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Bonds of Friendship 2

the ties that bind

Summary: The triad face more difficulties, but draw on each other's strengths to pull through.
Many thanks to Gary and Joy for betaing, hand holding, cheerleading and general all-round support. Huge hugs, guys.

Daniel was in a quandary. He should retreat to his study to continue with the books he was working on, but something was bugging him. His idea for turning one of the rooms in the cellar into a playroom wouldn't go away and he decided that making a start on that would be the best move. Janet and Sam were still with the men and would be for a few more days. That day, they'd decided to go sightseeing, and with Jack in his workshop, working hard on his pottery, he resigned himself to working alone.

He opened the door in the kitchen which led down the stairs to the cellar. The cellar was split into three separate rooms; one was used as a storeroom for many and varied items including a large freezer and shelving for extra tinned foods, another they'd converted into a laundry. The last room was the one that he was thinking of using as the playroom. At the end of a small corridor, it was currently empty - for which he was grateful. At least he wouldn't have to find space for contents. However, it was bare and cold, the walls were just brick and the floor concrete.

"Hmm," he said out loud as he looked at it. "We'll need to do some major redecorating."

He took out a tape measure and got the dimensions of the room, thinking that he'd have plenty of space in which to work. At twenty by twenty feet square and ten feet high, the room had lots of potential.

With his measurements written down, he headed back up the stairs and into the kitchen. He made himself a coffee and sat at the table and thought.

"Not Gothic," he muttered to himself. "Definitely not going that way. Something contrary though..." He took a sip of his coffee. "Yeah, contrary. Lull him into a false sense of security."

He smiled to himself and drank the rest of his coffee in one go, washed his mug and then grabbed his car keys and wallet. Stopping off at the workshop, he called out to Jack that he was going out for a while and then went straight to his car.

Twenty minutes later, he was in the nearest hardware supermarket and picking out the items that he was going to need. He knew that Jack was good at plastering so he figured that just plastering the bare brickwork would be easier than plaster board. Working out what he'd need in his head, he piled a couple of bags of the dry plaster onto his trolley and moved on to the next aisle. He placed some large pots of paint next to them and then went to check out the lighting section. After some serious consideration, he placed his choices in the trolley and then moved on.

After paying for his items, he placed them inside his car and then went straight home, all the while planning his project and grinning maniacally.

"Stop it, Jackson," he scolded himself. "All you'd need would be a long moustache and you'd be twirling it. Paul is not some innocent virgin!"


He checked his watch as he arrived home and took the stuff from his car to the cellar. After a quick wash, he made a light lunch and headed out to the workshop to call Jack in to eat.

"Hey," he said as he walked through the door.

Jack looked up from his own latest project and smiled in welcome.

"Lunch is ready," Daniel elaborated.

"Great. I'll be in in a minute, I just want to finish this little bit," Jack replied, pointing to the clay in front of him.

"What body part is that?" Daniel asked, sounding a little confused.

"It's not," Jack answered with a grimace. "It's a mug."

Daniel burst out laughing and Jack knew that he'd been had.

"Damn, Daniel, you're really good at that 'confused innocent' thing you have going."

"Years of practise," Daniel admitted with a grin. "Finish that up and come and eat. I want to discuss something with you when you're there."

"Is it going to cost me anything?" Jack called to the back of Daniel's head as he retreated through the door.

"Only time and experience, Jack."


Jack knew that his role as the grumpy old man of the three was well established and that it wasn't as it was seen by the outside world. Whenever he was bickering with the guys in public - mainly with Daniel but sometimes with Paul - it wasn't because he was a 'cantankerous old goat', as Paul liked to call him. He was actually diffusing stress in his own way. He'd seen something in Daniel's eyes ever since Paul had gone to work on Monday morning, something almost haunting. Oh, he'd been smiling and seemed happy, but Jack knew him too well. By muttering and moaning, he made Daniel laugh and took his mind off things. Somehow, he knew, he'd have to do a lot more if he was going to help Daniel through whatever was bothering him this time.

Wiping his hands on a cloth, he stepped out of the workshop and made his way to the kitchen. He washed up and sat at the table, tucking in to the food that was set out in front of him as soon as he could.

"This is good," he complimented, swallowing the salt beef and pickle sandwich and washing it down with a cold beer.

"Good. Glad you like it," Daniel replied, tucking into his own.

"So, what'cha want me to do?"

"Some plastering."

"Oh? Where?"

"In the cellar. We should go for that playroom idea, Jack. Separate that side of our lives from this," he waved his hands around the room. "If we keep it in the bedroom, I'm not going to be able to give up living with my dominant side 24/7. I... I, er, I don't think that I want to be like that all the time anymore."

His voice trailed off as if he was embarrassed at admitting it.

"You don't have to be like that all the time, Danny. You know that. We told you that."

"I know, hun, but Paul... he needs more. Whereas before he was making decisions and needing to escape whenever possible, now he's working closer with the victims of assault and harassment and he needs to escape reality. He was talking last night about applying for a post as a victim's advocate, working with them to help them overcome attacks, abuse and so on. I don't blame him for wanting to do that, I understand his desire all too well and agree with it, but if he does do it, he'll need more work and it will take more out of me. I think I need to create a line. We step over the threshold and he's my sub and I'm his dom and that's that. Up here, in our bedroom, I need to escape." He looked up from the plate that he'd been staring at and asked, "Does that sound selfish?"

Jack shook his head. "No. It sounds very sensible, Daniel. You should only do what you are both prepared to do. I know I don't need the domination thing anymore, but it's fun, I'm happy to play at it. It's a real turn on when you turn all alpha on me and tie me to the bed. Hell, that shaving and waxing thing you did to me the other day was incredible. I never thought I would enjoy that but I did and I hope you'll do it again some time. If you think that you'll be happier doing stuff like that in a designated room, then that's okay with me."

"You will still want to play in there? I mean, I know you're not into the heavier stuff and I wouldn't want you to feel like I was trying to get you to do something you really didn't want to do. In a set atmosphere, you might feel pushed into doing things."

Jack reached across the table and took Daniel's hand in his. Holding it tightly and running his thumb over Daniel's skin, he said, "Danny, I trust you. I know you know my mind better than I do. If you push me, it's only to help me find my limits, ones that I didn't know I had." He let loose a little chuckle. "Seeing as I'd been in a sub role before, you'd've thought that I'd be open to pretty much anything. But life kicked me in the teeth and made me into a repressed son of a bitch. Quite frankly, I'd forgotten what I did back then; ya know, the bondage and discipline stuff especially. I'd wanted to 'get past it', so to speak and I did, to the point where I completely shut down emotionally. Since we've been together, you've opened my eyes and my mind again. You've persuaded me to try stuff that I hadn't even heard of, let alone wanted to do. And I'm glad. I know that the way we live is different from the way we did when we were working together, but that's just meaning that our relationship is a living thing. It's changing as we change. I'm getting older and my libido isn't what it was," he added ruefully, "but I'm still interested in trying out stuff and exploring. No, I don't need a dom anymore, but I'm not unhappy that that's the way we live. I can't see it working as well as it does if we didn't have something different about us."

Daniel twisted his hand a little and held Jack's hand tightly.

"Thank you, Jack. Having your support makes it a lot easier."

They broke away and finished their meal, Daniel telling Jack his idea for the room. When they'd cleared up, he led him down the stairs and into the spare cellar room.

"If you can plaster the walls," he said, "we can paint it. I was thinking a muted shade, not scarlet or black. Here, what do you think?"

He lifted a can of paint and showed Jack the terracotta-brown colour that he'd chosen.

"It's cold down here and I thought that this would be warm to look at. It's pretty neutral, too, so we can do other things with it. I've chosen the strip of angle lights because then I can aim them at any part of the room and change the lighting to suit the mood. Sometimes it will be dark and mysterious, other times it will be light and airy. If we put a dimmer switch on it, it will help."

Jack was nodding throughout Daniel's explanation and came up with a few suggestions of his own.

"We should put some heating in and get the electricity sorted out before I plaster so that the wires don't show up. What about a sink? You'll need access to water."

Daniel hummed and hawed and then stepped out of the room and into the laundry room next to it. There was plenty of spare room in there.

"How about we put up a false wall here," he said, waving his hand about a third of the way into it, "and then we can turn that into a bathroom. A toilet, shower and sink should cover pretty much anything, shouldn't it?"

With Jack's agreement on the subject, he got out his measuring tape and pen and paper again and started to make some sketches.

"How are you going to get the equipment?" Jack asked.


"Yeah, you know, like they've got in Kelly's. I'm assuming that that's what you're going to want."

"Oh, right. I had an idea about that. I heard that there are some sites on the web that supply it. I'll get Paul to look at some tonight and he can choose whatever turns him on. You too, if you want. Once he's decided on what he really wants, we can actually get it from Simon's place. He supplies furniture for playrooms as well as his usual fare."

"Sounds good. I'll leave that side of the planning to you two. Surprise me," Jack said with a grin.

"Surprise you?"

"Yeah, you know how much I love surprises."

"Jack, you hate surprises."

"No, I hate military surprises. I love your surprises."

A wicked grin passed over Daniel's face and he took Jack by the hand and led him wordlessly back up to the kitchen. He dropped his paper and stuff onto the table and turned around and looked Jack up and down.

"Drop them," he said, a lecherous look plastered over his face.

Without hesitation, Jack dropped his trousers. As Daniel stared at his crotch, Jack felt his cock growing. Jack saw Daniel lick his lips and he had a pretty good idea of what was coming next.

Taking one step towards him, Daniel dropped to his knees and took Jack in his mouth.

Many things ran through Jack's mind as he felt the heat and the moisture surround his cock. Already as hard as he was ever going to get, he revelled in the sensation of Daniel's tongue as it ran up and down the shaft, his fingers as they tickled his balls, and the vibration of the hungry moans from Daniel's throat.

A little light went on in Jack's mind as to what might have been bothering Daniel and just how to deal with it. He'd need to leave that till the evening though, as Paul's help would be needed. Thinking of Paul led him to think of the women, and how they would react if they saw them like this. He could imagine the amusement from Janet and the blushing face of Sam. Seeing as they now had their own relationship, he wondered if they'd join in and do their own thing. The very idea of his old second lying on the kitchen table, her legs dangling down the side as his doctor ate her was too much for him. He came, pouring everything he had down his lover's throat.

Daniel sat back on his haunches and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

"That was one hell of a fantasy that you were dreaming up, Jack," he said, slowly standing up as he did.


"You didn't hold out as long as you usually do. What were you thinking of?"

'Damn. Busted,' Jack thought. With a shrug, he told Daniel about the women.

"You want to fuck either of them?" Daniel asked, turning Jack towards the sink and placing Jack's hands on the side.

"What? No."

"Why not? They're beautiful women, Jack," Daniel taunted, taking a bottle of olive oil from the counter and covering himself with it. He lined himself up and pushed inside, loving it when Jack pushed back to meet him.

"Got what I want," Jack gasped.

