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In All But Name 3



Summary: Sam faces some more social taboos.
With many thanks to Gary and Fabi. (Sorry for squicking you F!)

Sam was scared as she left the comfort of the truck. Janet had only allowed her a short skirt and a seemingly tiny jacket to cover her body and she had never felt so exposed in her life. She felt more exposed than when she'd been held captive and kept naked. That had been a lot easier than this. But she hadn't complained. Mistress wanted this and Mistress was going to get it. If she couldn't dress like this for a club which catered for fringe lifestyles, hundreds of miles away from anyone who knew her, where in the universe could she wear it?

And besides, a little voice in her head said, you look good in it, honey. Why shouldn't you wear it?

She and Paul were placed in the centre of the small troupe making their way to the club; Jack, Daniel and Janet surreptitiously surrounding their charges. Every so often, Jack and Daniel would exchange small glances and have to fight down grins that threatened to erupt, as Sam seemed to be getting more confident with every step she took.

The doorman greeted them all warmly, asking Daniel to sign the two women in as guests with due reverence. Another member of staff led the women to the ladies cloakroom so that they could leave their jackets and anything else they wanted to take off. Sam looked around it and couldn't help but be reminded of the locker room at the SGC, even if it was distinctly less military. Some of the lockers had names on. She noticed that they either had a Ms. whoever it was or Mistress something or other with an '& slave' in smaller letters underneath. She and Janet were directed to a single locker marked 'guest'.

Janet ordered her to take off her jacket which she did with a little trepidation. For a moment, it looked like Janet was going to order the skirt off, too, but to Sam's relief, she didn't.

As they emerged from the cloakroom, Sam saw the men patiently waiting for them. Daniel had removed the men's jackets and boots and they were barefoot and topless, much as they were kept at home. Sam had to swallow hard when she saw a dog lead attached to Jack's collar. For some reason, he looked hot. Daniel didn't do this to Paul, she noticed, and she wondered why the difference.

Not being allowed to speak unless she was spoken to, she had plenty of time to observe other people's reactions to the men and to figure it all out.

Daniel, at first, appeared to be ignoring the men. His eyes were roaming the room and when he spotted a spare table, he marched towards it, expecting the others to follow him without being told. His head was held high, he was determined in his step; confident, capable, always watching around him...

It was then that the anomaly started to make sense to Sam.

She knew Jack well. Knew that he had always had a reputation for being difficult and dangerous - something that whilst true in some ways, was far from the mark in others. His tendency had always been to keep his team safe, no matter the consequences to himself. If he'd ended up saving his team's life but had either died or been court-martialled as a result of his actions, he would have been okay about that. But his hard man image was also something he enjoyed as it acted as a warning to others. 'Don't take on Jack O'Neill, he's nuts,' was something that had been said at many a base in the past. As a result, few had ever tried to take him on (and those that had had learned why they shouldn't have pretty quickly). The tougher he looked to all around him, the less danger his team, or in this case, his friends and lovers, would be in. Daniel was indulging Jack by showing everyone in the room that Jack was no pushover and that he had to be kept on a leash for everyone else's sake. This act of submission from Jack to Daniel also elevated Daniel's status there, as it was implied that no one else could dominate Jack - which was, of course, the truth.

She saw that some other slaves there were also being led; either the same way as Jack or with a rope or leash attached to another part of their bodies. Somehow, they just looked meek - at least compared to Jack - and she puzzled over it for a minute before realising that it was body language as much as the actual leash. The others were often head-bowed, or even on their knees. Their expressions, where she could see them, were either blank or, in some cases, there was an almost puppy-dog devotion to their masters. Jack, however, was scowling.

No, she thought. Not scowling exactly, but more a 'come near my master and you'll see why he keeps this level of control over me', coupled with an, 'I may be kept on a leash and I may be weapon-less, but I am still dangerous'. She figured he couldn't help it. Even if he hadn't been leashed, he would still have a similar expression on his face. She'd seen it often enough on a first-contact mission. Though the aliens would see him with a smile on his face, that same message, 'I am a danger to you', came through loud and clear. If it hadn't been for Daniel's diluting impact, they'd never have got past the 'Hello, we are peaceful explorers from Earth...'

Paul, on the other hand, was walking one step behind Daniel and slightly to his side. He looked more like he was watching out for Daniel's needs, ready to serve him in whatever manner Daniel required at any given moment. Ready to serve, but not servile. Devoted, but no puppy. Prepared to do anything for the man he loved, but no doormat. She wasn't sure how he gave out that balanced impression but he did.

Between them, the three men gave out an aura of an unbreakable trio, people to be respected and treated very politely, even by their friends.

As they reached the chosen table, Sam waited to be told where to sit and how. Janet didn't disappoint and indicated that Sam should sit on a stool to her side. She did it without hesitation. With every passing moment, she understood more and more what Paul had meant when he'd spoken of the relief of not needing to think.

Paul, likewise, sat on a stool, but he was in-between Daniel's legs so Daniel could touch him as and when he wanted to. In deference to Jack's less co-operative body, he was allowed to sit on a normal chair at Daniel's right-hand side.

