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Party Poppers

Summary: Written as a special present for Wadjet's *cough*ieth birthday. It's Jack's birthday and he wants something special. Daniel's prepared to give it to him. Contains some things you wouldn't usually associate with the guys, including poppers.

Daniel was wondering why he had let Jack talk him into going away that weekend. It was his birthday. Jack's that was. And Daniel had hoped to have sprung a party on him. All of their friends were going to be wondering just why they weren't in town. But Jack had had other ideas. They'd had what constituted a conversation for Jack.

But Jack, the guys will want to give you a party.

I don't want a party, Daniel. I want you.

You've got me, hun. Always. Whenever you want me.

However I want you?

Of course!

Daniel should have known better than to answer like that.

So, here they were, in the cabin and away from prying eyes, away from the phone, away from everything and everyone. And short of Thor beaming them up, Jack owned Daniel's ass for the weekend. Daniel gave himself a secret smile. He had hoped to push Jack into letting go. Maybe this would do it for him.

But where he had got the dress blues for him from, Daniel hadn't got a clue.

So, here he was, his glasses gone, his uniform on, his various bits of jewellery on too - and Daniel knew that that wasn't regulation, but then neither was he, so he didn't care. Oh, and he was standing in the doorway of the bedroom, his hands tied to a hook above the door.

"Jack? What are you going to do to me?" he asked, in what he thought was a light and happy tone.

"Nothing you won't like, Daniel, but I think you need to loosen up."

"Loosen up? I'm pretty loose."

Daniel knew that Jack was now 'in character', so he was too. The prisoner at the mercy of his captor. He was still trying to play it cool, just as he would if he was captured for real. But he knew that Jack would up the ante sometime soon. He knew first-hand that Jack's torture methods were inventive. And generally speaking incredibly erotic.

Jack was in front of him, naked from the waist up, just in his jeans, the top button undone, the zip lowered just enough so that the top of his pubic hair could be seen. No shoes, no socks, but instead of looking as he usually did when like this (rumpled, dishevelled and thoroughly fucked), he looked dangerous. A shiver ran down Daniel's spine as his excitement level rose. Jack shot him a glance, worried that the shudder Daniel had given off was one of fear. But the heavy-lidded eyes, the parted lips and the slight panting breaths told him that Daniel was wanting to get to the point already.

He got out a knife and held it in front of his lover, waving it about, the light glinting on the sharp blade. Daniel's breath hitched, he knew what was coming.

A tug told him that his shirt was being pulled out of his pants, and when it was done, the cold blade on his stomach told him that the fun was about to begin. Slowly, Jack moved the blade up, popping each button one by one, till Daniel's chest and abdomen were exposed. He still had on the jacket and Jack pushed the shirt and jacket backwards till he got what he wanted.

"I'm sure that the Air Force doesn't approve of these," he said, grasping and tweaking Daniel's nipple ring and navel stud. Daniel's cock jumped at the twin sensations and he let out a low growl.

"What's it to you?" he barked back.

"Oh, nothing, nothing," Jack's voice was cold and calculating as he said it.

Daniel saw him move his hands down, and felt him hold the belt. In one swift move, Jack tugged the tuck of the belt back and got it off the buckle. One finger casually flicked the prong and it moved, then he let go and the belt loosened. Running his fingers up and down the front of Daniel's pants, he traced the outline of Daniel's hard dick. Daniel swallowed hard, wanting to both let Jack know that he was so getting off on this, and also to deny his captor the pleasure of knowing.

Jack opened the button of the trousers and then pulled down the zip. As per instructions, Daniel had gone commando. His leaking erection sprung forth and Jack looked at it with glee. He got on his knees and licked the head, eliciting a low growl from Daniel. Then he pulled back and busied himself, removing Daniel's shoes, socks and finally the trousers. Daniel felt exposed, but incredibly turned on.

Jack stood up, holding the belt in his hand. He folded it in two and flexed it in front of Daniel's eyes, then he slid past him and behind him. Daniel heard a crack of leather as Jack snapped it in the air. Then, before he got what he was sure Jack was going to do to him, he felt a small bottle under his nose. The smell of sweaty socks told him that it was Rush and he inhaled deeply, feeling a real buzz as he did. Jack saw him physically relaxing and smiled. He was going to tease Daniel with the belt, but he decided to do it - just the once. *Slap*. Daniel felt the carefully placed smack across the base of his buttocks, swiftly followed by a hand, rubbing the sore skin better. He gave a smile, appreciating the show of consideration from his lover.

