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birthday surprise

Summary: This was written as a birthday present for Joy before Quiet Strength was even conceived. I think it would fit in to the Scenes just right.
It's surprise time for someone we know well.

He stepped into the house and instinctively knew that he was not alone. Not a sound, not a single breath, squeak or thud broke the silence, but he knew.

Cautiously, he made his way to the bedroom. No one was there. He kicked off his shoes, deposited his briefcase in its usual place and started to remove his suit. Jacket first, he slid it off his shoulders and onto a coathanger in the wardrobe. Then his tie, sliding the knot over the length with one hand as he let out a sigh, enjoying being released from his daily bonds. Then he loosened his belt and slid it through the loops, carefully hanging it up in its place. He undid his trouser button and then slid the zip down before dropping his pants to the floor. Wondering when he would find out what was going on, he bent over to pick up his trousers.

Then he found out.

"Say nothing. You may pick up your pants and put them away, then step back from the wardrobe. Do not turn around."

His breath hitching, he nodded in acknowledgement. He carefully folded his pants over the bar of the hanger and replaced them in the cupboard, then he took one step backwards.

"Undo your shirt and drop it where you stand."

He did as he was told and heard a low, hungry growl as his bare skin was exposed.

"Now your boxers."

He swallowed hard as he followed the instructions. Then his world went dark. A black, silk blindfold was placed over his eyes. He let loose a shiver over his body, though he had tried to fight it. He didn't want to let on exactly how he felt about this. Just yet, anyway.

"Kneel, then put your hands behind your back."

Trembling now, he did as he was told, the commanding voice not allowing him to refuse. He felt something on his ankle. It was wide, at least three or four inches. Leather? It felt like it. Another was placed on his other ankle. Buckles were done up till the bands were on tightly, swiftly followed by similar ones on his wrists. Wordlessly, the other man kicked his feet apart and placed something in-between them. A pole. Connected to both of the ankle bands, it held his legs wide open till he could barely balance on his knees. Then he felt the wrist bands being buckled together. He was totally immobilised now and there was nothing he could do.

Reaching out with his senses, he listened to the man that had become his master, but the thickly-carpeted floor muffled any sounds that he made with his feet, making tracking him difficult. Somehow though, he knew that they were not the only two there. There was someone else - someone that was saying and doing nothing.

"Open your mouth."

He did as he was told. It would be the last thing he would hear though, as ear plugs were now put in, taking away his one link with the outside world. He couldn't touch anything, couldn't see anything, and now he could no longer hear. His sense of smell was overwhelmed by the lighting of scented candles or incense - he wasn't sure which.

When he felt the other man's cock head at his mouth, he latched onto it as a connection to reality. He felt the man's hands on the side of his face, tilting his head up slightly and holding him in position. Then the man's dick started to slide in and over his tongue. Back and forth, he was held still as his mouth was slowly but surely fucked. Desperate for this contact now, he ran his tongue over the shaft, flicking it over the head when it was sufficiently withdrawn, imagining that his master was moaning with pleasure at the sensation. A finger stroked down his cheek told him that he was pleasing him.

It stopped. He groaned with disappointment. The hands - no, someone else's hands - were on his face now. A different prick at his mouth. This new man, not like his master, fucked him steadily and leaked pre-come copiously over his tongue. He had to swallow frequently and this encouraged the new man to push his cock further and further down his throat till finally, he was all the way there. He had to stop himself from gagging, relaxing the muscles in his throat and setting to work, desperate to get this man off.

Taste. It was all he had unless they touched him. He wanted the bitter taste of pre-come gone, washed away with the salty semen that was to follow. And it did. A tap on his cheek warned him and he prepared himself for the onslaught. When it came, it came in waves and he had to swallow fast or choke.

It was all over. He was done. The second man pulled away. He found himself having to fight down a whimper of need when he was no longer being touched, but soon felt the warmth of a naked body in front of him. A mouth on his, he opened to it, hungrily sucking on the tongue that was offered to him. He loved the feel of the unshaven face on his own, rasping his skin and making it tingle. Hands were in his hair, twisting in it, holding him tightly, hurting a little but he didn't care. He was being touched, that was all that mattered.