Sam flashed back to the time on the slave planet where she had discovered Jack and Daniel's relationship. Daniel had knelt at Jack's feet but had given Teal'c the position of bodyguard to Sam. In other words, Jack's right-hand-man, there to do his bidding. They looked like that now; with Paul ready to serve and Jack ready to protect Daniel.

The furniture of the club was not like that of the usual clubs they'd taken her to. There she'd find small tables of normal height, usually round, and surrounded by about four chairs.

Here, there was a long coffee table which was placed side-on to the dance floor. Down one side was a long, leather bench seat, on the other side were armchairs and footstools, either for the guests' feet, or their slaves to sit on.

The dance floor wasn't bathed in strobe lighting but more subtly lit with elegant permanent lights, more like a small ballroom from the eighteenth century (except for the electricity). The music was loud enough to dance to, but quiet enough for normal level conversations to take place. There was a bar, but waiters, all of whom were dressed in slave harnesses, catered for the majority of the clubbers.

Even though the club appeared at first glance to be mainly catering for the Scene, further observation proved Daniel's words about the club's whole premise. Bunches of people who obviously had nothing to do with the Scene were happily mixing with those who did. Some extremely apparent cross-dressers chatted animatedly; a couple of naturists were propping up the bar...

Wherever she looked she saw yet another subculture represented. Some people gave no clue as to their lifestyle by their actions or their dress and she wondered why they were there.

Daniel and Janet ordered the drinks when the waiter was at their side but Sam didn't even hear them speak, she was so caught up in her thoughts. A few glances were exchanged between Daniel and his men and they all tried to hide the smiles that threatened as they watched her eyes roaming around the club.


She looked up immediately at Daniel as he called out to her, earning herself a smile in reward.

"What are you thinking?" he asked gently.

"I was wondering what scenes some of others are into, I mean the less obvious ones."

"I see." Daniel looked at Janet and asked, "May I?" pointing to his lap.

"Of course," she replied.

Daniel thanked her and put his hands out to Sam, pulling her to sit on his lap.

"I don't want people to think I'm talking about them," he said quietly. "Well, I will be, but not nastily," he added with a grin.

Sam smiled and let out a little laugh, finding that she was enjoying being on Daniel's lap for some reason.

"So, who shall we start with?" he asked with a smile. "How about those people over there?" He nodded in the direction of a group of both men and women who all seemed to be dressed in normal evening/clubbing clothes.

Sam nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay, well, they're into something called vore. You'll find out a lot more about that as they're supplying a buffet a little later on. I guess they're just relaxing before getting it ready."

"May I speak?"

"You may."

"Are you just going to tease me like that?" she asked, a little crossly.

He grinned. "Yup."

The others laughed; Janet loudly, the men trying to keep it quiet. Sam's face dropped.

In response, Daniel hugged her closer to him and dropped a kiss on her nose.

"Don't worry, Samantha," he murmured, "I promise you'll find out later. Are there any others you want to know about?"

"Yes," she answered quietly. "Are those really naturists at the bar? Or are they exhibitionists?"

"Oh they're naturists. There aren't many clubs - which aren't primarily sex clubs, or scene-specific - where people can just be themselves in public. They're not doing this for sexual gratification but just to relax, and here they can do that without being hit on."

"I noticed that," Sam replied. "People are talking to them but it looks easy, no tension."

Daniel was pleased that she had realised that. It meant that she was picking up on the psychology of the club which would help her to relax and enjoy herself in the long run. Seeing stark naked people laughing and joking with clothed people, not being picked on or picked up, no raised voices... no threat. It helped.

"What about them?" Sam asked, looking at another group of fairly ordinarily dressed people who were mixing with a bunch of people who were definitely in the Scene.

"Ah. Well..." Daniel wondered how he was going to explain this. His conundrum was aided a little when part of the group headed towards the set of rooms put by for those that wanted to indulge in their fetish or kink. "Come with me."

She slid off his lap and stood to one side, waiting for him to emerge from behind the table, wondering where the hell he was going to take her. She looked at Janet with a little panic in her eyes.

"Master Daniel," Janet called out.

He stopped and looked at her. "Mistress?"

"May I accompany you?"

"Of course. Gentlemen, you may remain here if you wish."

Jack and Paul motioned that they would stay as they knew perfectly well where Daniel was going to take the women.

Sam followed Daniel with some trepidation, Janet to her side. She had no idea where she was going or what she was going to find when she got there. When they arrived at a little corridor behind the main room, she was even more confused. The toilets were there, marked with the usual matchstick man and woman, but next to it were two more with what looked like a man with a skirt and a woman in trousers.

She stopped and tugged on Daniel's arm.


"What are those?" she asked.

"Bathrooms," he replied with a grin. Then he added, "Sometimes transvestites - and transsexuals who haven't gone all the way with the sex change - can get concerned as to which bathrooms they should use at a club. For example, if a woman changing to a man hasn't gone as far as the surgery but has had the hormone treatment and dresses like a man, should he go into the male toilets or female? He will looked like a man, but he can't stand up to piss in the way a born man will. And if he's a TV man and so hasn't even had any hormone replacement, he could look too much like a woman, even if he's got a false beard. That could put him into danger in such an exclusively, and often sexually charged, male environment. And the other way around; straight or vanilla women may well feel threatened by a man in a dress, or a woman who's dressed as a man in their domain."

