your hands on the table edge," he said, his voice again at its most sexy, "then bend over. I am going to do you in your uniform, Major Davis."

Paul gasped. This was beyond erotic. He did as ordered, finding his dick dangling in mid-air and desperate for it to touch something.

"Dan," he gasped, "God, Daniel." He heard Daniel start to remove his clothes.

"Don't!" he called out. "Keep them on."

Behind him, Daniel grinned his most lascivious grin.

"Your wish is my command, my Major," he whispered in Paul's ear. Paul's cock jumped at the sound and he let out a low, hungry moan.

He heard Daniel looking for something, then the noise of a glass bottle. The oil, obviously. His lips curled up into a satisfied smile, knowing what was coming next.

Or he thought he did. Before he knew what was happening, he felt Daniel's hands on his butt cheeks, pulling them apart. Then he felt Daniel's tongue at the entrance of his ass, gently tickling the edge of his anus before hardening and then pushing inside. Paul screamed with pleasure. He thrust back, wanting more, but Daniel pulled away, only allowing the tip of his tongue to tease and set Paul's nerves on fire. A single fingertip drew a featherlight line from the base of Paul's dick, up the underneath and to the head, where it gently circled, smearing the pre-come over the top. The light touch, combined with Daniel's tongue were sending Paul out of his mind.

"Dan, please, don't tease me, fuck me!"

"Huh?" the muffled sound came from an amused and still slightly drunk Daniel causing puffs of warm air to add to the tickling effect that Paul was receiving.

"FUCK ME!" came the much louder demand.

Daniel pulled back and Paul felt something much larger and harder at his anus.

"You sure you want this?" Daniel continued the teasing, getting a long and inventive tirade in reply.

Laughing at Paul's abuse, Daniel pushed a little way in.

"Will this do?"

The tirade grew.



Paul's impeccable manners, even in the depths of sexual frustration, made Daniel laugh out loud. Paul was just about to scream again when Daniel gave in and pushed. Paul groaned in pleasure instead.

"Better, babe?" Daniel asked from the vicinity of Paul's ear.

"Much," he gasped. "Move!"

Daniel moved. Slowly but surely he pulled back and pushed in, occasionally rotating his hips and screwing Paul. Paul's arms started to burn, the muscles in his shoulders complaining as he used his arms to push back against Daniel to try to get him to go deeper and deeper - even though it was physically impossible.

Paul loved the feeling of the cloth from Daniel's clothes on his bare ass. He pictured what they looked like together, seeing the taller civilian in his suit screwing the Major that was being a slut and begging for it. He could see the look of delight and concentration on Daniel's face in his mind, could see Daniel's beautiful hips and ass as they thrust towards him... it was too much. Without being touched, he came all over the kitchen floor, pumping spurt after spurt and never seeming like he was going to stop. He cried out Daniel's name over and over again, pushing his lover over the edge. Daniel came just after him and then collapsed onto Paul's back.

"I love you, Major D," he whispered.

"Love you, Dr. J," came the equally quiet reply.

Back in bed later that night Paul snuggled up against Daniel, still a little giggly from the champagne.

"So, Dan, did you enjoy yourself tonight?" he asked, trailing a finger down Daniel's chest.

"I did," Daniel's reply was filled with amusement. "I didn't think that the night was over though. How about you? Did you have fun?"

"Oh yes," Paul purred. "Shutting my family up was one of the best bits."

"You're sure you're okay with that, Paul. You do realise that you're probably never going to be able to go back into the fold, so to speak."

"Dan," Paul sniggered, "the only fold I'm interested in being a part of is the one I have with you. Me and you, baby, me and you."

Daniel grinned. "I was hoping you'd say that, Major D," he teased, pushing Paul onto his back and kissing him hard. "You know you were saying you feel free?"

"Uh huh," Paul grunted in agreement.

"Well, I hate to contradict, but you are wrong. You see," Daniel explained as he moved, straddled Paul's hips and leaned across to the bedside table. "You see," he repeated, "you," he kissed him gently, "are," again, "mine." Again the kiss, gently biting Paul's lips as he did. "And if you are mine, you can't be free. So, I think I should prove that you are so mine."

"How are you going to do that, Dr. Jackson?" Paul asked, his eyes twinkling with good humour, but his voice had a distinct hitch of anticipation in it.

Daniel said nothing, but he got out the handcuffs that he knew that Paul had, along with the lube. He waved them in front of Paul's eyes in question. The huge, filthy, grin he got back was his permission to play.

