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Send In The Clones

Summary: A private challenge response. The title says it all. Thanks to Joy for the beta and encouragement.

SG-1 were trudging through the latest mission, all of them wanting to get home for some reason or other. Daniel had this really interesting artefact back at the base that could be the key to solving the entire question of life, the universe and everything - or of course, it could just be a paperweight as Jack kept insisting it was. Whatever - the lure of it was greater than his enjoyment for hacking his way through dense rainforest with a humidity in the 90s and a temperature to match.

Talking of matches - no prizes for guessing where Jack would rather be at the moment. There was a particularly interesting hockey match he wanted to watch between Nohopesville and Whothefuckarethey Town. Anything would be better than this.

Sam Carter was suffering from a severe dose of PMS and making everyone else suffer because of it. After all, what were friends for?

Teal'c was just pissed off with the lot of them for being bad-tempered and snarky and he really wanted to grab a hold of them and shake them till their teeth rattled. And Junior was playing up.

Nope, they were not happy bunnies.

"Ja-ack, please can we go home? I think we've hacked enough of this rainforest to know that no one has been here in ages. Roots and trunks and stuff don't get that thick if they're chopped back regularly."

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You know the UAV saw a clearing and what looked like some overgrown building. You know you - YOU - were the one to nag for this mission because, and I quote 'Wow Jack, that looks really interesting!'. So shut the fuck up. We're nearly there."

Daniel's temper wasn't being helped by the fact that Sam was whining because they'd already gone through the normal extra chocolate rations the boys brought for her every fourth week, and she was having to start on the high-protein ration bars just to get her sugar/carbo fix. Not to mention that Jack was the one in front of him, swinging his incredible body as he hacked his way through the jungle. What he wouldn't give to be able to run his hands over that hot and sweaty skin, lick the perspiration from his throat, go down on his knees and... No, don't go there. It was hard enough to walk as it was, let alone walk with a freaking hard-on.

Finally - FINALLY - they were at the clearing, and there was indeed a covered-over building, the jungle already encroaching on it and creeping over the stone work. They approached it with caution (Daniel! For crying out loud, will ya slow down and let us look first?) and looked for an entrance. While Sam, Jack and Teal'c crept around, Daniel stood back and watched, amusing himself as they cursed and moaned about the scratches they were getting.

"I give up!" Jack announced having completed a circuit. "There's no way in."

"Yes there is," Daniel replied smugly, and he walked up to a part of the wall and pushed on a couple of the Aztec hieroglyphs.

"How the fuck did you know to do that?" O'Neill shouted.

"I read the wall while you were threat-assessing," Daniel replied generously, allowing Jack the 'out' to save face.

"What does it say?" Jack asked, more than a little curious as the wall suddenly parted in front of them.

"Well, I could tell you about the myth, the connection with the glyphs, etc, etc, etc, but suffice it to say, it says 'push here to enter'."

Jack smacked Daniel up the back of the head. Not because he was feeling particularly malicious... well, actually, because he was feeling extremely malicious. Daniel turned, glared, and smacked him back before spinning on his heel and switching his torch on so that he could look inside.

He was convinced that Jack's alpha displays were designed to turn him on. Jack had to know what he did to the man. If he didn't, Daniel was sorely tempted to give him a physical demonstration. If Teal'c and Sam hadn't been there, he was pretty certain that Jack would be on his knees by now and screaming the place down. If he wasn't, Daniel surely would have been. He wasn't fussed which, to be honest. It had been too darned long since he'd got anything, so he'd go with the flow just to get something.

They quietly moved down the corridor that they found themselves in, letting Daniel lead for once. They'd all seen Raiders of the Lost Ark on the last team get-together at Jack's house and no way were they going to go in front. For once, let the archaeologist get it.

Before too long, they discovered that they were in a large chamber. And in the middle of this chamber was... a device of some sort. It looked like a table with solid sides - or an altar of some sort.

Sam rushed over to it.

"Carter! Don't touch a thing!" Jack ordered.

