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Quiet Strength 2

velvet claws

Summary: The threesome continues. Jack needs to forget and to lose control; Paul gets his darkest desire fulfilled and Daniel has to retain his own composure in the face of great odds. Many thanks to the fabulous foursome, Joy and Catspaw for the betas and Wadjet and Danvers for the valued and valuable opinions. And many thanks too to the incredible Sideburns for valuable information without which, Paul wouldn't be having half as much fun. I wouldn't be writing this without your support, guys.
Warning: Contains bondage, three-way sex, use of 'toys' and recreational drugs (legal ones, I hasten to add). I am in NO way condoning or encouraging the use of amyl nitrate, irrespective of its legal status. It should only be used by people fit enough to take it, no heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc. In other words, unless you are sure, just say 'no', folks.

"Um, Daniel, are you doing anything tonight?"

"Not really. Do you want to come over? I think there's a game on or something. There usually is," Daniel replied as he sat on the gurney waiting for his clearance to get the hell out of there. It had been a bad one; no one had been badly hurt on their side, but Jack had had to make a decision which ended in the deaths of some innocent civilians along with a hell of a lot of not so innocent Jaffa. It had been either that or the entire colony, probably the entire planet, would have been destroyed. A handful of people against many thousands? An easy call, right? Wrong. Especially when you knew some of the innocents.

The people there had understood his decision to blow the ship, had backed him even. But the looks of devastation on the faces of the husbands and wives of those that would never come back would haunt him and he knew it. He also knew that he needed to stop thinking. He muttered an agreement to Daniel, knowing that the younger man would need to take control tonight. He'd been sent behind the front line, shepherding the children and elderly away from the fight. He had had no say in how the battle had gone, naturally, and was feeling like he had lost some respect from the soldiers fighting on their side. That wasn't how they thought, it was just Daniel's perception. He was an innate pacifist, but that did not equate with being weak or indecisive. Jack knew that and Daniel loved him dearly for his understanding.

Daniel was pleased to discover that Paul might be in a position to come over later that evening too. He was there to mop up the diplomatic fallout that had come as a result of the mission. The treaty that they had been about to sign may not get signed now, the untimely arrival of the Goa'uld creating suspicion in the minds of the natives.

Hammond appeared at the infirmary door. He'd already been debriefed, unofficially, but he'd need an official account as soon as possible.

"Colonel, could you and your team come to the briefing room as soon as you are done?"

"Of course, Sir," Jack answered wearily, straightening his back in an effort to sound and look more 'military', and less like the exhausted, battle-fatigued man that he was feeling.

Minutes later, the members of his team surrounding him, Jack made his way silently to the debriefing. Whilst there, he had his game face on, ready to answer the questions and give his version of the events. He listened without word to the others' descriptions and noticed that they were as tired as he felt. When Hammond was finally satisfied with their accounts, Jack asked, "General, may I request that SG-1 stands down for a few days. We're exhausted."

"Of course, Colonel," Hammond's quiet, paternal voice came back. "I was going to suggest it anyway. You're all on four days' leave. Go home and don't come back till Tuesday. Go away. Colonel, you look like you need to spend a few days fishing. Maybe you could take some company?"

Hammond flicked his eyes at Daniel, letting Jack know that he was concerned by the archaeologist's quiet demeanour.

"Certainly, Sir. Anyone want to come?"

"Er, I thought I'd visit Mark, Colonel. Thanks anyway," Sam replied.

"And I would like to visit my son, if I have your permission, General Hammond?" Teal'c added.

"With pleasure, Teal'c. Send him my best regards, please. Dismissed, people, and no spending time in your labs."

Teal'c stood up and bowed. Sam also stood and saluted Hammond before leaving the room. Only Daniel remained seated. Jack stood behind him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Danny, come on, let's go home, shall we?"

Daniel looked up at him and then smiled as if he had a great idea.

"Yes, Jack. I think that would be a good plan."

He stood, said goodbye to the General and walked out of the briefing room, Jack at his heels.

"Daniel? You're thinking."

"You can tell?"

"I can always tell. What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that we should do exactly as you say, Jack. Let's go away, shall we?"

"Sounds good. Got anywhere in mind?"

"Yeah. I'll tell you when we get home."

Daniel headed off, found Paul and told him they were going home and then away for a few days.

Forty minutes later they turned up at Daniel's loft. All through the journey, Daniel had been quiet. Even up to his apartment he'd barely spoken. Jack was getting worried. But when they shut the door, Daniel threw the bolt across and then his face changed completely.

"Go to the bedroom, Jack, and undress. Do nothing else until I get there."

Jack did as he was told, wondering what Daniel was up to. He heard his voice softly talking, too quiet to hear the words that he was saying. He realised that Daniel was on the phone, but he had no idea of to whom he was speaking.

Then there was silence, and then the sound of Daniel moving around the living room. As he tried to imagine what Daniel was up to, he came to the realisation that he was doing what Daniel wanted him to do. Not to know, not to be totally aware of what was going on, but to use his feelings and his intuition, to reach out with his mind, his senses, and then he would understand himself as much as what was going on around him. And it was also a matter of trust. Trusting Daniel to make the arrangements and to take charge. Jack realised that he could do that without any trouble.

Daniel entered the room and smiled.

"You are so very beautiful, my Jack," came the quiet but strong voice that Jack had grown to love. He hadn't had much time with this Daniel, but he had come to appreciate just what he was doing for him. And what he, Jack, was doing for Daniel. His Daniel. The one he knew at work, and the one he had fallen in love with. These weren't 'roles' in some sort of game that they played; these were they, but the parts of themselves that they hid from others. Daniel had long since realised that keeping quiet in a crowd kept him safe. It was something he'd learned the hard way as a child. And Jack knew that the side of himself that only Daniel, and Paul of course, saw would get him killed at work.

"You looked in a mirror recently, Daniel? No one is as beautiful as you."

Daniel smiled warmly at him and then crossed the room quickly, taking Jack by the hand and leading him to the bed.

"Lie down, babe, and wait for me."

Jack lay down, not taking his eyes off Daniel. He watched as Daniel undressed; slowly, sensually, taking his time to caress every inch of skin as it appeared. Daniel's eyes raked Jack's body lustfully, letting his lover know just how much he wanted him.

His shirt was gone, his shoes and socks had already been taken off in the living room. He undid his belt and was just about to undo his zip when there was a knock on the door.