"Anything?" he whispered as he bent down to take one of Paul's hands in his.

"Oh God, Daniel," Paul moaned, "anything."

There was no question that Daniel would step over the boundaries. They'd discussed what they liked, what they weren't sure about, what they hadn't even tried yet - and they both knew what things the other did not like under any circumstances. Neither was into any form of violence or humiliation. Bondage in the sense of fun was in; playful tying up, the one being tied up feeling safe in the knowledge that this was as far as it went. This far, no further. So Daniel felt free to play and Paul felt free to relax and enjoy himself. It was crazy, but even restrained like this, he felt liberated. A lot of that had to do with the absolute trust he felt in Daniel.

Paul hissed as his second hand was raised over his head and cuffed to the bedstead. Daniel was still astride him, grinning wickedly at his lover.

"What do you want, Paul?" he asked.

"I told you Dan, anything," Paul replied, desperate to be getting on with things.

"Do you want to taste me?"

"Yes." Again the hiss.

Daniel shuffled forward onto his knees and positioned his cock at Paul's mouth. He let Paul take only the head, fighting back his desire to fuck his lover's mouth. He gasped as he felt Paul's tongue swipe over the tip, pressing against the sensitive eye and tasting his weeping dick.

"Stop!" Daniel commanded, pulling back. "Sorry," he gasped, "you're so good, Paul, you were gonna make me come. Don't want that yet. Not yet." He caught his breath and moved back down the bed, kissing Paul as soon as he got into a position that allowed it.

"Love you," he moaned against his lover's mouth.

"Love you, Dan," Paul replied, adding, "but if you don't finish me soon I'm not going to be held responsible for the consequences."

Daniel sniggered. He felt a little 'torture' coming on.

He kissed Paul over every inch of his body - quite literally - turning him over and twisting the handcuff chain tight as he urged Paul onto his stomach.

"Dan, please," he begged, his cock aching with need. He had to get off soon.

"On your back again," Daniel ordered. Paul untwisted himself, lay down and was surprised when Daniel removed his dog tags.



Paul's body was slightly propped up on pillows, his hands even higher being chained to the top bar of the tall iron bedstead. He could see everything that Daniel was doing. He moaned when he saw Daniel heading for his dick. He knew what was coming. Daniel slid the chain around the base of his cock, looped and gently tightened it. Paul groaned, thinking that even that wasn't going to stop him coming soon. Then he gasped when he felt Daniel cover his cock with lube. Not taking his eyes from Paul's, he positioned himself and sat - hard.

"God," Paul howled. "Don't move, Dan. You move and I'm gonna come."

"Watch." The same instruction came and Paul looked at him. While he ground himself down onto Paul's dick, Daniel was covering his own with lube and stroking himself with long, slow movements.

"You like?" he asked in a sultry voice.

"Oh Daniel, please, harder. Want to watch you," Paul groaned.

Slight movement now, Daniel angling his position so that Paul's cock head would scrape his prostate with every pass. Slow movements, but sure. Daniel was leaning forward now, holding himself up with one hand and stroking himself with the other. Paul wanted to hold him, touch him, fuck him, anything but this slow torture. He couldn't. And he wanted to come but couldn't either.

"Please, Dan, I've got to come," he begged.

"Watch me," Daniel instructed. "I'm gonna come, Paul. Just for you. Watch me." Paul did, amazed when he saw Daniel's blue eyes wide open, then screw themselves shut as he threw his head back, howled and came hard. The contractions encouraged Paul but the chain was stopping him.

"Daniel!" he yelled. Daniel regained enough brain cells to reach back and loosen the chain. The second the pressure was released Paul came and came so hard that he nearly passed out.

Daniel released him from his bonds and rubbed his shoulders and the tops of his arms, willing the life to come back to them.

"Paul? Are you all right?" he asked, truly concerned by the lack of speech from his lover.

Paul opened one eye, gave him the thumbs up sign and dropped his hand back onto the bed. Daniel sniggered, found some tissues, wiped himself and Paul enough to get the worst off and then pulled the cover over them both. Pulling Paul into his arms he held him tight.

"You might be free, Major D," he whispered, "but you're mine."

There was a knock on the door. It was early, but Paul's military training had him awake at the first rap. He grinned as he saw that Daniel was still out cold, unwrapped himself from Daniel's arms, slung on some shorts and headed for the door. He looked through the spy hole and saw Jack and Sam so he opened the door.

"Hey Paul," Sam said. "Nice look, it suits you."

"Ah shaddup," Paul groaned. "It's early, no coffee."

