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Summary: To celebrate the first anniversary of my being published on Area 52, a little bit of sap. Mega thanks to the FDAS writers for stepping in with an emergency beta. They were quick and good.

"So, doing anything tonight, Daniel?" Jack asked as they faced off against each other in the commissary.

"Yes, as you well know, Jack," Daniel replied, kicking his lover under the table. Jack had better not have forgotten their anniversary or Daniel was going to kill him.

Not that Daniel was either a romantic or violent. But this was their first one. And as such, he felt that it should be celebrated. Preferably by the two of them drinking a bottle of wine, eating a lovingly prepared meal and then spending the night fucking each other's brains out.

"I do?" Jack's face was a mask of surprise. "What?"

"You, me, going to dinner," Daniel hissed, trying not to let the entire room know their plans.

"Sorry, Daniel, had we booked something?"

"I thought you were doing that. You distinctly said you'd be arranging food for Friday."

"Yeah. That relief effort for P79 whereverthefuckitwas. It's sorted. Sacks of grain are now winging their way through the wormhole. Why, was something special going on?"

For reasons he couldn't really fathom, Daniel's stomach lurched. Perhaps he shouldn't have eaten the 'chef's surprise'. He'd have been surprised if it had contained food along with the usual cardboard and E-coli - but then he was a glutton for punishment. He only had to look across the table to know that.

Sam and Teal'c sat at their table, Sam looking at Daniel and knowing that something was wrong.

"Daniel? You okay?"

"Yeah, fine. Or maybe not. Don't have the chef's special, for your own sake."

"Daniel thought we were going to dinner tonight," Jack put in helpfully. "I must have got my wires crossed. So, how do you guys feel like a night out, eh? We haven't had a team night in ages. Go on, whatd'ya say?"

"That would be acceptable, O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"Sure, that would be great," Sam enthused.

"Yeah, fine," Daniel moaned, then excused himself with the words, "you really don't want the chef's special."

He left an astounded Sam, a Teal'c with his eyebrow residing on his hairline, or at least where it would be if he had one... and a quietly smug Jack.

A few hours later, Jack stuck his head around the door of Daniel's office.

"Hey, how's your stomach?"

"Better now, thanks."

"You up to eating out tonight?"

"Sure, why not?"

Daniel had resigned himself to the fact that Jack wouldn't have remembered this, given himself a virtual kick up the ass for even thinking that Jack would have, and had decided that he could pretend that this night was in celebration instead.

"Great! I'll pick you up at your place at ninetee... make that seven o'clock, Daniel. Put a suit on, huh? Carter said she wanted us all looking nice. Apparently we're going somewhere that has been opened by an old school friend."

Smiling at Jack's change from military to civilian timing, Daniel asked, "She wants to make her friend's place look like it's got a classy clientele?"

"Um, no. Her exact words were, 'let that stupid bitch see how lucky I am when she sees you three escorting me'. Maybe there should be a term, 'old school enemy'."

Daniel allowed a little snort to escape.

"She wants us looking good?"

"Uh huh."

"Wear your dark-grey suit, Jack. With that emerald-green tie. And the dove-grey shirt."

"You like?" Jack stood at the door's entrance, preening himself.

"I love. For me?"

"Well, if you insist. I'll see you at seven, Daniel." He turned and left.

"Nineteen hundred it is, Jack," Daniel's disembodied voice rang through the now closed door.

Jack chuckled to himself and went on his way.

At seven p.m. on the dot, there was a military rap on the door to Daniel's loft. He was ready. And he was going to embarrass the crap out of his lover.

He opened the door, swallowed down a gulp as he saw him standing there, dressed exactly as Daniel had requested. Daniel himself had put on what he knew drove Jack insane. A black suit, pale-blue shirt and sapphire-blue tie, shoes polished till you could see your face in them, and for once, he had his contacts in. Jack loved Daniel in his glasses, but this made a nice change. He also noticed that Daniel had one of his earrings in, one that Jack had bought him for his birthday that year. The small hint of gold glistened in the light and Jack caught his breath.