"Sap," came the tease. He pulled back, changed his angle slightly and slammed back into Jack hard. "You want a threesome with them, don't you? Or maybe all five of us."

Pull, push, he baited Jack with every thrust, conjuring up images of the five of them, naked, on the floor of the living room, tangled together and not knowing what limb belonged to what person. He reminded him of what sex was like with a woman, describing in detail the sensations that he remembered. His tone was tormenting Jack, stirring a desire inside of him. Daniel carried on until he knew that he wouldn't hold out much longer.

"But you don't need that, do you?" he gasped. "Not when you've got what you need. Two cocks to service you, two willing holes to fuck. They wouldn't be as tight, would they, Jack? It wouldn't be as good."

"God, no." Jack dropped his head, his arms straining as they took his weight. Daniel moved faster and faster, pushing into him as deep as he could go. A judicious squeeze by Jack had him coming, being wrung out like a wet cloth.

"Gnagh!" was all Daniel could say as he came. He wrapped his arms around Jack's waist, holding him tight to take the final few thrusts and resting his head on Jack's back when he finished.

"Surprise!" he called out, and though his voice was light, it was also sounding tired.

Jack started to laugh and chuckled out, "You're fucking insane. You know that, don't you?"

Daniel got his breath back and moved away from Jack, still touching him as if he needed the contact.

"I'm in love with a dangerous, deadly, ex-flyboy potter who thinks that ice hockey is a quiet Sunday afternoon's sport. What do you think?"

Again, Jack laughed. "Doesn't say much about me, does it? After all, I'm the dangerous, deadly, ex-flyboy potter that is crazy in love with an archaeologist with a trouble magnet inside of him. The one person in the universe that could have brought me into a three-way, rule-breaking relationship with a bureaucrat and have me thanking him every day for doing so. Ah, Danny, I can't tell you how much you mean to me, you know? You've changed my life - and all to the good."

"Regrets?" Daniel asked seriously.

"Not a single one, Daniel. I could never regret being loved as much as you guys love me and I could never regret being given the chance to love you both back. I wouldn't change a thing that's happened, it's all led me to being here with you now. The only thing I'd change would be Charlie, of course, but that's not going to happen and I'd be a fool to dwell on it."

Daniel said nothing for a moment, he just got some kitchen towel and cleaned them both up. Carefully, he tucked Jack back into his pants and did him up, then he wrapped his arms around him and kissed him until they were both gasping for breath.

"In all the languages I speak," he finally said quietly, "there aren't the words to tell you how I feel, Jack. How much I love you both, how much you mean to me. How the faith you have in me blows me away daily. How safe I feel when you're with me. No one has ever made me feel this good and for that I can only say 'thank you'."

Jack pulled him close and held him tight. No more words were needed.

Jack was still worried when he returned to his workshop. There was something about Daniel's demeanour that bothered him. It wasn't anything obvious, just something simmering under the surface. It could be a reaction to how far he'd gone with Paul over the weekend, maybe the flogging was making him remember his time as a child... Jack didn't know. All he did know was that he was going to have to get to the bottom of it before it blew up in Daniel's face - or his own.

In the house, Daniel was making preparations, calling the electrician that had helped them when they'd first moved in and arranging for him to come and visit as soon as possible. Then the nearest plumber was booked to come and put in a bathroom suite. He spent the rest of the afternoon back down in the DIY centre and choosing the toilet, sink and shower for the playroom.

By the time he had returned, the women were back and Paul was due at any time. After parking his car in the drive, he opened the door and headed straight for the kitchen.

"Hi, guys," he puffed as he flopped into his chair. "Had a good day?"

He looked at the women who were strangely silent. Jack was in the kitchen with them and he spoke out.

"I guess you didn't see his car in the garage," Jack said quietly. "Paul's already home."

"Jack? What's wrong?"

"That kid. He didn't make it."

"Fuck." Daniel cursed, his voice filled with both anger and pity. "Where's Paul?"

"I sent him to the bedroom," Jack replied. "Uh, I figured you'd want to work with him. He's just having a shower to get ready for you."

"Good thinking, Jack. I'll just..." he pointed in the general direction of the bedroom. "Could you sort out dinner?"

"Would you like me to take the girls out?"

Daniel shook his head. "Not yet. I'll see what he needs and let you know if I need the privacy."

Neither Sam nor Janet said anything, understanding that he'd figure out just what Paul needed to make him feel a bit better.

Daniel shut the bedroom door behind him as he rattled various scenarios through his mind. Just how was he going to help Paul this time? He knew he'd have to play it by ear, checking out Paul's apparent state of mind before deciding. He heard the water of the shower switch off and watched the door to the bathroom, willing it to open, yet being slightly afraid of it.

Paul entered the bedroom, naked, his head bowed, his whole body language speaking volumes to Daniel.

"Paul. Look at me."

Without a word, Paul raised his head and stared at his lover. Daniel searched his face for an answer and saw that Paul's guard was up, the mask that he wore as a front was in place. Daniel could see in his eyes that underneath he was hurting. The only thing that Daniel could think of was to allow Paul's true emotions to surface.

He didn't bother asking Paul how he was really feeling, he knew that he wouldn't get a completely truthful answer, that Paul would hide some of the desperation that lay inside him.


Daniel didn't elaborate, but Paul understood that Daniel had decided to do something. What that was, he knew that he'd find out soon enough. He didn't care what Daniel would do; he couldn't feel anything, no hurt, no pain... he was totally numb. As far as he was concerned, he doubted he'd notice if Daniel beat the crap out of him. Not that he was expecting that, but he still doubted he'd notice.

Daniel went to the chest that held the bindings and other toys that he used. Paul watched uncaringly as he saw leather strap after leather strap flung onto the bed in front of him. Silently, he waited to be tied up.

Saying nothing, Daniel put on the various leather bindings, the collar around Paul's neck, the waist band, the wrist band, the ankle and thigh bands. Then he led him to the bed and motioned for him to lie face down, his hands above his head. Paul did so, his breath hitching with anticipation. He felt Daniel threading the ropes through the various rings in each band and felt safer and more relaxed with each knot and each tug on the ropes that held him securely. He was totally immobilised, yet Daniel took it further. Another soft rope twisted from his right wrist and down his arm, wrapping around his biceps before running through a loop in the back of his collar and then up his left arm in a similar manner. His muscles stood proud between the twists of the rope, exaggerating the already powerful arms. His legs were bound in a similar manner, his calf and thigh muscles shown off by the ropes.

When Daniel had finished, he stood back and looked at his work. Part of him smiled dangerously... another part wanted to run from the room in horror.

He shook himself and then reached back into the toy chest and brought out the paddle. Without warning, he positioned himself and then smacked it onto Paul's bare ass. Paul bit his lip rather than cry out. Even though he'd believed himself numb, that had stung. Another smack, then another. Each on a different part of his ass. Daniel moved and his next paddlings landed on the inside of Paul's thigh muscles. This time, Paul couldn't help himself and he cried out.

Daniel willed Paul to give in, to safe-word, say stop... anything. But he wouldn't. Steeling himself, Daniel continued, moving the landing site of the paddle each time, deliberately aiming for the soft flesh and away from the bones. Nine, ten smacks and though Paul's yells got louder, he still didn't call for Daniel to stop.

Anger built in Daniel. How could Paul make him do this? Didn't he know what pain it was causing him? He threw the paddle across the room and it landed with a loud thud against the wall. Daniel ignored it, concentrating purely on getting his jeans undone. He had the presence of mind to grab the lube from the bedside table and covered his hard cock with it before kneeling in-between Paul's wide open legs and then lying on top of him, covering him completely and then pushing inside him without a word.

Paul's ass was stinging, inside and out. The pain was building and Daniel's ruthless fucking of him was driving him to tears. He was hard, too, but worse he was feeling confused and not a little ashamed of being turned on so badly by Daniel's actions. He'd never felt ashamed of wanting this before, but the events of the day had upset him so much that now he was questioning everything, including his own needs and desires. Tears rolled down his face unnoticed, he didn't hear the sob that was building in his own throat. All he could see was the face of the young sailor, beaten, battered... so much pain had been suffered and yet here he was, desiring that pain. What was he? Some sort of monster?

Daniel came with a grunt and pulled out of Paul straight away. He was about to say something harsh when he noticed that Paul was crying. Scolding himself for being such a bastard, he quickly loosened the ropes and gathered Paul into his arms, rocking him gently and kissing his face. Daniel's own tears threatened to join in and he viciously berated himself to keep them from falling.

"Hush," he whispered. "It's all right, pet. Let it out. Let it all out."

Over and over again, he whispered soothing words, continuing with the rocking motion and stroking Paul's back and sore buttocks.

Eventually, Paul cried himself out and Daniel felt him relaxing against his body.

"I hurt you, didn't I?" he asked quietly. "I'm sorry, Paul, so sorry. I needed to get you to let go. I didn't know how else to do it."

"It's okay," came the even quieter reply. "Honestly, it's okay. I'm glad you did it. Thank you."

"Shh, just relax," Daniel said, not really knowing what else to say. "I'm so sorry about what happened."

"Me too," Paul replied. "Poor kid. He was so young, Daniel. So young."

"I know, I know. Just let it all go, Paul. Grieve for him. It's all right to do that. It's all right to cry."

They lay there together for a while, Paul clinging onto Daniel as if he was a lifeline and Daniel holding him tightly, guilty for hurting Paul so much that he'd made him cry even if that had been his intention to start with. Just knowing that he'd achieved it hurt.

Jack had dished up dinner and he and the women were sitting around the kitchen table when Paul and Daniel emerged from the bedroom. They'd heard Paul's cries, along with the muffled thuds of the paddle and were now feeling awkward. What should they say? Should they, in fact, say anything? Paul saw the food on the table and shook his head. He whispered something to Daniel and in reply, Daniel stared into his eyes for a moment and then nodded. Daniel pointed into the living room and Paul went directly to one of the sofas. He wasn't dressed in any of his bondage gear, something that surprised the occupants of the table. As Daniel sat, Janet put her hand on his arm and looked in the direction of the living room, raising an eyebrow in question.

"He's not hungry," Daniel answered softly. He looked at Jack and thanked him for cooking, took a small portion of the food and ate it quickly, then he excused himself and went straight to Paul, who was still sitting on the sofa, his knees drawn up and his arms wrapped around them, hugging his legs to himself. Daniel sat next to him and then put his arms out and Paul moved into them.

Discussion at the dining table was kept to a low-volume, and even then it was minimal. Jack was deeply concerned by the men's demeanour - it was out of character for both of them. He played the good host, however, and made sure that the women were all right before clearing up the dishes and getting into the living room as quickly as he could.

"What should we do?" Sam asked, her hand on Janet's arm, stopping her from leaving the kitchen area.

"I don't know. Something big's going on," Janet whispered. "Let's play it by ear."

