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Summary: Written as a bribe to placate some pals. Unfortunately, it didn't work and I was left with a bastard of a fic to write. So, here's a D/P first timer. Set after 48 Hours, with thanks to Cats for the quick beta :-)

It was time. He'd had enough.

Teal'c was back; rematerialised by some miracle. The Russians weren't happy, but Daniel had done his best to placate them and it seemed to be working. Flirting with the colonel had helped; just as he'd been doing from the minute they'd landed in Russia. Fluttering his eyelashes, looking just that little bit too sweet and innocent. When he wasn't doing it with the colonel, he was doing it with - to Paul. One minute he was flirty, the next domineering. Blowing hot and cold from one moment to the next. Angry to happy.

Sexy to demure.

Paul made a decision. He couldn't take any more of this torture.

Checking with General Hammond first, he discovered that a) the Russians were going back, moderately happy with at least the promise of closer ties to the SGC and b) Daniel had already gone home.

Teal'c had been greeted warmly by his team, then he'd dismissed them all, wanting to meditate over the implications of his two days in suspended animation, and, they suspected, to gloat over Tanith's death at his hands. Colonel O'Neill had asked the General for a few days off for his team and it had been granted willingly. Checking his own leave status, Paul shrugged and called up his own CO and asked for a few days, too. God only knew he was overdue some. Reluctantly, his boss okayed it. He had three days before he was due back in the Pentagon.

He managed to get a lift from an airman into town, turning down the offer to take him to the airport, saying that he needed to get a few things in town first and that he'd get a cab when he required it. With a wave in thanks, he watched the airman drive off, then marched towards Daniel's apartment. He knew where it was, only five minutes away from where he'd been dropped. Daniel had better be there. Or else.

Daniel stood at the window of his apartment, looking down into the street, a glass of whisky in his hand. His eyes caught sight of a familiar figure and he allowed himself a small smile. Cradling his glass for a moment, he turned suddenly on his heel, put the glass down on a table and strode into his bedroom, then into the bathroom attached to it. Three minutes later, he emerged from the quickest shower he'd ever had.

A towel got slung around his waist in a haphazard manner, another smaller towel in his hand as he mopped the worst of the wet out of his hair. A knock on his apartment's front door told him he hadn't read things wrongly. The knock was a military rap. Determined. No hesitation.

He willed his cock to stay down.

He was still only wearing the towel when he looked through the spy hole in his door before opening it. An almost fierce-looking Paul Davis stood in front of him.

Daniel stared at Paul's face and saw that the green eyes were taking in his appearance. He wanted to say something, but felt it wouldn't help matters at that moment. Instead, he stepped back, waving one arm backwards as a 'welcome' gesture. Paul hesitated for a moment, then he stepped inside, pointedly shutting the door behind him and flicking the bolt across. Daniel smothered his smile when he saw that.

Paul was still in uniform, a sight that pleased Daniel no end. He stood still, remaining silent, but watching every move Paul made. Paul raked Daniel's body with his eyes, this time making it obvious. With no words being spoken, both men were giving the other the chance to back down - to say something to the effect that they were mistaken. Neither spoke. Neither denied it.

After a few moments, Paul stepped away and towards the couch. Daniel remained where he was, and watched as Paul flung his cap and jacket onto the sofa, kicking his shoes off as he did. His tie was off in moments, then he started to unbutton his shirt. Daniel swallowed harshly as the striptease continued. The undershirt went the way of the overshirt, leaving Paul bare-chested except for his dog tags. A slow, taunting move of his hand showed Daniel that the belt and pants were next in line.

Paul couldn't help but notice that Daniel's towel was tenting and took that little bit longer to undo his belt and flies than he might otherwise have done. Eventually, he got there, the cloth rasping down his thighs as he pushed the pants to the floor, taking his briefs with them. In response, Daniel dropped his towel.

Moments later, they were both naked and staring at each other. Daniel remained motionless, willing Paul to make the next move. Seeing Daniel's expression, Paul strolled back to him almost casually. When they were almost nose-to-nose, he struck.

Daniel found himself turned and pushed against the front door harshly. He didn't put up a fight, just leaving Paul to do whatever he wanted. He was surprised that Paul didn't kiss him, a little disappointed, too, but the disappointment went almost immediately.

The first sound uttered by either man filled the air when Paul's mouth latched onto Daniel's right nipple, Paul's hand moving directly to his left and pinching it as he sucked on the other. The noise was from Daniel - a primal moan followed by the bang of his hands on the door as he did his best not to buck Paul away from his body. Unwittingly, Paul had nailed one of Daniel's kinks straight away. The promise of semi-anonymous, unromantic sex. Usually Daniel went for the fully anonymous, but he'd wanted Paul for so long, and this was even better than his kink.

His back arched as Paul continued to play with his tits; biting, sucking, licking, pinching and twisting. Paul felt Daniel's cock as it thrust against his - hard, leaking and desperate. Knowing that he shouldn't do this, he removed his face from Daniel's chest, grabbed Daniel's head and pulled it towards him, allowing Paul access to the back of Daniel's neck and the pulse point. Daniel almost howled as he felt the bite followed by a deep suck. He knew he'd be marked for days, but frankly, he didn't care. Was glad. Wanted it.