Daniel stepped back and let him in, shutting the door quickly.

Five minutes later, they broke the kiss, panting hard and leaning against the door to stop them falling down.

"Hey," Jack said rather dopily.

"Hey yourself. You look edible."

"Don't eat me, you won't have room left for your dinner."

Daniel smiled, a secretive, wicked smile.

"I've got something for you."

"I know, I can feel it pressing into my thigh."

"That's for later. I've got something for you before we go."

"Ooh! What is it?" Jack's eyes opened wide and happily at the thought of a surprise.


Daniel's hand went into his pocket. He brought out a small box.

"I'd have given it to you at dinner," he said quietly, "but I can't, not with Sam and Teal'c there."

Jack's face frowned in confusion, then he took the box and opened it. Inside was a gold tie pin. Shaped like an eagle, an emerald for an eye.


"Don't you like it?"

"I love it. It's beautiful. Thank you so much. But why?"

Once again, Daniel's stomach knotted.

"Oh, um, no reason. Just saw it, thought it would look good on you."

Though Jack knew that Daniel was lying through his teeth, he said nothing more, but he did blush a little, not having anything on him to give in return. He kissed Daniel again, then asked him to put it on for him. Then he stood in front of a mirror and admired it.

"It's amazing, Daniel," he whispered. "Just like you. Love ya."

"Love you too. Come on, the guys will be waiting."

Jack grabbed Daniel's hand, pulled him for yet another kiss, whispered, "I'll thank you properly when we get home," and then they left for the restaurant.

Sam and Teal'c were waiting for them outside. Teal'c was also in a black suit, but with a white shirt and black bow tie.

"Teal'c, you are looking amazing," Daniel said as they approached them. "And Sam, you are looking more beautiful than I have ever seen you before."

She was in a midnight-blue, strapless dress, that draped from high up her right thigh and down to her left calf.

"Could say the same about you guys," she said breathlessly. "Look at you. I mean - hnng."

She giggled as they both kissed her on opposite cheeks at the same time, and then she walked into the restaurant, head held high, with her three favourite men surrounding her. As they stepped in, she heard, "Sammy? Sammy Carter? Oh my God, it is you. I thought you were in the Air Force or something."

The voice sent shivers down the spine of all three men, it had the quality of nails being scraped down a blackboard.

"Bambi. How nice to see you again," Sam grimaced, missing the mouthed 'Bambi?' between the men and the three of them stifling a laugh.

"So, Sammy, what are you doing these days? You know I married Dwayne, don't you? We've got two da-ahling children. Letitia is eleven and Chuck is nine. They're doing so well at school. We think that Letitia is going to be a cheerleader and Chuckie already has the makings of a fine quarterback."

Daniel was now desperately trying not to laugh. No fucking way was he looking at any of them. Jack's own face was twitching and even Teal'c was looking anywhere but at his friends.

Eventually, all three men forced themselves to look at the voice.

It stood before them.

The dyed-blonde hair was the first thing they noticed. Then the tight, overly made up face that spoke of a face lift too many. The clothes were too tight and the skirt too short. And wearing sneakers with tights was not the best idea. No. It was not pretty.

"I am still in the Air Force," Sam said quietly. "This is my commanding officer, Colonel O'Neill," she said, pointing to Jack. Bambi twittered as Jack took her hand. "And these are my teammates and friends, Murray," she smiled at Teal'c who nodded briefly and "Dr. Daniel Jackson."

Daniel did his best, greeting the woman coolly but politely. Then he turned his attention to Sam and smiled at her, making it look as if he was totally besotted with her.

"Dwayne! DWAYNE!" The screech pierced the air and a man appeared from behind a door. "Look who's here, honey. It's Sammy Carter. Remember, she was one of the science-types."

Dwayne made his way across the room, his 250lb bulk lumbering slowly, and all four of them surreptitiously looked at the floor to see if his knuckles were dragging.

"Oh yeah, I remember," he said. "You were one of the geeks, weren't you?"

"That's me," Sam said through gritted teeth.

Daniel had had enough of this.