They walked into the living room and saw Paul on Daniel's lap, kneeling astride his thighs, his head on Daniel's shoulder. Daniel's arms were firmly and possessively wrapped around him and Jack was right next to them both, twisting to face them, one arm around Paul's back, the other draped over the back of the sofa, his fingers running through Daniel's hair. The three seemed desperate for contact. One of Paul's arms was wrapped around Jack, the other around Daniel. Daniel's head was tipped onto Jack's shoulder.

Tentatively, the women sat on a second sofa facing the men. Janet had an idea and she pulled Sam to her so that they sat in a similar manner to the men. Jack caught the movement from the corner of his eye and turned to look. He smiled at them in thanks.

"How are you doing?" Janet asked, her voice aimed at Paul and full of concern.

Staying where he was, he turned his head slightly and offered her a weak smile. "Better, thanks," he murmured. "Tired, I guess."

Daniel changed his position and rewrapped his arms around Paul, pulling him tighter. Jack was most concerned by Daniel's lack of speech. It was unusual. Not that he spent his days talking, but he was quieter than even at his most quiet times.

"Hey, how about we go look downstairs?" Jack suddenly suggested. "You can show Paul what we were talking about today, Daniel."

Relieved to have something to take his mind off the events of Paul's day, Daniel agreed.

"What's going on?" Sam asked as Daniel helped Paul off his lap and stood up.

"Come and see," he answered simply.

They all followed him down the stairs to the cellar, filled with curiosity. Jack couldn't take his eyes off Daniel, however, his worry about him increasing. He could see that Daniel was hiding something. His mental deliberation was interrupted when they reached the room.

"So, what's going on here, Daniel?" Janet asked.

"This," he replied, "is going to be our playroom."

"What, you're going to have a pool table in here?" Sam asked.

They all turned to look at her in shock, then, seeing her dancing eyes they burst out laughing.

"Yeah, something like that," Daniel answered in-between laughs. When he'd stopped, he pointed out a few things that he had planned. "We'll have a new bathroom down here..." he pointed at the laundry room, "and in here we'll set up some interesting items."

"Oh? What do you have in mind?" Paul asked, his hand firmly attached to Daniel's.

"I thought I'd get you to help me choose it. Come on, let's go upstairs. I can log onto a couple of sites and see if there's something that appeals to you."

Paul nodded, but his face wasn't as thrilled as Daniel would have thought.

"Paul? Don't you want this?"

"Er, yes, yes, it would be great," he replied.

Janet quickly picked up on the fact that something was desperately wrong and Sam wasn't far behind her.

"Hey, Daniel, could I phone for a cab?"

Daniel looked a little stunned and then agreed.

"Of course. Why?"

"Oh, it's just that Sam and I are going to have to return to the Springs in a couple of days. I guess I want to make the most of us being able to go out and party. I thought we'd go to that place we all went to the other day. That's a good club."

"Fogies. Sure, that would be good. You can relax and be yourselves there. Do you want company?"

"If you don't mind, we'd like to be able to go somewhere alone," Sam interjected, picking up on Janet's meaning straight away.

"I understand," Daniel replied, relieved and grateful. "Come on, the number's on speed dial on the phone in the kitchen."

Daniel shut the front door as the cab drew off with the women on board. Knowing that he needed to speak to Paul, he was still nervous at what was to come. He walked into the living room and went straight to the drinks cabinet and poured himself a whisky. He looked over at the men and without needing to question them, he poured them one, too. After passing them out, he returned to the cabinet and picked up the bottle before returning to them. He put the bottle on the coffee table in front of them, then, cradling his own drink, he spoke.

"Paul, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" he asked quietly.

Paul froze for a moment, then he knocked his drink down in one and poured himself another.

"I don't know," he croaked. "I mean, it's..." Frustrated by his lack of words, he stood up and paced around the room. Daniel went to stand up to comfort him, but Jack put his hand firmly on Daniel's arm and shook his head. 'No, not yet' came the unspoken message. Daniel was grateful to Jack - his rock, as he called him - and bowed to his wisdom. Jack had an uncanny knack of knowing just what to do and when to do it, and usually when Daniel was floundering. It was what had made them a good team back on SG-1.

Eventually, Paul managed to get his words together.

"Am I a freak?" he finally asked.

"Paul? I don't understand," Daniel replied.

"When I came home today, I was lost. Numb. Unfeeling. A man that I barely knew but had come to respect from what I'd learned of him, died. He'd been beaten to death. Sure, it had taken him the best part of a week to die, but the outcome was the same. His body was covered in bruises and cuts. Some of his bones were broken. His lover had suffered the same fate and had died on the scene. It was horrible, awful - the worst thing you can think of. That a gang would go to two innocent people and just beat them to death! How deliberate can you get? How hands-on a murder? And yet, when I came home, I needed you to do something similar. To hurt me. I was so glad when you did it, Daniel, so relieved. The pain was good. I got off on it for fuck's sake! What sort of pervert am I?"

Now Daniel understood and finally he could relate to him and maybe help him out. He looked at Jack who just nodded. It was time.

Standing up, he put his hands out to Paul and pulled him closely, hugging him and stroking his back and head.

"It's not the same, Paul. It's nothing like that. You needed me to make you forget. To feel. You were numb, Paul. Just as I have been over the years. If you went through life unfeeling, you wouldn't be you. You're not a freak. You're not a monster or a pervert. You're just someone that cares, Paul, and someone that needs to forget from time to time. Don't be so hard on yourself, please."

Daniel took a breath, then he added, "Do you think that I am a pervert?"

"What?" Paul was shocked.

"Think about it. I was raped - twice. Well, more than once by that bastard, but then again by Hathor. Male and female, yet I still need you guys to take over, sometimes. I still like the thought of sex with women..." he paused, then scrunched up his face in a warped smile and added, "only the thought, guys."

They both laughed at him a little, then let him go on.

"I get off when you hold me down and fuck me," he continued softly. "I need you to do it. So, what does that make me? Am I a pervert? A freak?"

"NO!" Paul's rebuttal was automatic and vehement. "You need what you need, Daniel."

Daniel smiled more gently this time. "Don't you, too? We all deal with things in our own ways, Paul. Some rape victims..."

"Survivors," Jack interrupted firmly. "You survived. You moved on. You're nobody's victim."

Daniel reached out and put his hand on Jack's arm before continuing. "Some rape survivors," he emphasised, "need years of therapy. Some withdraw from the idea of sex. Some go nuts and fuck anyone and everyone. Some take their time and then return to how they had been. No two are the same, no two deal in the same way. No way is right for everyone, no way is wrong, just what's right for the individual. I need to take control most of the time, but I also need to have the control when it appears that I'm out of it, just as happens when you guys take over. You need that control taken from you and you need to stop thinking. It's just your way, Paul."

Paul's body relaxed a little against Daniel's, the gentle words sinking in. He knew in his heart that Daniel was right, but after what he'd seen, he had been so mixed up. He felt a warmth behind him and knew straight away that Jack was there for him, too. He relaxed more when Jack's body pressed up against him and he felt safe when both of his lovers held him close. Two pairs of lips trailed down his face and he moaned happily to the touch. He felt bereft when Jack pulled away, but he soon changed his mind when he heard him speak.

"How about we go and heat up the hot tub?"


As the tub heated up, the three men retreated to the bedroom to get ready. The atmosphere was a bit lighter, but still, there was underneath it all, a note of worry. They ignored it, as if not mentioning it would mean it wasn't there. Daniel went to the chest of drawers and pulled out their bathing trunks.

"Daniel?" Jack asked in surprise.

"Just in case the girls come back when we're in the tub," he answered with a wink. "Didn't think you'd want to be caught with your pants down, so to speak."

"Ah, gotcha," Jack laughed. Then he added, "So, if we're not gonna mess about in the tub...?"

With a wicked grin, Daniel tipped Jack onto the bed and he landed with a 'whoof'. Before Paul could say anything, he was tipped onto it, too. Daniel joined them quickly and the three soon found themselves in a tangle of legs and arms. Kisses were exchanged, laughter grew as they rolled around. Now Daniel, now Paul, now Jack... each one found himself on his back being kissed and teased by the others. No sign of their other life surfaced, just a few minutes' relaxation and humour. When Daniel found himself being set upon by the others, his ribs being tickled, his feet, his stomach, he creased up with helpless laughter.

The laughter soon changed and the atmosphere became electric. From one moment to the next, the air which had been ringing with mild hysteria suddenly crackled as clothes started to fly off. There was no plan to this, no direction from Daniel, it just happened. He found himself lying on his side and facing Paul, Jack behind him, his hard cock pressing into Daniel's buttocks, sliding towards his asshole but with no real intention of entering him. Paul thrust his hips against Daniel's and they rubbed together, building up the pressure with each stroke. Daniel reached back and grabbed Jack's nearest buttock and pulling him closer. He felt Jack's strong fingers grip his hip and groaned with pleasure. Paul kissed his face, Jack was kissing his neck, he felt amazing.

They all fought for breath as they got closer and closer to the end. Their movements grew in desperation and soon it was too much. Jack pushed hard and he felt Daniel accepting him, just the head of his cock entering him but that was enough. He came, growling into Daniel's neck and triggering his climax. Paul felt Daniel pulsing against him and he let himself go, coming over both his and Daniel's body, sliding as he moved in his final moments of orgasm.

The only sound in the room was that of three men, panting hard to catch their breaths. They continued to hold onto each other, unwilling to break the contact.

"Oh my God," Paul finally said. "That was fun."

Daniel started to giggle, setting the others off again. He twisted onto his back and held them both tightly, loving the sensation of them shuddering against him with laughter.

"I think we need a shower," Jack eventually said. "We'll stick together otherwise."

Daniel squeezed them both. "I don't think that's so bad, do you?"

Sam nudged Janet with a smile on her face as they entered the house. The sound of laughter coming from the back garden was in complete contrast to the solemn atmosphere that they had left. They made their way to the garden and peered out of the door.

"Hey!" Daniel called out. "Did you have a good time?"

"Sure did, honey," Janet replied, smothering a laugh at the sight before her. Paul and Jack were wrestling in the water, generally behaving like a pair of young boys. Daniel was right next to them, urging them on.

"Great! Come and join us, why don't you?"

"Is it safe?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, of course it is. We're dressed. At least we have something on," Daniel replied waggling his eyebrows as he did. "Go and put your swimsuit on and grab a glass."

Further inspection told Janet that the guys had half a bottle of whisky on the side of the tub and three empty glasses.

"Haven't you guys had enough?" she asked.

"Nah, we're all right. The bottle was open before we started, honest."

Thinking that they were probably about to make a mistake, the women went off and got ready.

By the time they were back, the wrestling match had stopped, with Paul apparently winning as Jack was flat against the wall of the tub with Paul kissing the shit out of him. Again, Daniel was egging him on and laughing into his drink.

Janet entered the pool and moved directly to Daniel.

"Is everything all right now?" she whispered.

He shrugged. "It's as good as it can be," he replied just as quietly. "It's not going to get better overnight. But Paul's got us, he'll pull through."