"Daniel still in bed?" Jack asked, heading for the kitchen to put a pot on.

Paul just looked at him.

"Stupid question. Forget I asked. Go get dressed, I'll make the coffee. Want some food?"

"Toast - I think I can just about manage toast." The tone of Paul's voice made him sound like he wasn't that sure he'd manage that.

"Go on, it will be ready when you come out. Are you going to wake Danny? Ach - don't answer that. I know. Coffee first."

Paul grinned and headed back to the bedroom, telling Jack to make himself at home in the kitchen. Jack already was.


"Sam? What's up?"

"You seem to be pretty relaxed about Daniel and Paul being together."

"I am. I've known more or less since the beginning - I guessed, Daniel didn't deny it. He knew I'd not say a word. Look, Ca, er Sam. I don't mind a bit. Paul makes Daniel happy. I used to make him happy - I fucked up that job. Not that he and I were ever..."

"I know. You were best friends."

"Yeah. I realised I'd stopped doing that and why. I've apologised, Daniel's accepted. I'm gonna make sure that I don't do that again. I want him to be happy, Sam. And if this is what it takes then I'm not so much okay about it as ecstatic. Paul's a good guy, he won't mess with his head or anything."

"Yeah, I think I got that yesterday with them. They're pretty wrapped in each other, aren't they? Talking of which, what are they up to? It doesn't take that long to get dressed."

Jack poured two coffees and with strict instructions to Sam to stay put, he headed up to the bedroom. He didn't hear any noise coming from in there so he poked his nose around the slightly open door.

"Sam," he hissed, "c'mere. You think they're wrapped in each other - look at this."

Sam looked. Daniel was still under the cover, but he was bare from the waist up, the cover having dropped. He was still asleep. Paul had got back on the bed - probably to see if he could wake Daniel up. He'd fallen back to sleep himself, his head on Daniel's chest, an arm around Daniel's waist. Daniel's arms were wrapped tightly around him and his head was bent as if he was kissing Paul's head. It looked so sweet that Sam let out an "aw" when she saw it. The noise woke Paul and he looked up and then at his situation and blushed. Jack pushed the door open further and entered, putting the coffee on the table.

"Handcuffs?" he whispered. Paul's blush deepened. Jack left before Daniel woke up - he valued his life.

A short while later they were joined by a dressed Paul and a Daniel in his sweats. Daniel thrust the now empty mug at Jack and it was refilled.

"Jack," he croaked as he downed the coffee and headed back to the pot, "next time, stay out of the bedroom, will you?"

"Yasureyoubetcha," Jack replied with a grin.

"Um, Dan?" Paul was sounding distracted.


"Where did my, er, you know what end up?"

"What?" Daniel still wasn't firing on all cylinders.

Paul sighed, put a hand up to his chest and pointed.

"Oh, your dog tags. Um, they're in the bed somewhere."

Paul's blush bottomed out around his toes. Jack fell about laughing and Sam was open-mouthed.

"Dog tags?" Jack asked. "I've got to ask."

"You don't know, flyboy?"

"Uh huh."

Daniel took him to one side, away from Sam, and explained in explicit detail. Jack's resulting blush matched Paul's.

"Fuck," he said as they headed back to the kitchen.

Daniel looked at him dangerously, raised one eyebrow and said, "Yeah, that was the general idea."

Sam howled, Jack nearly choked and Paul - who had returned - smacked him. "Behave Daniel!"

"You like it when I don't," Daniel retorted. "You distinctly told me, you like me like this."

Paul shook his head and sighed. He knew Daniel and knew that he was just being teased, that he'd never behave like this in front of anyone else. He also appreciated that Daniel was making the most of the freedoms that they'd spoken about. He looked into Daniel's eyes and smiled, his own green ones softening.

"Love you," he mouthed, getting the same in reply. "I get it, by the way. Freedoms come in different forms."

Daniel just grinned and kissed his forehead before squeezing him and letting him go. They had a week of activities to plan.

Daniel was pretty down when they returned to the SGC - without Paul. Sam tried to cheer him up but it wasn't working. They emerged from the wormhole and Jack fell back to stroll with Daniel behind the other two.

"You okay?"

"Yeah - just, oh, I dunno..."

"You're missing Paul." It was a statement and not a question.

"Yeah, I am. Thanks for being so cool about the whole thing, Jack. It means everything to me."

Jack put his arm over Daniel's shoulder and hugged him.

"I'm just glad," he said quietly, "that we now have the freedom to talk."

Daniel grinned back. That was something he appreciated too.