"Damn," he cursed under his breath. "Get under the covers, Jack. If it's not Paul, I'll think of a reason if you're found. Trust me."

"I can do that," Jack murmured.

Daniel nodded, smiling softly at him, then he turned on his heels and marched to the door. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Paul.

"Come in, quickly," he said. Then when Paul was in, he locked and bolted the door as he had done before and then took Paul's hand, leading him to the bedroom.

"Look who's here, Jack," he announced as they entered the room.

Jack looked over at the door and offered a smile to Paul.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Don't ask," came the short reply.

Before he could say any more, Daniel cut in, "Paul, get undressed. One of the rules here is that we do not speak of work. This is our time. Time purely for us. The SGC has no place here. I do not want Major Davis or Colonel O'Neill here. I only want Paul and Jack. My lovers. Understand?"

They agreed that they did, relieved at the ruling. They didn't really want to talk about it either.

Paul quickly shucked his clothes and joined Jack under the covers. Daniel looked at them both and then gave them a small, knowing smile, before carrying on with his sensual strip of before. By the time he was naked, both men were as hard as nails. He crawled under the covers and got the men to kiss him. They both raked his face with kisses, taking it in turns to touch his lips, his nose, his cheeks - Daniel panted softly as they built up the pressure, hands stroking his body, lips then trailing down his neck and to his chest. He nearly cried out loud when they both took a nipple in their mouths, teasing him with licks and gentle bites.

"I want you," he gasped. "I need you both."

"What do you want us to do, Daniel?" Paul asked.

Daniel pushed them off gently, then sat up. He wriggled over Jack and got out of the bed, then found a red silk rope and handed it to Jack.

"Tie me up," he gave the order.

Jack got out of the bed and tied Daniel's hands together. Then, at Daniel's command, he stood on the stool and hooked him up to the ceiling.

"Paul, please, suck me," Daniel moaned. "Jack, fuck me. Now!"

Paul dropped to his knees willingly. He loved to do this, it turned him on so much. Jack grabbed the lube and started to prepare Daniel.

"No, just do it, Jack. Now dammit!"

Swallowing down his natural inclination to take things easily, Jack complied. He knocked Daniel's legs as far apart as they could go, given the height restrictions of the rope, lined himself up and then pushed inside.

"YES!" Daniel cried out. "More, Jack. Just let yourself go. Stop thinking, just do it."

Paul was running his hands up and down Daniel's thighs, playing with his balls, stroking the perineum, anything he could think of to get Daniel off.

"Paul," Daniel panted, "touch yourself. Bring yourself off."

He looked up as he licked Daniel's cock and grinned. Daniel thought he looked like a cat that had got the cream, all pleased with himself and ready to purr. He loved to watch Paul do this.

For the first time in an age, Daniel allowed himself to just feel and enjoy. Normally, he was restrained, an exceptional level of discipline that he imposed on himself prevented him from doing just that. He did that so that he wouldn't hurt his lovers. But he couldn't, not from this position. It was why he loved being strung up. He understood all too well the need to stop thinking and do as you were told. But it wasn't something that he was prepared to do too often. For a start, his lovers needed him to be the way he was. And his past dictated it.

He couldn't get over the sensations. Jack was merrily pounding into his body, holding his hips and pulling Daniel back as he himself pushed forward. Paul used the rhythm to dictate his own enjoyment, loving the feel of Daniel's cock as it slid over his tongue and to his throat. Combined with the erotic feelings he got whilst jerking himself off, knowing he was being watched by the others, it was almost overwhelming.

They were close, all three of them. The stargate was forgotten, the SGC, the Pentagon, the Goa'uld - all the problems of the universe were not there for them at that time. The only thing that mattered was completion.

It hit like a domino effect. Paul came first, messily pouring over his hand and letting out a rumbling growl as he did. The vibrations from the growl triggered Daniel and he yelled out loud as he spilled down Paul's throat. That in turn pushed Jack over the edge, and he thrust a few more times, battling with the contractions of Daniel's sphincter as it wrung him dry.

"Oh... my... God," Jack wheezed. "That was fucking incredible. Jeez, Danny, love you so much."

"Kiss me, please," Daniel nearly begged, craving the sensation of touch now more than anything.

They got him down, untied him and led him to the bed, his legs wobbling from the exertion. He felt himself being kissed and touched as before, but more passionately, more forcefully. His own hands moved around, frantically needing to touch, to know his lovers.

Eventually, they collapsed onto the bed by his side. He wrapped them in his arms and pulled them close.

"Thank you," he whispered. "I needed that."

"Thank you," Jack replied for them both. "We needed it too. Um, I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion though?"

"Go ahead."

"I think we need a bath or a shower now. I don't know how you feel, but I feel distinctly messy and smelly."

Daniel sniggered, then dropped a kiss on Jack's forehead.

"I like the way you smell," he admitted. "Both of you. You smell of man to me, real caveman stuff. I like that," he added with a wicked grin.

The others let out devilish chuckles, not letting on that they loved his scent too, and for the same reason. Daniel did, however, agree with Jack and led them to the bathroom.

It was the early hours of the morning when Jack started to scream. Paul and Daniel woke straight away, Daniel gathering Jack into his arms, Paul helping him trap Jack's arms to stop him hitting out and hurting someone. They didn't want Jack to feel more guilty than Daniel already knew he would for having the nightmare.

Vile words spewed out as Jack relived not only the disastrous mission, but his time in prison. The men nearly cried when they heard his venom aimed at his past captors. They also both realised that he had been raped there, while tied up.

"We can't use ropes again," Paul whispered to Daniel.

"No. I'm sorry, Paul. I know how much you love it."

"Hey, I don't want to hurt Jack any more than you do," Paul replied, lovingly stroking Jack's back after climbing over the men so that Jack would be in-between them. They wanted him to feel safe and loved, not alone and exposed.

"Jack, Jack, come on, Jack, wake up," Daniel called out, kissing Jack's contorted face.

Eventually, his brown eyes opened and stared at Daniel. He gave a little jump of shock, then realised where he was. He felt Paul's body behind his, lying along his entire length, protecting him in a way. He saw that he was facing Daniel, a worried and loving Daniel, who was lying as close as he could and stroking his body and face in the most caring way that anyone had ever touched him.

"What's up?" he asked, still disoriented.

"You had a nightmare, babe," Daniel replied quietly. "Are you okay now?"

"Yeah, fine, sorry," Jack snapped back. Then he looked guilty. "Sorry guys," he repeated much more gently. "I didn't mean to..."