"I'm not going to," she objected, pointedly stuffing her hands in her pockets to prove her intentions.

Daniel got a brush out of his bag and started to wipe away the thick layers of dust that sat on the top very carefully. He discovered another series of glyphs, this lot different in origin to the others outside.

"Um, Jack, I think we could be here for quite a while," he sighed apologetically.

"Any ideas?" Jack asked in resignation.

"Nope, sorry. I think this is alien."

"Daniel, we're on a different planet. Of course it's alien. What else would it be?"

"Jack," Daniel looked over the top of his glasses from his position on the floor and replied in a withering tone, "I mean alien alien, as in non-transplanted-human-alien. It's not the giant white aliens. It's certainly not the Goa'uld, Nox, Ancients or Furlings - we may not have met them but I know what their text looks like. These people... beings... whatever, are different again. This could be important, Jack. I just don't know. Sorry."

"How long?" Jack asked with a little irritation, his skin was red raw from sweat rashes and he wanted a shower.

"I suppose I could clean it up and film it, I'll try not to take too long," Daniel replied with a sad sigh. Once he had seen the new text, he had so got into the idea of at least trying to figure some of it out while he was there. But he also knew that he probably wouldn't be allowed to. Without waiting for an answer, he started to brush furiously to clean it off as quickly as possible.

Jack saw his actions and felt like shit. He knew that Daniel rarely got a chance to do his job, to be himself. And he knew that he himself was half the reason. He reached out and put his hand on Daniel's rapidly moving brushing hand and stopped him.

"Take your time," he said quietly, giving Daniel a little smile as he did, leaving Daniel open-mouthed with shock.

"Carter, Teal'c, head on back to the gate. Pop back to the SGC, get lots of water, we're going to need it. Tell the General that we could be here for some time."

"It's going to get dark before we have a chance to return, Colonel," Sam reminded him.

"Go on, we'll be fine," he replied. "Come back in the morning."

With a "Yes, Sir," she and Teal'c left. They left most of the water and rations with the guys to make them comfortable for the overnight stay. Jack accompanied them to the door so he could retrieve their flashlights as well, then he placed the perimeter alarms they carried at the entrance before carefully making his way back into the building.

"What is this place, Daniel? Any ideas yet?"

"None... yet. I'm sorry Jack, I know you wanted to get home for the match." Daniel's voice was quiet, apologetic almost. He was grateful for this opportunity, but he was so unused to getting his own way that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"Hey, this is what I get paid for, remember?" Jack replied softly, inwardly wincing at Daniel's demeanour. Daniel was never one to cower; not in front of generals, Goa'uld, politicians... especially not them. But Jack felt a bit sick that Daniel was being so fucking quiet with him. He wasn't used to this at all.

Daniel was confused as hell. Jack was being kind. This wasn't the Jack that he knew and... well, loved. Not that he'd admit that to Jack, oh God no. That was asking for trouble. When on his back foot, though, Daniel had a tendency to bite. So he did.

"Jack? What's this going to cost me?"


"Exactly. What?"

"Daniel, what are you talking about?"

"This," he waved his hand, "I can't remember the last time I got a chance to do this. So, you're up to something. What is it? What do you want?"

Jack was shocked, and not a little hurt.

"Daniel, I'm giving you the chance to do what you want to do. Why don't you just accept that?"

Daniel peered through half-closed eyes, his suspicions growing by the second. He just grunted though and got back to careful cleaning.

After an hour or so, Jack was getting bored. And hungry. He pulled out the little burner that he carried and started to prepare a couple of MREs for them.

"Time to take a break, Daniel," he called.

Daniel's head was buried in the mountains of notes he was taking while he tried to figure out something... anything to do with this, this, thing! But he was getting nowhere. Perhaps a break would be in order. He actually came the first time he was called, unnerving Jack who had geared himself up for a fight.

"How's it going?" Jack asked.

The growl he got in reply answered that one.