As if to emphasise that point, Paul suddenly burst out laughing. They turned to look and saw that Jack had lifted him up and he was now dangling over Jack's shoulder. Daniel bit down on his desire to scold Jack for taking a chance on hurting himself and allowed himself to laugh instead.

"You want any help, Jack?" he asked.

"As if I would. I think I know what I'm going to do with him."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"Not repeatable in company. See you later, Daniel."

With that, and with Paul still draped over his shoulder and now complaining, he made his way back into the house.

"Jack's going to be in pain tomorrow, isn't he?" Sam asked of Daniel.

He nodded. "Oh yeah. But I can't stop him doing things. He hates it when he has bad days, but he hates not being able to do things even more. He gets so frustrated that it's painful to watch him, let alone to be him. So, I let him get away with doing the odd silly thing, then tomorrow I'll massage his legs before he gets out of bed. Hopefully, it will help him."

Sam smiled at his words. "You two were like that even from the beginning, weren't you? I really think that if Jack had got his injury and you two hadn't been together, you'd still do that for him."

"He'd do it for me, Sam. I can't explain it... I mean, why we're like this. It's got nothing to do with the attraction we have for each other, either. When I first laid eyes on him I thought he was one of the sexiest men I'd ever seen in my life."

"Love at first sight?" Janet asked.

Daniel shook his head. "No way. We hated each other's guts on sight. Sure, he was hot, but I had my standards, you know? Then I got to know him, he got to know me and we became inseparable. The fact that he's attracted to me too helps, but it's not essential. We'd still have had some sort of permanent relationship without the physical."

"What about Paul? He's very different from Jack."

"He is and he isn't," Daniel shrugged. "Again, with him I noticed how gorgeous he is, grew to love him as a friend and then fell in love with him in much the same way as I'd done with Jack. Paul and I hadn't been through as much together as Jack and I have, but we had to face trials in our own way. Before Jack joined us, we had two years of not telling anyone about us, not even hinting at our relationship. That's not easy. But it helped build the foundations of a rock-solid relationship. Jack and he are at that stage now. It took Jack a while to really accept Paul, but they've grown to love each other deeply. Paul's a lot like Jack in many ways. He's got a special ops background..."

The two women were surprised, they had no idea.

"It's true. He can't tell us about the things that he's done. Virtually from the time he ceased to be a cadet, Paul's life has been classified one way or another. He and Jack can relate to each other even better than either of them can with me. Of course, they're both pilots, expert marksmen... they have a lot of things in common. Personality-wise, they're both stubborn, brusque when they want to be, they even share a fair bit of the same sense of humour."

"Now that surprises me," Janet exclaimed. "They seem to laugh at different things."

"Yeah, but it's for the same reason," Daniel sniggered. "It's pretty childish really, though Jack does edge to an appreciation of slapstick that neither Paul nor I really get. You could say we have a central core of humour, each of us spiking out in a different direction. We use our connections and similarities to bind us together, and our differences to make things a bit more interesting."

"So, what are they getting up to now?" Sam giggled as she poured herself a drink. "I mean, they say they think of themselves as a couple, so to speak. Do they really or..."

"Oh, they do," Daniel interrupted. "Unless you've developed a kink for watching two guys together, though, I don't think you'd better go watch."

Janet burst out laughing. "And what if she has?" she teased.

Daniel looked her straight in the eye and replied, "Then go watch."

Sam's eyes opened wide. "You can't mean that."

"Sure I can," he answered. "Being watched is hot," he added. "It's kind of liberating in a way. Think about it, we had to hide out for so long, so showing others how we feel for each other is a relief."

"Yeah, but they wouldn't want us to watch them... would they?"

Daniel waggled his head from side-to-side in thought then replied, "Jack wouldn't care. Paul might. But then he might not. If I told him to, er, perform for want of a better word, he'd do it. I don't think he'd get as much out of it as Jack and me."

"Jack's an exhibitionist?" Janet asked in shock. "You being one doesn't really surprise me for some reason," she added with a grin.

"He's not as such," Daniel replied, "he just doesn't really care." He bit down on telling them that Jack really did get off on being watched. It was one thing saying to them that Jack didn't care, it was another to talk of his kinks.

"So, are you going to go join in?" Sam asked, her giggles returning.

Daniel removed Sam's glass from her and handed it to Janet.

"I think she's had enough to drink," he teased. "And no, Sam, I'm not going to join in. They should have some time together for once."

"You seem okay about that. No jealousy?"

Daniel let out a small laugh, increasing it as Sam snatched her drink back from Janet.

"No. No jealousy, honestly. It's hard to explain how much easier it is in some ways, being in a three-way relationship, that is. In an ordinary one, it's up to you both to work at problems and sometimes it can seem that one of you is backing off more than the other. But with us, it seems to work out more evenly. If one of us is playing up, then the other two can gang up on him and bring him down. Strength in numbers and all that. When it comes to physical stuff, maybe two of us want to make out and the other one isn't in the mood, so no matter who isn't in the mood, the others still get what they want. If those two want to make out, then it gives me a break. There's no room in a relationship - any relationship - for jealousy. Just more so in a triad, that's all."

Daniel took another sip of his drink before asking something of the women.

"Are you two doing okay? You don't seem to have changed your attitude to each other at all."

"We haven't, not really. It dawned on me that this development between us is the only thing that has changed. We used to do pretty much everything together anyway," Sam answered. "Yes, this is a bit odd for me, but it's fine. I'm grateful to you guys, actually. If you hadn't opened my eyes, made me question the way I think, I wouldn't have accepted it. I think I'd have missed out on the best thing to ever happen to me if that was the case."

Daniel smiled broadly at her and reached out and pulled her into a hug, looking over her shoulder and straight at Janet. She mouthed a 'thank you' to him and he winked in reply.

"I'm happy for you," he said quietly. "I couldn't be happier. If you need to escape, or just need someone to talk to about your relationship, you know you can come here, don't you? There's nothing worse than having to keep it bottled up, and nothing more likely to destroy a relationship, either. You will need to confide in someone. It would be good if you told Cassie before you go home."

"We're going to," Janet agreed. "Tomorrow."

"Don't look so nervous," Daniel teased. "She'll be happy, you know."

"Let's hope so," Sam replied, pulling back from Daniel and going directly to Janet's side.

"Sam, Cassie's young, open-minded, easy-going and more to the point, she's an anthropology student," he said with a grin. "Trust me, she'll be fine."

"How is it that it's always me that gets fucked?" Paul asked as he lay with a panting Jack draped over him.

Jack looked up in surprise but relaxed a little when he saw Paul's eyes filled with mischief.

"Uh, 'cause you've got the best ass?" he offered.

"Well, duh," came the reply, "but still. Fair's fair and all that."

"Okay. Next time, you do me," Jack replied.

"You sure you won't mind?"

"Oh no. I'm happy about it. Ecstatic in fact. Positively bristling with enthusiasm over the prospect."



"Shut up."

Jack dropped a kiss on Paul's nose and then flopped onto his back on the bed.

"Seriously, Paul, if you want something, you should just tell us, you know."

"I know. Trouble is, we start things, I get so fucking wound up that I just don't care what happens as long as I get off and that puts paid to any idea I had of turning things around."

"Tell me about it. Sometimes I have ideas of what I want to do with Daniel, but then he starts up with the voice and I'm gone. Whatever he wants, however he wants it. Not that I'm complainin' mind you. God knows I've never had a better sex life in like... forever. "

"It's that irresistible thing he's got going, isn't it?" Paul agreed with a moan.

"Yeah. One bat of the eyelashes and he's got us by the balls."

"You think we should get our own back?"

Jack grinned to himself. Part of his plan to scratch whatever itch Daniel had going on needed Paul's total co-operation. However, having nearly freaked Paul out over the weekend about scaring Daniel by how far they were going, Jack also knew that he'd have to be sneaky or else Paul would think that Jack was doing this just to get them all away from the D&S side of things. He certainly didn't want to do that and with Paul's worries of earlier that evening, he had to be extra-specially careful. Jack knew that Paul needed to have his control taken from him once in a while. To reinforce his worries would only make life a misery for them all.

"I think," Jack said, his voice fuelled with wickedness, "that you should try to take Friday off work."


"The girls are going home first thing that day. I have visions that don't include having them around."

"Are we going to fuck him?" Paul asked, his own voice thickening with anticipation.

"So hard he won't be able to sit down for a month."

"Fuck." The whisper was enough to tell Jack that Paul was definitely in on this one.

Paul suddenly turned onto one side and propped himself up on his elbow. "If he's in his 'fuck me' mood," he said thoughtfully, "how are we going to keep up with him? You know what he gets like. Sometimes twice isn't enough for him."

"So says the guy that can get fucked all day," teased Jack.


"I know, I know. I'm going to have a word with Janet tomorrow."


"She might be able to help out."

Paul had a think about what he was saying, then shook his head. "She has to account for all of her prescriptions, Jack."

"Hmm. Good point. I wonder if I could go see Doc Vincent tomorrow?"

"Daniel might worry if you tell him you're going there."

"Nah. I'll just be going for a repeat of my painkillers," Jack replied with a grin. "God knows I get through enough of those."

"Do you think that the doc will help out?"

"If I tell him what it's for he might," Jack said, his face a bit more enigmatic than Paul would have expected. He was about to ask what Jack meant when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Come on in, Daniel," Jack called out, still staring at the ceiling as he spoke. "But if the ladies are with you, you might want to give us a minute."

The door opened and Daniel's head popped around it.

"I see what you mean," he said with a grin, looking at the naked men lying on the bed. "Don't worry, it's only me. I just didn't want to disturb anything that was... happening," he finished, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Before the others could answer, he opened the door, entered the room and then shut it behind him. He walked straight to the bathroom, speaking as he went.

"Are you two ready for bed?"

"Just going to do that," Paul answered, pushing Jack until he was sitting up and then getting off the bed himself.

Daniel watched as the two cleaned themselves up, teasing them as they did. When ready, the three retired to the bed and got under the covers, Daniel in his usual place. Paul rested his head on Daniel's chest and smiled when Daniel's arm wrapped around him and held him close.

"Jack?" Daniel was a bit surprised when Jack didn't do the same thing on his side of the bed.

"Ah, I'm a bit sore," he admitted. "I'd better lie on my back tonight."

"You've been overdoing it again, haven't you?" came the predictable scold.

"Only a bit," Jack conceded. "I think I'm getting old."


"Hey, it's a good thing, honest. Considerin' the alternative, getting old is cool. Besides, I never thought I'd live this long, so each extra day is a total bonus. I'm happy. Just creaking a bit."

Daniel let out a snort and then leaned over and kissed the nearest part of Jack to him, which turned out to be his shoulder. They all wished each other goodnight and then lay quietly, willing sleep to come.