"Jack," Daniel interrupted. "Tell me, how many nightmares have you seen me through in the past?"

Jack shrugged - it wasn't something that he'd kept a count of.

"We don't mind, hun, we're only interested in helping you, comforting you. You know that. We're not upset with you or anything. Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really, no," Jack muttered.

"You don't have to," Daniel told him, "but you might find it better for yourself in future if you do. Think about it, Jack. You know me, you trust me, don't you?"

"You know I do!"

"Do you trust Paul to keep what you say a secret?"

"Sure. He already knows enough about me to get me fired, but I know he wouldn't say a thing, no matter what happened between us."

"You got that right," Paul answered from behind him, hugging Jack to let him know that he wanted to help too.

"If you can't tell us, Jack, who can you tell? I know you did the psychiatrist thing when you got back from Iraq, but if I know you, you didn't tell them everything, did you?"

Jack shook his head. He'd been in such a bad way, addicted to opium, in pain physical and mental, that it had been easier to lock away that part of his past than to deal with it. He also knew that Daniel was right. No one else would understand him like Daniel would - and he knew that Paul could be trusted. But he was still reluctant.

Daniel thought for a moment, then he threw off the covers and got out of bed. He found Paul's sweat pants, then his, then Jack's, and passing the guys' to them he put his own on and left the bedroom.

"Go and sit in the living room," he called, "put something on top if you're cold. It's late, your bodies aren't really with it."

Jack and Paul gave each other a little smile, Daniel's 'mothering' streak had struck again.

They headed into the living room and sat, watching Daniel in his kitchen as he made them a drink. He carried them in on a small tray, a packet of chocolate chip cookies with it.

"Here, comfort food," he said with a small smile.

Jack picked up his mug and noticed that it was hot chocolate, but when he took a sip he found it had been 'spiced up' with something else. Daniel wrinkled his nose happily as he saw Jack's reaction.

"A little brandy won't hurt," he explained.

"Thanks, Danny." Jack beamed at him, looking a lot calmer on the surface than he was feeling inside.

"Do you want us to sit with you, or do you want to be on your own?" Paul asked him.

"On my own for a minute, please," Jack replied. They both stayed on their chairs, while Jack sat in the middle of the sofa - ready for when the men would come to him, irrespective of his wishes. He knew that would happen.

He gave a little shiver as he tried to formulate his thoughts. Before he could say anything, Daniel was out of the room and back in it, carrying the large bedcover. He wrapped it around Jack's back and shoulders, as much to give Jack a feeling of security as warmth. Then he sat back down and continued to drink.

"What do you want me to say?" Jack asked, not really knowing where to start.

"Just whatever bothers you, Jack. What were you dreaming of tonight? Perhaps that will give you a good start."

Jack nodded, then staring into his chocolate, he started to recall the nightmare. First it was as expected, the horrors of that mission. Then, without taking a break, he talked of his captivity. Daniel and Paul said nothing as he recounted his living hell, his waking nightmare. How he would be chained up for days on end, little food and water, no rest allowed. How he was raped and tortured and beaten for the sheer hell of it. How his bones were broken and the addiction was forced on him.

And then Jack started to weep. Loud, racking sobs choked him as he tried to fight them. He felt his drink being taken out of his hands and his body being engulfed by arms. Kisses rained over his face and head, hugs and touches assailed his body. There was nothing sexual in this, just love, pure and simple. Daniel and Paul felt for him. Jack knew that Daniel understood a lot of what he'd gone through from first-hand experience. He had no idea about Paul, but he knew that the younger man was trying to understand. He knew he wasn't being judged or pitied or found wanting. For the first time, he allowed himself to accept the empathy and sympathy that he was being given. His head was buried in Daniel's neck, still sobbing but quietening to the gentle rhythmic strokes and touches, relaxing to the quiet words of love that Daniel was murmuring to him. Like that, he fell asleep, exhausted by his efforts.

Daniel shifted his position and rested against the back of the sofa. Paul went to move, but Daniel whispered, "Stay. I think he needs your weight on him, like a security blanket."

He nodded, wangled the cover till it was over all three of them, then dozed off. Daniel watched his lovers for a while, his heart breaking for Jack, but eventually, he too fell asleep.

Jack woke first, finding himself stiff and awkward after sleeping in Daniel's arms. He tried to move and realised that Paul was draped over him. He thought he should feel guilty about the nightmare and confession, that he should feel weak and pathetic. But the reaction of the men had taken that from him. They still wanted him, still loved him (at least Daniel did, he wasn't really sure about Paul), and still respected him. That had always been his greatest fear, the lack of respect he'd perceived he would get.

Something that he had noticed since he had hooked up with Daniel was that at work, Daniel actually deferred more to him than before. It was a subtle thing, Daniel still argued with him, especially in public. Jack laughed internally as it dawned in him that Daniel was doing as he had promised. Not letting harm come to him if he could possibly help it. By continuing as they had been, Daniel was telling the world that nothing had changed between them. But by his more frequent acquiescence to Jack (with less of a fight than he would expect), he was telling Jack that he wanted him to be his leader, to take control at work. That he respected him and loved him and trusted him. Of course, if Daniel really thought he was right, he would still stand his ground. And Jack realised that Daniel was telling him by that action that he respected him; by giving him the options, the chance to change his mind, make the right decision and so on. That was real respect. And even though in some ways Jack was being made to work harder in the field, he felt a profound sense of freedom. It was almost contradictory. He finally understood what Paul had said to him on their first day, that he was happier at work because he was with Daniel away from it.

He felt Paul stirring and twisted his body a little to look at him.

"Hey," came the sleepy voice. Paul's green eyes seemed a touch unfocussed.

"Hey," Jack replied with a smile. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Paul answered with his own smile. "You?"

"Better than I have been for a long time. Thanks."

"You're welcome," Paul smiled more broadly. "Don't keep things in, Jack. We're here for you."

"I know. And for the first time in my life, I'm okay about that. Never told Sara or anyone what I told you guys last night."

"I'm honoured then," Paul said sincerely. He moved, thought for a moment, then dropped a kiss on Jack's cheek before getting off the sofa and heading for the bathroom.

Daniel was happy. He'd just woken, opened one eye and seen the men and watched their interaction. He quickly shut it, not wanting them to know he'd seen and heard them. He felt Jack's pressure on him lighten as Paul moved, then go altogether when Jack got up. He would have got up himself, but decided to let himself be a little pampered. He knew that Jack was well trained and would go straight to the kitchen and put the coffee on. Well, he was going to treat them both later in the day, so he could allow it.

