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Summary: Jack discovers a side to Daniel he wasn't aware of - a much darker side. Mild bondage and domination warning. For Joy, my beta and inspiration.

Jack stood at Daniel's door, having knocked for once, and waited. He was a little anxious about the meeting. He and Daniel were getting on well for the first time in ages and things were generally good. But earlier that day, Daniel had come to his office.

Jack, we need to talk. Come over to my place for a drink after work, will you?

Yeah, sure. Um, do you want me to bring anything?

No, no, just yourself.

Daniel? Is everything okay? I mean, you and me, are we okay?

We're fine, Jack. There's just some... stuff I want to clear up. It'll be fine, Jack.

Jack was sure he'd heard Daniel mutter 'I hope' under his breath.

The door opened. Jack let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding when he saw Daniel smiling at him.

"Come in, Jack," Daniel greeted him warmly, stepping back to allow his friend in. Jack let himself think that they were that - friends. Yeah, still friends. Daniel never smiled at him like that when they weren't friends.

They went through the usual 'ritual' first few minutes, fixing a drink, Daniel asking if he'd eaten (he had), chatting about work. It was all very casual, but underneath it all, both men had an air of nervousness. Jack wondered if anyone else would be able to see through Daniel's apparent air of happiness and calm. And if anyone could do the same to him.

"Daniel? What did you want to talk about?" Jack's voice was low and quiet, he was keeping it as calm as he could.

"Okay." Daniel stood up and wandered over to his kitchen, pulled out the bottle of JD and poured himself another. He let out a deep breath. "Jack, can you tell me why we went through what we did?"

'Crap', thought Jack. 'It's come to this.'

"Daniel, can't you just accept that we're okay?"

"No. I have to know, Jack. Whatever it was, it spoilt everything for us. Up till you shut me out, we were the best of friends. Dammit, Jack, I think I have a right to know!" He slammed his glass onto the table, spilling a few drops over his hand. "Tell me, please," he whispered, "I need to know. I don't want to fuck us up again."

"Daniel, if I tell you, you'll hate me," Jack croaked.

Daniel snorted.

"Jack, there is very little you could have done that would make me hate you - short of turning against me. Please. At least give me a clue. It's irritating the hell out of me. I know you better than I've ever known anyone and I can't read you! I have no idea! If I can't trust my ability to read you as a friend, how can I trust my ability to read you in the field?"

"Daniel, it has nothing to do with that. It's something I've had to keep to myself for a long time. It just came back and bit me on the ass. I'm sorry for the way I treated you. Really, truly sorry. Please just accept that."

"Tell me something," Daniel replied carefully. "Is it something to do with what you've done? Something to do with what you wanted to do? Or something to do with what you are?"

"What do you mean?" Jack was worried now, afraid that Daniel really did see through him.

"Nothing. Just what I asked. Please, Jack. Whatever you say, whatever you tell me, we'll work through it."

They sat back down, this time at the kitchen table, facing each other - almost a face-off. Their expressions were blank, unreadable.

"Sometimes, especially when I was younger, I'd do stuff," Jack said. "I would... I still sometimes... oh Christ, I can't say this."

Daniel was around the table in a flash, grabbing hold of him, making Jack look into his eyes.

"Tell me, Jack. I won't turn you away from me, I promise."

"I'd fool around," Jack murmured, afraid to speak out loud. "With, er, guys."

It all suddenly became clear to Daniel and he smiled back at Jack.

"And you wanted to do it again? With me?" he asked kindly.

"Yes. When I met Sara, I was so wrapped in her that the need went, you know?" Jack looked into Daniel's eyes and for the first time he had the feeling that Daniel actually did know.

"Go on," Daniel encouraged.

"Well, of course, as you know, she'd gone when I got back from Abydos. I was still able to ignore the feelings but then you came back. I was okay for a while, we were looking for Shau're, I had a focus. I had another avenue I could go down, too, to distract me. Then we were looking for Shau're's son. Then it was just you and me again."

Daniel put his hand to Jack's face and stroked it.

"I wish you'd told me, Jack," he said gently. "I wouldn't have turned you away from me. You had to have known that."

