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letting off steam

Summary: Pre-Quiet Strength. Paul's alone in DC, but he's got a surprise waiting for him. There is a sort of non-con warning here, but trust me, 'kay? You should know me by now.
Too short to be betaed, therefore all typos are my fault. Can't blame the gals this time.

"Temper, temper."

Paul Davis muttered under his breath as he was cut up yet again on his way home from work. The comparatively short drive seemed to take an age and, not for the first time, he wondered if it would have been quicker to walk.

The day had been long. Probably no longer than most days at the Pentagon, but this one had dragged. It had been filled with hour after hour of meetings, explaining the same thing again and again to the budget committee.

"Tell me again, Major. Just why does the SGC need to spend three million dollars extra on its medical wing?"

It had taken every ounce of his self-control to not say, "Because they're fucking dying without the equipment! The people that are out there, saving your stupid ass, need it to stay alive!" Instead, he'd gritted his teeth and put it in much more diplomatic language. Along with the explanations for the increase in budget for the research and development and anthropology departments. Of course, he hadn't had to beg too hard for more weapons. He never did.

He wasn't sure if it had helped, having Doctor Jackson there, that was. He'd done his best to put his case forward, but Paul had spent as much time calming him down in the face of unmitigated stupidity and awkwardness on the part of the committee as he had in putting his case forward. As a result, Paul was shattered. And if that stupid fucking idiot in that damned truck in front of him didn't put his foot down right now, he was going to lose it.

Finally, he pulled up at the parking space allotted to him for his apartment and discovered it taken yet again. A call to the guy on the gate had him parking a bit further down for the night. Apparently the people that that space belonged to would be away for the weekend. He wasn't sure who owned the car parked in his spot, but he was sure that he'd shoot him if he met him.

Furiously, he stomped to the elevator, found it out of order for maintenance, and stomped up the four flights of stairs instead. By the time he got to his front door, he was ready to blow.

At least the lights on the stairs were working, he thought to himself, as it was now dark outside. All he was looking forward to was a quiet evening in on the sofa, thinking of absolutely nothing. Daniel had told him that he'd have to go directly back to Colorado after the meeting, so he wouldn't even have the pleasure of his friend's company. For once, he wasn't too upset. He was so tired, he doubted he'd be much company anyway.

Opening the door, he reached for the light switch as he stepped inside his apartment. As he made to flick the switch, he simultaneously shut the door, then found himself pushed up against it, a hand pressed hard over his mouth.

"Don't say a word."

The male voice was strong but quiet. He couldn't see his assailant, he hadn't made it as far as switching the light on, and now he realised that all his curtains were shut. Blackout curtains at that, which he'd deliberately installed to keep out the bright streetlights. He cursed himself for a fool. Who needs unbroken sleep anyway?

"Will you be quiet? Nod your head if you will. If you won't..."

The voice was now menacing, but oddly arousing. He bit down on his feelings and decided he'd nod. He could always change his mind later. Slowly, he nodded, and the hand over his mouth moved away cautiously.

"Good. I'd rather not have to gag you," the man said, "but I will if I have to. Now, turn and face the door. We can do this easily, or I can make you do it. I will make you do it if I have to."

Paul knew that the man was bigger than him and given the positions they were in, he also knew he was in the weaker state at that moment. Lesson number one, do as you're told. Survive. Learn.

He turned slowly, then felt the man press up against him, a hard cock grinding into his ass.

"Very good," the man purred. "Very good indeed."

Again, he ground his cock against Paul's ass and Paul's breath hitched. Dammit, he was getting turned on. It had to be adrenaline, he told himself. Had to be. That and the soft but heavy, hot breath that he felt on his neck.

He felt his hands being pulled behind him and the next thing he knew, handcuffs were on both his wrists.

"I know you, Major Davis," came the voice. "I know what you're thinking. I know what you're capable of. I know you could kill me with those beautifully manicured hands of yours. I know you have killed with them. So, I'm making sure you don't. You do see my point, don't you?"

All Paul could do was nod. He wasn't sure if the man was armed or not, but he wasn't going to tempt fate to find out. His heart pumping violently, he just agreed physically, fiercely reminding himself to not make a sound.

"I'll bet you're wondering what I want, aren't you?" came the taunt.

Again, Paul nodded.

"It's quite simple, really. And when I get what I want, I'll leave you alone. Shall I tell you? You may answer, by the way. Quietly. I want to hear you beg."

"Please," Paul whispered, against his better judgement. "Tell me."