Sam shrugged - she hadn't exactly given that a thought.

"Some TS women to men may not feel comfortable with the men until they've completely changed, but will not want to appear to be a man trying to get in with the women. So, we've provided two separate bathrooms for female to male and male to female, either TVs or TSs. At least then they will only be in a place where others who are going through the same thing as them will be."

"Thoughtful," she replied.

He shrugged. "They're not forced to use them," he added. "They're just there for them if they would feel more comfortable using them. If they'd rather use the usual bathrooms, then they're free to do as they please. It all depends on a person's confidence level, I suppose."

She nodded, getting where he was coming from. It fitted with the ethos of the club, trying to make people feel comfortable as themselves but not trying to make them stand out as 'different' or 'odd'.

Further down the corridor, they stopped outside another apparent 'bathroom'. But this time, the moniker was closer to the mark than she would guess.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Daniel opened the door and let Sam step inside.

She saw what appeared to be a large wet room, tiled from top to bottom with drains spaced along the floor and large-headed showers coming out of the ceiling. To the right, there was a wall which came almost to the door, but, she noticed, separated a set of lockers and hot air dryers from the water.

But it was what the people were doing in the tiled area that shocked her. Not that they noticed, or cared about her reaction. They were having too much fun.

To try to process her thoughts, she turned to walk out of the room. Daniel let her leave and followed her out. Janet took a proper look and grinned and winked at one of the participants that caught her eye before turning away and leaving, too.

Outside the room, Sam looked in confusion at Daniel.

"Why would they want to do that?" she asked. "They were..."

She stopped, unable to say it.

"Ah, well, it's colloquially called 'watersports'. And no, I get nothing from it, either. But some people do so we cater for it. As you know, one of the main rules of this place is that as long as the participants in any scene are adult and consenting, they are not judged by us. So, despite it not being the scene of most of the club's owners, we built them somewhere they can go and have fun, safe in the knowledge that no one will bother them."

"But she was drinking that guy's..."

Again, Sam's voice trailed off.

Janet decided to help Daniel out.

"Surprisingly enough, Sam, it's not actually harmful. As long as the provider of the urine is healthy and doesn't have any infections, then whereas it may not seem to be clean, in fact it's probably cleaner than a lot of the so-called fresh water that some people in Third World areas are forced to drink. Usually, the participants will avoid certain foods beforehand, such as asparagus, fish, peas and some others as they can make the urine taste foul, apparently. Not that I have any practical experience in this, but someone I knew once was really into it. And they'll drink a lot of water, too, which will dilute it."

"I know it's not too dangerous," she replied. "After all, during survival training I was told that should it come to it, drinking my own urine could keep me alive for a couple of extra days in a waterless place, which could give me enough time to be rescued. I didn't like the thought of it, but I was convinced by my tutor that it was safe enough, if unpleasant. But it's that unpleasantness thing," she said, her voice trying to urge them to believe that she wasn't judging the people in the room, she was just confused. "Why do they do it?"

"For a number of reasons," Daniel shrugged. "At least I've heard a couple of reasons from the people here. Undoubtedly there are more. One is precisely the taboo element. The more socially forbidden something is, the more some people want to do it. Another is a matter of possession. In some S&M relationships, the slave will want to drink the Master's piss as an act of submission as it shows that there is nothing they won't do, and that they are taking something precious and personal that their Master is giving them. It's not something I would ask of the guys and I know it's not something they would want to do. Knowing them, they would do it if I asked, so I won't. Though it's no worse than them blowing me, I suppose."

She blushed a little at that, which annoyed her no end. She couldn't help it, though. It helped her when the others didn't remark on it.

"I guess," she replied, mulling that over in her head. Jonas had made her blow him, made her swallow his come. Janet told her to go down on her, to use her tongue to get her off... Was there really a difference? And because she secretly loved being told to do that, would she secretly love it if...

Daniel cut her thought processes off when he spoke next.

"Come on, I can't leave the guys for long. There's no telling what trouble they'll get into."

As they walked back, Daniel gave her some more food for thought.

"No one will make you do something you don't want to do, Samantha. But if you're curious about it, you can talk to your Mistress and possibly explore it. As a suggestion, next time you're in the shower, try taking a pee and putting your hand in the flow. If that disgusts you, then watersports are not for you. If it turns you on, then there's a possibility that it is. If it leaves you shrugging and feeling nothing, then again, maybe it's not your thing. Don't dismiss something like that out of hand. I wouldn't recommend you try scat, though."

Then before she could ask what that was, Daniel lengthened his stride and headed directly for the table. Sam looked at Janet who muttered, 'coward' under her breath before explaining what scat was. This time, instead of being surprised and curious, Sam looked horrified. Much to Janet's relief as she really couldn't go there.

"Ladies and Gentlemen."

The MC of the club caught everyone's attention and the chatter dropped to almost non-existent. The gang sat at the table in their previous positions. Jack at Daniel's side, Paul between his legs; but now Sam had managed to get Janet to allow her to sit as Paul was, instead of at Janet's side. Sam took great pleasure from Janet running her fingers through her hair and down to stroke her breasts every so often.