"I think I did. But that's the problem, isn't it? I can't do what I want to do. Not unless I retire. You know the way it is, Daniel."

"Jack, tell me how you feel about me, please, I need to know."

Jack looked into Daniel's blue eyes and saw only love and friendship.

"I love you. I'm in love with you. And I'm sorry about it."

"Why? It's not as if I'm exactly straight myself."

"You're not?"

"Nuh huh. Two women in my life, Jack. I prefer guys, always have. I love you too, by the way."

Jack smiled at him and returned the touches.

"But we can't do anything, Daniel. It wouldn't be fair on the others. I won't enter into a relationship with one of my team - I never have and I never will. Buddy fucks are one thing, but never a relationship. It's part of who I am, Daniel."

Daniel stood up and poured them another drink.

"You're staying tonight," he informed Jack, "or you get a cab. I'm not going to jump you, in case you were wondering." The wry grin that accompanied that statement made Jack laugh.

"Are we okay, Daniel?"

"Of course we are. It all makes sense now. I can't say I'm not disappointed by the fact you don't want a relationship with me, but I understand your reasons. Your desire to keep the team whole outweighs your need to go by the letter of the law - that's fine with me. I just needed to know, that was all. We're still friends, Jack. Now I know, we'll always be friends. Maybe one day we'll have more?" he asked hopefully.

Jack grinned back at him. "Yeah, that would be really great. In the meantime, best friends?"

"You got it. And one thing, if your... needs... get too much, too great, promise me one thing."

"What is that?"

"Come to me. Tell me. We'll do something about it."

"I couldn't do that to you, Daniel. If it was any other guy, yeah. I couldn't do that, not with you. It's why I never came to you. You mean far too much to me. Um, Daniel? What are you doing?"

"Jumping you."

Next thing Jack knew, Daniel had him in his arms and he was being treated to a long, deep, sensual kiss. When Daniel broke away he said, "We'd never just be buddies, Jack. We're way more than that. But don't let it build up so badly again, please. I can't take that anymore."

Jack muttered a promise, and then he returned the kiss to seal the pact. They would do nothing more that night, but now that they knew how the other felt, their emotions were lightened. Sex now wasn't even necessary. Just the knowing was enough.

A few months down the line and things were still good between them. They spent a lot of time together, still keeping their relationship out of the bedroom, though there had been a couple of close calls when the missions had gone badly. On those nights, they went back to one or the other's home, got blasted, sometimes kissed furiously. But they always managed to keep it no more complicated than that.

One day, just before taking off on a four day furlough, Daniel was standing at Jack's office door when he saw Jack put his phone down, his shoulders dropping and looking sad.

"Jack? Is everything okay?"

One of the results of their more emotional openness with each other was the understanding that they could no longer have secrets. So Jack actually told him everything.

"You know I go away for four days most years to meet up with some old pals," Jack said.

"Sure. You always come back looking like you need another break," Daniel teased.

Jack snorted. "Yeah, well, what you don't know is that we have poker games, and, er," he whispered the next bit, "have fun."

Daniel's eyes opened wide. OH!

"Okay - so why the long face?"

"Mike. He can't come. His mother's just taken ill. It doesn't look good so he doesn't want to leave her."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Does that mean that you're cancelling the event?"

"Um, no. But we always, oh God," again the whisper, "buddy up in the motel."

Daniel nodded with understanding.

"He's your bud?"

"Ye-ah," Jack drawled.

"Do you want me to come?"

Jack was surprised. "Are you sure you know what I'm talking about, Daniel?"

"Yes, Jack, I'm not dumb, na´ve or innocent. Look, we're nearly off-duty. Go home as soon as you can, pack your stuff and then come over and stay at my place tonight. You can tell me more about it. If I don't like the sound of it, we'll go to the cabin for a few days' fishing. If I think I can cope with it, I'll come and keep you company."

So it was that Daniel found himself on a flight out to Las Vegas the next day. The guys never met in the same place twice, and this year it was the turn of the desert 'oasis'. Quite apt when the name of the game was gambling and fun. Jack and Daniel went into town, cashed some very large cheques at their banks and then drove off. They pulled up at the motel on the outskirts of town that had been booked and having registered, entered their room. There was only one double bed.