It took a while. Daniel was first out, having done a lot of running around that day. Then Paul - the death of the young man still preying on his mind. On top of that, his reaction to how he was dealing with it bothered him. Jack stayed awake the longest, worrying more about Daniel than Paul. Despite the humour of the evening, he knew that still something was eating at Daniel and he didn't think it was just his occasional need to get tied down and fucked. Then, he would get irritable, antsy, but it would be surface tension. This time, it ran much, much deeper. The more Jack thought of it, the more a particular thought came to him. No matter that Daniel had told him and Paul about what had happened to himself as a kid, Jack was sure that he hadn't told them everything. He'd have to figure that out before it came back to haunt them all.

In the doctor's waiting room the next day, Jack was still thinking about Daniel. He'd managed to get an appointment, telling Daniel just what he'd told Paul, that he needed some extra painkillers. But he had a devious plan and he was praying that the doctor would listen.

Doctor Mark Vincent knew about them and their lifestyle, knew a bit of their pasts - at least the fact that Jack and Paul were ex-military and that Daniel had worked with them. As a sub himself, he had more than a decent understanding of them, too. A network of professionals in their area served the local BDSM practitioners; doctors, dentists, lawyers, hairdressers... a whole bunch of people that didn't so much as raise an eyebrow and more often than not were part of the Scene themselves.

By the time Jack was called in, he was pretty sure how he'd play things. Doctor Vincent would get to hear some of the truth, just not all of it. Daniel's request that his past was kept between them was something that Jack would never deny.

"Hello, Jack," came the greeting as Jack walked in, his sticks in his hands as he grumpily crossed the floor.

"Hey, Doc. How's it goin'?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. How about you?"

Jack smiled at the white-haired man in front of him and spoke. He'd taken to this doctor in a way he didn't usually. They had a lot in common beside both being subs. The doctor had been in the Navy until he'd retired about ten years previously and become a GP instead.

"Oh, not so bad," Jack started casually.

"Yeah? You don't usually come in here voluntarily," the doctor teased. "I normally see Daniel dragging you in kicking and screaming."

"Hey, I'm not that bad!" Jack complained.

"Aren't you?"

Jack grinned and shrugged. "Well, not quite that bad."

Doctor Vincent laughed and asked, "So, what's up?"

"Okay, two things. One, I do need some more painkillers. The legs are playing up a little."

"No problem. Are you continuing with the hydrotherapy?"

"Oh yeah. Daniel makes sure we're in the hot tub and working on the exercises whenever he thinks he can make me."

"Good to hear it. What's the other thing?" he asked casually, typing up the request for painkillers.

"Something's up with Daniel," Jack said quietly. "We're not sure what it is, but I think I know how I'm going to get it out of him."

The doctor sat back in his chair, saying nothing but his body language urging Jack to continue.

"We make him stop thinking," Jack announced after a pause.


Jack chuckled wickedly and gave a grin to match.

"We tie him down and fuck his brains out."

Doctor Vincent laughed out loud.

"So, what's the problem?"

Jack stopped grinning. "I'm not gettin' any younger, Doc. Ya see, when Daniel gets like this, he needs more than even the two of us can give him - without assistance that is."

The doctor paused for a moment and thought, understanding what Jack was getting at. "Does he get like this often?"

"No, just once in a while. I think that the pressure gets to him, ya know?"

A nod told Jack that the doctor did know.

"Who's it for? Just you? Or Paul, too."

"He's no teenager, either," Jack said. "It's for the two of us."

Vincent pulled up Paul's notes and asked some more questions. "What's driven Daniel to this?"

"I'm not completely sure," Jack answered, prepared for this question but not totally prepared to answer it. "Paul's needed him to be in control a lot over the last few days, he's had something big going down at work. I know that Daniel's had to work harder with him, go further than maybe he thought he was prepared to go. Whatever it is, it's like he's got an itch going on underneath his skin. When he's been like this in the past, it's taken both of us to scratch it."

Having checked out that Paul's physical condition allowed him to do as Jack asked, he turned to Jack and checked his heart and blood pressure. He had the feeling that Jack would get the tablets he was requesting whether he gave them to him or not, so he much preferred to keep an eye on him. Jack would help Daniel out even if it put his own life in danger. As a doctor, Mark despaired at Jack's lack of concern for himself. As a sub, he understood Jack's desire to take care of his dom. As a husband, he really understood Jack's desperation to make whatever was wrong with Daniel better.

"Do you think Daniel would come and talk to me?" he asked as he put his equipment away.

"No. No offence, Doc, but he wouldn't. You have to play Daniel carefully. If you ask him what's wrong, he won't tell you. Maybe we'll get it out of him, maybe we won't. Whatever happens, we'll make him forget whatever it is for a day. That'll help him."

"If you think so," he sighed. "But the offer's there. If he wants me to come visit at home, off-the-record so to speak, I'll do it."

"Appreciate it. I'll keep it in mind if it's necessary."

"Okay. Here's the script. Follow the instructions, right?" He passed the prescription to Jack and nodded when Jack thanked him.

When Jack left, he pulled up Daniel's record and looked into it, but he was frustrated to see that there were big gaps in it. Nothing told him what could be bothering Daniel now. With a huge sigh, he pulled up the record of his next patient and called her in.

After dinner that night, Daniel opened up his laptop in the living room, grabbed Paul, pulled him to sit in-between his legs on the sofa and then put the laptop on top of Paul's lap. A modem cable trailing across the room allowed him to access the Internet and he went to a previously saved address.

"So, you going to tell me what you want?" he asked seductively.

Paul swallowed harshly when he saw the pictures in front of him. Furniture, specifically designed for BDSM purposes. His mouth watered when Daniel brought up a jointed table that opened into an X shape or a T, changing its position depending on the requirements.

"You want that?" Daniel whispered

"Yes. God, please."

"Okay, pet. I'll talk to Simon tomorrow. The builder will be here on Monday, the plumber on Wednesday and we should have the room up and running by the weekend. Jack and I will make sure it's done, I promise."

"What's going on, guys?" Sam asked as she wandered into the living room, a drink in hand.

Paul flushed a little but he couldn't take his eyes off the various bits of equipment that Daniel was showing him.

"Come look," Daniel invited, his voice a little innocent. This should have warned Sam, but she was still on a high. The meeting with Cassie and telling her had gone a lot better than she'd imagined it could have. Cassie had been shocked, but only that it had taken them so long to get together. Unsuspectingly, she looked over Daniel's shoulder and promptly blushed.

"What's that for?" she asked as she pointed at a wooden cage, which doubled as a massage table. Her eyes opened wide as Daniel explained its purpose.

"Do you want one of those?" Daniel asked Paul.

He shook his head. "Massaging, that's cool," he answered. "I don't like the idea of being put in a box."

"Not a problem. There are plenty of other things to tempt you. How about this?"

He showed him a free-standing cross that resembled the one in the club he'd taken the girls to. Paul couldn't answer, but he did nod, his breath catching in his throat as he imagined himself tied to it. Daniel smiled when he realised that Paul was getting hard at the thought.

"I'll get something like that," he confirmed. "I think I get the idea of what sort of furniture you want."

"What about Jack?" Paul asked.

"Don't worry about me," Jack answered, walking into the room in time to hear the question. He knew what Daniel was planning to do that evening, so he was able to guess what Paul was talking about. "That's your department, pal. I'll just... go with the flow." He sat down opposite them and waved his hand as he spoke to illustrate his words.

"Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure. You boys get what you want. Undoubtedly, I'll have a lot of fun at your expense."

Daniel sniggered, then said, "Hey, Paul, what do you think of this bench?" He pointed at, and described for Jack's benefit, a small bench which a man could be locked into - his genitals held in a set position making it impossible for him to move. "Don't you think that Jack would look good in it?"

Paul laughed out loud. "Oh yeah. That would stop his wise ass remarks, that's for sure."

For once, Jack looked worried. He wouldn't put it past Daniel to get one.

They'd partied that night, saying goodbye to the women and wishing them luck with their new relationship and offering them tips on keeping it secret. Too drunk and too tired to make love, they'd all gone to sleep quickly. In the morning, they'd said goodbye properly and watched as a taxi took the women to the airport. Daniel was still watching the car disappear down the road when Jack turned to Paul and nodded. Paul had managed to get the day off, using the women's last morning with them as his excuse - something that Daniel had bought, much to their relief.

As Daniel shut the door, Jack put his hand on his shoulder and turned him so that they were face to face. Then he pushed Daniel against the door hard and leant close so that their noses touched.


"Hush," came the growled reply. "You need to forget, Daniel. Whatever it is, I can tell that something's bothering you."

He didn't let Daniel answer, he just kissed him, reaming his mouth and plundering it with his tongue. He felt Daniel harden against him straight away and knew then that his advances wouldn't be rebuffed. Daniel shuddered as Jack gripped his T-shirt in his fist and fiercely ripped it from his skin. Only then did Jack break the kiss, moving down Daniel's chest and latching onto one of his nipples, sucking it hard and nibbling on it. Daniel moaned and gasped as he felt the touch. As his mouth moved, Jack's hands roamed, harshly manoeuvring Daniel to wherever he wanted him.

Eventually, he stopped and propelled Daniel into the bedroom where Paul was waiting for them. Jack let Daniel go, but Daniel wasn't freed. Paul took him in his arms and held him close, kissing him, pinching Daniel's nipples between his fingers, grinding his groin into Daniel's... every move told Daniel that their roles would be reversed that day and for once, he was almost totally prepared to let it happen.

Still being kissed, he noticed that his belt was being undone, then his fly buttons. His jeans were soon pushed down and he was naked, save for the tattered remnants of his T-shirt. Only then was he released.

Neither Jack nor Paul would use their bands or collars on Daniel as that wouldn't seem right to them. Daniel had his own ropes but no leather bands, so none were used. Not that that would stop Jack, he was an expert at tying people up and Daniel knew it. He said nothing, just looked fiercely at them both - something that was ignored by both men. They knew that that was how Daniel would always react to this, and that he'd say his safe word if he really wanted them to stop. He had to fight back, or defy them one way or another, it was the only way he'd get what he needed.

Jack grabbed Daniel's hands and put them together, then he tied them up, carefully twisting the soft, silky rope around his wrists and then lifted them up. Daniel didn't look, he knew what was going to happen next. Paul got the small footstool that they kept under the bed and Jack stood on it, attaching Daniel to the panic hook in the ceiling. He wondered what would be best. Fuck him straight away? Lull him into a false sense of security? Get Paul to suck him off? Jack raised an eyebrow in Paul's general direction and with a grin, the younger man dropped to his knees. They were going down Daniel's favourite route, then. Probably wouldn't be such a bad thing, Jack thought. He looked down Daniel's strong back and to his ass and then smiled to himself. Not such a bad thing at all.

Daniel was fighting to stop a sound - any sound - erupting from inside him, but he was fighting a losing battle. And that was just with Paul sucking him off. When Jack stood behind him again, having retrieved the lube, and stuck his fingers inside of him, Daniel moaned loudly. After a perfunctory amount of preparation, Jack lined himself up and pushed his dick into the waiting ass.