They sat in silence eating their meal, Daniel desperately fighting down the urge to throw it back up. He followed up each mouthful with a swig of water. How many times had he told Jack that he hated the beef stew variety? He wouldn't have minded so much, but this was the only flavour which didn't end up tasting like chicken. It tasted like carrots, and Daniel had always detested carrots.

As he finished and started to clear up the mess from their meal (he refused to call it dinner), Jack felt a touch more frustrated than ever before. Daniel had stripped down to his T-shirt and tied a fresh bandana on to keep the sweat out of his eyes. Even in the comparative cool of the stone building, it was still very warm. Jack's own jacket and top shirt had gone the same way, and he still felt too hot.

"Daniel, would you mind if I took my pants off?" he asked suddenly.

Daniel looked up from his notes and raised one eyebrow.

"I'm hot," Jack added.

"I know," Daniel groaned.


Daniel inwardly hissed as he realised what he had just said.

"Um, I know. Me too. Sure, go ahead. Please, feel free," then he stuck his head back in his notes and didn't surface.

Jack was stunned. Daniel seemed flustered. That was so not like him. He was rarely flustered - not when he could be pissy, snarky, bitchy, brilliant, amazing, stunning, gorgeous, whatthefuck? No, you can't think like this, he scolded himself. Not here, not now. You've worked hard on shutting him out, dammit, Jack, don't you dare let that start again.

It didn't help that Daniel had just taken his boots and socks off, splashing a little water over his feet to cool them off. Then he stood up to, oh God, drop his trousers - again, purely because of the humidity making him just far too uncomfortable. Oh God, what was he going to do now? If Daniel took just one look in his direction, all of that hard work - ba-a-ad choice of words, O'Neill, bad. Don't use words like 'hard'. Especially not when you've got this aching hard-on which just won't go away.

Daniel looked. And noticed. Chose to pretend to ignore it for a moment, then had an idea.

"I think we should quit for the night," he sighed, "I can't concentrate with all this heat. Maybe, if the night's not too hot, the temperature will drop and I'll be able to get up in the morning with a clear head. What do you think, Jack? Should we go to bed?"


"Come on Jack, let's get ready for bed. Don't you want to come to bed?"

Daniel was getting cross, just how many more hints did he need to drop? He stepped closer to Jack, maintaining a neutral expression on his face, but putting out his hand towards the other man. Jack stepped back. Daniel stepped closer and Jack stepped back again. One thing Daniel was very good at doing was reading body language, and he knew that Jack was just begging for it, even if he was fighting his instincts. Jack was now backed up to the altar/device/table/whatever and he came to an abrupt halt. Daniel however, stepped closer and asked again.

"Are. You. Going. To. Come. To. Bed?"

"Yes, yes, bed, that would be good. You sleep there, I'll sleep there," Jack pointed to two separate sides of the room.

"Fine," Daniel hissed and grabbed his pack, undid his bed roll and threw it on the ground, followed by his sleeping bag, though he doubted he'd want to even use that. He stalked out of the building.

"Where are you going?" Jack shouted after him.

"To take a leak. Why, did you want to fucking hold it for me?"

Jack let that go. He wasn't sure where Daniel's bad temper had come from. And had he really been coming on to him before? Nah, of course not.

Daniel stormed back into the building after relieving himself. He was furious. He had seen the reaction that Jack had got to him taking his trousers off - he knew that Jack wanted him. He felt thirsty so he headed for the pack where the fresh water bottle was being kept... at the same time that Jack had the same idea. Both hands descended at the same time and they grabbed the same bottle. Angry eyes met Jack's own as their heads snapped up to glare at each other. Jack was so stunned he let go of the bottle and grabbed a second one. Daniel stood up, knocked off the top of the bottle and tipped his head back to drink. Jack couldn't take his eyes off the scene in front of him. Daniel was in his boxers and nothing else. And he was at least partially aroused. Jack could see this as he was on his knees in front of him and as he looked up he came face to, er, face with the evidence. Slowly, he brought himself up to standing, unable to tear his eyes off the tight stomach and well-developed abs in front of him. Then he saw the beads of sweat on Daniel's throat as he swallowed his water and had to fight the urge to lick it off. When Daniel poured some of the water over his head and let out a low, sensual moan as the cooling fluid washed over him, Jack thought he was going to go out of his mind.