"Are you sure you're okay about this, Daniel?" Jack asked for the nineteenth time.

Daniel just smacked him up the back of his head.

"How many tents have we shared, Jack? How many sleeping bags when it gets cold? Dear God, man, it's not as if I've not slept with you or other guys before. Will you please stop asking me that?"

"Of course, I'm sorry. But what if I well, you know, in the night..."

"Jack, answer me this. Do you consider yourself to be on duty at the moment? Especially given what you've told me about what goes on."

"Um, no. It's the only time I ever ignore my job, Danny. I need this, need to get away. Four days of being 'me' a year isn't much, but it's what stops me going insane. One of the problems two years' ago was that we were elsewhere, I couldn't come here. It helped start the downward spiral, I guess."

"Okay. Well, if you're not on duty, then the rules don't necessarily apply. Should anything happen, it stays here. We won't take it back with us. Will that help you relax?"

Jack grinned. "Yeah, I guess. We seem to have managed to stop at the kissing back at home, I guess we can try to compartmentalise stuff here too. I still love you, you know that don't you?"

"Oh yeah. Still love you, Jack. More than I did, I think. C'mere."

They held each other in their arms, holding tightly.

"If we can avoid doing anything though, we should," Daniel said. "It's hard keeping my hands off you, you know."

"I know," Jack groaned. "Have you given any thought to what I want to do to you when you're in the gym or the showers - or worse, the showers after a gym session."

Daniel chuckled at that. "Oh yes, I'm guessing it's what I want to do to you, flyboy."

As they unpacked, the phone rang. Jack answered it. He spoke for a minute and then put it down.

"The guys are here, Daniel. Now, listen. Most of them will be fine about you, okay? But you'll have to watch out for Joey. He's a mouthy bastard at the best of times. He'll have a go at you, verbally. He's going to see you being there as a bad thing. I know I warned you about him before we left but I need you to understand this. He's a big guy and quick with his fists. Most of the time we keep a lid on him, but when he's had a few too many he's a prize prick."

"Why do you keep inviting him?" Daniel asked as he got changed.

"He's Will's bud."

"A good lay?" Daniel wondered aloud.

"I wouldn't know. He's selfish, I think. Always made out that he'd always fuck and never get fucked."

A sudden shiver ran down Daniel's spine. Ah - a challenge. He grabbed the plaid shirt he'd packed and put it on, along with his most comfortable jeans. Then he slipped some condoms and a small tube of lube into his pocket. He never knew what would happen, best go prepared.

The night was already drawing in as Jack and Daniel knocked at the other motel door, bottles of JD in hand, wads of cash in their pockets. When they'd discussed the game before they left, Jack had said that he didn't have to play if he didn't want to. Especially as Daniel's poker face was notoriously un-poker-face-like. Daniel had just grinned, leaned closer and whispered, "How do you think I paid my way through college, Jack? I never worked, you know."

"You're a card player?"

"Ask Ferretti," Daniel had grinned.

"What about gin?"

"Can't stand that stuff, prefer whisky."

Jack sniggered, he knew that Daniel knew what he meant. He just raised an eyebrow.

"I played poker and bridge, Jack. I really am crap at gin. Don't knock it, you have to be able to beat me at something." Jack howled with laughter at that. Over the previous few months he'd learned a lot more about Daniel than he had ever known, and usually spent the time afterwards kicking himself for underestimating his best friend. Yes, Daniel would be happiest on a dig or learning or reading or any of the academic pursuits that he was renowned for, but Daniel also had other tricks up his sleeve. And he'd done as much, if not more, than Jack.

The door opened and Jack's friend Will stood in amazement.

"Jack? Where's Mike?" he said as he stood back.

"Oh, hi Will. Didn't he call? His mother's sick, maybe dying. He couldn't come. I've brought my teammate, Daniel, if it's okay with you. We've been on the same team for years now, it's about time he got initiated."

Daniel had to fight down a snigger. He looked around the room and recognised the men from Jack's descriptions of them. All of them were ex-special ops. One was still in the Air Force, the others retired and working in the security field.