"Sam, darling, are we going to eat tonight? I don't know about you but I'm really hungry."

"Of course, sweetheart," Sam replied, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "In a moment. So, you guys have your own restaurant now. How nice for you."

"It was Bambi's idea," Dwayne grunted.

Bambi giggled, ran her hand up the copious chest of her man and said, "Dwaynie is such a good cook. So, what do you do, Sammy? Are you a nurse or something?"

Sam counted to ten, quietly kicked Daniel who was desperately trying not to laugh out loud, and answered. "No, not at all, I didn't go into the medical field, though that would have been interesting, I'm sure. I'm a pilot. And head of the physics department in the local base. We do research on theoretical astrophysics and study deep space radar telemetry. I'm currently running an experiment on the application of gravitical theory to the search of other planets. Of course, there are so many variables, and you have to factor in..."

Sam launched into a long explanation of Einstein's General Relativity Theory, tied it neatly into the fact that while a beautiful equation in its own right it didn't explain things on the quantum level and rapidly came out with the conjecture that superstring theory may be the way to go.

All without taking a breath.

Bambi and Dwayne were left cross-eyed and the four of them were hurriedly shown to a table.

"You are a bad girl, Sam," Daniel sniggered as the waiter left them with their orders.

"I know," she replied with a wicked grin.

After some more small talk, the food arrived. Large portions, which didn't surprise any of them. Lots of steak and baked potatoes, sour cream with chives, peppered sauce for the steaks - the works. And it was delicious. They tucked in, bantering happily over the meal.

Dessert arrived. Chocolate cakes, ice cream, hot fudge sauce and so on.

"I am going to have to work out for a week to get rid of this," Sam moaned.

"You and me both, Sam," Daniel replied.

Then Sam went quiet and looked at Jack.

"Jack?" They were so off-duty that she didn't mind calling him by his first name. "You said you had something to tell us all. What is it?"

Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat and then looked at his friends. Teal'c was sitting next to him and he was looking at Jack with curiosity in his eyes. Sam was diagonally opposite and she looked with expectation. Daniel was directly opposite and he looked confused. But he also had his special look for Jack, the one that told Jack that he loved him and only him. And that gave Jack the courage that he needed.

"Sam, Teal'c, I've got something to tell you. It's a secret."

Daniel's eyes opened wide in shock.

"Proceed, O'Neill," Teal'c encouraged. "Whatever you say will be kept between us."

Jack swallowed hard, and then, without taking his eyes from Daniel's, he said, "I'm in love." There was a predictable silence, so Jack ploughed on. "With Daniel. We've been together for a year. A year today in fact. And I've never been happier in my life. I'm hoping that this is okay with you guys, but if it's not, do me a favour please, for old time's sake, and let me retire quietly. I'm not giving him up. No matter what."

Jack saw the beginnings of tears in Daniel's eyes, pride filling them as well as love. Daniel mouthed, "I love you," to him, and got it back from Jack. Then they turned and looked at their friends.

"How?" Sam asked quietly. "I mean, who took the first step?"

"Daniel did," Jack admitted. "I was nuts about him and it was tearing the team apart. He guessed and took his life into his hands and told me how he felt about me. I've never known anyone do anything braver in my life. I know what that would have cost him if he'd got it wrong."

Daniel and Jack heard a grunt and a groan from their friends, then saw Sam opening her handbag and handing Teal'c a twenty dollar bill.

"Damn," she muttered. "I thought you'd be the one to make the move. Teal'c thought Daniel. You're going to have to pay for dinner, guys, I'm broke now."

As Daniel and Jack sat open-mouthed in shock, their friends burst out laughing.

The men arrived at Daniel's apartment having said goodnight to their friends at the restaurant with promises that they'd go back (preferably on Bambi's night off). Then they entered and shut the door.

"I didn't know what to give you as an anniversary present, Daniel," Jack said as they sat down. "I knew all along, and I'm sorry I wound you up like that, but..."

Daniel shut him up with a kiss.

"It was perfect, Jack," he whispered against his mouth, "But what on earth are you going to do for an encore?"


"Next year. And the year after. And after that?"

