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Summary: It's a hot day and Jack's sleepy.

It was hot, dry but hot. The sun was up, Carter and Teal'c were 'checking out' a nearby pool for 'hostiles', and Daniel was... well, Daniel. Up to his neck in dust, lying face down on the hard, cracked ground as he quietly scraped away the baked earth from around a pottery shard.

Jack, on the other hand, was on guard. Guarding Daniel from - ooh, he'd think of something. Trouble was there were no marauding Jaffa (unless you could count Teal'c in that category, but Jack didn't think he'd get away with that), and no animals bigger than a butterfly.

"Water, Daniel," he called out.

"Hmm? It's over there, Jack," he returned distractedly.

Jack sighed, yawned, got up and stretched and went and got the water bottle from one of the few places with any shade in the midday sun.

"I meant for you, Daniel. Come on, I don't want Frasier to have my hide because you've dehydrated - again. Sit up, drink. That's an order."

He sat on a rock next to his friend and thrust the bottle into his hands. He received a quiet 'thanks' and a shy smile in return.

"So? You found anything yet?"

"Yeah, a couple of things."

"Well?" Jack was annoyed. Not with Daniel, but with himself. How often had he shut Daniel up? How often had he told him not to bother with the long-winded explanations. He'd had to school himself hard to listen, but Daniel was still reluctant to take advantage of his new-found audience.

"You sure?" Again, the insecurity of a friendship lost - regained now, but it was a hard-won thing.

"Go on, I want to hear what you've found," he insisted, fighting back a yawn. He didn't want Daniel to think he didn't want to listen to him.

He received a beaming smile for that, and Daniel launched enthusiastically into the description of how the stelae that he had found closely resembled some found in the Indus Valley and which contained a language as yet undeciphered. Mindful of his audience though, he kept his explanation as brief and to the point as he could, finding himself not a little confused when Jack seemed a tad disappointed when it was over.

"How much longer will you need to wrap this up, Danny?"

A warm smile came back to the older man now. He had stopped calling him Danny for so long. The much hated nickname, only loved when it had come from his parents, had become as much a part of their friendship as had the hockey nights and customary 'I want to go this way' fights. He had missed it so much.

"Oh, I think I can make a case for a proper dig team to come here now, but the more I can take back the better. Do you want to go home?"

Jack though about this carefully. Sure, he wanted to go home. He had a very good reason for wanting to go home. A hot lover, incredible in bed, beautiful body and so willing. But Daniel rarely got the chance to do this, to attend to his first love, so he said,

"I think I can hang on. Take as long as you want. Knock yourself out. Hell, I shouldn't have said that, knowing you, you will now. Just make sure you keep your sunblock topped up and keep drinking."

"Fuss Ann," Daniel muttered, but then said, "you couldn't do my back for me, could you? Especially my shoulders."

"Sure, pass it here and sit in front of me."

Jack had to catch his breath as Daniel pulled his shirt off. Damn him, the man had blossomed over the years - turning from a cover guy for Geek Monthly into a babe that could easily model for Playgirl or Cosmo. Even his muscles seemed to have muscles.

He rubbed the cream in slowly, appreciating the silky smooth skin, marvelling at how few scars he had picked up over the years. He turned the application of the cream into a massage fest and enjoyed the sensation of Daniel arching his shoulders back and into his hands.

"Hmm, that's lovely Jack. You've got great hands," Daniel said, his voice as silky as his skin.

"It's a gift. You look like you could do with a proper massage," the older man said huskily.

"Are you offering?" Daniel turned and looked at him through his eyelashes and Jack caught his breath.

"I've had good reviews," he squeaked.

"I'll take you up on it when we get home. I love to have a massage, especially after a soak in the bath."

Jack was glad for his roomy BDUs. Imagining Daniel in a hot bath, and then wet, relaxed and pliant in his hands. It was too much. He leaned over and took Daniel's face in his hands, pulling him into a kiss. He caught his breath as Daniel responded, wrapping his arms around Jack's waist, his hands burrowing inside the sweat-stained T-shirt to find bare skin.

Jack felt bereft when Daniel pulled back.

"Jack, the others..."

"Are cooling off in the water. They won't be back for a while."

Daniel stood up, removed his shorts, Jack hissing as he realised that Daniel had gone commando. He pulled Jack to stand and undressed him quickly. Then he went down on his knees and took him whole. Jack cried out as he felt a talented tongue stroking him, flickering over the head while his fingers stroked his thighs. Daniel's hands moved up, one around the back, lightly touching his backside, a finger tracing the crack all the way down. The other hand took hold of his balls, teasing them as he sucked harder and harder. It took all of Jack's powers of self-control to not come there and then. One hand dropped, found the sunblock and soon Jack felt the cool cream on Daniel's finger as it entered him. Two fingers, three, Jack couldn't take any more and came with a yell.

He collapsed into Daniel's waiting arms and fell into a long deep kiss.

"Jack? Can I? Please," Daniel begged, his eyes blackened with lust.

Jack could offer no more than a silent nod in agreement and allowed Daniel to guide him onto his hands and knees. He cried out when he felt Daniel enter him, slowly, carefully and most of all, lovingly. He loved the feeling it gave him, making him whole, complete. They were locked together, body and soul, the differences between them forgotten as Daniel started to move. Their bodies shimmered with the sweat that poured off them as Daniel moved faster and faster, till he too could take no more, coming hard and crying out Jack's name.

Tiredness overwhelmed them both and they collapsed onto the floor, falling into a deep sleep.

"Colonel? Wake up. Time to drink."


Jack woke with a start and looked at himself. He was dressed? What the fuck? He was also still on the stone he had been sitting on when he had put the sunblock on Daniel. He looked around. Where was the sunblock? Had he even put it on him?

"Jack, you dozed off ages ago, when I was telling you about the finds," Daniel said with an ironic smile. "You were dreaming about something. Don't know what it was but it put a hell of a smile on your face. Come on, time to eat and drink now. One more day here and we should be able to go home. I've got something planned for when we get back and I don't know about you, but I can't wait to have a bath."