"Sure, welcome Daniel. Jack's told us about you," Will greeted him.

Will was ex-Air Force, now running his own security firm. He was a big guy, not fat but well-built; a jovial face, slightly reddened by years of hard drinking. But underneath it all, Jack had said, he was not to be messed with. He was a good guy, honest, open, and you always knew where you stood with him. Daniel appreciated it. He smiled back and thanked him, immediately taking to the guy that had been Jack's right-hand man.

There were three other guys there. Bobby and Leroy were obviously together. They'd both left the Air Force and actually come out, openly living together and running, like Will, a security consultancy. Leroy had been the comms man and Bobby the explosives expert in the old days. They called over and greeted Daniel as warmly as Will had, and Daniel smiled back shyly, returning the greetings.

Then he saw Joey. As expected, he received a scowl from the still active major. Daniel's instinct was to sneer back, but he and Jack had decided that a little fun would be had at this guy's expense. Jack wasn't clued into how much fun Daniel had in mind. A quick survey of this guy told Daniel everything he needed to know. He was ruggedly good-looking, well-built, big in a 'broad at the shoulder' way, and about 5' 9", so smaller than Daniel. He was also a mean SOB and someone that looked like he needed a lesson in manners. Daniel was more than prepared to do that.

"So, what do you do, Daniel?" Will asked as they sat down and took a drink. "Jack says you're a scientist of some sort - I don't really remember what he said."

"Oh, I'm a linguist," Daniel replied. He wanted to add the archaeologist and anthropologist tags, but explaining those in the context of his job was difficult. Instead he said, "Um, Near and Middle East. You know."

He left it at that. Murmurs of understanding came back. They all knew that Jack was still involved in some sort of special ops, so they didn't pursue it.

A card table was already out and Daniel was invited to play. He put his 'clueless' face on, asked what sort of game they wanted to play. When Joey sarcastically asked what he'd like to play, Daniel suggested a game of gin with a perfectly straight face. Jack nearly howled, in fact he ended up in pain trying not to laugh. Joey went into one, yelling at Jack for bringing the 'fucking fairy geek into their game'. Bobby and Leroy took offence at his choice of words, Daniel rushed to assure them that he'd been called a lot worse in his time. Then he grinned and winked slyly at them. Giving them a 'leave him to me' look he turned on Joey.

"So? What's your problem with me? Not man enough for you?" he asked quietly.

Joey just gave a sneering 'pfft'. Daniel thought, 'I'll show you later' and filed away that look.

They started the game and soon Jack dropped out. He wasn't bothered about the game at this point, he was getting very entertained by Daniel's handling of Joey. So were the others.

The hours went on, Will dropped out, and then the other two, leaving Daniel and Joey in a face-off - about 50/50 in the winnings so far.

Leroy was acting as dealer/banker and he started a new hand.

Jack took Will to one side. "I think Danny's up to something. Don't be fooled by him, Will, there's a lot more to him than meets the eye."

Will chuckled quietly.

"I think that Joey has missed that completely, hasn't he? He's been railing at him, picking on him all night. Daniel hasn't even raised his voice yet. I think Daniel's about to teach our Joey a lesson."

"You could well be right, Will. Look, I don't know what that lesson is going to be, but is it okay? I mean, if Daniel has a different way of teaching him?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure. Daniel isn't a violent man, but he won't take crap. He's going to pay Joey back but he won't take him outside for a fight to do it, that's for sure. Knowing Daniel he'll have something else in mind."

"Whatever he wants, Jack."

"What the fuck do you see in Joey anyway? He's a selfish bastard."

"True, but he's good at giving me what I need."

Jack nodded, not wanting to know what that really was.

They continued to talk quietly as they watched the game go on. Joey was getting agitated. Daniel was quietly bankrupting him. Bobby rolled up a cigarette and passed it to Joey. Given the smell, it wasn't tobacco. Daniel grinned when another joint was rolled and passed to him. He took it with a smile.

"It's been a while," he said with a smirk.

"I always knew you did pot, Danny," Jack teased. "Nobody's as cool as you normally."

