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Mission Impossible

midnight intoxication

Summary: Revelry after dark, ghosts laid to rest and an assassination. Minor character rapes - not overly graphic. Danny-whumping :-(. Many thanks to Joy for the beta and Jo for the handholding.

"Jack, look up there!"

Sam's calling out to me to come out of our tent. And why? WOW! This planet's equivalent of Northern Lights or something. The sky is streaked with reds, blues, greens, silvers - just WOW!

"Daniel, come out, look!"

He comes crawling out of the tent and looks up, calling out 'WOW'. Nobody said he was original.

It is beautiful though. Even Teal'c has come up to look, and little impresses him these days. Well, when you're over a hundred years old and you've spent over eighty years travelling through the galaxy, you've pretty much seen everything.

The four of us are now lying on our backs and staring up at the sky quietly taking in the magnificent sight that's there.

"You think this is just the aurora?" Daniel asks. "I mean, it's not something that we should be worried about, is it?"

"You sound like one of those mediaeval villagers, Daniel," Sam laughs. "No, it's just an aurora."

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that," he snipes. "This is an alien world, you know. What we recognise as normal might be a sign that something's wrong. You'd never see an aurora in the tropics on Earth, would you? They don't go that far south - or north, depending on which one you're talking about."

"Kids, kids, stop squabbling, will ya? Carter's right. I've seen the Northern Lights at home, this is the same - a bit more colourful if possible, but it's the same. And Daniel, you're right to suspect it too - this is an alien world. We should always be wary of things even if they seem familiar. Remember that fruit that looked like an apple and ended up tasting like cold over-boiled cabbage?"

A duet of 'Oh God yes' and they stop fighting. There that's better. They've snuggled up together now and they're giggling.

"Sorry, Dad," they chorus.

"You're not going to let that go, are you?"

"Nope," Sam snorts.

"I tire of this," Teal'c announces. "I am going back to my meditation. Goodnight."

"Night Teal'c," the gruesome twosome call back.

"Yeah, night, big guy."

Why do I get the feeling that I'm in trouble now?

Daniel's just come over to one side of me and he's cuddling up closely. Oh oh, Carter's doing the same on the other side.


"Just want to snuggle with our dad," Sam sniggers.

"Cut that out, will ya? I'm starting to feel like the filling in a very horny sandwich."

"You should be so lucky," she howls. Then she pokes me in the ribs, kisses my cheek and heads off to bed herself.

"So? How about being the topping on a pizza?"

Well, seeing as he's put it like that...

Life doesn't get better than this. I'm lying on top of the love of my life. We're on a tropical paradise, though it's about midnight it's still warm, the sky is alight over our heads and I'm currently having the shit kissed out of me by an expert.

"Get undressed, Jack," he orders, as huskily as I've ever heard him. I'm good at following orders.

"Sir! Yes, Sir!"

He kinda spoils the effect by giggling. Hey! Where's he going? The tent? Ah! Blanket. That's better. Sand has a habit of getting in places you'd rather it didn't - and when you pick some up with the lube - ouch! It happened a week ago and I felt like I was getting sandblasted while Daniel fucked me. Talk about scratching an itch - oy!

Whoo momma, he's peeling his shorts off very slowly while I stand and watch him. Now he's walking very slowly to me.

"What do you want, Jack? Name it."

Oh crap - I can never think what to say when he does this.

"Don't care, Daniel, anything. Just want you."

His eyes shut for a moment, then when they open it's like he's someone else.

"Then lie down, Colonel," he tells me.

I'm so down.

"Do you want me to suck you?"



More kisses, hot and wet, our tongues battling as our dicks collide. Now he's sliding down my body, leaving a trail of kisses as he goes. I'm watching the lights dance above me as the god that is Daniel goes to work on me. He's pushing my legs apart, arrgh! He bit the inside of my thigh. Now he's pushing my knees towards my chest, I grab them in my own hands, leaving his free to do with me as he wants. I have to concentrate on holding them though because he's driving me out of my mind. His wet tongue is lapping against my balls and ooh, now he's going to stick it...

OH GOD yeah. This is so good, so good. I feel him thrusting inside, ohmygod his tongue is battling with his finger.

"Daniel, please, can't hold, too good, too fucking good, please Daniel, please."

He pulls my legs down and his tongue is going back up - jeez - if he was a golfer we'd be talking 'hole in one'. When he deep-throats me straight off it's so fucking good. I'm gonna come, any second now. Fingers in me, stretching as he urges me to fuck his mouth. Can't concentrate to do it. I am so gonna come.

Crap - meant to ask Jack something. Just as well I hadn't got to the rings just yet. I doubt they've gone back to bed yet so I'll ask now or else it will bother me all night. I'm glad we cut this path - the rings being in the trees might be a good way of hiding them but it's a pain to go through at night without a light.

Ah, Jack's standing up. Where's Daniel? More to the point, where's Jack's shorts? He's naked! Oh God - I know. Better go. But then they'll hear the rings and I'll disturb them. Shit. Stay here out of the way I think. What am I going to do later? Never mind that. What is Daniel doing to him? Holy Hannah - is he...? I'd heard that happened but I didn't think it really did. Still, they seem to be enjoying themselves. Given the noise level I'd say Jack is. He's yelling at Daniel - oh boy - Daniel's just gone back up and er, down.

This is hot. Actually, this is hotter than when I saw Jack tied against the tree. Hell, Daniel must enjoy doing this for him - I wonder what he gets out of it.


Apart from the obvious.

Eh? That doesn't look very comfortable. Hell, I never knew that Jack was so flexible. I think I see why Daniel does that now. This is something the rumourmongers back at the SGC wouldn't believe. They all thought that Jack was nailing Daniel. They'd never believe that Daniel nails Jack. Neither would they believe that Jack enjoys it so much. He really is enjoying that.

To tell the truth, the thought of spending a night with Daniel is looking even more attractive. He's going slow, moving his hips - ah! I'd say he's hitting what Janet told me is known as the happy button. I can see that now. Jack's screaming the place down. He's getting faster now, cries from both of them are louder - he must be close.

"Jack! Oh my GOD!"

Yep, I'd say it's over. Aw, isn't that sweet? They're kissing, holding each other like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps there won't be. We're going to be picking up our instructions again.

They crawl back into their tent. I'll give it a couple of minutes - every guy I've ever slept with has been comatose within moments after sex.

Yeah - I love my boys. Stereo snoring in next to no time. Good, I can go to bed. Still never asked Jack that question. Ah well, I don't think I should go and wake him now. Though how I'm going to sleep after seeing the sexiest, horniest, hottest thing I have ever seen in my life, I don't know. Think I'd better do something about it before I go down - don't want to disturb Teal'c after all.

Samantha is looking a little coy this morning. I wonder why? The four of us are eating, biding our time until we have to go to pick up our new set of instructions. It will not be long.

Today's meal is water fowl. We have run out of the vegetables and other foods we bought on our first mission and we are missing them. Samantha asked if we could go shopping again but O'Neill didn't know if we should.

"I've got it!" Daniel cries.

We all look at O'Neill. "WHAT? I haven't done a thing!"

"No, Jack," Daniel says impatiently. "I've worked out how we're going to get bread and stuff."

We are, as they say, all ears.

"The Land of Light," he announces. "They are a people who love to try new things and they barter and exchange. How about we collect some of our fruits and things from the jungle and go and do a swap? That way Teal'c will get to see Rya'c too. The bread and cheese there are lovely - and I think they have root veg too."

"Aren't we supposed to be lying low?" O'Neill sighs.

"Okay - Teal'c can go on his own, if that's okay with you, Teal'c? They needn't know who it's for. But I can't see them turning us in, can you?"

"No, I can't, but Teal'c will have to go on his own. Are you okay with that?"

"I am. I believe that it will be a most provident exchange. I doubt very much that Tuplo would betray the existence of MIA either. He and his people owe a great deal to the SGC, but mainly to us as a team. I also believe that they would hide us if it became necessary."

"As would the Abydonians," adds Daniel. "In fact I think there are a number of places that if we suddenly turned up and asked them to hide us, we would be safe."

"Yeah, well, let's keep those in reserve, shall we?" O'Neill states.

He is correct. It would be most wise.

While we wait we do a little more work on the first cabin. The roof is nearly up and O'Neill is already planning on making some furniture.

"A bed - a big bed," he insists. "All this sleeping on the ground is getting to me."

"You can always sleep in the tunnels, Jack," Samantha reminds him.

"Yeah, but you guys complain about the, er, snoring."

We can, in fact, live with the snoring. However, we get his point. As does Daniel, apparently. Regularly.