Daniel stopped what he was doing and put the lid back on the bottle, then he caught the hungry look in Jack's eye. Jack tried to hide it, but Daniel had had just about as much as he could take. He dropped the bottle, took the other one out of Jack's hand and threw it down. Then he put both his hands on Jack's shoulders and pushed him back to the alien table.

"Daniel? What are you doing?"

"Shut the fuck up," Daniel snarled.


He would have continued but Daniel had snapped. No more, he couldn't take any more of this torture. Jack could do what the hell he liked to him the next day. He could chuck him off the team, the project even, damn it he could beat him up if it would make him feel better, but Daniel was going to get off now if it killed him.

He grabbed Jack's shorts and yanked them down in one swift stroke.

"You want me," Daniel growled.


"You want me," he repeated, grabbing hold of Jack's very hard erection to illustrate his point.

He didn't let Jack answer though. They had come to a halt when Jack's backside had hit the table so Daniel grabbed his head and pulled him into a searing kiss.

"You want me," he reiterated when they broke apart. "Say it!"

"God, I want you," Jack whispered.


"I fucking WANT you, okay?" Jack was going back on the offensive now, hating being backed into a corner. He grabbed at Daniel's shorts and pulled them down.

"About fucking time, O'Neill. Get up there!"


Daniel didn't reply, he just wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and lifted him up and sat him on the table, then he pushed him on his back, moved his feet so that he was lying along its length and then he climbed on top of it. He had no idea why he wanted to do this there, it was going against everything he would normally do with an unknown artefact, but he was feeling that he had to do this, there and then.

He lowered his head and took Jack into a bruising kiss. Jack responded hungrily, almost eating Daniel's lips and tongue as they battled through their embrace.

Carefully moving so that they didn't fall off the table, Daniel now lay on his side with Jack facing him. More kisses and touches were laid on each other before Daniel finally put his hand between them and started to work them both at the same time.

Jack nearly howled when he felt Daniel's hand on his dick, he had wanted to do this for so long, clamping down on his desires for the good of his team. Now he realised where he had gone wrong. It had been tearing his team apart with his detachment from Daniel. He could see this all in Daniel's eyes, the pain, the want, just the sheer need to be there and doing this.

"Come for me," Daniel murmured, "come on, Jack, give it up for me." He moved his hand harder, faster, more determined than ever before to make this man come screaming his name. He pushed his topmost leg in-between Jack's, quietly gratified when the other man wrapped his tightly around his thigh and pulled him even closer.

"More, Danny, please," he begged.

Daniel pushed him back onto his back and slid down, taking him in his mouth and sucking hard. Jack wasn't long in coming. His dream was coming true - the one that would make him wake up howling - Daniel's mouth was on his dick, hot and wet and sucking like a fucking expert. Jack really didn't want to know how he got to be so good at that - but then he did too. Instead, he tabled that for later and gave himself over to the feeling and came so hard that he spilled out of Daniel's mouth, some of his seed dropping to the table.

Neither man noticed the table glow slightly and the disappearance of the liquid.

Daniel was far too preoccupied. He had enough functioning brain cells left to not fuck Jack - he hadn't got a clue if the other man had done that before and he didn't have any lube on him. But he wanted it so much. What he did was straddle Jack's thighs and pushed his cock between them, and let friction do the job as he pumped hard and fast.

He also came screaming hard before collapsing on top of Jack's chest.

"Danny, Danny."


"Gerroff, you're heavy."

"'Kay. Sleepy too."

"Hmm, me too. Let's get off and get our bed rolls together, huh?"

"Hmm, 'kay."

Daniel retrieved his head, which was currently located under Jack's arm and fell off the table... or whatever it was.