"I said it's been a while, Jack. Since I was at Oxford, actually." He passed the joint to Jack, amused when Jack just took the one drag and then passed it on. Only for show then.

Unfortunately, the joint wasn't having the desired effect on Joey. Instead of mellowing out he got really angry. Especially when Daniel cleaned him out.

Daniel thanked him and then the others for the game, pocketed his considerable winnings and then stood up as if to leave.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Joey snarled.

"Um, well, it's getting late. I thought I'd turn in."

Joey was getting good and mad, yelling at him, telling him that things didn't work like that. The others were getting ready to intervene when Daniel put his hands up.

"So, what do you want from me?" he asked, staring into Joey's face.

"I'm gonna teach you a long, hard lesson in respect," Joey grunted.

A wicked grin appeared on Daniel's face. He had the moron where he wanted him. A quick glance at Jack told his friend that Daniel was okay with this.

"Oh. And how are you going to do that?" he asked.

"My room. Now."

'Oh yes,' Daniel thought to himself. 'Time to turn the tables.'

Daniel followed Joey out of the room, a sly smile barely noticeable on his face. As he entered the man's room, he stood at the door, shut it behind him and looked Joey up and down. Then he removed his specs without a word and undid his shirt. Joey gulped. Daniel was exuding an air of danger and menace that he hadn't expected - and had a set of pecs and arm muscles that he hadn't suspected could exist under that baggy shirt.

"Strip," Daniel said, not taking his eyes off the man.

Joey wasn't used to this. To those that didn't face up to him he was the one that gave the orders - always. Not this time though. Daniel had read him right and he was going to change the man's whole view of the world. Joey shucked his clothes, leaving his briefs on till Daniel raised an eyebrow, then he dropped them.

Daniel gave a bored sigh. "Not bad," he said in a distinctly unimpressed tone. He dropped his own pants and Joey gulped when he realised that Daniel hadn't worn underwear. At the sight of the naked, but still not aroused Daniel, Joey became gradually harder and harder.

"Come here," Daniel commanded, crooking one finger and then pointing to his feet. Without a word, Joey descended to his knees and took Daniel's dick in his mouth. The feel of a hot, wet mouth on his prick did the trick and Joey gagged as he felt it grow inside him. He was under the impression that he was going to suck off Daniel and then fuck him. That was yet another mistake.

When Daniel felt himself building up he called Joey off.

"Stand up," he ordered.

Joey looked up surprised, then said, "I don't kiss no men."

"I wasn't going to kiss you," Daniel replied in a haughty tone, "I'm going to fuck you."

"No fuckin' way." Joey was up on his feet and ready to fight. Daniel grabbed hold of him and Joey realised just how powerful his hands were.

"Way," he replied with a grin. "Bed, now, and don't argue."

Joey, for a moment, looked like he was going to put up a fight. Then Daniel saw something in his eyes and he knew what was going on. He'd get a fight over this, but he'd win in the end. Fine, he wanted to play it like that, he'd get a fight.

"You are not going to fuck me," Joey growled. "I'm gonna fuck you, geek."

Daniel shook his head, twisted the smaller man in his arms and pushed him onto the bed, face down.

"Spread your legs or I'll tie you down," he growled in Joey's ear. Joey refused and Daniel got annoyed. He grabbed Joey's shirt and tied his hands together with one sleeve, using the rest to tie him to the bedstead, all the while he was sitting on the man's back to hold him down and stop him struggling. Then he got off him, warning Joey that he'd rip his shirt if he moved, got his own shirt and tied one of Joey's ankles to the end of the bed, and used Joey's trousers to tie up the other. He stood at the foot of the bed and saw his handiwork, smirking at the obvious discomfort of the mouthy git lying there.

"You're gonna rape me?" Joey demanded of him.

"No, you're going to beg me to fuck you," Daniel countered. He'd noticed as he was struggling with the man, that Joey was as hard as nails, nearly ready to go off. He moved to one side of the bed and Joey turned his head to watch. He saw Daniel getting out a condom and the tube of lube.

"Never leave home without it," Daniel sniggered. Joey gulped when he saw just how well blessed Daniel was - no way was he taking all of that!