All Jack intended at that moment was that they all get off, basically to take the edge off Daniel's itch. To soothe it completely, he knew that they'd have to work a lot harder. Daniel was in for a big surprise - it wasn't going to take his lovers long to move onto part two.

Paul started to jerk himself off, moaning around Daniel's cock as he did and making it jump in his mouth. Jack felt Daniel's ass clamp shut and fought to stop himself going off too soon. Daniel wasn't fucked as often as the others, so he was tight enough without needing to add to it.

Paul stopped working on himself soon after, just concentrating on getting Daniel off instead. His lips were getting bruised as Jack thumped into Daniel, pushing him forward in a rhythm that smacked Daniel's groin onto Paul's mouth. His hands grabbed at Daniel's hips to hold him steady and to compensate, he moved his head up and down Daniel's shaft more vigorously. It didn't take Daniel long to come from that onslaught, and he poured down Paul's throat, his ass muscles clenching and milking Jack of his own come.

Jack pulled out of him and stood to one side as Paul got to his feet and took Jack's place. Paul let out a moan as he slid inside Daniel, unlubed but wet from his own dripping cock and the semen left by Jack inside Daniel. Jack stood in front of Daniel and kissed him harshly, loving the hitching breath he could feel on his lips and tongue as Paul literally hammered into their lover.

Daniel felt giddy. His ass was full, it stung a little but he didn't care. All he knew were the hands that held him, the lips that ate his, the cock inside of him... He felt a touch bereft when Paul finished, panting hard, his head on Daniel's shoulder.

Jack recovered first and unlatched the panic hook but not untying Daniel's wrists. Wordlessly, he led the others to the bed and lay Daniel on it, taking a chance and lifting his hands above his head, attaching him to the bedstead. Daniel said nothing, but his breathing shallowed and his eyes didn't leave Jack's. It was as if he was battling with himself to accept this. Only the knowledge that he had the opportunity to stop it with a word allowed him to hold out. After all, if Jack could accept being tied up, surely he could accept the same treatment, even if he wasn't ordering it? He had to try.

His thoughts took his concentration off what was going on and he was most surprised to see Jack kneeling between his legs and lifting them over his shoulders. He was even more surprised when he felt Jack hard and ready to push inside of him again.

"Jack?" he asked in shock. "How?"

Jack slid smoothly into him and grinned wickedly.

"You noticed," he teased.

"Jack? Tell me!"

"Hey! Who's givin' the orders around here? Last time I looked, it was me."

Daniel clamped his mouth shut and then shuddered as Jack thrust hard into him, brushing his prostate as he went.

"Good. Glad to see you can see who's in charge," Jack growled. "And for your information, both Paul and I came prepared, so to speak. Courtesy of Doc Vincent and a small, blue tablet."

Daniel swallowed hard when he realised the implications. He'd said that he liked to be fucked and fucked and fucked when he got this desperate. For once, he was going to get it. He knew he wouldn't be able to sit properly for days, too, but that didn't matter. Shutting his eyes, he let the tension go from his body and accepted Jack as he moved inside of him. The soreness that had started up faded and he began to feel a touch euphoric. The only way now was up, he was sure, and let himself get higher and higher. He didn't notice when Paul took over, rolling him onto his stomach and then urging him up onto his hands and knees. All he could feel was wanted and loved.

When the initial urges had worn off Jack and Paul, they'd carefully taken Daniel to the bathroom and taken it in turns to sit with him in the bath and wash him down. Daniel was still acting as if he was drunk or high, letting them move him however they wanted, accepting anything they did to him. Whereas they were glad that Daniel was so pliant, it was after all the whole point, there was still something worrying the men about his placidity. It was so not like him. When they'd taken over in the past, Daniel had always had some sort of input in what they did, retaining his control in the manner that he needed. But this time he had none.

Jack pulled out the plug and they urged him to stand. Between them, they got him dried and led him back to the bedroom. Whilst Paul had been in the bath with Daniel, Jack had changed the sheet on the bed, thinking that it probably was a waste of time but still not wanting to get into a soggy bed. All dried, they lay him down and then lay either side of him. Deciding to take advantage of Daniel's submissiveness, Jack asked him a question.

"Danny, tell me something. When did you know that you wanted this?" His voice was quiet, almost hypnotic. He wasn't really expecting Daniel to answer, though he hoped he would.

"Hmm," Daniel started, his voice sounding as if his mind was a million miles away. "When I was eighteen... nineteen."

"Oh? What happened?"

Paul wanted to ask the same thing but he let Jack speak, understanding that Jack had a hold over Daniel that he could never have.

"Dreaming," came the vague reply.

"'Bout what?"

"The guys." A giggle surprised both men as they listened. Daniel was obviously remembering something from his past. Jack ran what he knew of Daniel's past through his mind quickly. At nineteen, he was at Harvard with the guy that had helped him better than anyone else had managed. He hadn't heard about other guys, though.

"Danny? Who are the guys?"

"Fai, Lex and Dar."

"I know who Fai is, Daniel, but who are Lex and Dar?"

Jack moved as close as he could to Daniel, Paul copying his actions on his other side. Between them, they held him firmly, dropping kisses in many places, touching him all over, anything to distract him from thinking and to aid him in answering from the heart rather than his head.

"Alexander and Dario," Daniel explained. "They lived in the same house as us."

"Ah. So, what were you dreaming of about them?"

There was a silence for a few moments, so Jack upped the ante. He put his fingers between Daniel's legs - he was behind him - and stroked the back of his balls and his perineum gently, making him stir. Paul took Daniel's half-hard cock in his hand and softly jerked him off. Daniel let out a low moan and Jack pushed him, urging him to answer the question.

"Woke up one morning," came the whisper. "Hard. Really hard. Fai was sleeping but it didn't matter. I rolled him onto his stomach and fucked him hard. He woke up quickly," he added with a giggle.

"I'll bet he did," Jack agreed, laughing softly himself. "You wake me up when you do that. Best way to wake up, I think."

"Hmm. 'Sss good."


"He asked what brought it on. Didn't want to tell him but he made me."

"Uh huh? And?"

"Fantasy about him and the guys, taking me, fucking me, using me... wanted it so much."

"Did he freak?"

"No. Was scared he would. He was jealous of others, you know?"

"Me too," Jack concurred. "So, what happened?"

"Couple of weeks later, it was my nineteenth birthday and they took me out. Got me... not drunk. Could say no if I wanted, but..."

"But you didn't want to?"

"No." Daniel's answer was almost silent.

"Hey, it's okay. Tell us, Daniel. What happened next?"

"Got home, Fai told me to stop. We were in the living room, we shared it with the others. He kissed me hard. Nothing unusual there, we all did that. Then Lex took over and kissed me. Shocked me, but Fai didn't say anything, he was behind me, like you are; touching me, stroking me, kissing my neck. Dario took Lex' place then they broke away. Next thing I heard was Fai saying 'Strip.' He whispered that one word and it would stop, but I wasn't allowed to speak otherwise."

"You had safe words with him?"

"Nah. Just 'stop'. He said that should be enough. He always stopped when I said it. Never let me down."

"He was a great guy, eh?"


Daniel's voice broke as he said that and Paul noticed that some tears had appeared in Daniel's eyes. Leaning even closer and continuing to slowly stroke Daniel's cock, he kissed them away, saying nothing, just letting his actions speak for him.

"Go on, Danny. Tell us."

"It felt strange, but safe," he whispered. "I stripped, the others watching me, never taking their eyes off me. Then I followed their orders, undressed each one in turn. Had to suck them all off as I did it."

"All three?"


Jack had to fight an involuntary shudder at the image of a young Daniel on his knees for three men, voluntarily submitting to them. He could see himself as one of them, picturing the young face and the bright-blue eyes as they looked up at him. He knew what it was like to be sucked by Daniel, but the imagery of this night was intensifying it. His cock grew and he pushed it between Daniel's thighs, nestling it underneath Daniel's balls. Paul realised what he was doing and pushed his own hard dick next to Jack's so they touched. They both rocked very slowly, still encouraging Daniel to tell them about this night.

"What happened next?"

"Fai told me to get up and go into the kitchen. The table was clear for once and he made me bend face down and grab the legs on the far side, my stomach was on the table, my ass hanging off it."

"Were you hard?"

"As nails. I couldn't come, he wouldn't let me."

"Did he tie you up?"

"Yes. Used tea towels, tied each hand to a different table leg. Gave me the end so I could undo it if I wanted," he added with a smile.

"Good. He obviously loved you, knew what to do for you."

"He did."


"They took it in turns, fucked me hard. Didn't let up."

"Scratched the itch?"


A look of contentment spread over Daniel's face and Paul and Jack speeded up their movements, the pictures in their minds turning them on more and more. Daniel moved his hips, starting to fuck Paul's hand and adding to the friction between his thighs.

"Did you come?"

"Eventually. Fai undid me, flipped me onto my back and jerked me once." He let out a wicked laugh. "They watched, couldn't take their eyes off me. I covered my chest, hit my face with it. When I stopped I propped myself up on my elbows, then told them, one at a time to come and clean me."

"Did they?"

"Oh yeah. Licked me clean. Turned me on again."

At Paul's raised eyebrow, he said, "I was nineteen, Paul. Horny. Permanently horny in fact."

"Not like now?"

"Much worse. Could get hard in the blink of an eye."

"So, what did you do?"

"Made Lex and Dar suck me off, then I fucked Fai in front of them."

"How did you feel? I mean, after what they'd done to you."

"For me, Jack. They did it for me. I felt good. Like now. High. Relaxed. Released, even."

"You really feel like that now?"

"Yeah. And horny."

Daniel smiled as he felt Jack laughing against him. Paul was grinning for a moment, till Daniel squeezed his thighs together and started to fuck Paul's fist harder. Soon all thoughts of past times were gone and they concentrated on the here and now. Jack felt Paul come over his legs and between Daniel's, the semen lubricating his own thrusts. That triggered his own climax, something that Daniel registered as he felt both the hot liquid and the twitching of Jack's cock against his balls. Paul jerked harder and faster, then Daniel groaned loudly as he spilt over his hand.

Daniel spent the day passively accepting whatever the others wanted. He found himself being fed at lunchtime, Paul and Jack taking it in turns to offer him food, sometimes in their fingers, sometimes between their teeth. All three got turned on so much that they replayed Daniel's fantasy, with him naked and tied face down to the kitchen table, the others taking it in turn to fuck him. He was sore, but he didn't care. For the first time in his adult life he let go of his control and trusted the others to take care of him. By the time he'd gone to sleep that night, he'd been fucked more times than he could count, been sucked and jerked off and tied up, watching the others as they'd made love in front of him before they'd gone to bed. He slept like a log.


Jack woke up stiff, but not in the way he'd like. His body ached, his knees and legs hurt, his back pained him and he let out a growl as he realised that he'd well and truly overdone it the previous day. To add insult to injury, his dick throbbed a bit from overuse. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had sex so often in a day. Not that he was complaining, at his age he was pretty impressed with himself, but it would have been nice to have woken up without so much pain.