The man was quiet for a moment, pushed his body hard against Paul's and Paul felt that the hardness hadn't lessened any; if anything, it was harder than before. He knew what the man wanted, without asking, but he needed confirmation.


"Please tell me," Paul murmured a little louder. "I want to know. Please."

"You ask so nicely." The man's voice was even more taunting now and his breath brushed Paul's ear. Paul fought back a shiver. "So I'll tell you. I was watching you today and I decided I wanted you. I want your ass. I want to bury myself inside it and never come out. I want to fuck you so hard you can't walk for the rest of the weekend. I want to feel that pretty mouth of yours on my cock. I want you to suck me hard and swallow me down."

Paul shuddered when he felt the man's lips on his earlobe, gently suckling on it, nibbling up the side and then the man's tongue as it traced the outline of his ear.

"Will you do that for me? Will you let me do that?"

"No. You can't. I..."

"You put out." The voice was sneering now. "I know you do. That ass of yours isn't virgin territory. Which is a shame. What I wouldn't have given to have been the first for you. I know your mouth has had cock in it before. You've got a good reputation, you know. Prim and proper Major Davis is, in reality, a total slut. So, answer the question again, Major. Will you let me?"

"NO! I don't want it."

Paul thrust back, but found himself pushing against an immovable object.

"Don't want it, eh? So what's this?"

A hand was on his groin in moments and he groaned as he felt his own hard dick twitch as the warmth of the palm rubbed against him.

"Adrenaline," he gasped. "Perfectly natural reaction..."

"...To wanting to be fucked," the man finished for him. "Come on, I don't have all night."

He felt himself pulled away from the door and manhandled towards his bedroom. He was surprised to see a few candles lit on the bedside table and another set of handcuffs already attached to the headboard. Moments later, he was face down on the bed, his hands still bound behind his back. As he felt the man take one of his feet and pull the shoe off, he grabbed his chance and kicked out. In seconds, he found himself pinned to the bed, the entire length of the man laying on top of him.

"Now, now, that's not nice. Behave yourself or I'll tie your feet to the bed, too. Do you want that?"

"No!" Paul spat.

"Then keep still."

The man returned to his task, removing Paul's shoes and socks. When they were bare, he lifted each foot in turn and kissed the soles.

"See? I can be gentle," he said quietly. "The more you behave, the gentler I'll be."

Paul said nothing, but he kept still. He could get through this, he told himself. It wasn't the end of the world. Was it?

He found himself being rolled onto his back and then started to feel vulnerable when the man's hands undid his flies, stroking his cock which had softened since he'd been moved from the door.

"Aw, you're not hard anymore," the man whined. "I can't have that."

His pants and briefs were stripped off him, then he had to fight down a moan when the man placed his head against his groin and literally nuzzled against his dick. A few licks later, and he was hard again.

"I'll make it good for you," the man said earnestly. "You're going to love it."

"No. Please. I'm seeing someone. Can't cheat. Won't."

"This isn't cheating," came the reply. "It's not as if you've asked for it, is it?"

"No. Didn't ask."

"So I won't say anything if you start to beg me now," the man teased.

Paul clamped his mouth shut, something he felt more difficult when his cock was suddenly swallowed to the root. For the next few minutes, he was tortured by the mouth moving up and down his shaft, the tongue licking, the lips caressing. He fought hard to keep himself under control, to not come in that talented mouth. And it was talented. The best he'd ever had.

He couldn't help but let out a miserable groan when the mouth went and his wet cock started to feel the chill of cold air being blown on to it.

His legs were pushed apart and he felt even more vulnerable than before. In the candlelight, he saw his assailant for the first time. Piercing eyes caught his, glistening as the flames flickered. The man stripped slowly, and Paul couldn't take his eyes off the power that exuded from the muscles that rippled in the light. A hard cock was exposed and Paul saw what he was going to have to take.

He screwed his eyes shut, unwilling to look further. Only when he felt the bed dip and the man kneel in-between his legs did he open them again, staring at the ceiling so that he wouldn't have to see those incredible eyes or that strong body anymore.