Another pair of hands, his master's he was sure, roamed over his body. They pinched his nipples and twisted harshly, causing him to moan into the mouth that was on his. Down his chest and to his abdomen. He fought a reaction to the tickling sensation, not wanting it to stop. A tug on his balls deflated his own dripping erection and he knew what was coming next. A cock ring. One designed to hold him out and erect, but which would not allow him to come.

The master's hands ran around behind him, and he was sure that he could sense the man moving. The other's mouth was still on his though and it was difficult to concentrate on the two things at once. The master knew this, he was sure.

Without warning, a finger was at his exposed asshole and then, just as suddenly, it was inside him, another joining it soon after. He felt the kisses intensifying and breathing became difficult. He tried to twist to let the man know. It worked. He was allowed a little break to get his breath back. Vibrations on the back of his neck told him that his master was right there and that he was speaking. He must have been telling the other to continue with the kissing as he soon felt the familiar lips on his.

The master ran his tongue over the back of his neck and he groaned into the other's mouth. A bite to his shoulder had him writhing as best he could.

The lips withdrew again and he felt himself being lowered to the floor, still kneeling. Now he knew that his ass was in the air. The other man was sitting in front of him now, cross-legged. His head was guided to rest in his lap, and near his stirring cock.

He felt fingers playing with his ass again, teasing, tickling, sometimes probing. Then they withdrew and were replaced by something else. Hot, wet, flexible. His master's tongue. He let out a low cry of surprise and delight, but knew that had been the wrong thing to do. The tongue went, and it was quickly followed by a smack on his butt cheeks. He made no sound as it happened.

It wasn't easy, but he kept in his sounds as another slap reddened his ass. He was hard again, painfully so, the sting of the smack both taking him to the edge and bringing him back from it. His master realised that he was sufficiently chastised and returned to his previous task, licking and nibbling his ass. This time, he kept quiet.

The third man was getting hard again, just watching them was enough for him. The slave felt the other's hand move up and down the stiffening shaft and tilted his head up, opening his mouth in offering.

He was moved, hands under his arms holding him up a little. He felt the other man's cock, almost hard again, as it re-entered his mouth. As it slid over his tongue, growing with each movement, he felt something hard and large at his ass.

His master's prick.

He relaxed as best he could, trying to picture what he looked like to the outside world, his face - slowly this time - being fucked, his legs spread wide and secured, his master pushing into him, his hands tied behind his back. He couldn't help it, he let out the hungriest moan he'd ever done in his life. The vibrations reverberated throughout his body, causing both of the other men to get taken closer to the edge. Already turned on by the sight of the bound man, they started to pump harder and faster as they raced to their shared goal.

Time had stopped for all three. Nothing and no one else existed but them. The only sounds were the grunts from the men fucking, and the desperate, pleading moans from the man being fucked.

The master lost it first, too many sensations pushed him over the edge and he came, furiously thrusting inside his possession. The other man, delighted by the beautiful sight in front of him, spilled hot and hard not long after.

They withdrew, panting, gasping for breath. Frantic hands pulled out the ear plugs, removed the blindfold and undid the bonds.

The slave pleaded to be allowed to come, so his master pushed him on his back and went down, simultaneously sucking and undoing the ring. It took him moments before he poured down his master's throat.

Daniel and Jack gently lifted Paul from the floor and lay him on the bed, lying down on either side, next to him. They massaged his aching arm and thigh muscles, whilst all the time telling him that they loved him.

"Oh my God, guys," Paul finally said. "When you said you had a special birthday surprise waiting for me, you weren't joking, were you?"

"You like?" Jack asked as he trailed kisses up Paul's jaw.

"Like is the understatement of the year. You really know how to play me, don't you? I had to make so many decisions today... I needed that."

"We figured," Daniel said. "You gave in a lot quicker than I thought you would."

Paul snorted gently, then he hugged and kissed them both.

"You guys are amazing," he whispered.

"You've not seen everything yet," Daniel teased.


"Were you wondering what you looked like?" Jack asked, still planting kisses over Paul's exhausted body.

"Yes," came the drawled reply.

"Well, we can show you," Daniel informed him, mirroring Jack's actions and starting to turn Paul on all over again.


"We videoed it, baby," Daniel murmured. "You get to see how sexy that ass of yours is on TV."

"You're kidding, right? Right? Guys?"

But neither of his lovers would answer him. They just smiled and carried on with the kissing.