Daniel stood in front of him, stroking himself for a moment before putting the condom on. Then Joey was relieved to see him lube it too.

"Don't you fuckin' dare," Joey snarled.

"I dare."

The bed lowered and Joey braced himself, forcing himself to relax as Daniel pushed into him without ceremony. He cursed Daniel, howling as he felt more and more of the long dick enter him.

"Shut the fuck up," Daniel reprimanded him. "You want this. This is what you've wanted all along, isn't it? Someone stronger than you, someone bigger than you. You want someone else to take control, don't you, Major?" He was punctuating each sentence with a sharp slam of his hips, carefully angling himself to hit Joey's prostate. He wanted to make him come quickly, without even touching him. He wasn't overly turned on himself, hard yes, but mental excitement was at an all-time low.

"You like being tied up and fucked, don't you?" Daniel barked the question. "Answer me!"

"YES!" came the reply.

"You want me to do this, don't you?"


"Beg me!"

"Fuck me, please, fuck me hard."

Daniel pushed in as hard as he could, keeping his movements at a steady pace.

"Do you want more?"

"YES! Give me everything, please," Joey begged. Daniel was right about him, he needed to be dominated, made to do whatever he was told. Something that only Will knew about - something that they kept very quiet.

Daniel pushed himself to the limit. Given his current disinterest in his partner he was able to hold off the build-up of excitement. Joey, however, couldn't. He loved the feeling of being held down by someone so big and strong, was incredibly turned on by the sight of the naked Daniel earlier and was currently getting close to the edge.

Daniel knew this. He let Joey come, howling the place down as he did, and then kept on going making Joey beg him to stop.

"Shut up, not till I've come, you get me?" Daniel growled.

Joey was laying face down in the pillow, whimpering with the excessive sensitivity of his ass and dick. Daniel shut his eyes, imagined that it was Jack underneath him, picturing Jack's face as he writhed about while Daniel nailed him and he came hard, biting his lips to stop himself yelling out Jack's name.

As soon as he got his breath back he pulled out of Joey, cleaned himself up, undid the man and got dressed as quickly as he could.

"Thanks," he said casually. He cast a glance at Joey and noticed that his face was tear streaked.

"Yeah. Thanks too," Joey gasped. "You won't, er, say anything, will you?"

"Keep your mouth shut and I will," Daniel said.

"Good. Okay. See you tomorrow."

Daniel snorted a breath through his nose and left without another word. He returned to the room the game was being held in, nodded at Leroy and Bobby who were now completely chilled, grinned at Will and then said, "Coming, Jack?"

Jack wished the others goodnight and followed Daniel back to their room.

"You fucked him, didn't you?" Jack asked as they walked in.

"I'm not going to talk about it, Jack. I told him I'd keep quiet as long as he did."

"You fucked him. Who'd'a thought it? Good on you, Danny."

Daniel sniggered and ripped off his clothes, heading into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He actually felt bad about what he had done - and not for the obvious reason. He actually felt like he'd cheated on Jack.

Jack insisted that Daniel put some shorts to sleep in and Daniel did - reluctantly.

"Danny, how am I supposed to keep my hands off you otherwise?"

"I don't want you to," Daniel stated. "I want you to fuck me."

"For cryin' out loud, Daniel! We're supposed to be trying to keep us as just good friends, remember?"

"Four days' leave, Jack. No rules, no regulations, ignoring that stupid lame ass law. Don'tcha want me then?"

"Wanting you was never the problem, Danny. It's holding off that is."

Daniel snorted. Perhaps that night wasn't the night to do this. He'd leave it till the following night.

The next day started late, passed quietly and then they went out with the others to a casino instead of playing in the room. A barman at one of the bars they stopped at tried to pick Daniel up. Daniel was tempted, the man's colouring reminded him of his favourite lovers to date, Fai and Shau're. But he didn't want to upset Jack, and the furtive looks he was getting from him as he flirted with the barman told him that Jack was jealous.

Back in the motel they got ready for bed without too many words. But in bed, Daniel decided to up the ante. He ripped off his shorts while Jack wasn't looking.