It is time to go so we follow our usual procedure and observe the other side of the gate before we step through. This time there are no trees for O'Neill to complain about. It is, however, a desert planet. We were warned about this beforehand so we are in our desert camouflage BDUs, without insignia, of course.

Unlike last time, our mission briefing is waiting for us. Good. This means that we can presume that SG-1 are safe and home. Daniel dials up and we head back.

"Phew - wouldn't have wanted to stay there much longer," Jack's complaining again.

"Why not, Jack?"

"Well duh - it was HOT!"

"It was a desert," I remind him. "They tend to be hot. Besides, I've known it hotter than that."



"Ach - go, put some coffee on. We've got a briefing to give ourselves."

This is sweet. As we're walking back to camp, he catches hold of my hand. It's not something we'll do when we step through the gate. When we do that, we're back in old SG-1 mode. Jack leads, we follow; we advise, he listens to us. Even to pick up the briefings we do that. As with our first time out we can never tell what we're going to come up against. Hence BDUs, full kits (he's insisting on taking C4 now too) and survival rations. It doesn't matter that we don't need them, we just don't want to need them again and not have them. We live and learn.

Coffee's made. He opens the envelope and lets us know what we're up against.


"That good eh?" Sam giggles.

"Don't laugh," he barks at her, then he drops a bombshell. "You're not going, Daniel."

"WHAT? WHY? Is it some archaeologist-murdering-convention you're going to?"

He stands up and stalks off, dropping the papers to the floor. I pick them up before the others see them. Ah crap. I can see why he doesn't want me going.

"Jack, wait up," I run after him and grab hold of him and pull him into a fierce kiss.

His eyes are black as he pulls back from me.

"Not in front of the others, Daniel," he hisses. "What was that for?"

"A reminder, Jack. You and me, me and you - together - remember? You are NOT going there without me. If you die, I die. That's the way it is. I know this is dangerous and difficult and I know why you want to keep me out of it. No way would Jacob or George have asked us to do this if they didn't think it necessary though, would they?

"You're right. I know you're thinking that I don't approve - I sure as hell have never approved of murder. But I also know that you're going to go and do this. So I'm going with you. It's up to how much you trust me to help you, Jack."

It's an assassination they want us to carry out. A snake - up-and-coming, more so than Ibo - has to die. I'm assuming that we're being asked to do this for a very good reason. I'll go back to read the rest of the briefing in a minute. And the thought of murder still sickens me - and Jack. He was never an assassin.

We go back to the others. Teal'c and Sam are reading the briefing. Teal'c has one of his inscrutable looks on his face - one which tells no one, except us, anything. We know he's thinking about something.

"Out with it Teal'c. Briefing and what's on your mind."

He looks at Jack and nods.

"This Goa'uld is called Petrocus. He was once one of Apophis'... sidekicks I think you'd say." I stop for a moment to gather my thoughts.

"Apophis banished him because he was too violent for even his own tastes."

That information sends shivers through the others. They knew how bad Apophis could be. For him to find another Goa'uld violent... it does not bear thinking about. I remember Petrocus. Far too well. I, for one, will be glad to see him dead.

"Do you want me to give you details of his acts?"

"No," Daniel replies quietly. "If you say he was that bad, Teal'c, then he should be killed. If he's starting to become powerful..." His voice quietens even more.

O'Neill puts his arm around him and pulls him close, kissing his head in comfort. I approve of his actions. Daniel gathers himself and his head raises once more.

"Where and when?" His voice is now hardened, his chin sticking out defiantly. He will go through with this.

"He will be at these co-ordinates the day after tomorrow. He will be taking part in a choosing ceremony. It would seem he has acquired some of Apophis' old Jaffa to serve him."

Daniel nods, accepting what I say. O'Neill considers my words.

"Teal'c. Do you wish to remain behind? If you are spotted..."

"I will accompany you, O'Neill."

"Very well. How about contacting Bratac? Would his presence help any?"

"It might. But Bratac was also declared shol'va. Whereas Jaffa not loyal to the Goa'uld will follow him willingly, those still serving will be as unhappy to see him as to see me."

"Okay. Look, go and contact him. See what he thinks. He might not want to come with, but if we're going into a Jaffa-heavy situation, I think I'd be happier to see him."

"I shall leave at once."

"Should we come with you?" he asks.

"No. I will be safer on my own."

"If you are sure. Take a VCD with you. Make sure the gate is clear before you go through. You had better come back, Teal'c, or I'll be through that gate to drag you back."

He is not thinking that I will desert him. He is concerned that I will be hurt or killed. I understand.

"I shall return, O'Neill. How else would I spend my days? I should miss your bad puns and assumed humour."

I leave before he can say anything. Daniel and Samantha are laughing at O'Neill's expression. I shall not stay. I have far too much sense.

Teal'c's gone. Just as well, I don't think that Jack was going to be very nice to him if he stuck around. I've been cornered by Daniel though while Jack has gone into the tunnels to take a Tok'ra shower. He can't wait till we finish the cabin and build one here. I've worked out how to heat water. I've got some solar panels and an immersion heater element on order from the SGC.

Daniel's making me sit. Oh dear.

"Sam? What's up?" Oops, I guess I have been a touch distracted.

"Oh hell. I have to tell you, but I don't know how. Look, last night, after I left, I realised that I'd forgotten to ask Jack about the shopping trip. Silly thing I know, but it's one of those annoying things that you want to get sorted out. So I came back..."

"Ah. You saw us."

"I did. I wanted to leave, but I didn't want you to realise that I was there. It would have embarrassed us all, especially Jack I think. I'm sorry, Daniel, but I couldn't stop looking either."

"C'mere, old girl," he says as he pulls me into a hug. "It's okay. This has been eating you up, hasn't it?"

"Yes." This is so embarrassing but I have to say it. "I didn't mean to look, Daniel, but I've never seen anything so hot in my life. I was like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Just listening to Jack screaming as you... You didn't really do that, did you?"

"Do what?"

"Well, your head couldn't have gone much further south without you starting to dig."

He's actually blushing a bit - it had to happen.

"Yes. I did. And before you ask, I love to do it. You're probably wondering why I do these things for him?"

Well duh!

"Simple. It turns me on like you wouldn't believe. I love to taste him, and hearing his cries gives me a testosterone surge like nothing else does. He gets the same out of doing it for me."

"Now you see I can't see Jack doing that." Crap - I didn't mean to say that out loud.

"What? You think that I'm the only one that goes down? Shit, Sam, what do you think of us? We're partners in everything we do. You know I nail him, and you know he does it back to me. So why can't you believe that he's just as happy to use his mouth as his dick?"

Now it's my turn to blush.

"I love it when he does that. Just watching him on his knees in front of me - Whoo momma. It's good."

Okay - so I'm giggling now.

"So, how about you and Teal'c then?"


"You mean you haven't put the moves on him yet? Do you want me to have a word with him?"


"No? You don't want Teal'c? To tell the truth I doubt I could take him either, he's a big boy."

Bwahahaha! Oh God stop it!

"You don't feel like you're missing out then, do you?"

" I went without long enough, I can cope."

"Do you want to share with us tonight?"

Aw - love him, he's so sweet.

"To tell the truth I was thinking about sleeping under the stars tonight. We must be in the middle of summer or something. It's so hot, even at night."

"Want some company?"

"I might just do that. C'mon, let's get the evening meal on or the old man will complain."

Daniel laughs at me calling Jack that. It's his nickname for him. Fish again tonight I think.


This is fun. Pity Teal'c's not here. He said he won't be back till morning. The boys are making up for it though.

"Sam says she wants to sleep under the stars tonight, Jack. I'm going to join her. Are you coming too?"

"Not if we've got company," Jack retorts and Daniel nearly spits his dinner everywhere. So do I.

"Shame!" I say before I can stop my mouth. "Could've been interesting."

Daniel glares at me and then his eyes twinkle. Oh my God - what have I let myself in for?


Bedtime. I'm pretty nervous for some reason. I've got my blankets and a pillow. One's on the ground, my pillow on it. Daniel's is next to mine and Jack's is on his other side. Thank goodness. I had visions of being the filling of that horny sandwich that Jack talked about last night.

We're all sitting down now, pity there's no aurora tonight. Daniel's brought the last cask of wine up and we're happily chugging it and getting slightly tipsy. Whoa - make that a lot tipsy.

"Why's the sky moving?" Daniel asks.

"Dunno," I tell him intelligently.

"You're the astrophysisisisist," he insisisists.

"So? I'm off duty."

"I want to be kissed," he announces suddenly. "Any volunteers?"