Paul had managed to get the same amount of leave as them, giving them three days to be away. Daniel had a sneaky plan, and had already made the arrangements. They were going to get away from it all and forget the hell that was sometimes work.

"So? Are you going to tell us why we're in Chicago?" Paul asked as they stepped off the plane. He hadn't allowed them to bring anything except their razors and toothbrushes so they hadn't had a clue what they were doing or where they were going until they'd got to the airport.

"Well, it's Jack's home town and I used to live here," Daniel answered. "I thought it was about time we showed you around."

"Danny, we haven't brought any clothes or anything," Jack complained.

"Not a problem. Come on, let's get out of here and get a cab."

They followed him out, got into the cab that he flagged down, and listened to him as he directed the driver to the main shopping area of the city.

They said little on the way, just allowing Daniel to take charge. He ushered them into a menswear shop and picked some clothes for them. A pair of jeans each, a couple of T-shirts, he even picked their underwear. Jack noted that he was picking the best for them; silk boxers, soft cotton shirts and so on. He even bought them all a new leather jacket each. They both wanted to at least contribute, but Daniel's manner with them left them in no doubt that he would not be impressed with them if they interfered. He had returned to his more strident manner and they had to submit or else. Or else what, they weren't too sure, but they didn't really fancy finding out.

He took them to an hotel and they were astonished to find he'd booked a suite. They were even more pleased to discover that it had a large jacuzzi in it.

"Please put the clothes away," he directed as he unpacked a bag of things that they didn't know about. He'd made them wait outside an 'adult' shop as he went in, giving them a secretive smile as he disappeared.

"What's he up to?" Jack whispered.

"I have no idea," Paul admitted. "But it's likely to be fun, that's for sure."

Somehow, Jack didn't doubt it.

One of the things that Daniel had bought them all was a suit each. They listened as he called one of the top restaurants in town, booking a table for three.

"We have a reservation for this evening," he said when he got off the phone. "I expect you to be on your best behaviour, gentlemen."

They both grinned, answered that they would, then Paul wondered out loud what they would do for the next few hours.

"I fully intend fucking you both before we go out," Daniel replied coolly. "It will help keep you behaving well when we're out there."

"You're gonna 'pacify' us?" Jack stated in astonishment.

"You have a problem with that?"

He smirked and said, "Oh, no. No problem."

"Good," Daniel replied and Jack suddenly worried about what was going to happen next.

"Take your clothes off," he told them, leaving the room and going to the bathroom to run water into the jacuzzi. He figured it would take a good while for that to be filled. He found the oil that he had bought earlier and put some under the running water. Then he strode back into the bedroom and saw the guys naked and waiting for him. He smirked to himself, silently relieved that they'd done what they were told. He was feeling more domineering that day and he knew it. He didn't want to push them away, but after the shitty time he'd had, and after Jack's revelations, he felt the need to reassert himself, to take away Jack's ability to think - and therefore to worry or get upset. He knew that by acting like this, he was respecting Jack and his ability to cope. If he treated him like porcelain now, he'd break Jack permanently, and that was something that he was not prepared to do.

He took Jack by the hand and led him into the bathroom, telling Paul to follow them.

"Keep an eye on the water, Paul, please," he said, then turned to Jack.

"Hold onto the edge of the jacuzzi, bend over and spread your legs."

Gratefully, Jack did as he was told. The minute Daniel had said he was going to fuck him, he had got hard and he so wanted this.

Paul, trying to watch the water, became distracted as he saw Daniel clinically preparing for this. Daniel's face was a mask of calm as he quickly stripped his clothes, then lubed himself.

"Do you need me to open you, Jack?" came the cool enquiry.

"No," Jack was nearly breathless with anticipation. "Just do it."

Daniel took him at his word and stood behind him, got into position and pushed. He got the head of his cock inside Jack and stopped to let him adjust. While he waited for Jack's muscles to relax, he growled, "You are mine, Jack O'Neill, to do with as I please." At those words, Jack opened to him and he slammed inside. Jack felt Daniel's naked body against his, his cock jumping with pleasure at the feel of Daniel on him and in him. Daniel wrapped his arms over Jack's chest and stomach and put his head on Jack's right shoulder.

"Turn," he said, and captured Jack's lips with his own when Jack responded.

Jack was overwhelmed, Daniel was everywhere. He moved his hands and thrust his hips, kissing and sucking at Jack's tongue. Not once did he touch Jack's dick, he didn't need to.

Paul watched, reminding himself severely to watch the water as it got higher and higher. In the end, he turned it off, unable to concentrate on it, far too distracted by the sight in front of him. Daniel was getting more and more masterful, just taking Jack rather than sharing with him. It wasn't really like him, as even in his more alpha moments Daniel was only ever giving the men what they wanted. Paul considered that Jack was enjoying this, but he doubted that Jack would ever ask for it. How did Daniel know that this was what Jack wanted? It dawned on him that Daniel seemed to know them better than they had previously thought.

Jack was coming, covering the side of the jacuzzi with his semen, yelling out loud as he did. Daniel stayed almost silent, grunting as he pushed time and again until he, too, came hard.

Daniel pulled out of Jack, then held him for a moment, kissing Jack's nose.

"Hmm, thanks," he said sensually, licking his lips and making his eyes positively smoulder. "Why don't you get in the bath, Jack?"

"'Kay," came the shaky reply. Daniel looked at Paul and the younger man came around the side of the bath and took Jack's hand, helping him into the water (inwardly grateful that he'd had the presence of mind to check the temperature before he'd switched the taps off).

Daniel said little, just got hold of a washcloth and wiped up the mess from the side of the bath. Then he said, "Paul, get in too," before walking out of the room.

Away from the men, he felt shaky himself. It was very hard keeping so calm in front of them, but he knew that he had to. He fetched what he'd gone for and returned to the bathroom, getting in the water and placing his things on the side. Jack's eyes opened in surprise, while Paul's face looked downright filthy. "Oh, Daniel," he purred. "You do love me."

Daniel feigned annoyance at that and called Paul to sit with him. He took one of his toys from the side and put it in the water.

"They say that these should be warmed," he said carefully. "Behave or I'll run it under the cold tap."

"I'll behave!" Paul squeaked.