"You were jealous," he said when Jack got in next to him.

"Jealous? Nah. Why should I be?"

"Because I was tempted to meet that guy after his shift. He was cute, wasn't he?"

"I dunno, wasn't really looking."

"Right," Daniel drawled. Instead of carrying on with the conversation though, he plastered himself to Jack, laying across him so that they were nose to nose. "Kiss me, Jack."

"Danny, please don't. We can't."

"We can. We should. Kiss me, Jack."

"Oh God, you play dirty, Danny."

"Yasureyoubetcha. I have a goal, Jack. You and I are going to have fucked each other before we get back to the SGC. And if you still want me after, I'm going to leave the SGC. If I'm not on your team, we can be together."

"What about the law, Danny? And what do you mean leave?"

"Love you, Jack. I'm fed up of waiting. You're right, I fucked Joey last night. I ended up picturing you just so that I could come. Had to bite my tongue so I didn't scream your name. I don't want to go through life celibate, Jack. I want you and I'm going to make sure you want me. So, kiss me."

Daniel didn't give Jack a chance to reply, he just glued his lips to Jack's, forcibly pushing his tongue inside Jack's mouth until he felt him giving way. Jack felt Daniel smiling behind the kiss and had to fight one of his own. Daniel was right, he wanted this more than anything. Hell, if he had to retire when he got back, he would. Anything as long as he could keep on getting kissed like this.

Daniel broke away, panting for breath. Even in the dim light of the motel, Jack could see his eyes, blackened with passion and desire. He loved that look.

Without asking if he could carry on, Daniel kicked off the covers and wriggled down Jack's body. He trailed his tongue to Jack's chest, biting and grating his teeth wherever he could. He suckled on Jack's nipples, roughly tugging them with his teeth till Jack begged him to stop. Daniel didn't want to stop though, needing to take Jack to the edge. He went further down, lapping at Jack's now sweating skin, panting with desperate need as he went, puffs of hot air brushing against Jack's skin and sending him insane. By the time Daniel arrived at his goal, Jack was moaning with need, not caring about his job, his pension or his reputation. All he wanted was to come, and for Daniel to be the one to make him do it. He felt his shorts being roughly tugged down his legs and then Daniel's mouth on the back of one of his knees. He howled with the sensation, continually groaning and writhing around the bed as Daniel worked his way back up, nibbling the inside of his thigh before moving to give his other leg the same treatment.

Daniel pushed Jack's legs apart till they stopped, the ligaments and muscles complaining at the stretch. Then he descended on his groin, licking at his balls before taking them one at a time into his mouth, sucking on them and loving the feel of how full they were.

More complaints and urges to 'fuckin' get on with it' from Jack amused Daniel. He was going to, but not yet. Jack had, during one drunken night at his place, confessed how basic his experiences with guys were. A suck here, a fuck there; no passion, romance or experimentation involved. Daniel was determined to make this experience as different as it would be good. He ran his tongue behind Jack's balls and down his perineum, making the recipient gasp. Then he pushed Jack's legs up.

"Hold your knees to your chest, Jack," he ordered. Jack did as he was told, unsure as to what would come next. What did come next was very nearly him as he felt Daniel's tongue softly teasing his anus, drawing circles around the sensitive pucker and gently probing inside. Jack was nearly screaming now, wanting this torture to stop but wanting it to go on too. He called out that he was going to come, Daniel put his hand on the base of Jack's cock and squeezed hard, stopping the need for the moment. He kept his hand there as he stiffened his tongue and pushed inside Jack as far as he could go. He pulled back and pushed in time and time again. Jack's cries were totally incoherent now and Daniel felt he'd gone far enough. He was also afraid that he would come himself just doing this, his senses were so on edge.

He pulled back and trailed his tongue back up and along Jack's cock, swirling the tip of his tongue over the head, lapping up the pre-come and then taking the head into his mouth. He reached up and motioned that Jack could lower his legs, something that Jack did with relief. He turned his head and looked down at Daniel who was now taking more and more of him into his mouth. Daniel looked up through his eyelashes and smiled. Then he arched his neck and deep-throated him. Just the sight of that was enough for Jack and he came harder than he had ever come in his life, pouring his hot seed down Daniel's throat.