Jack leans over and lays one on him. Boy does he ever? Shit. Wish someone would kiss me like that.

They break apart and grin at each other. Crap. I said that out loud too.

"C'mere," Daniel says. Ah well, why not?

Oh God. Ohgodohgodohgod he's good at that.

"Wow. See why you'd leave the SGC for him," I tease looking at Jack. Jack just grins and then he puts his arms out to me. Him too? Ooh, I think I can manage that. Who knew I was such a slut?

He's good too. Nearly as good as Daniel.

"Time for bed I think," Jack says as he breaks off.

I'm inclined to agree. That was getting a bit too hot for comfort.

Those kids are going to be the death of me. However, kissing Sam was sweet but nothing like kissing Daniel. I think she realises the same thing. The look on her face when we broke off said it all. Yes, we love each other - no, it would never have gone anywhere.

Daniel's snuggling up, pulling Sam into his arms and I've got mine wrapped around him. This is lovely. Sam's asleep now, actually snoring a little. I can't sleep.



"Let go of her, c'mere, you haven't kissed me goodnight."

"I did," he whispers back, but he does let her go and turns to face me.

Hmm, kisses and more, touching, holding, ooh!

"We've got company," I hiss into his ear as he pushes my shorts down and grabs hold of my admittedly hard dick.

"Hush then, Jack, concentrate on not making a sound."

That is not going to be easy. Still, I'm game. He's got us both in his hand and he's working us both while we kiss, clamping our mouths together to swallow the sounds we can't help but make. This is incredible - doing this while Sam's sleeping next to us - just WOW!

Faster now, harder too, we're both getting closer. Hell, if we kiss any harder I'm gonna put a tooth through his lip. I'm coming, pushing against him and bringing him with me. So good, it feels so good.

"That goodnight kiss do you?" he pants.

"Whoo ya, that will do me just fine, babe. Love you, Daniel, love you so much."

"Love you too, Jack. C'mon, better go to sleep."

We hitch our shorts back up and I fall asleep with him plastered to me.


"O'Neill - I have returned," Teal'c announces as we have our breakfast.

"We'd noticed, you're not exactly small. Welcome home, big guy. And you Bratac, welcome to our humble abode."

"O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Major Carter, thank you for inviting me here."

"It's just Sam now," Sam says. "I'm not in the Air Force anymore. Please, call me Sam. Samantha if you'd prefer."

Bratac gives her a little bow and chooses to call her Samantha. Daniel tries to get him to drop his surname too, but whether he'll manage it I don't know. It took Teal'c years.

"So, what do you think about this mission, Bratac?" I'd really like to know.

"I am curious as to who is giving you the instructions," he replies.

"Tok'ra we think."

"Then that is also strange. It is not their normal way of doing things."

"True, but they're changing. Ever since the attack by Anubis they're getting more, shall we say, proactive in their dealings with the Goa'uld. Be that as it may, what are your thoughts about the way we should deal with this?"

"He will be at the choosing tomorrow. That day is the festival of spring on that planet. I know it well. Apophis would often go there for the choosing at that time."

Bratac looks at Daniel, his eyes apologising for even saying it. Daniel gives him a little 'go on' nod as if it's not bothering him at all.

"Petrocus, however, I have heard treats this differently. The word is that he is trying to take over Apophis' holdings - his territory, his Jaffa and so on. I have a little influence with some of his old Jaffa, but Petrocus is likely to have chosen the more loyal and quite possibly the more extreme-natured. I should be very careful."

"What is involved in the ceremony, Bratac?" Daniel asks quietly.

Bratac actually looks embarrassed to say.

"I should like to discuss this with O'Neill alone," he finally announces.

"Bratac, whatever is going on there, we'll all get to know about it. None of us are going in there without all the knowledge we can get. And the team goes nowhere without all of its members. Teal'c's trips not withstanding. There are times he's going to be needed to go alone - but we'll never ask him to go on a mission without us. It's not gonna happen. So, if you can tell me, you can tell the others too. If you can't do that then I'm sorry to have wasted your time."

I get grateful looks from Daniel and Sam for that.

"Very well. It is a ceremony of fertility. However, I know Petrocus' tastes - they are extreme. He likes to watch people, men especially, but he will take any woman that appears at the ceremony. And he will force men to... act together."

"Put on a show?" Daniel sniggers.

"Of a sexual nature," Teal'c clarifies.

"Yeah, I'd sort of gathered that," Daniel retorts.

"Anyone that fails to please him is put to death. Anyone that pleases him is chosen," Bratac adds.

"So - whatever happens, we keep Sam away from him and his guards," I say. I glare at her - she is not arguing about it.

"We need to get to the ceremony," Daniel says.

"Why, so you can watch?" I tease.

"Wouldn't be the first time I'd seen that sort of thing - or you, Jack," he giggles.

No, he's right. Took me to New York and to a club he knew. Dear God in Heaven! It was, er, graphic.

"This isn't some sort of anthropological trip, Daniel. We need to go there to assassinate the guy."

"Yeah - so we create a diversion and Sam, Bratac and Teal'c get to kill him."


Jack is going to hate this suggestion like poison.

"Diversion? Daniel? What are you suggesting?"

"Well, if Petrocus isn't otherwise occupied we need to divert his attention from the assassination attempt, right?"


"So, if we 'distract' him..."

"Daniel Jackson, did you understand what I was saying?" Bratac asks.

What am I? Some sort of fucking innocent? Stuff it, I'll show him.


Jack can never resist me kissing him - in public or otherwise.

"Oh," he moans as I get closer.

"Come on guys, I think Bratac got the message," Sam howls.

"Spoilsport. I was having fun then."

"Yeah, well, you two keep your fun for the tent. You're getting me all hot and bothered," she scolds. Lucky girl.

"I was only just getting warmed up."

"That's true," Jack says as he pulls me to sit on the floor between his legs. Love sitting like this, especially like now when he wraps his arms around me.

"Daniel Jackson is your... wife?" Bratac splutters.


"I'm no fucking 'wife' for anyone! I don't know if you understand the concept, Bratac," I spit, "but we're partners. Equals!"

"Shh, Daniel, calm down."

"No fucking way, O'Neill! I had to put up with that sort of attitude for far too long. How do you see me, Bratac? As some sort of child - or worse?"

"No, of course not. You are a brave man, Daniel. But your relationship... it surprises me. It is not usual to have two partners as you say, on Chulak. Always there is one dominant."

"It's not like that for us, Bratac," Jack says. "No way. I couldn't dominate Daniel if I even wanted to - which I don't. He'd have castrated me long ago if I tried to. Come on, Daniel, let's go and take a walk, shall we?"

What? Sure, if he wants to. We're going where? To the rings? Okay - now we're alone and in the tunnel and he's kissing me. I can deal.

"So, are you going to tell me what that outburst was all about? I understand you're upset, Daniel, and why, but you've never reacted like that before. Come on, out with it."

I want to tell him - I really do. But how?

"Coffee," I tell him. We do have cooking facilities down here, so I take him there and go and put the kettle on.

"When we were on the base, you know a lot of people assumed you were fucking me every chance you got."

"Yeah, I know. And that was before we even got together. Didn't think it bothered you, Daniel."

"No, not as such. Look, Jack, you and I know what we're like, okay? And that's the most important thing to me. But I'm sick to death of people assuming things about us. They see me as weak, Jack. I'm not!"

"I know. I think you're the strongest, bravest, most wonderful man I've ever know in my life Daniel. And you know I mean that, don't you?"

Yeah - I know it. He pulls me into his arms. Okay - I'm angry and I know it. Not with him though.

"They assume that the guy who's getting fucked is some sort of woman, Jack. If they'd even thought for one moment that I'd be as likely to fuck you as the other way around, I'd have been killed. Don't you get it?"

"I get it, only too well, Daniel. And I wish there was something that I could do to change those attitudes. They were, and still are ignorant. We know better."

"Sam saw us the other night. Not last night, the night of the aurora. She saw what I was doing to you. Saw me going down on you. We talked about it. She was as shocked as hell to find out that you do it for me too. If Sam thinks like that, how do I stand any chance of anyone else taking me seriously? I'm not a warrior, I never wanted to be one. Have I ever let you down in the field though?"

"Never. Not once. I've had trained soldiers let me down, Daniel, but you've never done that."

"So why are you the only one that sees that, Jack?"

"I'm not. The guys see it too. Hammond sees it - Ferretti and his team see it. Perhaps we don't tell you often enough that you're appreciated. It's something else, isn't it?"

I guess it won't hurt to tell him now. First though, "Don't say a thing to Sam, please. I put her straight and she accepted it, apologised too. She didn't mean to see us, it was an accident."