"Tonight we are fortunate to be supplied with a running buffet by our very own vore fraternity. For those of you who do not know this delicious fetish, let me introduce Vernon Hyer and his wife Missy who have organised tonight's tasty treats."

A warm round of applause greeted a rather homely-looking couple as they took the floor.

"Thank you," Vernon said with a big smile. "Now, I know that some of you will be familiar with vore but I'm sure you all will be familiar with it under a different name. Before I tell you what it is, do not be afraid. Nothing is either immoral or illegal here, you have my word. It's just rather unfortunate that vore is otherwise known as the cannibalism fetish."

A small murmur of alarm rippled around the room, but true to the club's ethos, nobody raised a complaint, willing to hear the man out and trusting the club's owners enough to know that there was a twist in the tale.

"It's not really cannibalism," he said, his hands up in surrender and his ruddy face smiling broadly. "Think back to when you were a small child. How often did you hear things like, 'I'm going to eat you all up', or 'that child is positively edible'? Cannibalistic metaphors are extremely common in everyday speech. We practitioners of vore take that just one step further on. And let me put your minds at rest. None of us ever harm anyone. Our models, or subs, or whatever you want to call them, are here voluntarily because they want to be here. They want to be 'eaten'." He put that last word in air quotes for a reason. 'Eaten' was most definitely a figure of speech here. "We could be said to take food play just that big step further."

The audience were warming to him now, curious as to see where this was going, so Vernon took his cue.

"Why don't I introduce you to the buffet?" he suggested. "As Douglas Adams once said, 'Let's meet the meat!'."

With that, two trolleys were rolled onto the dance floor from behind the curtain, another two smaller ones quickly following them. On the smaller ones were plates, cutlery and napkins, along with a huge basket of buttered bread rolls. On the larger ones were two naked people. A man on one, a woman on the other. Both were trussed up like the Christmas turkey, bound to the tables with both rope and things like liquorice strands and covered in various foods. Where their skin was bare, they had been 'basted' with olive oil or other sauces.

The man was obviously the meat course, covered as he was with strips of different cold meats. Ham on his arms, sausages on his stomach; his legs which had been strapped down and pulled apart from each other had chicken on his thighs and strips of beef on his calves and shins. Obviously the provider of the buffet had a sense of humour.

But that was the point of this. It was supposed to be fun and enjoyable. The man certainly didn't look like he was uncomfortable; not even the chorizo which was sticking out of his ass seemed to be causing any pain. The small apple in his mouth gave him the stuck pig look.

The woman was the dessert. Her body was covered with slices of different fruits, the euphemistic joke continuing with her arrangement of melons on her breasts. She had many fruits over her body, an peach in her mouth, and various sweet sauces were drizzled over her. Cream over the strawberries, chocolate sauce over other fruits, maple syrup on slices of banana... A whole, unpeeled banana peeked out from her vagina.

"For us," Vernon said, "the joy is in the vision and in our imagination. Don't they look delicious?"

Murmurs of agreement ran through the room and he noticed a few people wanting to get closer to have a better look - or maybe a taste.

"If you are interested in exploring vore further, please come and see us and we will give you information about our little organisation. There are many more, should we say, positions? that models end up in; some more exciting than others. We hold photographic sessions where a model will be prepared for your delight, with or without props such as spits, pots or ovens, and you will be allowed to take photographs for your own personal pleasure."

With that, he stood back and with a dramatic wave, invited the crowd to partake of the feast.


Sam was most intrigued by this new fetish. She understood that it was totally safe and sane and she could see how the pleasure was derived from this. She realised that the psychology of the fetish had barely been explained but knew it would be fascinating to look into it. Daniel and Janet led them up to the buffet and she took her cue from Paul, who picked up a plate for Daniel. She took one for Janet and stood by her mistress' side.

As Daniel was one of the club's owners and was held in high regard, he was invited to start the feast. Paul held his plate for him and Daniel seemed to take great delight in lifting a slice of bacon off the man's stomach, dropping it onto the plate before running his finger over the now exposed area. The model shut his eyes and underneath the apple in his mouth, they detected a smile. To make it better for him, Daniel again stroked his finger over some of the spare space on his stomach before removing a slice of sausage. A few small pieces of meat later, and Daniel had enough on his plate. They'd eaten before leaving the house so they weren't hungry. He directed Paul to pick up three rolls and then said he'd return for his dessert later.

The rest of the club took it in turns to partake, chatting animatedly between themselves and with the hosts of the feast. Sam held the plate for Janet, feeling a little jealous when Janet seemed to take just that little too much pleasure from removing food from both the man and the woman. She followed her back to the table and again copied Paul's actions, kneeling in front of Janet and holding the plate for her. Some of the time, Janet would take a piece of the food and eat it herself, other times, she would feed Sam. Sam took great joy in sucking on Janet's fingers, which seemed to please Janet, too. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the guys feeding each other with a relish that had nothing to do with pickle. Their eyes were smiling at each other, they ate slowly and seductively, and she flicked her eyes downward and saw the effect this was having on them. She wondered if they would wait until they got home or if they would go to one of the rooms she'd noticed in the back but in which she had no idea what happened.