It took a while for him to first stop pulsing and then to stop shaking in the aftermath of his orgasm. Daniel let Jack's cock out of his mouth and crawled back up the bed.

"Turn over, Jack, and give me your ass," he whispered into Jack's ear.

"Help, can't move," Jack replied.

Fighting back a snigger, Daniel turned him over, reached for the lube and then asked, "Jack, do you want me to use a condom?"

"Don't care. You're clean, I'm clean, we both know this. They've done enough fucking tests to prove it. You didn't go bareback last night, did you?"

"God, no, never normally. I want to feel you, Jack. I need to."

"Go on then, you fucking own this old ass anyway."

"It's a beautiful ass, Jack, and I'll treat it well, I promise."

"Just do it, will ya?" Jack demanded.

Daniel generously lubed himself, applied some to the edge of Jack's (no, 'his') ass and then slowly pushed, gently rocking until the head had pushed past the first ring with an inaudible 'pop'.

"You okay?"

"Great, go on."

Jack could never remember feeling quite so relaxed for this. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but more likely it was the fact that he loved Daniel with all his heart and he knew it. And that Daniel loved him the same way. Knowing that this was it now, there could be no turning back, that he would never be alone again, really did something for Jack and his entire body relaxed. Daniel slipped all the way in with little effort.

"God, Jack, you feel so good. Love you so much," he murmured into Jack's ear, gently tugging on Jack's earlobe with his teeth, then moving his lips to suckle on the pulse point of Jack's neck.

"Danny, move, do it, please."

He did as he was told, slowly building up his speed, still kissing and licking Jack's shoulders and the back of his neck. He murmured words of love and marvelled at the sheen of sweat that he could see on Jack's face, at least the side that was turned to him. He leaned as far as he could, clumsily trying to kiss a near immobile Jack. Daniel's change of position caused Jack to give out a low, rumbling moan, a sound that went straight to Daniel's groin. He pulled back and sped up his thrusts, hammering into Jack and causing Jack to have a second, dry orgasm. That was enough and Daniel came, furiously pumping hot liquid into Jack's ass.

He fell off him, rolled to one side, grabbed Jack's face and kissed him in-between gasps of air as he came down off his high.

"I love you, Jack O'Neill," he finally said. "You're mine now, forever. You get it?"

"Oh yeah. You're mine too, Daniel. Don't you ever forget it."

"I won't, I promise. We can do this, Jack. We can keep it a secret and keep on working together."


"Yes Jack?"

"Shut up, will ya? I'm trying to sleep now."

Daniel kissed his forehead, pulled up the covers and they snuggled up together, falling asleep in moments.

Six months later...

Lt. Colonel J. Bakeman strolled into the SGC. He'd been given a rundown on what he considered to be a weird-assed set-up. But who was he to complain? He'd just been given a promotion and a command of an infiltration group and was on his way to a briefing with one of the other teams. He was led to the briefing room by an airman and knocked on the door, entering when bidden. His heart stopped. In front of him was the biggest hunk he'd ever seen. About 6' 4", black, beautiful skin with a weird gold tattoo on his forehead. They nodded at each other in greeting. His eyes settled on another beautiful person, this time a blonde woman, her uniform declaring her to be Major S. Carter. He smiled at her, and she smiled in return, offering up a salute which he answered.

Then he turned his head and saw Jack O'Neill. Saluting him, as befitted greeting a superior officer, he grinned broadly.

"Ah, Joey, glad you could make it. I'd better introduce you to my team and then when you've been briefed, I'll introduce you to your new people. They already know about the mission. They were due out on it the other day but their CO got injured in a training exercise. He won't be back for some time."

Jack pointed at Teal'c and introduced the two men, then Sam. The door opened and in walked Daniel.

"Of course, you've met Dr. Jackson, haven't you?"

Daniel smiled, a noncommittal, 'we've met before in passing'-type smile. There was no other look of recognition beyond that, something for which Joey was grateful. Daniel knew the score. And he had such a wonderful poker face.