He agrees, I pour the coffee and we sit across the weird rock table that we have.

"When we were at the SGC - it was when we were fighting a lot - it was assumed that whatever relationship we had had was over."

"You were hit on?"

"I was threatened. Told to submit or they'd ruin you."

"They? How many, Daniel?"

"Three of them."


"Doesn't matter now."

"Yes it does."

"No, it doesn't. I didn't submit, Jack. I beat the crap out of the one and the others legged it."

"Jesus. I remember there was an incident. One of the airmen said he'd been jumped in the showers by someone he hadn't seen."

"Yeah - that would be it. I threatened to fuck him into the next century if he so much as squeaked."

"Good for you. I'm proud."

"You are?"

"Sure. You showed them, Daniel."

"Yeah - but don't you see? They figured I was some sort of wimp, that I'd cave in to their demands. There were three of them, Jack. I nearly had to. If I hadn't had the opportunity I'd had to turn the tables - I'm not going into details but I got lucky that day. I'd have been raped otherwise."

"I see why you're so fed up of it. I don't know what to say, Daniel. You're a scholar - and in some people's eyes that makes you a wimp. Not mine - not anyone that really knows you. All I can say is that I've got faith in you - faith that you'll deal with whatever comes your way. And if the worst does happen, I'll be here with you to help you through it."

I put my hand across the table and take his and squeeze it.

"Yeah. I know. And that's what's stopped me losing it up till now."

Jeez - I don't know how he does it, how he puts up with so much crap. This outburst has been a long-time coming. Well, it stops and it stops now. Anyone who insults Daniel is getting me in their face. We finish our coffee quietly and then head back up to the rings.

"You're right about the plan, Daniel. If we can't sneak in and do it covertly, we're going to have to have a back-up plan. Distracting this Petroleum guy might help."

I know it annoys the crap out of him when I deliberately get people's names wrong and I'm not disappointed now.

"Petrocus," he snaps, then looks at me and laughs. "Bastard. C'mere."

He reaches out to me and pulls me into a gentle kiss.

"Love you, Daniel. And I respect you. Never forget that."

"I know it - and thanks Jack. I shouldn't let it get to me, other people's opinions of me have never bothered me before. Don't know why it's happening now."

"Perhaps you've just learned a lesson," I say as the rings surround us.

As we emerge he asks, "Lesson?"

"Yeah - you're human, Daniel. It's okay for you to be one too, ya know."

I get one of his blistering smiles and he wraps an arm around my back as we walk back to the others.

"We're going with Daniel's plan," I announce as we get back to them. "At least as a backup. Carter, you've got to stay hidden. I'm not risking you. Ah ah ah! Don't argue. No one is getting the opportunity to rape you and you're going to have to suck that up and live with it. I want you to go with Teal'c and Bratac.

"First thing I want you to do is go and contact your dad - tell him we need a covert insertion on the planet. If we have the time for this, I want you guys to go on his cloaked ship. Daniel and I will go through the gate. Eyes will be on us. Now, we'll try to get close enough to Petrocus to take him out. If we can't do this, we're going to... distract him while you three take him out. What time will the ceremony take place?"

"It is after sunset, O'Neill," Bratac replies. "The choosing happens at midnight."

"Good, so, we've got a day and a half. Scoot, Sam, contact your dad asap. If he's not close enough we'll have to think of a second plan."

She gets up and runs to the rings to get the communicator and then I talk to Teal'c and Bratac.

"You let anyone lay a finger on Sam and I'll personally rip your intestines out and strangle you with them, capiche?"

They nod. Daniel grins.

Bratac looks at him curiously.

"You do not take his threats seriously?" he asks him.

"Oh, I do. I know Jack and what he's capable of better than anyone. He never says anything like that without meaning it."

"And if you were the one to allow her to become hurt? Would he kill you?"

"Yes," Daniel replies carefully, "but he wouldn't have to. I'd rather die than allow her to be hurt. She's my sister."

Bratac nods. Then he asks, "Have you ever been afraid of O'Neill?"

"No. The Colonel on occasions, but never afraid of Jack. Mad as hell with him sometimes," and he smiles at me. "Infuriated beyond belief at times, but never afraid. I never was smart enough to be scared of him."

"I'd never hurt you, and you know it. You've always known it, right from the beginning, before we were friends you knew it."

He shrugs. "You knew stuff about me then too."

"True - I figured out you'd never let me down the second you took that staff weapon blast and died. I was pretty put out to think that the realisation came too late. For once I'm grateful to Ra."

"Yeah - me too."

Teal'c is saying nothing. We've never really talked about the first mission. Bratac is confused.

"You took a blast for him?" he looks in amazement at Daniel.

"Not the only time he's saved my life, Bratac. Daniel's the bravest man I've ever met. You should have seen him back then, all wide-eyed and fascinated by everything. I was groaning at first, thinking that I was having to take this pacifist civilian scientist with me into a potentially hostile situation. What I didn't know then and learned pretty soon was that Daniel picks his battles - and you can be pretty darned sure that when he does choose to fight, he'll win. If ever he takes you on, old man, you're a goner."

Teal'c finally speaks up.

"O'Neill is correct. Daniel fights only when necessary. He uses his considerable talents to avoid unnecessary violence - something that I have learned to appreciate. However, when he does decide it is time to fight, he is victorious. I have never in all my years met a braver scholar - or a more intelligent warrior."

Daniel's actually blushing, I don't believe it.

"Jack," he moans. "Stop it."

"Hey - I told you. It's about time you got the recognition you deserve. And I'm telling you now, Bratac, don't you ever assume anything about him. It's usually fatal."

Bratac nods again before saying, "I apologise, Daniel. I have always had the utmost respect for your talents and your bravery. I did not mean to imply otherwise."

Daniel smiles at him and lets him off the hook. Good, he's looking a little happier now.

"Bratac, what sort of clothes should we wear?"

Bratac thinks for a moment.

"If you are considering going in as a distraction, you will need clothes of great finery, and also clothes that will accentuate your, er, best features."

Daniel ducks his head - almost shyly - and then agrees. "We have some things brought from the Goa'uld pleasure palace. Jack, should we go and try some on? Gentlemen, would you come and see if they're suitable please?"

They agree, so we head back into the tunnel. Carter has already gone to the gate to talk to her dad, so I'm hoping she'll have an answer soon.

Dad has agreed to take us in - I think he's relieved that I'm going to be hiding out to tell the truth. There was a time I'd have been insulted by all of this, but now I know that Jack respects my abilities I really don't mind.

To put me in the face of the Goa'uld would have been asking for trouble and could have screwed up the mission. He's trusting me and the other guys not only to carry out the mission, but also to protect Daniel. He doesn't give a stuff about himself, but he'd die if something happened to Daniel. So despite it looking like he's protecting me, he is in fact paying me the greatest compliment it's possible for him to pay anyone. Wow, that's a pretty heady thought.

I'm off to find the Jaffa. They're not by the fire, so they must be underground.

Yep, I was right. They're in the communal area. Waiting by the looks of things.

"Guys? Where're Jack and Daniel?"

"They are trying on some of the clothes found at the pleasure palace, Samantha," Teal'c tells me. "We need to make sure that they are suitable."

Ah. Of course.

"Jack? Daniel? You'll have to hurry, I need to take Bratac and Teal'c now if we're going to get to the planet on time."

"Just a minute," Daniel calls, "nearly there. Damn things. There're laces everywhere on this shirt. Ah - that's better."

Jack comes out of their room looking gorgeous. Deep-green robes over black pants which hug him... nicely. Ooh - I see why Daniel keeps hold of him. He's a big boy. Hmm. It's funny, I've seen him naked, but this is way more erotic. He has a silver-grey lace-up shirt too. Woof.


Crap. My tongue is at it again.

"Yeah. You look very sexy, Jack. You should attract Petrocus' eye no problems. Hey, Daniel, are you coming out? We need to see you before we go."

"On my way," he yells.

Whoo momma.

He's dressed similarly to Jack, except he has midnight-blue pants - hell, he's um, blessed too - a matching silver shirt to Jack's, but he's got a sapphire-blue robe to go on top. I'm guessing that Jack had something to do with this selection.

"You look extremely attractive, Daniel," Teal'c says.

"I'll say," I add. "C'mere you, I could do with a hug before I leave you."

He grins, hugs me and kisses my head.

"You be careful," he whispers.

"You too."

"Hey, I'll be fine. You guys are going to watch over us, aren't you?"

"You bet! I've just got to go and grab some kit now and then we really have to go or we won't be there to help."