"Did you see that glow?" he asked Jack, his attention caught by a fading light.

"What glow?"

"That glow."

"My dick's probably glowing, you just blew the top off it. By the way, where did you learn to give a blow job like that?"

Daniel was deflected from his original question and grinned as he got his bed roll and went to move it towards Jack's. He was pleased when he saw Jack pick up his own and move it towards him, the men meeting halfway - it seemed appropriate.

"Um, well, it's not the first time I've done that," he admitted.

"I'd kinda guessed. I think that you and I need to talk," Jack started, "but it can wait till tomorrow. One thing I need to know though, or I guess I'm not going to sleep well. Is this, I mean, are you and me...?"


"Yeah. Together."

"I hope so," Daniel replied as calmly as he could. "Do you want that?"

"I have for fucking ever," Jack answered vehemently.

He was stunned by the silence with which this was greeted.

"Danny? Are you okay? Are we okay?"

"Yeah. Fine. Wonderful in fact. I didn't think you'd want me. I was so desperate tonight, I can usually control how I act, how I feel - at least I can keep it under control. But you were driving me insane. I half-expected you to get me fired tomorrow. I didn't think you'd want to take the chance on me, what with your job and all. It's not worth you losing your job over me."

Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel and pulled him close, kissing his head with a fury.

"Don't you think that of yourself - not ever. I kept my feelings for you tight because I thought you were straight and I didn't want to impact on the team. I didn't realise what I was doing to you and I'm sorry. You're good at that emotion hiding. Don't you dare hide from me again, ya hear? You tell me everything Daniel, every-fucking-thing."

"You too, Jack. Promise me."

"Promise. C'mon babe, let's get some sleep, huh? We'll deal with whatever happens as it comes."

"Good idea. But we deal together, okay?"


As they slept in each other's arms for the first time that night, neither man noticed the altar glow. They didn't hear the low hum. And as the dawn broke, they totally missed the cries of 'Oh God more' coming from inside it.

"Morning Danny, c'mon, time to get up," Jack gently prodded.

"J'ck? No, sleepy."

"I know, I know, but Carter and Teal'c will be coming back soon. Up and at 'em. You need to get some pants on at least."

"Ugh. 'Kay. Coffee?"

Jack snorted - even in high humidity Daniel's first morning thought was for coffee. At least the temperature hadn't started to pick up yet.

As he got the burner going he watched Daniel as he sleepily rose and fumbled about for his boxers. He couldn't believe his luck and he sent out a prayer that he wouldn't fuck this relationship up.

"Oh God."

"Jack? Did you just moan?"

"Um, no. I thought it was you."

"No, I didn't make a sound. It was coming from your direction."

Jack's neck started to prickle and Daniel's stomach tightened - warning signs for both of them that something was wrong. They heard another moan. It was coming from the altar and sounded a lot like Jack.

Carefully, they crept towards it and listened intently.

"Get off will ya?"

Daniel and Jack looked at each other. That was definitely Jack's voice.

"I fuckin' can't O'Neill, I'm stuck!"

Double take - take two. That was Daniel's voice.

The men quickly searched the device (having come to the conclusion that it was definitely NOT a table or altar anymore) for a way to open it. Jack found what looked like a switch - so he pressed it and the top of the device just seemed to disappear. Inside it were two human males - naked and wrapped up in each other and looking more than a little frustrated.

"Jack? Daniel? Oh shit. What the fuck happened here?" the Daniel outside the device said.

The two occupants of the device extricated themselves and scrambled out, where the original versions got a good look. They were duplicates, right down to the scars on their bodies.

"Will someone explain what is going on?" both Jacks said together.

The Daniels looked at each other and grinned.

"Clones," they said.


"Yeah, clones."

Jack - one of them - said, "How? Don'tcha need DNA or something for that?"

The original Daniel nearly blushed.

"Remember I said the table, device, whatever it is glowed last night after we, we, er, well..."

"Fucked?" Daniel Two put in.