Fingers worked their way up and over his abdomen and chest, undoing his jacket and shirt buttons as they went. Then he felt himself being lifted to sit up, and he was face-to-face with the man that controlled him. He saw him getting closer and swallowed hard, then strong hands grasped his shoulders and he felt his mouth being consumed by the other's. He tried not to respond, but he couldn't help it. His own mouth answered, his own lips aching to possess the other man's. He breathed through his nose - short, desperate breaths as he fought to inhale. Something was happening behind him but he couldn't tell what. All he knew was the mouth on his, the tongue that forced its way inside his mouth, fucking it in the way he wanted his ass fucked. Before his mind caught up with the action, his shirt and jacket were gone; his tie - history. And he was attached to the bed. One wrist bound by the cuffs already locked to the headboard, the second wrist following suit with the cuffs that had held him from the beginning. All he wore now was the undershirt he'd started dressing with in the morning.

"Time to move on, I think," said the man. "You are just too fucking hot for me to hold out."

Paul gulped when he saw the man take the lube from his bedside drawer but couldn't help but push down as the lubed fingers entered his asshole. Roughly they fucked him, getting him ready for the next stage. Two, three, then four fingers invaded his body and he welcomed them all, crying out 'No!' when they left him. But for the first time, he meant 'don't stop'.

He felt weak and helpless as his feet were hooked over the man's shoulders and he did what he could to brace himself for the next step. It wasn't long in coming. In a single, hard thrust, he was impaled on the hard cock that had taunted him for so long.

"Oh fuck," said the man. "You are so good. Feel so good. I knew it would be like this. Knew it."

He stopped talking and started to move. Slowly at first, he built up his speed, thrusting hard into Paul and fulfilling his promise to nail him through the mattress.

Unable to move his hands, Paul arched his back to encourage the man to fuck him even harder. The invitation was taken up and soon Paul thought of nothing at all. The only thing he knew was the cock inside him, riding him harder than he'd ever been ridden before. Driving into him more fiercely, satisfying every fantasy that he'd ever had.

Grunts and groans from the man told him that he wasn't going to last long, that getting what he wanted was preventing him from holding out.

"Please, let me..." Paul begged.

"Oh no," he gasped. "Not yet. You will, just not yet. Hold on for me."

With a loud grunt, the man came, and Paul felt the semen as it heated up his insides, the cock as it pulsed against his gland.

"PLEASE," he pleaded. "I need to."

The man didn't answer, he just pulled out and dropped Paul's legs down from his shoulder. In moments, Paul felt his cock being swallowed down again. That was all it took. Whether the man would let him or not, he was going to come down his throat. So he did, pumping everything he had, forcing him to swallow him down or choke.

It took them a few minutes to recover any form of equilibrium. Paul was still stunned when he felt the handcuffs being undone and his arms being massaged. The vest was lifted up and over his head, his jelly-like arms flopping as he allowed himself to be totally stripped. When he was finally naked, he felt himself engulfed in the strong arms, the now familiar lips catching his once more. This time, he smiled against them.

"Thank you," he whispered. "I needed that."

"I know. Thank you."

"For what?"

"Trusting me."

Laying on the bed and in the man's arms, he moved until his head was on his chest. Dropping a kiss on the hairless chest, he said, "That was never in doubt, Dan. I trust you more than anyone."

Daniel's arms hugged him closer and refused to let go.

"Same here, babe. Same here. Are you okay, now?"

"Oh yeah. Totally stress free now."

"Good. That was the idea. I must admit, that fantasy of yours didn't half make me hard just thinking about it. I'm not sure how I held out. I wanted to fuck you at the door. I damned near came when you pushed back against me."

Paul laughed quietly.

"How do you think I felt when you ground into me? And the handcuffs? I thought I was going to explode. Anyway, I thought you had to go home for the weekend."

"I lied," Daniel admitted. "You were looking so stressed in the meeting, I sneaked out and arranged that I would be up here for the weekend instead."

"I thought you were going for a leak. I never knew you were so devious."

"Trust me, I can be more devious than that, if you want me to. If you need me to."

"I'll have to think up another fantasy then," Paul answered with a grin, tipping his head up and looking at Daniel's chin. Stretching up, he dropped a kiss on it.

"You'll be the death of me," Daniel groaned.

"Yeah, but what a way to go."

"I'll drink to that."

"You'll drink to anything."

Daniel laughed. "Talking of which, I'll go put some coffee on."

He made to move, but Paul trapped him on the bed.

"Nuh huh. You're not going anywhere."

Noticing that the handcuffs were still attached to the bedstead, he took Daniel's hands in his and raised them.

"Time to get my own back, I think."

"Oh? Oh dear. Um, by the way, sorry for taking your parking space. I'll take the car back to the rental place tomorrow."

"It was you? Dammit, Daniel. You're in big trouble now."

Daniel lay back with a grin on his face. He couldn't help but smile as Paul got his revenge.