All four men follow me to the armoury. We pick up some things - C4, zats, other stuff like comms devices supplied by the Tok'ra too. We have no idea what we'll need so we'll go prepared.

"What I wouldn't give for a P90," I sigh. A quick line up and single bullet to the brain - sorted.

"Yeah, but we can't replenish the bullets, so it's pointless."

"Not for assassinations," I say. "I can do it with one."

"Sam, have you ever...?" Daniel asks.

"No. But I'm trained to, Daniel. And if you guys are there and in danger, let's just say it would be much easier for me to do it."

"Let's hope there's a better way then."

I get another brotherly kiss from him, one from Jack too and then we're sent off to meet with Dad. Jack says he'll contact us as soon as he can when they get onto the planet. The sooner we get there the better. We'll need to survey the place and relay the information to them because they're going to leave it till the last minute to arrive - the Grand Entrance thing.

Major Carter - Samantha - is pacing up and down as we fly through hyperspace. Her father says that if we get there quickly, he can scan the area where the choosing will take place and relay a map to O'Neill. This will be good.

Neither Bratac nor I will shed tears for the death of Petrocus. In fact, we will celebrate. He was at best abusive of Apophis' Jaffa - at worst, murderous. His taste for sadistic sexual relations with anyone caused as many of us as could to avoid him. It was, in fact, preferable to go into battle for Apophis than to be chosen to serve Petrocus. I was punished once for losing an unwinnable battle by being sent to serve Petrocus for a week. I would rather have had my symbiote removed.

We have eaten, discussed as much as we can profitably discuss without seeing the place - and now her pacing is starting to tire me.

"Samantha. Come to me. Let me help you relax. We will not arrive on the planet for another few hours. Come to lie down and let me aid your mind. You need to be rested."

"You're right. I'd love a back rub if there's one going," she smiles back at me.

"For you? Always."

She follows me to her sleeping area and removes her jacket. She is already in the black uniform that we will wear to hide us at night. I fear she will not wish to remove any more of it. Still, I can help her go to sleep now. This will help me to meditate later.

"Jack? We need to practise getting out of these clothes," I try the husky voice. It's not working. With Sam and Teal'c gone he's resorted to pacing.

"Jack, please. It's for the good of the mission. We may need to be able to unlace each other easily. C'mon, Jack, we need to look like we're normally dressed like this, that we're important people. Huh?"

He sighs and comes over to me. We're actually underground. All of our comms equipment is here so if we get a call we can answer it straight away.

He's about to lead me to the bedroom. I think I need to take his mind off things.

"Uh huh, hun. Stay here. I've got an idea."

I run to our room - the one we keep down here just in case of storms or whatever up top - and retrieve some lube. My turn tonight I think.

I come back to the 'radio' room as it's become known and take him into the communal area with me.

"We're on our own, Jack," I murmur into his mouth. "Just you, me, a table, floor, some lube..."

"Daniel, we need to listen out."

"Jack, if all goes well we won't hear from them for hours yet. You and I need to practise. We have to look hot if we need to distract Petrocus. Do you have any idea how we're going to do this?"

If I turn this into a tactical exercise he might give in.

It's probably also helping that I'm undoing my shirt. His eyes are fixed on my hands. Hmm - this is giving me an idea. Shirt's undone, so now my hands drop to the pants. The flies are buttons, so I undo one at a time, taking time to run my hand over my crotch as I do. He's watching closely, his breathing is shortening and he's swallowing hard.

"Daniel," he gasps as the last one comes undone and he realises I've 'forgotten' to put my underwear on, yet again.

Oh God he's dropped to his knees. His hands are on my thighs, my hips, my butt - moving all over, pulling me to him, desperately trying to encourage me to move. I rest my hands on his head to steady us both and then start to move, taking it slow, not wanting to make him gag. He's moaning against me, his hot breath brushing over my cock, his tongue swiping up and down.

This is good - this is very, very good. He's upping the pace, trying to push me over the edge. I won't be long - I can't be long - this is too much. One more hard suck and I come, pouring into him, screaming his name over and over and over till it finally stops.

He lets me go, I'm shaking and fall to the floor. He's grabbed my pants and pulled them off, quickly undoing his own. I'd help him but I don't think I've got the co-ordination at the moment.

"How do you want me, Jack?"

"On your knees, Daniel."

Yes. Love this. No prep - I don't need it when I've come like that, couldn't be more relaxed. God this is good, straight in in one stroke. He gives me a minute and then I tell him to get going, move, hard, fuck me - more. He's grinding into me hard, fast, giving me everything he's got. I squeeze my muscles together, making myself as tight as I can. He cries out.

"God Daniel, love you!"

Yeah, me too babe, me too.

Tok'ra tunnel floors play hell with your knees - I need to get up now.

"Come on, Daniel, let's go to bed. You're right, they won't call for a while."

Mission accomplished then, I think.

We're orbiting the planet. Dad's scanning the area of the complex where the ceremony will take place. He takes copies of his results. We get one and he'll take one to the nearest planet with an unguarded gate and hopefully he'll be in time to send it to the guys.

"We should insert ourselves in the back of the complex," Bratac says. "We can create a diversion of our own with your explosives."

"We have to be careful," Teal'c points out. "There will be many innocent civilians there. We should try to avoid casualties among them."

Bratac's not so worried about them, I think. Teal'c studies him and says, "It is something that I learned from Daniel Jackson. What you and I would see as unfortunate injuries and death, seeing only the bigger picture, he also sees the smaller one - the families of the innocents. It is now my opinion that O'Neill's tendency to do what he calls a medical strike is the right thing."

I giggle. "It's surgical, Teal'c. Surgical strike. It's the term we use for only taking out what is necessary - like cutting away some diseased part of a body, but leaving the rest intact. Daniel will not be pleased if there is a wholesale massacre just to kill one man. We're grateful that he has so readily accepted the need to kill him as it is. Believe me, you do not want to face the wrath of Daniel if we screw up and kill civilians. You'll wish you were dead."

"He is that frightening? He has always - until yesterday - struck me as a mild-mannered man."

"He is," Teal'c answers. "But he is very strong and extremely opinionated. And always prepared to fight for what he believes is the right thing - even at the cost of his own life. Even O'Neill will not cross him."

"How long have they been lovers?"

"A few months short of two years," I tell him. "They're inseparable these days. Don't even think about suggesting that one goes somewhere without the other. It's not going to happen."

He nods - I think he's starting to understand now.

We're landing. Dad's still cloaked the ship, of course. We're about a klick away from the complex. Dad gives me a hug - we have all of his information - and then his ship, well, I'm guessing it's taken off, the turbulence in the air is enough to say so. The three of us are off to the trees to hide out till the sun starts to set. Dad's got the instructions for the guys. Just hope he gets to a gate in time.

Where the fuck is Jacob? We're waiting by the gate. If he doesn't come in the next half hour we're going to have to go. Daniel's looking to die for in those blue robes. He didn't want to wear them, but he did to make me happy. What a guy! We've had a lot of fun today, practising undoing the shirts with one hand. Not much love-making - just in case we need to keep that for tonight, but a lot of kissing and undressing.

I'm really hoping that we'll be able to get to this guy without the need for this 'distraction', but we'll do whatever is necessary. I've even got some lube stashed in my pocket just in case. I really don't want it to come to that though. I'm going to have to trust the guys to take out the snake before then.

FINALLY! He's arrived.

"Jack, Daniel. You're looking good."


Jacob snorts - well, what did he expect? A couple of shrinking violets? It's not our style.

He hands us a data pad.

"Here's the scan of the complex. As soon as it's dark, Sam and the guys will head in there. First thing they're going to do is look for a sarcophagus. They'll plant C4 inside it. They won't blow it though - not until you're all heading away from there and Petrocus is dead - just in case."

Just in case we need it, he means. Nice - not.

"If you guys can get close enough, stick this in him. It's a tiny amount of the Goa'uld-killing toxin that we used on Ravanna. This time it's in liquid form. Remember the ring, Daniel?"

Daniel nods. He must be talking about the one he used to make Yu think he was his slave. We look at what he's given us. It's another ring with a spike.

"Keep it in this box until you get close. Then put it on and stab him with it. If you can't do that, the others will launch an attack as you distract him."

"Fair enough. Pass me the ring, Daniel."

He hands it to me. Damn. It's too small. My fingers are bigger than his.

"You couldn't have made this adjustable?" I ask.

"Sorry, we're working to a timetable here. We only got word that this guy was definitely going to be there tonight four days ago. Your scheduled mission has been postponed for this one instead."

"Why didn't you supply us with the ring before?" Daniel asks. Good question.