"Good," Daniel drawled, then he smiled much more warmly. "Why don't you go and cuddle Jack?"

Paul understood Daniel's meaning, and he moved to the other side of the jacuzzi, enjoying the feel of the moving water on his skin. Jack was sitting on the ledge halfway down and Paul straddled him, kneeling on the ledge. He bent forward, resting his head on Jack's shoulder, loving the feel of Jack's wet arms around his back. He let out a low, feral growl as Daniel took hold of the dildo that he had bought and, after swirling it in the floating oil, he placed it at Paul's entrance and pushed. He left it there, not moving it, just making sure it was all the way in.


"I'm fine, that feels so good, Dan."

"Just wait. After this weekend, you won't be able to sit, I promise."

"Don't tease me," Paul moaned.

"Oh, I'm not teasing you, baby. You're going to get your darkest fantasy fulfilled. If you want, that is?"

Paul's head came up slowly and he turned his head to look at Daniel. His face broke out into a large grin. "You mean it? Oh boy."

"You can say 'no'," Daniel reminded him.

"No, absolutely not. No matter what I say, Daniel, don't pull out, please," Paul begged.

"You have your safe word," came the reply. "If you don't use it, I won't stop, no matter what you say. Use it and the play is over."

"I understand," Paul assured him.

"What does he want?" Jack asked.

"Wait and see," Daniel teased. "You'll enjoy it, I promise."

"Not more bondage?" Jack wanted to know.

"Oh no, something far more perverted," Daniel sniggered. Paul just groaned.

Daniel took hold of the dildo and started to move it, thrusting gently in and out, just playing with it and teasing Paul.

"Stand up," he ordered, and Jack found himself watching as Daniel moved to the side of him and sat right by him, then he positioned the standing Paul in front of him, reached around and started playing with the dildo again, before going down on him.

It was Jack's turn to watch as Daniel slowly but surely drove Paul insane. Jack knew from personal experience that out of the two of them, Paul was the better cocksucker, at least he could take him all the way down, something Daniel's sinuses prevented him from doing. Not everyone could, he mentally shrugged. But today, Jack was getting a lesson in slow, sensual, sucking - it was almost spiritual. Paul was letting out low, hungry moans, making Daniel smile as he licked and sucked, all the while fucking Paul long and deep with the toy.

Obviously, the emotions of the past twenty-four hours were taking their toll on all three, and Paul's reaction was to want to grab Daniel's head and fuck his mouth. But he didn't, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He ran his fingers through Daniel's hair, wordlessly urging him on. Daniel ignored him, continuing with his slow burn. There came a time though when Paul could take no more. He gave out a warning and then started to come. Jack gasped when he saw Daniel pull back and allow Paul's semen to coat his neck and chest as if he was revelling in the action. When Daniel ran his fingers over his chest and then licked them, he realised that he had been revelling in it.

Daniel reached back and pulled out the dildo, then stood up and strode the one step across the bath, picked up a small plug and returned. He repeated his actions with the dildo and then inserted it inside Paul.

"Let's keep you ready for me for later," he said.

"He's going to have to wear that at the restaurant?" Jack asked in surprise.

"Yes," Daniel replied, shocked that Jack wouldn't understand that. "Shall I put one in you?"

"Um, no thanks. I think I'll pass on that. Toys have never been my thing," Jack replied cautiously.

"You never know till you try," Paul told him.

"Yeah, in this case though, I think ignorance is bliss. I mean, you try to sit now."

Paul sat, not making a tiny sound of complaint (which was more than Jack could do after being fucked so thoroughly).

"Get yourselves clean, boys," Daniel suddenly ordered, "we have to get ready to go."

Daniel sat the men at their table, took the menu without speaking and read it. He looked over the top of it and gave a small, knowing smile.

"I will choose for you," he said.

The men were about to query this but had the feeling that Daniel wouldn't take too kindly to that. They muttered agreements and waited for the appearance of the waiter. Daniel looked over his shoulder, saw a waiter, and almost arrogantly waved his hand. The waiter appeared at their table in a moment.

Jack was stunned. It was as if he and Paul didn't exist. Daniel's character was overwhelming the waiter and he only looked at their lover, their guide as Paul called him. Jack was beginning to wonder if he should call him his master after all. His musings were broken when he heard Daniel ordering in French. He sounded so sexy that Jack wanted to eat him there and then.

Daniel caught the look that Jack threw at him and grinned. After dismissing the waiter, he said, "Go to the bathroom, Jack, and wait for me there."

Jack left immediately. He had a pretty good idea what Daniel wanted and he realised that despite his natural inclination to hide, he wanted it too. His dick was hard and it was uncomfortable to walk by the time he got there. He checked out the cubicles, they were on their own. It was still early and the restaurant hadn't started the evening rush yet. There were no cameras in there either (not that Jack expected any but he had to check for his own peace of mind). Jack wondered if Daniel had planned this all along.

A few minutes later and Daniel appeared.

"We are on our own," Jack announced.

"Good. Get in that cubicle."

Jack complied.

"Sit on the toilet, Jack."

Daniel entered the small compartment, undid his flies and Jack let out a low moan when he saw Daniel's hard cock spring out, already leaking with anticipation.

"Take it."

Jack leaned forward and quickly took it in his mouth. This had to be fast and furious and he knew it. Someone could come in at any moment. Daniel let himself go, let all of his self-restraint out of the window. He couldn't put Jack in a position that could get him hurt, so this had to be over and done with as soon as he could. He ran his most erotic fantasy through his mind and added to the sensations of being sucked by his best friend, his CO for crying out loud, and again adding the risk of getting caught, he came in minutes.

He stood on shaky legs, panting with pleasure.

"Thank you, Jack," he whispered. "Would you like me to do the same?"

"Please." Jack's voice was almost silent.

"Stand up, swap places. You're going to come in my mouth," Daniel leaned over and whispered it in Jack's ear, sending shivers down his spine and straight to his dick. He quickly moved and opened his trousers, desperately trying to keep from yelping when Daniel took him. He felt Daniel's hand on the shaft, his mouth over the head. Daniel jerked him as he sucked, making Jack only last moments before he too came. It was his turn for the jelly legs and he collapsed on the side of the cubicle.

"Thank you," he managed to gasp.

"You're welcome." Daniel looked very pleased with himself.