Daniel couldn't get over how relaxed Sam was in the club. He knew the atmosphere had something to do with it, but her entire attitude had seemed to undertake a complete sea change. She wanted to learn instead of having learned in the past because she felt she needed to. Not only that, she had seemed to forget that her dress had left her more exposed in public than she had ever willingly been before. Given the bizarre dress code there, that shouldn't have been a surprise. Sam looked positively conservative compared to some.

He looked at his own men and felt a warm tingling in his groin. The buffet was over and their teasing seduction of each other had gone on throughout it. The introduction of the vore fetishists had definitely been a hit with the crowd; they would get invited back at some point. As the food had been eaten, the hosts had explained vore further, giving the clubbers as much information as they could about the fetish and some of the club members were most definitely interested in taking it further.

With the dance floor cleared, the low level music was back on and a few of the clubbers were making the most of the opportunity to dance. The group watched the dancers as they chatted quietly amongst themselves, Daniel occasionally introducing the women to other club members as they strolled around the room, stopping at the various tables to greet those they knew.

Occasionally, Janet or Daniel decided that they wanted to dance. Jack was excused that but Paul and Sam were taken onto the floor by either of the Doms, depending on their moods. Janet was surprised to find that Paul was an excellent dancer, extremely comfortable with dancing with her rather than Daniel, but he explained that over the years in the Air Force, he'd been in a position where he'd had to dance with women, if only to deflect any attention away from his single status.

Sam, for the most part, kept quiet but observed anyone that came into view. She could pigeonhole many of the people from their dress or their manner, but still some left her confused. Occasionally, either Daniel or Janet would pick up on her confusion and would question her, explaining what she was seeing when she asked. As time went on, she settled more and more, starting to feel less like there was something odd about her for wanting to submit to Janet and more like she was a part of a large and diverse crowd. But one thing confused her more than anything and it wasn't something that she wanted to discuss at that moment.


As Paul had work the following day, Daniel decided it was time to go home. He promised to take the girls back to the club before they went back to work and show them more of the side rooms, introducing them to the delights of different fetishes and kinks. Janet led Sam back to the cloakroom and they hurried to redress.

Back outside, Sam noticed that the men had returned to their previous state, with shoes and jackets, and Jack's leash taken off. Somehow, she thought he looked a little lost without it. Daniel obviously felt the same way as he had Jack's hand firmly in his, looking like he was both comforting Jack and stopping him from running off, as if he was a naughty toddler likely to get into trouble. She had to fight down a giggle at that thought because she knew that occasionally, despite his years of military experience, he could be that overgrown toddler.


In the car on the way back, Janet decided to ask Sam what it was that had been puzzling her to the end of the evening.

"Um, could we discuss it later?" she asked, pleading with Janet to drop the subject for now.

"Very well," Janet sighed, afraid that Sam was going to bottle something up again.

Daniel picked up on that and thought about it as he drove them home. He came up with a little plan as he pulled up at the house and decided to act.

"Gentlemen," he said as they entered the house. "It is getting late. Get ready for bed. You may remove each other's bindings but don't do anything else," he warned. "I will be with you soon."

They nodded wordlessly and headed directly for the bedroom. As they went, he ushered Sam and Janet into their bedroom and sat on the bed, motioning to Janet to sit next to him and to Sam to kneel between his legs. She needed to feel secure to speak of whatever was bothering her.

"Samantha. Remember when we spoke earlier?" he asked, his voice low and calm.

"Yes, Daniel," she replied, looking up into his eyes.

"And remember how I pointed out that avoiding a subject was going to cause problems?"

She nodded sadly, remembering how he had snapped at her, accusing her of running from her thoughts.

"So, something has bothered you or is confusing you. You must tell us or else it could become something serious."

She sighed a little and then nodded.

"It's nothing serious," she said a little sheepishly. "It's just... Something's confusing me about..." Her voice trailed off for a moment as she found that she didn't want to voice her feelings as sex was not something she had ever felt comfortable talking about. The others remained silent, not trying to help her this time, making her speak about what was on her mind. "Okay. In the club, there were two women, together. They looked happy and I enjoyed watching them dance. But one of them was wearing something which looked out of place."

"What was it?" Janet pushed.

Sam blushed a little and instead of answering with words, she went to the drawer where Janet had earlier placed some toys that she'd brought back up from the playroom. Moments later, she had the strap-on harness in her hand and a dildo to fix to it.

"One of these," she said. "Why was she wearing it there?"

"Perhaps she liked to?" Janet suggested.

"I guessed that," Sam scowled. "But why? They were two women. Why do these get used? Surely if there are two women in a relationship, you don't want a..."

"A man?" Daniel asked kindly.

Sam nodded and put the things back in the drawer, feeling relieved that they'd got what she was confused about but at the same time, she was a little annoyed that they were both a bit amused.

"What's this got to do with a man, honey?" Janet asked when Sam returned.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked in surprise. "It's a... a..."

"A dick?" Daniel prompted.

She nodded quickly.