"Simple. We didn't know if it was going to be ready. I'd have come here earlier today if I hadn't been taking Sam. Her call changed our plans too. Still, it's a good idea, keeping them in reserve."

"It's similar to how we got Ibo for you," I tell him. At least Daniel won't be the only distraction this time.

It's time to go. Jacob says his goodbyes, Daniel plants a kiss on me as he takes the box with the ring out of my hand - don't think I hadn't noticed, Daniel - and then we dial up and step through.

There's no one there. Not sure if I'm glad or not. We head off to the complex in silence, it's pretty close, ten minutes' walk at most. Daniel's studying the layout. His photographic memory comes in handy sometimes.

"You got that yet?" I whisper - don't know if there's anyone around.

"Yeah, think so. Keep your hand on my arm so I can read and walk at the same time, Jack."

My pleasure. The sun is starting to set, so I guess we're here in time.

We can see O'Neill and Daniel Jackson. They are nearly at the main gate to the buildings. Many people are already here. Men, women - some very young, only teenagers. Some look happy, some afraid. Whatever happens, if we are not successful, these people will never be the same again. They will either die or be turned into hosts. A lot depends on how many of the Jaffa's symbiotes are mature. We can carry a mature symbiote only for a matter of weeks. If he only has one or two ready, then most people here will die.

The victims are sometimes volunteers. They are from planets where they are brought up to believe that choosing ceremonies are the highest honour that they can be granted. Other victims are sent against their will. They are the fearful ones.

It is time to seek out the sarcophagus.

"Try this way," Samantha says. "There was a higher concentration of naquada here."

She is pointing to a room on her readout. We follow her reasoning and walk as silently and as quickly as we can down the corridor. O'Neill's insistence that she and I wear sneakers is a good idea. The Jaffa wear heavy boots and can always be heard. We are silent. Bratac has taken off his boots and is forced to carry them. He said earlier that our sneakers would not be of much use in battle. He is now seeing the benefit for covert insertions. They are not called sneakers for nothing, I assume. I will have to ask Daniel this later.

We have reached the room where the high concentration of naquada is. Samantha was correct. There is indeed a sarcophagus there. There is also a Jaffa. Bratac and Samantha check the corridor and tell me that it is clear. I push the door further open a small amount and fire my zat at him three times. We do not have time to dispose of bodies.

The three of us creep up to the sarcophagus.

"Shit!" Samantha announces. I understand why. It is in use. When Petrocus comes out, he is going to look for his missing Jaffa. We may be in trouble. This is, of course, if it is Petrocus in there. It may be another Goa'uld.

"Why do we not just destroy the sarcophagus now?" Bratac asks.

"What if it's someone else in there?" she hisses. "It could be one of his victims being brought back to life. And if Petrocus isn't there, we won't have the back-up plan if one of us is hurt.

Bratac nods. We place some C4 at the bottom of it instead.

"Watch," Bratac says, and we hide behind some heavy curtains which edge an open window. As we get there, the cycle finishes.

It is not Petrocus. It is a woman. She looks around and does not see her Jaffa. Was he her captor or servant? We cannot take the chance to find out. She is dressed in gold robes - but this does not mean she is Goa'uld. They sometimes dress up their human victims for their own deviant ends.

She runs out of the room. We have no idea whether she is going to raise the alarm or not. Whatever she does, it is time to hide.

Jack has contacted the others. A whispered conversation on a Tok'ra communicator has told us about the sarcophagus. We'll have to be on our guard. The guys are watching us from an entrance to the building. We have noticed some of the Jaffa looking as if they are hunting out someone, so hopefully that woman was one of his victims - perverse as that sounds. At least she's alive.

The sun has set and there seems to be a party starting up. We head towards it, unsure about what is going to happen. A servant gives us something to drink. We sip it, not wanting to get drunk, but we need to look as if we're part of the whole thing. There is no 'action' so to speak yet. Petrocus isn't even here.

"Daniel, are we in the right place?"

"I think so. Just hang on, Jack. Let's find somewhere to watch everything from."

He puts an arm around me and leads me to a wall. Good thinking. We won't have to watch our backs.

Petrocus has arrived. His host is a big, strong man, pretty good-looking too. I wonder how long he has been with him? Whatever, there is no way that host will want to survive after he has seen the horrors that he has performed at Petrocus' bidding. Death will be a release for him.

A woman has been brought to him. She's pretty enough I guess, but Petrocus obviously doesn't think so. He shakes his head and she's taken away.

Jack gets back onto his communicator to inform the guys. He leaves it open and we hear a muffled scream, zat shots and then Sam says, "Sorted", and they break off. Good.

Trouble is, Petrocus is now waiting for his Jaffa to return. He sends another. Jack informs the guys again. This time I think they're staying out of the way. We can't take out all the Jaffa one at a time like this, too many suspicions will be raised. We've seen at least twenty ourselves - heaven only knows how many are actually here.

Petrocus is standing up and walking around the garden where the 'party' is taking place. He has grabbed two men and he's saying something. One has shaken his head and Petrocus is hitting him. I want to go and stop him but Jack pulls me back.

"No, too many people around, Daniel. Look at the reactions."

I look around and see that a number of the people here - the victims for God's sake - are angry with the men. Oh crap. That means they're here voluntarily - that they think Petrocus is some sort of god. This is going to make it more difficult. Teal'c had hinted that this would be the case, but I didn't really expect this.

Two men are coming up to Petrocus and are... shit... volunteering to do whatever he wants. I indicate that we should get closer, to listen in to what Petrocus wants. Before we get there though, it's pretty obvious what he's told them to do. The one who argued has had his pants torn off, the first volunteer has just entered him - ouch - didn't see him use any lube. The poor guy getting raped just screamed. I would too. I don't need preparing, but I usually need lube for crying out loud. The other one from the original couple has just nodded. Obviously he's going to give in rather than be raped. What is he going to be made to do? Ah. He's on his knees and now he's having to suck off the other volunteer.

I think I'm going to be sick.

"Jack, we have to stop this and stop it soon."

"Yeah, I know. I don't like this any more than you do, babe. But what do we do? We can't get close enough to Petrocus to use the ring, you've seen how many Jaffa he has nearby."

"Perhaps we need to bring him here?"

"Hey? What are you thinking now?"

"Look, his Jaffa are getting into this, aren't they? They're starting to get distracted. The more people that, um, distract them, the more chance we'll get to do this."

"So, what's going to attract his attention?"

"I don't know. He's watching those other guys - ooh God that's got to hurt, did you see that?"

"Yes I did. And now my gonads have gone so far back into my body they may never come out again."

"Mine too." Was that me squeaking? Must've been.

Petrocus is now 'satisfied' that those guys are going to submit and he's walking off. Another poor woman has been brought to him. I don't know what's worse, watching him reject her or rape her. Or not. Oh God, she's just offered herself to him. He's accepted. Now I am going to be sick. He's made her strip in front of everyone and a Jaffa has lifted her. Oh Christ, he's holding on to her while Petrocus fucks her. I can't watch. Poor woman.


"I know, I know, but what can we do?"

He gets onto his communicator again.

"You guys got any ideas?"

"None. He is too well surrounded. To launch an attack would be to kill innocents." Bratac's voice is calm, but even we can hear his own horror at this sight.

Petrocus is finished. The woman goes to grab her garments but the Jaffa leads her towards the guys. This time they do take him out.

Before he realises that this Jaffa is dead, Petrocus makes an announcement.

"Entertain me!" he calls.

I have an idea.

"Do nothing, Jack."

"Are you nuts?"

"No! Watch."

We see everybody grabbing a partner and fucking and sucking - anything to avoid being raped and carried off. Jack and I stand defiantly and we finally get Petrocus' attention.

He strides over to us. I slip the ring out of the box and put it on.

"Why are you not entertaining me?" he demands.

I'm not one hundred percent sure about Daniel's idea here. I know he wanted to get the snake over to us, but I'm going to play it his way because after that I have no idea what he has in mind.

"Why are you not entertaining me?"

"We don't want to," Daniel replies haughtily.

"Do you want me to force you?"

"I'd like to see you try," Daniel sneers.

Fuck. Snake-Baiting 101 again.

Petrocus steps closer, but not close enough for Daniel to get him with the ring. One of the remaining Jaffa grabs Daniel and makes him drop to his knees.

"Take your friend," the snake hisses.

"Fuck you."

Petrocus looks at me. "Do you want your friend to be taken by those that will listen to me?"

"No, of course not."

"Then you make him listen to you."

I look at Daniel - he tells me to say 'no' with his eyes. Oh God Daniel, what is going on in that mind of yours?