"Yeah." Jack's voice was harsh as he answered Daniel and his tone told Daniel everything he needed to know.

"Fuck. Paul, wake up." He shook Paul who awoke a touch confused. He'd been having a lovely dream and opened his eyes to see a very cross Daniel.


"Jack overdid it yesterday it would seem. Could you get up and heat up the tub, please?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure." Still thick with sleep, he rolled out of bed and staggered towards the door. Jack tried to get up to go to the bathroom and winced as pain shot through his body.

"Stay still," Daniel scolded.

"I need to piss," he countered.

Angrily, Daniel got out of bed and then bent down to assist Jack. Not taking any complaints from him, Daniel led him to the bathroom, leaving him when he got there. By the time he'd returned to the bedroom, Daniel was back there, a glass of water and a pile of tablets in his hand.

"Here, take these."

Grumpily, Jack took them, muttering a 'thanks' as he did. Daniel told him to stay put, then took his own turn in the bathroom. Paul stumbled back into the bedroom, wanting to return to bed but not daring. Daniel's tone of voice meant that he was back in control.

Daniel waited till the water in the hot tub would be as hot as Jack could take it, then he led him out to it. From past experience, he knew that the only thing that would alleviate Jack's pain was hot water. All of Jack's exercises were done in the tub anyway.

When they were in the water, Daniel made Jack do some exercises, not letting him give up. Finally, Jack complained.

"Daniel, this is hurting, for crying out loud!"

"What do you expect?" came the exasperated reply. "You overdid it, Jack. WHY?"

Jack was stunned and he flopped back in the water to get away from Daniel.

"Why do you think? You needed that yesterday. You needed to let go! Dammit, Daniel, I thought you enjoyed it!"

"I did! But do you think I can take pleasure in something that hurts you? Huh?"

Jack shook his head. "No, I know you don't, but..."

"But nothing, Jack. It doesn't happen again."


"No! I'd never enjoy it again if you were to end up like this. For fuck's sake, Jack, I'll see you like this in my mind the moment you started. No more seeing the doc for pills, no more straining your muscles or kneeling..."

"Okay, okay," Jack muttered. "But what happens when you get that need, Daniel?"

"I'll deal with it."

Daniel's tone of voice allowed no further discussion. The rest of that entire weekend, he allowed the dom in him to surface and the two men quietly acquiesced to his orders, knowing that it was his way of dealing with the events, allowing him to regain control. It left Jack with a dilemma, however. He knew that there would be times that Daniel needed to lose control in a controlled manner - a contradiction, but it was how Daniel dealt with the shit that happened in his life. What was it that Daniel would do?

The following weekend, the men were finishing off the playroom. The equipment was going to be delivered that morning from Simon's shop. The bathroom was ready, the shower, toilet and sink were plumbed in and the tiles were all up and grouted. In the playroom itself, the plastering was done, wooden strips were bolted onto the walls in strategic places, ready to secure the equipment when it came and the painting and electrical fittings were completed. The floor was covered with a cushioned vinyl flooring and the central heating system had been extended down to that room. The workmen that had been there were under the impression that a pool table would be installed and that it really would be a 'play' room. They had no idea.

A knock on the door told them that someone had arrived and Daniel went to answer it. A grinning Simon was waiting for him and he welcomed him into the house.

"Got everything you wanted, Daniel," Simon said. "If you like, I'll give you a hand setting it up."

"Thanks, Si, that would be great. Much appreciated."

"Hey, it's no problem. You spend a couple of grand, you get the star treatment. Shall we take it down?"

"I'll get some help. PAUL!" He yelled from the top of the stairs and soon saw Paul emerging from the cellar. "It's come. Give us a hand taking the stuff down, will you?"


Paul was excited by the arrival of the equipment as although he had told Daniel what he liked the look of on the web site, he wasn't exactly sure of what Daniel had actually bought. All he knew was that it was expensive.

As they carefully manoeuvred the equipment down the stairs, Jack finished sweeping the floor and generally making sure that the room was ready for it. All of the equipment came in unmarked boxes, ready-to-assemble like a set of shelves from Ikea. When all of the boxes were in place and Daniel had made sure that he had sufficient tools ready, he asked Simon how long it would take them to set it up.

"Shouldn't be more than a couple of hours," came the reply. "Probably won't even take that long. I've done it a few times so I know what I'm doing."


A look came over Daniel's face that warned the others that he had something in mind.

"Go upstairs," he said quietly. "I want you both showered, shaved and cleaned. Do not touch your own bodies. Paul, you shave and clean Jack, Jack you do the same for Paul. Oh, and when I say shaved, I mean it. All over. I will punish you if I see any hair anywhere. When you are ready, remain naked. I expect to see you wearing your various collars and bands, too. You have two hours. Do not do anything other than follow my instructions."

He looked at his watch and they knew that they were on the clock. Daniel meant two hours precisely. Not a minute later - or earlier. Jack took a look at his watch and set a mental countdown going.

Without another word, they left and Daniel turned to the first box, retrieved a knife and cut open the tape.

"Right, let's see what we have here," he muttered.


Up in the bathroom, Paul and Jack were whispering to each other. Daniel hadn't given them permission to talk, but then he hadn't told them to stay silent either.

"What's up with Daniel?" Paul asked as he covered Jack's chest with shaving foam. Their hair had regrown from their previous shaving and now both of them were dreading the itch of new growth the following day.

"I dunno. It's since we made him lose it," Jack sighed. "I thought we were doing him a favour."

"So did I," Paul agreed. "He seemed to enjoy it. I've never seen him so relaxed."

Jack thought for a while, then he suggested, "Remember when he said he was afraid that if he lost control, he'd never get it back? Maybe he's overcompensating for it?"

"Could be. It's as good a theory as any other. Whatever, he's been a pain in the ass since last weekend. It's like when we were working together, but more so."

"I know. Eat this, wear that..." Jack shook his head in bewilderment. "I don't mind him doing it, but I get the feeling that something's up with him, ya know?"

"Yes, I do know. I'm glad that he's like this in some ways, but as you say, it's making me a touch unnerved. It's like everything that he is is exaggerated."

"Exactly. Ah well, play along. Maybe we'll get some clues this weekend. I get the feeling that he's got something planned for the inaugural scene down there, what do you think?"

Paul looked them both up and down, then looked at the razor in his hand. He nodded.

"Most definitely. Whatever happens, it's bound to be fun."

Jack laughed a little. "Just go with the flow, Paul. We'll figure it out."


One hour and forty minutes later, and Daniel and Simon were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. The equipment was set up, the boxes and tools cleared away. Daniel had already taken the contents of his toy chest down and they were now placed on shelves that he and Jack had put up during the week; on display as opposed to being hidden away from visitors. The other men were ready, but they remained in the bedroom, still having a whispered conversation and watching the clock intently. Daniel could tell from the lack of noise that they were ready, but he didn't call them in. Instead, he talked with Simon about everything and nothing, just letting the others sweat a bit and wonder what he had in store.

One minute before they were due back downstairs, Daniel heard the door to the bedroom open. Simon stood up and made to leave, but Daniel continued to talk to him as if nothing was going on. He looked up when they entered the kitchen on the way to the cellar steps, pointedly looked at his watch and then nodded with a small smile.

"Continue down," he said softly. "I'll be with you in a minute." Smothering down a grin, he turned to Simon, who couldn't take his eyes off the naked men in front of him. "Would you like to join us?" he asked. "I'm sure I could find something to do with you."

Simon shivered as he heard Daniel's tone. He'd seen him with the men in the shop and in the clubs, but he'd never seen him working with them like this. His voice was different. Sexy, seductive and not a little dangerous. It took all of his willpower to reluctantly turn down the invitation.

"I'm afraid that I have places to go," he sighed. "It's a shame, but that's business for you."

"I understand," Daniel purred. "Thank you for all your help, it's much appreciated."

"My pleasure. I hope you have lots of fun with it."

"Oh, we will, Simon. We will. Or rather, I will. Don't know about those two..."

Simon laughed out loud and made good his escape. Out in his car, he drove quickly from their house, down the road and pulled into a lay-by. A quick look around him told him he was alone, he undid his pants, took a handful of tissues from a pack in his glove box and jerked off. In his mind, he could see the men, naked and bound to the equipment he'd brought there and then Daniel... how would he be dressed? What would he do to them? It didn't take him long to come as his mind ran riot.

Back in the house, Daniel went to the bedroom, quickly got showered and changed and then went to meet up with the waiting men.


Paul and Jack gasped as they entered the playroom. In front of them, the whole atmosphere of the room had changed. Daniel had switched the lights so that some with red bulbs were on, the white bulbs were low, just giving enough actual light for them to see. It was warm, friendly in one way, frightening in another, especially when one looked at the equipment that was now set in front of them.

As Paul had wanted, the jointed table was in place, the feet bolted to the floor for security's sake. A St. Andrew's cross was also bolted to the floor, but it was one with a difference, one which they would find out later. Manacles were attached to the wooden slats on the walls, with chains so that they could be adjusted to the height of whoever was in them. Another item stood to one side, a box with another lower box to one side, with padded covers on each top, designed for kneeling on and lying over, ready for paddling or something similar.

They raked their eyes over the toys on the shelves; the plugs and dildos that stood proudly erect, the riding crop, flogger, claw and paddle that hung below. Other toys, the feather, the glove and so on lay on their sides. A batch of white candles reminded them of the wax play, making them wonder if he had that in mind again. More reassuringly, in one side of the room there was a set of open shelves stacked up on the one wall, filled with safety equipment. A pair of bolt cutters to get them out of the manacles if the locks failed. A first aid kit. A fire extinguisher and blanket. A set of ordinary blankets and pillows lay on the bottom shelf, offering comfort in their minds.

"I see you like the look of this."

They jumped. Daniel was barefoot and had walked silently into the room. So caught up with the sight before them, they'd missed his presence.

Keeping his amusement to himself, he prompted, "Well? Do you?"

"Yes," Paul gasped. "It's incredible. Thank you."

"You're welcome, pet," Daniel replied. "Jack?"

"Looks good," Jack agreed.

"Want to try something out?"

Both men nodded, torn between looking at the room and Daniel. He was in a pair of tight black leather trousers, but barefoot. His top was a skintight black T-shirt with no sleeves, the original sleeves having been ripped off. His glasses were gone, contacts were in and he wore his earring which glistened in the angled light. He looked sexy, so sexy that both men were reacting quickly.

Ignoring their reactions, Daniel took Jack by the hand and led him to the cross.

"Lay against it, Jack, facing it," he ordered quietly. In moments, Jack felt his arms being raised and his wrist bands being clipped to the ends of the top arms of the X. His feet were lifted one at a time so that he was standing on a stirrup at the bottom of each leg of the cross, his toes pointing out through the gap and allowing his entire body to rest against it. His ankle bands were also attached and then he felt his waist band being clipped to the centre. He shuddered as he felt both exposed and secure. Daniel dropped soft kisses on his back and shoulders and his cock twitched uncomfortably, squashed as it was between him and the smooth wooden cross.