A noise alerted them that someone was opening the outer door to the bathroom. Jack quickly zipped himself up and headed out of the compartment and to the sink. The other diner that entered the room saw Jack washing his hands, heard a toilet flush and then saw Daniel stepping out and heading to the sink. Jack didn't even look at Daniel, he just dried his hands and walked out. Daniel bit down on a smile as he washed his own hands. The SGC's Jack, his CO, would never take risks like that. His Jack did.

He'd made Jack forget who he was for those precious few minutes.

Dinner had been everything that it had promised. Delicious food, well cooked and presented, enough of it to fill without making the diner feel too full. Dessert had been exquisite and seductive, and now Daniel was ushering them back to their suite. He'd chosen the food well. Jack had had a rare steak, to tell him that Daniel wanted NeanderJack to ride again later that night. He could definitely do that for him, he thought. Paul had had seafood - oysters, lobster, things he had to eat by hand. Seductive food, telling Paul that he was to seduce Daniel that night. He figured that he could do that.

Daniel's choice of food had been interesting to the men. It was light; Parma ham, melon, smoked salmon strips, that sort of thing. It was as if he was saying that he wanted them to treat him as a lightweight that night. As Daniel led the way, Paul and Jack discussed it quietly between them and they realised just what he wanted.

The door shut behind them and Daniel stood still, not saying a word and wondering if they'd understood his messages to them. Jack stood behind Daniel and growled in his ear. Message received and understood.

Paul walked slowly backwards to the bed, stripping sensually, Daniel not taking his eyes off him for one moment. He swallowed hard as he felt Jack forcefully, but carefully pulling his expensive jacket off him, his tie was roughly undone, his belt slapped him as Jack pulled it out of the loops. He watched as Paul lay on the sheet, having kicked the cover off the bed. Then Daniel let out a low moan as Paul started to touch himself. He got a bottle of oil from the side table and poured it over himself, rubbing it into his body, his thighs and eventually his groin. By now, Jack had removed Daniel's shirt and after roughly pulling his shoes and socks off him, he stepped Daniel out of his pants. Then he tore Daniel's boxers from him, ripping them from his skin.

Daniel felt a dry finger enter his ass, roughly fucking him while Jack's other hand grabbed his dick and squeezed. He gasped, and when he felt Jack slacken off, he bore down on Jack's finger to let him know it was okay, that he was loving every second of this.

Jack pushed him to the foot of the bed and made him bend over. He grabbed the oil from Paul and Daniel let out a groan when he heard Jack undoing his zip. He was taking too long for this though, so Daniel turned his head and saw Jack undoing his shirt. Daniel shook his head. No, leave your clothes on, came the message. Jack smiled, a dangerous, feral smile. He showed Daniel the oil, showed him rubbing it on his dick, then he pushed Daniel back to his previous position and placed himself at Daniel's entrance. He gave the nod to Paul, whose hand moved onto his cock while his other hand started to finger himself. As he did so, Jack bit Daniel's shoulder and thrust inside him.

If it was possible to howl silently, then that was what Daniel did. He threw his head back as if he were a howling wolf. Air was expelled from his lungs but no sound came. The only noise in the room was the sound of the bed creaking a little as Paul's hand moved faster and faster and he started to writhe around on it, and the noise of Jack's hips against Daniel's ass as he slammed in time after time accompanied by quiet animal grunts from Jack.

The urgency of earlier was gone, only the desire to stay where he was forever drove Jack now. He sent his mind elsewhere, ignoring the scent of sex, the sight of Paul jerking off, even the feel of Daniel if he could. He wanted this to last a long time. He kept biting Daniel, his fingers digging into his hips as he aggressively took him and made him his, branded the flawless skin and marked him.

Paul was coming. The sight of Daniel's face was too much for him, the look of awe on it as he watched Paul, the ecstasy of being fucked so hard and so long, and the sheer look of love undid him.

"Paul," Daniel drawled, "you are so fucking beautiful."

Jack responded to this, wanting Daniel to only think of him. He became almost jealous of the attention that Paul was getting and fucked him as hard as he could, to remind Daniel that Jack was there, was his too.

Daniel hid a smile when he felt the possessiveness of Jack. He wanted this. These men were his and they knew it. But they had to be reminded every so often that he was theirs too. They all owned each other.

Daniel tilted his head back and murmured, "Come for me, Jack. Come in me."

Jack redoubled his efforts. He worked Daniel hard till he felt him stiffening and then spill over his hand. He let go of his hold and then with a rebel yell he pumped into his lover's ass.

"Oh... my... God... Danny," he gasped in-between pants. "I fucking love you."

"Love you too, Jack. And you Paul. You were both wonderful."

He didn't really like it when Jack pulled out of him, still wanting the contact. But he said nothing, just indicated that Jack could get undressed. He pulled Paul off the bed and hauled him to the shower, telling Jack to join them there. In the shower, he removed Paul's plug so that they could make love later, but he promised him more the following day.

"I don't believe it, Daniel! A box!"

Daniel had somehow managed to get a box at Wrigley Field to watch Jack's favourite team, the Cubs play. Jack was astounded, and happy, and was currently making the most of being there. He'd escaped from the guys for a few minutes and come back laden with goodies. Drinks, hot dogs, and baseball caps for all three. He was currently sitting, staring out to the pitch, grinning like a ten year-old on his first trip out with his dad. Every so often, he looked at the others to make sure they were enjoying themselves, relaxing when he saw them laughing and joking and cheering on his team. Jack was quietly astounded that Paul could even sit. Daniel had fucked him hard that morning then taken him to the shower, douched him and then inserted a much bigger plug than he had the day before. But he looked happy, didn't look as if he hurt at all. He was standing and sitting without difficulty. A home run had all three standing and yelling themselves hoarse and Jack reflected that Paul seemed to be moving easier than he was.

After the game, they fell out into the street, still high. For once, Jack's team had done him proud and he was practically flying home.

"Did you see that?" he said excitedly. "They actually won!"

"We were there, Jack," Paul assured him. "And it was a great game."

"I think he enjoyed himself," Daniel said in a stage whisper, giggling as he walked away.

"Never! What made you think that?" Paul joined in the joke.

"Um, the moronic grin is a bit of a giveaway."

Jack was hurt; well, he pretended he was. He clipped them both up the back of their heads with an aggrieved 'oy' aimed at Daniel. But Daniel's eyes were full of mischief and the look stopped Jack in his tracks. Then he put his hand out to Daniel and pulled him into a hug.

"Thanks, Daniel, this was wonderful. This whole weekend, it's what I needed. And you knew it, didn't you?"