"He never listens to me," I say. "He's his own man. Nobody makes him do anything."

"Take. Your. Friend. In. Your. Mouth." he orders Daniel.

It wouldn't make much odds if he did, ain't no way I'm getting hard. Ah - now I see why Daniel's acting like this. The snake is in reach. He has undone his own pants. I'm being held by two Jaffa and Daniel's hair has been grabbed and his head yanked back. The snake thinks he can get Daniel to suck him? Jeez - this could be, er, entertaining.

Petrocus gets close enough to stick his dick in Daniel's mouth. But as quick as a flash, Daniel's hand shoots up and he - ooh - sticks the needle point in the guy's balls. Fuck, that's gotta hurt.

The snake lets out a scream, the Jaffa knocks Daniel to the floor as he watches the snake hit the deck. One grabs Petrocus and runs. Others grab us and drag us into the building.

I think that Daniel just delivered the poison. Good. Now all we have to do is blow the sarcophagus. First we have to rescue the guys though. They're being dragged our way, we're hiding behind some large drapes - wall-hangings. The sort that Daniel would normally stop to investigate because they've got pictures on them. Crap, they're being beaten, there are five Jaffa setting on them.

"NOW!" Bratac orders and the three of us jump out and start beating them. We can't zat them, the guys might get hurt. Damn it, I'm too small to take this guy. Where's my knife? There.

He's ugly - facing me with a leering smile. Oh no bubba - not today. Come any closer and you'll see my teeth - feel them too. Not afraid to use whatever weapons I have handy. He's stepping nearer, I'm backed up against a wall. Let him come, the knife's in my hand. That's it, one... more... step... and... GOTCHA!


Right in the throat. Not pretty, but effective.

He's clawing at his throat as he drops to the floor. Now I can zat him. Bratac and Teal'c have overcome their targets - now to help the guys, they're unarmed and already beaten. Damn - they're out for the count. I leave our Jaffa to take the other Jaffa, something they're doing with great skill and not a little enjoyment I think.

I've gotten Daniel, I'm dragging him behind the hanging... time to get Jack. I'm putting these guys on a diet when we get back, they're heavy.

Ugh - got him.

"Jack, Daniel, wake up! Come on guys, you have to get up. We have to blow this place and get out of here. Wake up dammit!"

Jack's eyes are opening.

"Quickly, the other Jaffa are coming - there's a riot going on in the garden. I think that some of the unwilling victims are fighting the others."

"Help them?"

"No, we can't and you know it. I'm sorry, Jack, but we have to get out of here."

"Go, blow the sarc - I'll take care of Daniel."


"Yeah, we'll stay here till you come back. Go!"

We have removed the Jaffa that hurt O'Neill and Daniel. Samantha has come from behind the wall hanging.

"The guys are back here. Daniel's still out, but Jack's awake. He said to go and blow the sarcophagus."

Although we have the ability to do this by remote, we are reluctant to leave this place until we are sure that we have accomplished our mission. So we run down the corridor, fighting with our zats any Jaffa that appears. We are able to kill a number of them before we arrive at the room where the sarcophagus is located. There are four Jaffa surrounding it so we hold by the door.

"Wait to see if the sarcophagus works," Samantha whispers. "The Tok'ra would be interested to know what happens I think."

We understand her reasoning, so we wait in hiding while it completes its cycle.

Come on Daniel, it's time to wake up. Much as I love to stroke your hair... oh crap - blood, where's that coming from?

Your ear? No. Not that. Shit, why didn't I notice before. Your breathing's ragged. Fuck. Heartbeat, what's that doing? Weak. Thready. FUCK. Ribs are smashed - didn't know - didn't check. FUCK! Blood from his mouth too.

"CARTER! Carter! Don't blow the sarcophagus!"

"What was... breaking... blow... sarc... repeat."

Shit, shit, shit!


Come on, big guy, up you get. You'll be the fucking death of me. Can't lift you, gonna have to drag you. Which way did they go?


Okay - I know shouting isn't going to help but it makes me feel better.

"Jack? What's wrong?"

Good, reception is improving.

"Do NOT blow the sarcophagus, Daniel's hurt bad!"

"GOD! Yes - okay - we'll wait. Petrocus' cycle is still going anyway. Where are you?"

"In the corridor. Which way did you go?"

"Stay there O'Neill, I will come and get you," Teal'c's voice is reassuring.

"'Kay - just hurry. Have to hide."

Shit, Jaffa feet again - back behind a hanging. The riot outside is a great distraction but they're still around.

Daniel's breathing is worse. God only knows what they did to him. Head injuries, that's for sure. Why didn't Carter notice this? Aw hell, O'Neill, don't go there. She'll feel bad enough as it is. That cut on his head doesn't look as bad as all that - he's had worse and been all right. This must be inside. The bleeding hasn't stopped. Don't know what's wrong, but I do know he's going to need the sarcophagus or he's not going to make it. And not making it is not an option, Danny Boy - never has been.

Wake up, Daniel, please. Love you, baby, can't go on without you, you know that. Can't do it. Please be okay, babe, please. You get out of this and we'll have a couple of days off and I'll treat you like a king, you got that?


"Teal'c! Here. Help me! Daniel's hurt."

Teal'c's head appears and he takes Daniel from my arms. Oh God, he's stopped breathing.

"We must hurry," he says and I take his zat.

We run down the corridor, he has Daniel in his arms, I'm zatting anything that doesn't get out of my way fast enough.

"NOW!" I scream and Bratac and Carter go into the room, zats blazing. By the time we get in there, it's empty.


Bratac turns the dial. Ew. A dead - dusty snake. Literally a pile of dust is in there.

"Well, I'm sure the Tok'ra will be glad to know about that!" Carter says.


"Put him in! We don't have time to clean it out!"

I grab my robe and put it on the dust though - just ew.

We start up the cycle and wait.

"Jack, are you okay?"

No, my honey's dead again. And I'm shaking like a fucking leaf. This had better work.

"Daniel's going to go nuts when he wakes up," she says as she pulls me into her arms.


"Oh, dead again, sarcophagus - waking up with snake dust. Ooh I'm so glad he's with you and not me, Jack. You're going to get it in the neck."

I'm laughing - only to hide the fact that I want to cry. She's doing the same. Teal'c and Bratac are watching the doors, silently standing guard as Jaffa and rioters still fight outside. The window is open. I head over there and look out. Fires are starting to break out across the compound. Things are starting to get a bit, er, hot.

"Go. All of you. Get the message to the Tok'ra that Petrocus is dead. Let them know what happened here."

"We will not leave, O'Neill."

"Teal'c - this place is going up in smoke. I'll wait for Daniel and get him out. The mission is not accomplished until you guys have gotten the message through. Now go. Get Carter out of here. Please."

Teal'c looks at me, not understanding my motives. They're quite simple, my friend. I'm not going anywhere without Daniel. And if he doesn't make it, I'm not coming. Teal'c does, however, accede to my request.

I do believe that O'Neill thinks Daniel is not going to make it this time; that the fires will consume the building before the cycle is complete. I do not wish to go, but I will. I nod and usher Bratac out. Samantha is complaining.

"Go, Carter, now. That's an order."

"Hey, since when do I listen to them," she says.

"That's Daniel, not you. We'll be right behind you, I promise. Now go, get the message out."

He kisses her cheek.

"You don't want me to get Bratac to carry you, do you?"

She blusters a bit but then she comes. I think she wants to cry, but she is keeping it well under control. She kisses him back and we take our leave.

The Jaffa are now just trying to get out of the building, not paying much attention to us at all. The gate is not far and many people are trying to get to it at once.

"What do we do? We can't fight them all!" Samantha cries out.

"This is true. However, we may be able to assist them."

"WAIT!" I call out. Some of the victims cower. "Where do you wish to be sent?"

I hear a few planet's names stammered out. I dial up and announce the first one. The victims do not know me, but they take their chance. Then I dial the second - I know some of these co-ordinates. However, I do not know them all.

"Do you know your planet's address?"

Blank looks. I sigh.

"Come with us." I dial up the pleasure palace and then we put a call through to the Tok'ra and wait for them to arrive.

I hate this waiting - I don't know what's going on with the guys at all. The gate's dialling up. Dad. Thank God, he must have parked up somewhere and gated back to the Tok'ra. I need a hug.

"Where are Jack and Daniel? Don't tell me they've sneaked off to be 'alone' again, have they?" he teases.

Crap. I really didn't want to cry.

"Sammy? What's wrong?"

"Jacob. We need to send these people home first. Then we can discuss the mission." Teal'c's taking over. Just as well. I'm tired.