"Yeah," Daniel One grinned. He wasn't normally circumspect about talking about sex, but the circumstances were odd, to say the least.

"So you guys, what, came over the table top and it made us out of your..."

"Yeah that's it," Daniel One answered Jack Two's query.

"At least we know what the device does," Jack One put in, "but I want to know if you're real - ya know, are you flesh and blood or androids like with..."

"Harlan," Jack Two said, confirming that they knew everything about the guys up to the moment at which they started to be created.

The second Daniel shrugged and smacked the second Jack.

"OW! What the fuck did you do that for?"

"Just wanted to find out if it hurt. I'd say we're real."

"And naked," Jack Two pointed out. "Come on, share your clothes."

Daniel One went into his pack and pulled out a clean pair of boxers, pants and a T-shirt.

The Jacks did a double take.


"I always bring a spare set of clothes, Jack. Considering you guys have a habit of making me be the one that gets dunked, picked on, whatever, it's safer this way. Don't you have anything?"

"Um, no." Jack One was in his boxers and Jack Two dived for his pants before he could take them off him. Both Daniels agreed that this was probably for the best as he was just asking to be jumped when he was like that.

A radio crackled, and a growling Jack One pounced on it.

"We're back, Sir," Carter's voice came over the air.

"Good. Change of plan Carter. Ask the SGC to send a spare uniform for me please - oh and a spare set of boots for both me and Daniel. When you make your way here with it, we'll be heading back as soon as, well, you'll see."

"Um, yes, Sir. I'll get on it."

Jack signed off and looked at the Daniels.

"You've got till they get here to do whatever it is you want to do to figure out the device. After that, we're going back - no arguments."

They both glared at him but really wanted to go home too - they had plans for both their Jacks. To annoy the crap out of them though, they spoke in French.

The next couple of hours were hard on the Jacks. They both sat watching their lovers as they buzzed around, filming everything, getting as much of the context as they could. Daniel One scooted outside and filmed the Aztec hieroglyphs, mentally kicking himself when he kept reading the glyphs that described duality. When he'd seen them before he'd automatically assumed they were talking about the two sides of the gods. Cloning hadn't even entered his head.

As soon as he was finished, he headed back into the others who were clearing up.

"I've done everything that I can," he said, moving to his own Jack.

"How are we going to tell the difference between each other?" Jack One asked. "You know, when we're all dressed the same. Already I'm having difficulty between the Daniels."

His counterpart agreed that it would indeed be difficult.

"When we get back," Daniel Two said, "we'll have to do something, wear something to distinguish us."

"How about a signet ring?" Daniel One asked. Then he got very close to his own Jack. "What do you think Jack?"

Jack had stopped thinking, all he could see was Daniel, all he was aware of was Daniel as he got closer and closer and completely filled his senses. In answer though, he nodded, agreeing to whatever would make Daniel happy. Daniel leaned close and gently laid a kiss on Jack's lips.

"Cut it out, you two, I can hear voices," Daniel Two warned. They broke apart and waited for Teal'c and Sam to join them.

As they thought they would be, Sam and Teal'c were taken aback by the sight in front of them. Sam fired question after question at the guys till she came to the one they'd been dreading.

"DNA - just how did it get your DNA?" she growled.

Thinking on his feet, Jack One snapped back, "Sweat. Daniel was sweating a lot when he leaned over it. That must be it. Me too, he got me to lean over to, er, inspect something. We were hot. Sweaty. It was, er, very hot here."

The other three were very impressed by his recovery. Sam looked like she didn't believe a word of it, but she let it go. They sent her out so that the Jacks could get dressed in peace.

"You have done the right thing, O'Neill," Teal'c announced, "bottling up your feelings for Daniel Jackson was leading to the break up of the team. It is good that he knows how much you love him."

Both Daniels stopped what they were doing. Intellectually, they knew this, but emotionally they were both way too scarred to expect to ever hear it. They turned their backs on their lovers, not wanting to hear the Jacks deny it. The Jacks looked at each other and then at the Daniels and sighed in stereo, quickly heading to them and taking them in their arms.