He moaned when Paul pulled away, but that changed to a pleasured groan when he felt Paul swallow him whole.

He flattened his hands against the door, palm down, trying to glue them in place to stop him grabbing Paul by the head and fucking his mouth. He didn't look down, he knew he couldn't. He felt a couple of Paul's fingers slide alongside his cock and into Paul's mouth and groaned even louder. Finally, he started saying something. "Yes, yes, yes, yes..." being whispered constantly.

Paul ignored him, though he was pleased. Very pleased.

It was going to be over soon, and Paul knew it. His wet fingers found their target, sliding between Daniel's ass cheeks and pushing inside him immediately. Daniel pushed back, bearing down on him, encouraging Paul to finger him hard.

Paul did, taking him up on the invitation with enthusiasm. A single brush of Daniel's prostate had him pouring into Paul's mouth.

Paul withdrew his fingers slowly, then he slid up Daniel's exhausted body. Daniel shuddered when he saw Paul dip his head and spit his come into his hand.

Deliberately, Paul moved his hand down to his own hard cock and rubbed the semen over it. His free hand grabbed Daniel's shoulder and he turned him to face the door. With jelly-legs, Daniel complied, parting his feet as soon as he arrived.

Still no words were said by Paul, still the silent treatment. Daniel waited with anticipation growing until he felt the sticky fingers return to his ass for a moment, then they were replaced by Paul's cock.

Knowing that come wasn't the best lube, Paul took it easy, pushing inside him slowly but deliberately. Daniel used every trick he knew to relax and welcome him in.

As soon as he was all the way in, Paul paused, letting Daniel adjust. Then he wrapped his right arm around Daniel's waist, placed his left hand on the door to hold him up, and he started to move.

Daniel wanted this. Wanted to be fucked hard. He got it in spades.

The door rattled to the rhythm of Paul's movements. He thrust into Daniel so hard that he was lifting him with each stroke. There were noises now; the banging of the door, Daniel's almost pained moans and Paul's animal grunts as he built to his own climax. He knew it wouldn't last. He'd wanted this so long, had dreamt night after night of fucking his best friend - had come in his sleep and woken up to way too many sweat and semen soaked sheets. The heat and the friction threatened to fry his brain and in the end, he succumbed, filling Daniel in a few deep thrusts.

In exhaustion, Paul dropped his head onto Daniel's shoulder, panting hard, the arm around Daniel's waist holding tightly. Eventually, reluctantly, he let go, his softening cock slipping out. Daniel turned around, still in contact with Paul's entire body as he did. Both men were panting hard, but Daniel managed to get the strength to move his hands to Paul's face, pulling him close and finally kissing him. Paul moaned into the kiss, telling Daniel that he wanted this every bit as much as he'd wanted to just fuck Daniel stupid. Their arms moved, in moments they were wrapped around each other, holding tightly and breathlessly kissing each other hard.

When they broke apart, Daniel held Paul against him, dropping kisses down the side of his face. Finally, Paul spoke.

"Um, Daniel..."

But he stopped straight away, unsure as to what he could actually say.

Daniel smiled and nodded, then he took Paul by the hand and led him to the bathroom. He switched the shower on, waited until it was warm enough and then they entered it together. Daniel picked up his sponge, covered it with gel and spent the next few minutes, carefully washing Paul down. When he was done, Paul took over, washing Daniel clean with reverence, taking a moment to make sure he hadn't cut him and having to hide a sigh of relief when he saw no blood. He'd been so rough that he was genuinely afraid that he'd hurt him.

When they were done, Daniel switched the water off, gave Paul a towel, dried himself off, then led him to the bedroom and onto the bed. They lay for a few moments, then Daniel spoke.

"Why now?"

Paul chuckled. "You were driving me insane in Russia," he admitted. "To be frank, Daniel, you were extremely lucky I didn't fuck you in the Kremlin."

Daniel sniggered. "Now, I wonder what that would have done for East-West relations?"

"Hmm... not much I suppose. Just as well I didn't, eh?"

Again, Daniel laughed. "Maybe. But it's going to give me one hell of a fantasy to jerk off to in future."

"Me too," Paul laughed back. "I'll add it to the other ones I've got of you."

"Tell me about them," Daniel purred.

"Ugh, not now," Paul replied, twisting until he could bury his head in Daniel's arm.


"Just... wait, will you?"

Purposefully, Daniel moved until he could see Paul's face. "Paul... I need to know. Is this a one-off?"

There was a silence for a few minutes, Daniel's gut churning as he studied Paul's serious face. Then Paul replied in a whisper.

"I hope not."

With a huge grin on his face, Daniel said, "Then you can tell me all about them some other time. I look forward to it."

His own grin matching Daniel's, Paul replied, "I want to hear yours, too."

"Oh yeah, Paul. Every single one of them. After all, we've got plenty of time."