"It's no more than I needed, Jack. We had to get away, to do something we'd never do at home."

"We'd go to a game at home," Jack replied carefully, starting to walk again to the cab rank where they hoped to pick up a taxi back to the hotel.

"True. But, we'd never do what I have planned for tonight."

"And what's that?"

"Wait and see, Jack, wait and see. This afternoon was your time. Tonight, it's Paul's treat."

"It is?" Paul was thrilled by this. "Ooh, that sounds exciting."

"It will be, babe, it will be."

"You want me to wear my new leather jacket and black jeans?" Paul asked as Daniel put out their clothes for that evening's 'adventure'.

"Yes. Don't argue, Paul."

"I'm not arguing, Dan. I'm just wondering where it is we're going."

"To a bar first, and then on. You'll see where. Jack. I'd like you to wear the same, but you can put the black T-shirt on instead of the white one."

"What colour will you wear, Daniel?" Jack asked as he pulled his new clothes on, loving the feel of the soft denim on his skin.

"Blue, of course," Daniel answered with a grin.

Jack's jeans were washed blue jeans, Paul's were a sharp black. Daniel's were... not jeans as they discovered, but leather pants, so tight he could barely do them up. But when they were on, both men gasped.

"Oh... my... God... Dan," Paul panted. "You look dangerous."

"I'll say," Jack added. "I'm going to have to be beating people off with a long, long stick tonight."

Daniel sniggered, then said, "Don't boast, Jack. You're dick's a good size, but it's not that long."

Jack groaned, then asked if he could kiss Daniel.

"I was rather hoping you would," Daniel replied with a smirk, and put his arms out to his lover.

Jack pulled him into a deep kiss.

"Love ya," he said when they broke, "and thanks again for today, I loved it."

"You're more than welcome, baby. And I love you too."

Daniel cocked his head to one side and looked at Paul, who took his cue and kissed him as well as Jack had.

"I'm really excited about tonight," Paul gasped when they surfaced for air.

"Me too, hun. Are you comfortable?"

"Fine, honestly."

"You remember the rules?"

"Absolutely. I say my safe word, you stop. I know you won't hurt me Daniel, you couldn't."

"I'll try, baby, but this may well hurt you."

"I doubt it. But I promise faithfully to tell you if it does."

"Um, guys," Jack put in, "what is going to happen?"

Daniel turned and just grinned. "We're going to fuck Paul, Jack, and give him a night he's never going to forget as long as he lives."

"Um, Danny, we've fucked him before, it's not exactly new, is it?"

"Not the way we're going to, Jack. Now, no more talk of it, I'm getting hard at the thought and believe me, I really don't want to do that in these pants."

He adjusted himself dramatically, making the others laugh at his predicament. Then they grabbed their jackets and headed out of the suite.

They first arrived at 'Chief O'Neill's Pub' - a famous Irish bar in the city. Jack was in his element, introducing himself to the barman and getting a warm welcome. They had a few pints, listened to some music and then as it was getting late, Daniel led them out to get a cab.

He told the driver where to go and Jack's eyes bugged out, knowing the name of the place by reputation.

"We're going clubbing?" he gasped.

"Yes Jack."

"To a gay club?" he hissed.

"Yes Jack. Do you have a problem with this?"

"My job!"

'Damn,' Daniel thought. 'I'd hoped he'd have forgotten himself this weekend. What am I going to do?' He shook himself and let the dom in him take over.

His face went still and his eyes almost went cold. Jack swallowed hard. He'd made a mistake and he knew it.

"Do you not trust me, Jack?"

"Of course I do," he gasped.

"I don't think you do. If you trusted me, you would not question me like this. Do I have to call this off?"

Jack's blood ran cold. Did Daniel mean the night's entertainment or the relationship? Either way, Jack answered, "No! It just caught me by surprise."

"Did you honestly think we," he pointed to the three of them, "would be going to an ordinary club? What, to pick up some girls?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, what were you thinking?"

"I... I... I... I don't know, Daniel. I'm sorry."

Daniel hated seeing Jack like this, but he knew that he had to take total control that weekend. Jack had made one too many decisions the previous week and Daniel was frankly worried for his sanity. If Jack didn't relinquish control, didn't let someone else lead him, he'd quite possibly lose it. And that would be dangerous, not just for him, but for his team, the SGC, the planet even. So Daniel knew that he had to force Jack to accept this. If Jack wanted to hate him later for it, then so be it.

Better that than watching his best friend, his lover, go slowly, or maybe not so slowly, out of his mind.

"Jack. Look at me," he commanded.

Jack looked him in the eye and noticed that Daniel had pain in his face, was hurting. For him? Because of him? Oh no.

"Daniel, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"Hush, Jack. I don't ever expect you to do anything, I don't ever want to make you do anything. I don't expect you to tell me how you feel, or to do any of the things another lover would. But, I do expect you to trust me. If you can't do that, then we have nothing. Do. You. Trust. Me?"

"Absolutely, positively. I trust you."

Jack's affirmation made Daniel smile and he reached out and stroked Jack's face.

"Good. Thank you. I won't allow you to be harmed, Jack. I told you that on day one, didn't I?"

"You did."

"Have I done anything that has hurt you?"

"No. You haven't. You've made a lot of things better."

"I'm glad. We're nearly there. Hold your head up, Jack. Nobody knows you here. Nobody cares who or what you are except me, and Paul of course. We care. And only we matter."

Jack smiled at him, and then he physically relaxed. Daniel was right, again. Nobody would know him there. And if anyone knew him inside the club, chances were they wouldn't want to be seen either. He was safe. When Daniel took his hand in his own, he even felt it.

Inside the club and Jack was starting to feel his age. Daniel picked up on this, but he couldn't back down now. He'd promised Paul a night out and Jack had already received his special treat during the day. On top of that, backing out now would have Jack thinking that he was doing this because of Jack's age. He was sensitive enough about that as it was without adding to it.

Daniel found a table in a corner, knowing that Jack would want to watch everyone in the room. He wasn't sure if Jack did this intentionally or not, but he sat Jack with his back to the wall and facing the room. Paul was placed next to him.

"You may speak to each other, but not to anyone else. I will be back in a few minutes."

He left them, sure that they would speak to each other, but not so sure if Jack would be able to keep silent if he was hit on. He waited patiently at the bar, quietly but firmly fending off the offers that he got, picked up their drinks (dry white wine for Paul, JD for Jack and a Southern Comfort for himself), then headed back to the guys. His blood ran cold when he saw a man talking to them, but then he grinned when he saw that they were not responding.