"Of course I love you, Daniel," Jack One said, his words echoed by his twin. "You must have known it."

"Yeah, just guess I never expected to hear it," he whispered. "Love you too, Jack."

"Yeah, I know babe. C'mon, let's go home. I've got an idea that will make life that little bit better for us."

They grabbed their kits, Jack Two mumbling when he was made to carry some things, and then the six of them headed for the gate.

Hammond greeted them with bugged out eyes and an open mouth before sending them to have a check-up. The originals went first, and then as soon as they were ready, they went for the debriefing.

Arguments raged back and forth about the viability of the clones, the security issues, etc, etc.

In the end Jack said, "Look, General, they are us. Right up until the moment we inadvertently, er, sweated on the device." They were so going to stick to that story. "You trust us, don't you? Well, you can trust them too. Now, there's no way in hell we'd let you down, so you know that assuming their tests prove that they are who they say they are, they won't let you down either."

The General had to concede this point.

"So, they won't want to live in the mountain, Sir, and it would be unfair to ask them to, so I've got an idea. Why doesn't Daniel come and live with me and the other two can share a house on the other side of town. That way we'll never be seen in public together. It will mean Daniel giving up the loft, but he only has one bedroom, so it will be necessary. He's always used my spare room when he's had too much to drink, and we shared my house when he came back from Abydos, so we know we can do that. What do you think?"

Daniel covered his surprise at this and agreed to it. The General was so stunned that they had actually agreed on something for once that he also gave his assent. Jack hid his glee at being given official permission to move Daniel in with him - no way in hell was Daniel going to be sleeping in the spare room.

There was a knock at the door. It was the Doc.

"Dr. Frasier, come in. Tell us, what are the results?" Hammond asked.

"They are them," she pointed to the originals. "They know everything they do. How stable they are, I don't know, but their test results are identical to those of the original Colonel and Doctor Jackson. I'd like them to remain on the base for a couple of days so that I can keep running tests, but I think that if there is no sign of degradation in their DNA or cells in a few days, we get to keep two sets of...," She was going to say 'the biggest handful of trouble the mountain had ever known', but she just waved her hand at the guys instead.

"They're outside," she finished, "waiting to hear your decision of what to do with them, Sir."

Hammond sighed. His mind was running through all the difficulties of having the twins there, but he knew he had to speak to them. With a groan, he just said,

"Very well, send in the clones."


"I can't believe we did this, Jack," Daniel laughed as they fell onto Jack's bed. In a matter of days, they'd found somewhere for the others to live across town, split their belongings between them and Daniel had moved in with his very own Jack. The Doc had cleared the other two to leave the mountain and things were actually going well. Daniel was thrilled to bits to have another him, someone that he didn't need to explain a thing to, someone that could help him with his work - and someone to back him up against the Jacks when necessary.

The Jacks had a slightly harder time of it, both getting insanely jealous when they saw the other talking to either Daniel... but they were working at it. And they split the paperwork that they both hated with impunity between them, so that was good.

"So, are you going to tell me about how come you're so good at this?" Jack gasped as Daniel headed south and took Jack's very hard cock in his mouth.

He stopped, looked up and grinned.

"No. Not now. Unless you really want me to stop and talk?"

"No, no, go ahead, don't let me stop you," came the nearly desperate reply.

So he did. He treated Jack to the most studious, slow, long, loving, incredible and mind-blowing lesson in oral sex that he had ever had.

As he lay there getting his head blown off, Jack mused that life just didn't get better than this. Then, when he had finished screaming the place down and Daniel slid inside him, slowly but firmly pushing, rotating his hips, hitting the happy button with every stroke, he thought he knew fuck all and was determined to see just how good life could get. And as he watched Daniel getting redder and redder in the face as he moved faster and harder, nailing him to the mattress, he wondered... what would it be like with both of the Daniels in his bed?