"No, it's not," Janet contradicted. Then she took a deep breath. "How am I going to explain this?" she sighed. She looked to Daniel for help but he shook his head. For the moment she was on her own.

"Look, when you masturbate - I take it you do sometimes?" Janet asked. She had never seen Sam do it so she couldn't be sure.

Sam blushed furiously and nodded.

"Sometimes," she whispered.

Janet got annoyed with her reaction to that and put her hand on her chin, pulling her head up.

"Don't you dare think there's anything wrong with masturbating," she snapped. "It's a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy thing to do. Only if it becomes an obsession to the exclusion of pretty much anything else in your life will it be a problem. So do not get embarrassed by it."

Sam tried to accept that. She knew Janet was right but her mother, when Sam had been a little girl, had scolded her harshly for touching herself in the bath as it wasn't a 'nice' thing to do, so she found even mentioning it difficult.

"When you do it, do you push your fingers inside yourself?" Janet asked evenly.

Her 'doctor' tone helped Sam a lot and she replied, "Yes."


"Because it's nice," she answered.

"And there you have it. Penetration is fun," Janet shrugged. "It has nothing to do with men - or women for that matter. It's purely a great sensation which you can enjoy. The reason dildos are generally dick-shaped is that the penis has been designed to penetrate a woman like that, so it's a good shape and size. A lot of dildos are also sold to straight women who will think of it as part of a man - or to gay guys for the same reason," she added, looking at Daniel who grinned back at her. "But if you've got two lesbians with no interest in men whatsoever, they won't be thinking of a guy when it's used, but the pleasure they'll get from it. Not all lesbians will want to use one - not all straight women will, either. Some women who are nominally straight will have an aversion to penetration of any sort and will usually avoid that sort of sexual contact. Using a dildo, whether with a harness or just in your hand, doesn't demean lesbian sex. Is that what you're getting at?"

"I guess. I just can't see why two women who want to be together would want to have anything to do with what would normally be seen as 'straight' sex."

"I understand," Janet replied. "And you're right, some probably wouldn't. But some, probably most, don't think of it as involving a man, or having 'lesser' sex by being penetrated. They're just interested in having lots of fun, that's all."

She looked to Daniel again, pleading with him to help her. This time, he relented.

"Sam, there's no such thing as right or wrong sex," he said gently. "If it feels good, if it's between consenting adults, it's good sex. No one can tell you what will feel good to you or not. If you want to use something like that, then fine, use it. If it doesn't feel good, you don't. You know Dizzy, don't you?"

"Of course."

"Well, she's not in the slightest bit interested in guys, but you should see her dildo collection. She keeps them on display in her living room on a shelf. I think she'd deck you if you accused her of thinking of guys when she used one, too. It's just something she chooses to use." Then, a little slyly, he added, "Tell me, did you enjoy it being used on you?"

She nodded, then she looked at him in shock. How did he know?

Janet looked at him curiously but he just winked at her and mouthed 'later'. He'd show her the recording he made.

Sam regrouped. "But until Janet, I've only been with men," she said defiantly.

"True. But believe me, sexual orientation has nothing to do with how you enjoy sex. Penetration is something you either enjoy or don't."

"Of course it does," she scoffed. "I can't see a straight guy liking being penetrated."

"That's where you're wrong," he grinned. "And I could give you the name of a straight guy who loves it. But I won't, because you have to work with him."

"I think I know who you're talking about," Janet grinned. "But I won't say his name. Doctor's privilege and all that."

He nodded, but continued to illustrate his story.

"There's a guy at the SGC who is straight. Trust me, he's not one of these guys there who says he's not gay but indulges in gay sex whenever he can, blaming a drought of straight sex for his indulgence. I can't bear those hypocrites," he added with a mutter. "This guy is not attracted to men. However, some years back, he had this pretty wild girlfriend who really got off on using a strap-on. He said she took a while to persuade him to allow her, but she worked up to it, starting with a finger and so on. Eventually, he discovered how good it can feel and why the prostate's known as the 'happy button'," he said, grinning. "For some guys, it does little or nothing, for most, it's pleasurable. But for some, like him, it's amazing. It got to the stage where he became a bit addicted to getting fucked by her.

"Anyway, he got posted elsewhere, he and she broke up, then he met and married the woman that's his wife. He's nuts about her and in every way except one, she's perfect for him. That one thing is with sex. She's happy to have vanilla sex, according to him, but she is not going to go down the toy route under any circumstances. So, he did the right thing by her and never brought it up, and tried to stop thinking about it. He won't go with another woman to get it, either."

"Neither should he," Sam muttered.

"True. Having an affair is wrong," Daniel agreed. "But he was missing out on the one thing that really gave him the most pleasure in bed."


"Yeah. One day, he went out with one of his teammates to a game. His wife had gone away to her parents or something for a couple of days. Anyway, they ended up at his pal's place - a bachelor pad - and they got drunk. This guy was pretty miserable and his friend eventually got the story out of him. Instead of laughing at him or being horrified, as the guy thought would happen, his pal gave him a suggestion. Go with one of the guys on the base. Of course, he did the 'I'm not gay' thing, and in his case, it was true. But as his friend pointed out, he didn't have to do anything else, and it wouldn't be like he was going to a prostitute or having an affair. He wasn't too sure about this but in the end, he decided to give it a try because his desire to get fucked was ruining his sex life with his wife. Then he discovered that his best friend was gay, so, as you can imagine, he got to try it out that weekend."