"You wait there," Daniel teased. "Don't go anywhere, will you?"

Jack dropped his head through the gap between the arms of the cross and fought down a moan. He was there for the duration and he knew it.

Daniel turned and led Paul to the jointed table. At that moment, it was shaped as if it was an ordinary table with a padded top, but that would soon change. Laying Paul down facing the cover, he attached him similarly to the way Jack was fixed, arms above his head, his wrist and ankle bands clipped to the top and bottom of the table. When he was secure, Daniel unlatched the table and then slowly opened the top of the table, pulling Paul's arms apart, then he did the same with the bottom, separating Paul's legs as far as they could go without pulling muscles. Again, he dropped kisses on Paul's back and shoulders to reassure him.

"Now," he said quietly, "what am I going to do with you?"

He went to one of the shelves and took down a pair of butt plugs along with some lube.

"I know you don't go in for toys," he said softly to Jack, "but I'd like to try some on you. Would you try them? For me?"

Jack wasn't sure, but he nodded, then spoke out loud when he remembered that Daniel always liked vocal confirmation.

"Okay. But if..."

"If it's too much, you tell me. I won't hurt you, Jack."

"I know. Do it."

"Thank you."

Jack groaned with pleasure as he felt Daniel's fingers working inside of him, opening him up and preparing him. Then he covered a plug with lube and started to push it in.

"Is that good?" he crooned.

"Yeah. It's okay," came the reluctant admittance.

"It'll get better, baby," Daniel continued. "You'll feel good, I promise."

Jack's only answer was a long, drawn out 'ugh' as the plug slid into place.

As soon as it was done, Daniel offered another comforting kiss, then he went directly to Paul.

"You don't care what I put into you, do you?" he taunted, his voice a little harder.

"You can do what you want," Paul gasped as he felt Daniel's fingers enter him.

"You're mine, aren't you?"

"All yours."

"Good man," came the praise. "You are such a good pet." He removed his fingers and slid the plug inside him swiftly, then stood back and wiped his fingers on a waiting damp towel.

"Now then, I think... oh yeah, I know."

He moved to another shelf and took some items down. Jack gulped with anticipation when he felt Daniel standing behind him.

"I think I want you in a different position," Daniel said thoughtfully, then Jack felt as well as heard a clunk followed by a moment when he was insecure.

"Don't worry, Jack, I won't let you fall," he reassured. Holding onto Jack's arm, Daniel tilted the cross forward and Jack realised that it was held on a pivot in the centre of the cross. Another clunk told him that Daniel had locked it into position. He was tipped forward, but still essentially upright, unlike Paul who was totally prone. Looking at his other lover, he noticed that Paul's head was turned towards him and that he was being watched. Not knowing what Daniel had in mind made Jack's heart race and his cock harden even more. He grunted when the next thing that he felt was Daniel's hand snaking between his legs and grasping his cock, dragging it to point downwards and exposing it to Daniel's attentions. Another grunt, but one more content, followed when Daniel put on the soft fur glove and used it to stroke over his ass and between his legs. His cock jerked at the attention and he mentally cursed when it smacked against the wood above it. He couldn't be sure, but he thought that Daniel was fighting down a laugh at his predicament.

"You like this, don't you?" Daniel asked. "Soft touch, so gentle..."

Jack didn't answer, knowing that Daniel didn't want him to speak at that moment, that he was just teasing him.

"I wonder if you'll like this instead?"

Jack didn't have time to brace himself. Instead, he jumped in surprise when the next things he felt were the tails of the cloth flogger snaking out and tickling his balls and cock. Another smack of it, further back and over his ass made him want to stop and continue with it at the same time. It didn't hurt, it wasn't for that, it just tingled and tickled, taunting him and working him up. Yet another smack, this time over his ass cheeks was followed by a stroke with the glove.

Daniel continued in this vein, flogging and soothing over Jack's arms, legs, shoulders... alternating with strokes around his ass and genitals but in no pattern that Jack could discern. His cock dripped with anticipation, his mind pleading with Daniel to finish it, to let him come, but that didn't happen.

"You're doing very well," Daniel praised, emphasising it by stopping the 'assault' and replacing the glove with his tongue. Jack groaned with pleasure when he felt Daniel kissing his back, working his way down Jack's spine, licking as he went. When he reached Jack's ass, he kissed both cheeks and then stood up. He moved to the front of the cross, took Jack's head firmly in his hands and then kissed him hard. Jack let him do it, didn't kiss him back, he just surrendered to him.

"Love you," Daniel whispered when he broke away. "Take a break, Jack, it's Paul's turn." With a wicked smile, he got some more things off the shelf and moved determinedly to his other lover.

"You don't get it so easy," he warned. Matching his previous actions with Jack, he grabbed Paul's cock and balls and tugged them, letting them dangle in the space created by opening up the table. Paul felt a little relieved as he was no longer lying on them, but then worried as they became well and truly exposed. He felt even more nervous when he saw that Daniel had the riding crop in his hand.

Shutting his eyes, he waited for the first strike. And waited. Daniel was standing to one side of him, looking him up and down as if he was deciding where to start. Daniel watched, never taking his eyes off Paul's body language and waiting for the right moment. When Paul seemed to relax a little, as if he was giving up on the idea of Daniel actually doing something, he pounced.

A short, stinging slap from the end of the crop on Paul's right buttock announced the fact that Daniel had started. Despite himself, Paul yelped. He clamped his mouth shut, waiting for Daniel to tell him off for making a sound and surprised when he didn't get that. Instead, he got another slap, and another. None really hurt and each one seemed to get closer to his dangling, but rigid cock. His breathing shortened as his imagination ran riot. All he could do was open his eyes and look at Jack. He saw that the other man was staring fixedly at his ass and that Jack's own cock was dripping profusely, twitching with every stroke that landed on Paul.

"You're getting off on watching me do this to him, aren't you?"

Daniel's voice broke through the grunts and gasps. Paul inwardly groaned when he heard Daniel's words. All of Daniel's actions that day had been for Paul to care for and give pleasure to Jack and the other way around. Paul had no idea that Jack would get off on watching this. But Daniel knew that Jack enjoyed watching him work with Paul; even so, he was only playing a hunch with this. It was the fact that Paul was getting pleasure from something that Jack didn't think that he would enjoy that turned Jack on. That, combined with the fact that Daniel kept pushing at Jack's boundaries, making him try the things he thought he wouldn't like. He knew that in Jack's mind now was the possibility that he would like the riding crop.

Jack didn't answer, he was too engrossed in what Daniel was doing to Paul. Standing between Paul's legs by his ankles, Daniel reached out with the crop and allowed the floppy piece of suede to trail completely between his crack and all the way to his balls. When there, he flicked it a little and made it give the gentlest of smacks on the balls, making them tighten further.

"Dan," Paul gasped, warning Daniel that he couldn't take much more than that and still not come.

Daniel ignored him and drew the crop back, lingering around his stuffed hole and teasing him a bit longer. Then he stopped completely, went to the shelf, took a large dildo down and marched straight back to Paul. He removed the plug, inserted the dildo slowly and then switched it on. Paul cried out as the vibrations from it jarred his prostate.

"Daniel, please," he begged. "Stop it or let me come, please. I can't take any more."

"You beg so prettily," Daniel taunted. "What will you do for me if I let you come?"

"Anything! God, anything!"

Daniel appeared to think for a moment, enjoying watching Paul squirm as he fought his impending orgasm. With a smile, he bent over Paul's back and whispered, "Okay baby, you can come." Then he dropped a kiss on the small of Paul's back and laughed quietly as his lover literally exploded in a climax.

He stood back and watched as Paul christened the floor with his semen, listening to him yelling with relief, then frustration as Daniel didn't switch the vibrator off.

"Do you think I should switch it off?" he asked Jack, his voice suddenly sounding innocent and almost childlike.

Jack thought quickly. He wanted Daniel to switch it off to stop torturing Paul, but he knew that if he said 'yes', Daniel may well be contrary.

"Whatever you think is the right thing to do," he answered diplomatically.

Daniel laughed out loud, then reached down and flicked the switch off. Paul sighed in gratitude and looked up at Jack with a smile for him. Jack let loose a surreptitious wink in his direction.

As they looked at each other, neither man noticed that Daniel had moved silently back behind Jack. Jack only noticed when the next thing he knew was a stinging slap from the crop over the bottom of his buttocks.


"Quiet!" Daniel snapped. "You were wanting this, I could tell. You want to know what it's like, why it's so good, don't you? Well? Don't you?"


"So, why were you so hard, eh? You get off on the thought of it, don't you?"

He slapped him again, not hard, just enough to tingle. One thing Daniel knew was that he couldn't do anything hard against Jack's body, not in the way he could with Paul. It was more messing with Jack's head than anything more sinister.

"Don't you?" Daniel demanded. "You get off on it. You want to feel the sting but it's easier to watch someone else suffer, eh?"

Again, a tap, this time between his legs and on his perineum. Not painful, just a shock. With each slap, Daniel pushed Jack to admit it, eventually getting a "GOD YES!" from Jack.

Daniel stopped immediately and put the crop away. Then he removed the plug from Jack's ass and put it to one side. Jack heard the pop of the buttons on Daniel's flies as they snapped open and he knew what was coming next. In moments, Daniel was pushing into him, leaning against him and resting his lips at the back of one of Jack's ears.

"You don't have to just watch, Jack," he murmured as he started to fuck him. "You can ask for anything. Try anything. I won't hurt you, you know. I won't be shocked at what you want, I won't judge you for wanting something. We all need, Jack, we all want something we think we can't have. You don't want to be flogged because of what happened to you before. I get that, I really do. You feel ashamed because you associate this side of being turned on by your torture. But it's not like that, baby, it's nothing like that. It's just what you want, what you're curious about. Try it, tell me if you like it or not. I won't make you do something."

He crooned like this, reassuring Jack, all the while thrusting his hips and pushing into his lover. When he felt himself ready to come, he said, "Come for me, Jack."

The resulting contractions milked Daniel for all he was worth and the two men panted hard to get their breath back for a few minutes before Daniel was able to pull back.

Jack said nothing, he just let Daniel carry out what needed to be done. The cross was tilted back upright, his straps were undone and he was gently guided off the cross and to a chair. Then Daniel removed the dildo from Paul's ass, put the table back to its original position, undid Paul, and helped him up.

"You two recover for a while," he said. "Then get yourselves cleaned up. I'll go and make something to eat. While I do that, you clean up in here."

"May we get dressed?" Paul asked.

"Oh no. You can stay like that for a while," Daniel answered with a wicked grin. "Why spoil my view?"

Chuckling to himself, Daniel left them and headed directly for their bedroom, but his laughter didn't last long. In the en suite, he cleaned himself up and stared in the mirror. He didn't recognise the man looking back at him.