"I'll think of something," Jack grinned.

Daniel stood up and took Jack by the hand, leading him silently to the bedroom. Shoes and socks were quickly toed off, then they kissed, not breaking for air as they pushed each other's jackets off their shoulders. Daniel pulled back, carefully removed the tie pin and then Jack's tie and then undid his shirt before sliding it off. Picking their jackets off the floor, he draped them and the shirt over a chair. Then he slowly removed his own tie and shirt, and did the same.

They were left in trousers now, and Jack grinned when he saw Daniel had a ring through his navel. He dropped carefully to his knees and mouthed it, running his tongue through it and tugging gently, enjoying the noises that Daniel made as he did. Still playing, Jack swiftly undid Daniel's belt, then unzipped his trousers and tugged them to the floor, followed swiftly by Daniel's boxers. Daniel's erection jabbed his shoulder, reminding Jack that he had other bits to play with.

He nudged Daniel out of his pants, then stood up, loving the groan of disappointment that he got from Daniel as he did. He quickly shucked his own, led Daniel to the bed and pushed him gently to lie on his back.

They kissed for ages, their hands roaming everywhere but their dicks. They wanted to prolong this as much as possible. They traded positions, taking it in turns to trail their mouths over the other's body. After what seemed like an eternity to Jack, he couldn't stand any more. He returned to where he'd started and played with Daniel's ring for a while. Then he moved south and started there, licking, mouthing, fingering, and generally driving Daniel to the nut house.


Never one to upset his lover (his archaeologist, yes; his linguist, definitely; his teammate and best friend - duh! But never his lover), he took pity on him and went up and then back down. Daniel was known as the one with the clever tongue, but Jack's talent with his mouth was something that Daniel kept to himself. He'd never known anyone that could do what Jack did to him. And what he was doing now. Straight down, right down his throat, running his tongue up and down while his fingers played elsewhere. One hand crept up to Daniel's chest and gently pinched his nipples, then made its way down and tugged on the ring. Daniel's cock jumped hard as another finger pushed inside him, and he spilled down Jack's throat, calling his name over and over again. Jack had heard many different sounds in his life, but nothing came close to hearing Daniel calling his name like that.

While Daniel lay panting hard, not really 'with it' at that moment, Jack crawled up his body.

"You like?" he asked smugly.

Daniel opened one eye and dipped his head to look at Jack. He raised a thumb and then flopped back down.

"May I?" came the polite question.

"Jack. I'm in no position to stop you doing a fucking thing. Not that I would want to anyway. What's mine's yours, babe, you know that."

"Including your ass?"

"Most definitely that. You want it? You've got it. Just don't expect me to move just yet. I can't feel my legs. Or my arms. Or pretty much anything else."

Jack sniggered quietly, found the lube from under the pillow, covered himself, hitched Daniel's legs around his waist and made himself right at home.

"Oh-h-yeah," he sighed as he slipped in.

"Hmm," came the sleepy reply.

"You going to sleep on me?"

"No, just very happy and relaxed. Move it, hun."

So Jack did. Taking his time, he moved in and out, time and time again. Just enjoying the hell out of being there, knowing that this was the right place for him to be.

"Love you," he panted as he started to speed up when he knew the end was inevitable.

"Hmm, love you too." Daniel's eyes were shut, but the smile that he had on his face was enough for Jack to know that his lover was enjoying this as much as he was.

Faster now, he had to move, to get there on time. He'd seen the clock and it was fast approaching midnight. He wanted to end this before today became tomorrow and it was no longer their anniversary.

"God, Daniel, not going to hold out any longer."

"Do it, please, Jack. Do it."

Jack threw away his control and pounded into him, ignoring the little voice in the back of his head that said his knees would hurt in the morning. Finally, at thirty seconds to midnight, he came with a loud whoop.

Collapsing onto Daniel and knocking the stuffing out of him, he tapped Daniel on the shoulder. Daniel opened his eyes.

"Happy anniversary, Daniel," Jack whispered before kissing him yet again.

"Happy anniversary, Jack," came the tired but happy reply.