He felt Jack brushing past him again and heard Jack's commanding voice telling him to look. In his drugged state, he moved his head casually and saw what Jack wanted him to see. His jeans totally undone, but still on, his cock standing proud, a ring at its base.

Then Jack moved.

"You are going to surrender to me," he snarled.

Daniel remembered to get back into character. "Never," came the equally gruff reply.

"Oh, you will."

Jack grabbed the hair at the back of Daniel's head and pulled him into a bruising kiss, breaking off suddenly and moving down his body. Jack's tongue tugged the nipple ring, making Daniel groan with the need to get off. Before he could, Jack grabbed his balls and pulled them, the pain making him come down. Daniel felt hot, wet kisses trailing down his stomach till they reached his stud. Jack's tongue dipped into his belly button and back out, running over his stud, pulling it, twisting it, sending Daniel out of his mind.

"Surrender?" Jack asked.


Jack once again took Daniel's cock into his mouth, licking, sucking, teasing him. He built him up and brought him back down time and time again till Daniel was going out of his mind. The combination of Jack's actions and the poppers affected his brain, he started moaning, calling out, forgetting his role and just wanting the man he loved more than life itself.

"Jack," the call was low, long and hungry. Jack knew he would surrender now. He asked again, more gently this time, knowing that harsh words would snap him out of his trancelike state. He got a wordless nod, Daniel's head falling down in submission. It was time.

Jack stood up and moved behind him, lubed himself up and positioned himself. Daniel felt Jack's cock at his entrance and growled.

"You love me," Jack said.

Daniel knew what Jack wanted now and he said it.

"I love you. Je t'aime. Ich liebe dich, nohiboka, lakh tirikh, je t'adore," Jack pushed in and Daniel gasped. Slowly he moved, angling himself to hit the spot time and again, but oh, so slowly. Daniel continued, "Ik hou van jou, Jack, tha grdh agam ort, s'agapo, ani ohevet otkha. More, Jack, please, more." Jack sped up, demanding more from his lover in return. "Ti amo, t gr agam dhuit, ego amo te."

Faster and faster now, each lover demanded more and more from the other. Jack knew he wouldn't be long so in-between thrusts he loosened the ring, willing himself to hold on for a little while longer.

Daniel's words came in gasps now, more desperate with each beat. "Bahibak! Jack. Please. Jeg elsker deg. Faster. Ya tyebya lyublyu, God Jack, I can't."


"Te quiero! JACK I'm gonnaaaaa."

"Not yet. MORE."

"Rydw i'n dy garu di. Shit Jack, please." Jack was working harder than ever, his hands on Daniel's hips, bruising him as he pounded into his lover. "KH'HOB DIKH LIB!" His final words were accompanied by a scream as he came, spilling hard, untouched by Jack's hands. The contractions of the muscles tore the orgasm out of Jack and he felt like he was being sucked dry.

Jack slowed down to a stop and rested his head on Daniel's shoulder, both men panting hard in a fight to regain their equilibrium. Finally, Jack pulled back and quickly untied Daniel, pulling the jacket and tattered shirt off him before rubbing his arms back to life. On wobbling legs they stumbled to the bed and fell on it, mouths finding each other as they kissed frantically, desperate for contact and reassurance. Hands fumbled, pulling Jack's jeans off, then they rolled around the bed, still kissing and still needing skin on skin. Eventually they calmed and slowed their actions, till all they were left with was traces, butterfly kisses over each other's faces.

"Oh God, Jack, I love you so much," Daniel swore.

"Danny, oh my Danny. I may not be able to say it as well as you but I love you so much it hurts." Tears shone in Jack's eyes as he tried to convey the depth of his feelings for the man. The smile he got back told him that it worked.

"You don't need to say it in more languages than that, Jack. That will do me." He dropped a kiss on Jack's nose and then hugged him tightly. "Happy Birthday, Jack."