Janet sniggered and Sam smiled shyly at that thought.

"Ah, before you think that his friend had said that just to get him into bed, it wasn't the case. Since that weekend, they've never had sex. It really was a case of his best friend being a best friend. Between them, they worked out the best way for him to go about doing this and since then, if he feels the need, he goes to someone he can trust, gets fucked, gets off and forgets about it."

"How can you be sure he's not really bi?" Janet asked curiously.

"I talked to him about it," Daniel replied. "He's genuine. He's no 'phobe - wasn't before he found out about his best friend, wasn't before his girlfriend had started on him, either. He's a good-looking guy who's been hit on on a number of occasions and he's always turned them down with good humour. And as he said to me, if he'd really been bi or gay, he'd have had to have accepted it. He's very pragmatic like that. Since he discovered how much he likes getting fucked he's seriously looked into himself, too, wondering if he was hiding something from himself. But no matter how many guys he looks at, not one of them holds any attraction for him. He doesn't even think about what they're sticking in him," he added. "In his mind, it's a dildo on a harness."

"But isn't he still cheating?" Sam asked.

"In a way," Daniel agreed. "However, it was a choice between him doing this or possibly getting to the stage where his sex life at home was so bad, he'd end up getting divorced. When he does this, he doesn't get involved with the guy that's doing it. He faces away, doesn't kiss or touch or anything loving like that. He won't even let the other guy jerk him off. He just imagines his wife doing this to him and takes pleasure from it that way. In this case, what he's doing is probably the best compromise. Unfortunately, if he's ever found out, he could lose his job and his wife, so he limits it to when he feels desperate and only goes with someone who'll keep his mouth shut.

"But the point I was making was this. It's not what other people think or other people's expectations about sex which should tell you how to have sex, or what you should enjoy or not. It's what you think is best for you. So, even if someone has no interest in guys whatsoever, it shouldn't stop them enjoying penetrative sex if that's what turns them on. And using toys is fun," he added with a grin. "A great deal of fun."

She giggled again at that, getting what he was saying.

"Do you like them?" she asked, her voice teasing.

He shrugged. "I top for the most part," he said casually. "I only bottom for guys I trust implicitly. So for those two," he pointed to the door, "whatever they want to use on me, whether it's their dicks or a toy, I'm happy. But I wouldn't allow someone I'd picked up to use anything on me. When Jack and Paul decide to use something on me - whatever it is - I enjoy it immensely." He stood up. "Talking of which, I think I've left them alone a little too long. Night."

And with a wink to the women, he left them alone, heading straight for the bedroom.

Undressed and ready for bed, Sam was still thinking on Daniel's words. She got where he was coming from, she supposed, but she was still a little confused. She'd managed to accept Janet wanting to use the strap-on on her, Janet's bisexuality explaining it in her own mind. It was just women who were never interested in men that confused her as to why they'd want something so seemingly masculine.

"Confusing, isn't it, honey?" Janet asked quietly as she settled under the covers.

Sam looked at her with a small smile. "I'm not judging them," she replied. "Never that. It's just strange. It's all strange to me."

"I know." Janet sat up with a grin. "I think I know what might help, though, if you're willing to give it a go?"

"Depends on what it is," Sam said wryly.

Janet laughed and got out of the bed, retrieving the harness and dildo and bringing it back.

"Put it on," she said, trying to sound strong but not make it an order. She wanted Sam to willingly try it on but she knew Sam may need a little push.

Sam took it off her and looked at it, a little unsure. "Jan?"

"Please, honey. Try it on. You're only going to understand by trying something. If you don't like it, I won't bring it up again but please don't tell me you won't like something without giving it a go."

Sam nodded sharply, understanding Janet's thoughts, and knelt up on the bed. She studied the way it went on and then looked at Janet for assistance.

Janet laughed a little and took it off her, then efficiently strapped it onto her before lying on the bed, her legs open and inviting Sam to do whatever she wanted.

Nervously, Sam leaned forward. Whatever was going to happen, she wanted it to be good for her mistress, so she started by dipping her head and kissing her. Janet shut her eyes and smiled against the kiss, letting Sam know she wanted this, too.

"Everything okay?" Jack asked as Daniel got into bed.

"Should be. Sam's still having a few problems sorting out 'labels' I think. She's still got to learn that sex is an individual thing, that no one needs to follow a rule book to enjoy themselves or get it 'right'. Whatever that means."

Paul sniggered. "That means what we do," he said with a grin. "And talking of which..."

He pulled Daniel over on top of him and kissed him. "How about you do me?" he said when he broke off.

Daniel smiled back and then looked at Jack. "How fit are you feeling?" he asked, looking deliberately at where Jack's legs were under the covers.

"Not bad," Jack informed him.

"Good enough for a little exercise?"

"Oh yeah. I think I can manage that."

"Great," Daniel replied enthusiastically, kneeling up and pulling Paul to join him.