We hear some names being thrown at us - fortunately Selmac knows most of them, as they have to do with the research they did for this mission.

She dials up a couple of times, then dials a neutral planet for those she does not know as a temporary measure, until we are rid of the victims. That sounds awful, but I don't want to think.

"Let us go to Remoc and we will discuss what has happened."

Teal'c dials up and we step through onto our planet and go to the tunnels. I need a drink. We don't have any wine left, but we do have some whisky that Dad brought for us a few days ago.

"Didn't they make it?" Dad asks.

"We do not know. Daniel is dead. However, he was in the sarcophagus when we left."

"I guess Jack's not leaving him," Dad says with a sigh.

"No way, Dad. Wither goes one..."

"Yeah, I get it."

"Guess we just wait and see. If they're not back by morning, we're going to look for them."

Dad nods in understanding.

"Who killed Petrocus?"

"Daniel, I believe," Teal'c says. "We were watching and the actions of those around would suggest it. We are sure he used the poison."

I tell Dad about the dusty side effect and he grins.

"Good. That means our operatives can use it in the knowledge that it will work and can't be reversed."

"Dad, you can't ask a Tok'ra to use it - what if they accidentally stab themselves with it?"

"True - but it's there if necessary. Making the liquid form is even more difficult than the gas form for some reason - don't ask me why, I'm no scientist and neither is Selmac. It's got something to do with instability. That's the point at which we shut down."

"You sound like Jack," I scold.

"Yeah, he and I have a lot more in common than either of us would want. Anyway, what it all means is that we won't be making that very often - only when we think we'll get the chance to use it."

The four of us sit around the table in silence now. This waiting is killing us.

When is this fucking cycle going to end? The waiting's killing me. Quite literally. The fire's closing in. Hey baby, said I'd go to hell and back for you, gonna prove it in the next few minutes.

Oh thank God.

"Daniel, quickly, we have to get out now."


"Jack? What's all this dust? What's going on? Why was I in the sarcophagus? What's that smoke?"

"Ah ah ah, out now, talk later. Move it, Jackson."

I haul him out of the coffin and we head for the window. We're about ten feet up from the ground so it's a matter of dangling down and dropping the remaining few feet. I make him go first while I cover him with the zat, though no one seems interested in us anymore. There are a few Jaffa running around but not many. He's at his fingertips now and gone, that's it. Down safely. I throw the zat down and lower myself till I'm only holding on with my fingers and then let go.

Phew - that was a close one - the curtains have just gone up.

Daniel's trying to catch his breath. Guess the sarc didn't cure his chest and sinuses then. I grab him and pull him to the trees where we both collapse and finally get our breath back.

"So - talk - where are the others?"

"I sent them home when you were in the sarc."

"I died again, didn't I?"

"Yeah. You really have to stop doing that, Daniel."

"Sorry. Sort of knew it was going to happen when I felt that Jaffa's boot going through my rib cage." Fuck - that had to have hurt.

"What happened to Petrocus?"

"Ah. Well, the poison worked."

"Good. And?"


"Your voice, Jack, there's an and."

"No, no, no and."

"And, Jack, there's an and. And what?"

"And you know that dust in the sarc, the stuff that had you sneezing your head off when you got out and all."


"That's him."

I know that look that he's giving me. It's the 'I want to kill him. I also want to fuck him fifty ways to next Tuesday. Fuck it, I'll just fuck him to death. And then revive him and do it again' look. I think I'm in trouble.

"You were dead, Daniel, I didn't have time to find a vacuum cleaner. I did put my robe down over the worst of it."

His eyes soften. He must know what I went through when I knew he was dead again. He leans over and plants a gentle kiss on my lips.

"Let's go home, Jack. And thanks for bringing me back again."

His eyes thank me for waiting for him too, but he knows not to say that. No way would he have left me either and I know it.

"Let's go then."

The gate has activated. We all rush to the rings and go up to the surface, but none of us can catch Samantha. We have waited a long time. Well, it seems like a long time.

O'Neill has stepped through with Daniel. I am... pleased, though I do believe that that is an understatement.

Daniel has picked Samantha up and he is swinging her around. They are showering kisses on each other and laughing. Now she has smacked him.

"Don't you DARE do that to me again you bastard!"


"Oops. Sorry Dad."

Daniel is laughing at her and she pokes him in the arm.

"Jack, how's your head?" she asks.

"Jack! You never said there was anything wrong with your head!" I think that Daniel is cross. "Get to those rings now. Let's take a look."

"Stop fussin' will ya? It was only a knock! Nothing's broken."

"You were unconscious," I point out.

"Thanks Teal'c."

"You are welcome."

I escort O'Neill to the rings and when we are down in the tunnel, Samantha goes through all of the checks that she has been taught.

"I don't think you have a concussion. For once, Jack, you struck lucky, so to speak."

"Yeah, it wasn't me having my ribs and head kicked in," he replies.

"It was not," I say. "It was the hero. The killer of Petrocus. I offer my congratulations and my gratitude. I once had to serve Petrocus for a week. I found him to be a most brutal master."

Daniel's eyes soften towards me. "Are you okay, Teal'c?"

"I am fine. I am relieved that he will no longer be allowed to hurt. You should not let this upset you at all, Daniel. I know how much you dislike killing."

"I'm okay about it," he replies. "Honestly. I don't think you guys saw what we did in the garden. I have no regrets. But I do think it's time to party. How much of that whisky do we have left?"

Jacob and Bratac have left, Jacob sent a couple more bottles of whisky (or whatever it really is, tastes like it, so that will do as far as names go) through and we're partying. Teal'c is smashed - as is Sam. Jack and I are relatively sober so far, I think we're both too shaken to get blasted yet, though I think the dam is going to burst soon.

"We're going to bed, guys. It's very late and it's been a long day," I tell them.

I get another kiss off Sam, a hug believe it or not from Teal'c and then I take Jack by the hand and we head up towards our own sanctuary under the stars. I take a bottle of whisky with us. Tired or not, I think we both need it.

"Inside or out, Jack?"

"It's a nice night, how about outside?"

"Sounds good. I'll get a blanket or two."

He's sitting on the beach, looking out to sea. The moons are lighting the midnight sky up and reflecting on the water.

I put the blankets and pillows down, dropping the lube there too - well, I have no idea how this is going to go.

"That was a close one, Daniel," he says wearily as I sit next to him. He takes a small swig of the whisky and passes it to me. I don't mind the burn as it goes down, it makes me realise that I'm alive.

"Yeah, but you should know by know I'm remarkably hard to kill; permanently anyway."

He looks at me with his crooked grin.

"I wasn't going to leave," he says quietly.

"I know. I wouldn't have left you either."

"I know." He takes the bottle off me and has another sip of the whisky, passes it back to me and I join him. We sit, saying little, just listening to the small waves breaking on the sand.

"It's time for bed," he finally announces, so we strip off and lie down on the blanket and I pull another over us. I feel his body shudder next to mine - he's trying to rein in sobs. I start to kiss him, touching him, needing to know that he's there and with me. He's doing the same, as if he can't believe I'm back with him.

Soft kisses become frantic as our hands run over each other's bodies. Even whisky sodden, we're both hard and desperate. He dives down and takes me in his mouth, but I want him too.

"Wait," I gasp and turn myself around.

The feel of him on me while I take him at the same time is incredible. My head is spinning from the alcohol and the sensation of his hot, wet mouth. I groan as I feel his fingertips searching out my ass and he roughly buries one inside me - dry and hard and I love it. I return the favour, and we suck and lick and fuck and moan - our hips moving, our tongues working in tandem. Love the feeling of him like this, hard and hot on my tongue, desperately pushing as if he wants to get all the way down my throat. I'm squeezing him against the roof of my mouth and then I open up and take him deep.

I feel him start to tighten, feel the vibrations of his moans around my cock as we get closer and closer. I'm the same, nearly there, fingers fiercely pushing inside and I'm suddenly coming hard and swallowing fast as he comes with me. I keep sucking and fucking till he pulls away and begs me to stop.

"Don't you scare me like that again," he scolds with tears running down his face, as somehow I turn and crawl into his arms. "Don't you ever fucking dare die on me again Daniel. I can't take any more of that."

More frenzied kisses, I'm wiping away the wetness from his cheeks with my lips, my tongue rasping against his unshaven skin.

"I'll try not to, babe, I'll try. Can't promise it won't happen again, but I'll try. You can't die on me either, you hear? Can't go on without you. Love you, Jack, love you so much."

We're both crying now, relief I guess. Just hope that our next trip out is a lot quieter. I'm not sure either of us could go through that again just yet.