Paul sat up, the smile still on his face. He couldn't wait to see what Daniel had in mind this time.

"It's late," Daniel said suddenly. "So we're not going to do anything... elaborate. I think, however, that we can still have some fun, don't you?"

His voice was light and cheerful and the others couldn't help but get excited by it.

"Turn over Paul. Up on your knees. I am so going to fuck you," Daniel purred.

Paul physically shuddered when he heard the words and was on his knees in moments. Daniel laughed out loud, smacking Paul's ass gently and calling him a slut, or rather, his slut. Then he bent over and kissed his way down Paul's back, lingering when he got to his ass and licked, kissed and bit the cheeks gently.

Jack wondered what Daniel had in mind for him but was happy to wait and watch what was going on. Paul was reacting as he usually did, gasping and squirming as Daniel played his body like a musical instrument in the hands of maestro. Eventually, Daniel tired of that, or at least he was aware of the passage of time, so he reached for the lube on the nearest bedside table, greased himself up and then made himself at home getting a satisfied 'yeah' from Paul.

He stopped dead when he was all the way in and looked at Jack, grinned, then handed him the lube.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked seductively. "A written invitation?"

Jack stopped dead for a moment, then with a wicked grin he shrugged off the covers, knelt in-between Daniel's legs and made the most of the opportunity.

Sam couldn't believe how much pleasure she was getting from this, but she knew that she had got more pleasure when Janet had been...

'Dammit,' she snarled mentally. 'Why can't you even say it in your mind? She fucked you. You are fucking her. There. You've said it.'

She loved the sense of power it gave her, even if only temporarily. She loved the thought that she would be relinquishing that power willingly; enthusiastically, even. That thought sped her up, made her work harder to get Janet off. Each contact with Janet pushed her closer to the edge and she couldn't stop now, didn't want to stop. Wanted Janet to do this to her...

Jack let loose as soon as he was able. He knew what Daniel wanted, knew he wanted it too. Paul's body was held tight by Daniel to stop him thumping against the bed. All three were panting and groaning; Jack timing his thrusts to match Daniel's. As Daniel pulled back, he pushed forward as hard as he could. Daniel was holding himself as still as he could when Jack pushed in, welcoming every inch inside him.

"Yes," Daniel hissed through gritted teeth. "God, yes," he said again, urging Jack on. He reached around to Paul's cock and gripped it firmly, letting his own movements push Paul into fucking his hand. All three were concentrating on their own pleasure as much as the others' for once, desperate to keep this going and end it at the same time.


Janet arched up as Sam slammed into her, her body shuddering with her climax. Sam was still kneeling unsteadily as her own climax thundered through her. She kept moving, slowing each thrust and bringing them both down off their highs gently.

Eventually she pulled out and flopped onto the bed, looking for Janet's arms immediately. Exhausted, Janet pulled her into her arms and held her closely.

When she'd got her breath back, she whispered, "Do you get it now?"

"I get it," Sam whispered in return. "I get it, Jan." A few tears pricked at her eyes, not because she was upset but because her emotions were overwhelming her. She wriggled in Janet's arms, undoing the harness at the same time, getting rid of it by throwing it on the floor behind her and then looking straight into Janet's eyes.

With a passion which she'd never voiced before, she stared at Janet and said, "I love you, Jan. I really love you."

Janet relaxed, tears of her own threatening. She held her close and kissed her face. "I know, baby," she murmured. "I love you, too."

The three lay on the bed; Paul flat on his face, Daniel on his side facing him and Jack on his back next to Daniel.

"Wow," Jack said, grinning as energetically as he could.

"Yeah," Daniel agreed, reaching behind him and searching out Jack's hand.

"Ugh," came from Paul, getting a chuckle from the others.

After a moment or two, Daniel urged them to get under the covers. He figured they'd all sleep well that night.

Sam couldn't look Daniel in the eye the following morning over breakfast. She knew he knew what had happened the night before, even without anyone telling him. She wasn't sure if she was angry about that, about how he knew her so damned well or not. It could be reassuring, not having to tell him things, but it was frustrating, too. If he knew her so well, did anyone else? Could anyone at the SGC see what she'd been doing? She nearly checked a mirror to see if she had a neon sign flashing above her head.

Paul had gone off to work already, Jack, too, had retreated to his studio. Daniel was just about to go check his email to see if he had a translation to do. Sam, as a result, was feeling a bit lost.

Janet, however, had been watching her closely and had tried to guess what was going on in her head. She figured Sam needed some guidance again. It wasn't surprising. Sam had faced something which had been buried deep in her psyche, something which took great strength and courage to do. As a result, she needed reassurance that what she had done was the right thing. The only way Janet knew how to do that was to carry on, making it all 'normal'.

"Samantha," she called out, getting Sam's attention immediately.

"Yes, Mistress?"

Janet couldn't help but smile at her reaction.

"Come with me. There are a few things I want you to do."

Sam smiled back at her. Janet would know what to do when they got home. She would take care of everything.

Jumping to her feet, she followed Janet to the bedroom without hesitation.


As Daniel watched the bedroom door shut, he smiled to himself. Everything was going to work out just fine.