"Gentlemen, are you having any trouble?"

Jack glared at the 'intruder' and shook his head. "No, nothing we can't handle."

"Good," Daniel responded, then he turned to the man. "Can I help you?"

"Your friends aren't very friendly," he drawled. Daniel could see the guy properly now, his pupils were a bit dilated and he was staggering a little. He was obviously either drunk or high, most likely the second.

"They are doing as they were told," he replied coldly. "They were told not to speak to anyone."

The man laughed. "You're a dom?" He only saw the glasses, probably the 'geek' that others saw. Daniel smiled, his small, dangerous smile.

"What of it?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing." He tried to make light of it, then said, "You have two subs? Isn't that being a bit greedy?"

Daniel had had enough. He could see Jack twitching, getting ready to do or say something.

"They are mine," he said quietly, "and I don't share. With anyone. Do not try to interfere. It won't be conducive to your health."

"You're threatening me?"

"I never threaten. I promise. Do anything to them, make a move on them, insult them or hurt them, and I will deal with you."

He slipped his jacket off and handed it to Jack, wanting Jack to have something to hold for a minute. The man got a much better look at Daniel and then he smiled. Daniel's arm muscles were patently obvious now. No one in his right mind would start something with him these days.

"Well, if you are a dom, how about taking me on? I can sub for you anytime you want."

"No thank you, I have what I want, what I need. Nobody else could ever come close to these men. Believe me, you wouldn't want to sub for me."

The man was about to speak again when Daniel snapped.

"Gentlemen," was all he said. The next thing the man knew, he had Jack and Paul in his face, still not speaking, but looking deadly. He backed off, his hands up in submission as he went.

"Thank you," Daniel smiled at them warmly, then kissed them both on the cheek. "Come on, have your drinks. Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

He sat in-between them and soon was enjoying the hell out of himself, trading kisses and touches, and trying very hard not to get, er, hard. They spent ages just playing like this, ignoring the rest of the world. It was fun though, being outside and being themselves, unafraid of being caught.

"You two are teases," he said with a grin as he felt their lips tracing up either side of his neck. "Do you want to cripple me?" He pointed to his groin and they both laughed wickedly.

"Aht! Enough! Paul, come on, let's dance. Do you want to join us, Jack?"

"No, it's okay. You two youngsters go and play, leave the old man behind."

Paul let out a groan.

"Old?" Daniel said with a smile. "Is that what you think, baby? I guess I'm going to have to show you that you're not as old as you think you are."

With that he straddled Jack, kneeling over his thighs, and laid a kiss on him that could melt a polar ice cap.

"You may be older than me, baby, but I love you, I'm attracted to you, and I need you to keep me sane."

Then he got off and saw Jack's hand automatically go to massage his groin.

"Uh huh, hun, keep that for later. I've got a promise to keep and I'm going to need you to help me out."

He dropped a quick kiss on Jack's nose and grabbed Paul by the hand, taking him onto the dance floor.

The music changed to something slower, really sexual and sensual, and Jack couldn't take his eyes off the men as they moved together, rubbing up against each other, staring into each other's eyes as if they were the only ones in the world. He felt a twinge of jealousy but bit down on it quickly. Hadn't Daniel done enough for him that day? And what of Daniel? Didn't he want something special? Wouldn't he want to go somewhere, or have a fantasy fulfilled? Perhaps he and Paul should think of something to treat Daniel the next day, their last one there.

But then again, would Daniel like that? If they took control for a little while and treated him? Maybe he'd resent it. He'd definitely have to discuss this with Paul.

Jack sighed when it dawned on him that Daniel's actions had been to take his mind off thinking for the whole weekend, and to just accept, live and feel. If he planned something now, this weekend, then all of Daniel's hard work would be for nothing - at least in Daniel's eyes. Whatever he was really feeling, Jack knew now he'd have to just go with the flow, wherever it took him.

They were coming back and Jack saw that they were both turning heads. 'Hardly surprising' he thought, when he thought about it, 'they're both gorgeous.'

All of a sudden, he grinned. They were both gorgeous, and whereas Jack wasn't really certain about his status in Paul's life, Daniel was definitely his, and Paul was close to it. Close enough to kiss, that was for sure. By the time the men had reached their table, Jack was standing up. He pulled Paul into his arms and kissed him soundly, then did the same for Daniel.

"Mine," he said defiantly and proudly.

"All yours," Daniel reassured with a blinding smile. "And you're mine."

"All the way, Danny. All the fucking way."

Jack felt twenty feet tall as the men on the dance floor quietly shook their heads at how lucky he was.

A drum roll sounded and a drag queen came on stage, announcing the first 'act'. A half-dressed man came out on stage and music started up. Using the pole as a prop, he danced, gyrating sensually to the beat, and slowly undressing.

"I would so love to see you dance like that, Daniel," Jack announced.

"You mean on stage? Or a private performance?"

"Private. Just us. Not sharing you with anyone."

"Hey, what am I, chopped liver?" Paul complained.

"I meant you too - us as in the three of us." Jack reassured, but Paul wasn't totally convinced. Jack shook his head.

"You don't believe me?"

"Not really, no."

Daniel was about to intervene when Jack put his arm out, yanked Paul over Daniel's lap and into his arms. Then he kissed him harder than he'd ever kissed him before.

"Convinced now?"

"Kiss me again, you're getting there," Paul's reply, but now his green eyes were twinkling with mischief.


"Always more, he's insatiable Jack. You don't know what you've started here," Daniel teased as he wriggled out from underneath Paul and helped him sit next to Jack.

"I think I can manage," Jack growled.

Next thing Paul knew, he was on his back on the bench seat and being kissed so hard he nearly lost consciousness.

"Don't go too far, boys," Daniel's warning voice broke through. "I don't mind you playing, but you know you only come when I tell you to."

They groaned and broke free.

"Want to go back to the hotel?" Daniel asked.

They looked at each other and grinned, nodding their heads in unison.

"Good. Time to go."

By the time they got back to the suite, Paul was shaking with excitement.

"I'm going to ask you one last time, Paul," as he came out of the bathroom. He had run the jacuzzi as soon as he had got in, too hot for now, but it would be needed if Paul was sure.

"Do it, Daniel, please. I want this."

"Are you guys ever going to tell me what we're going to do?" Jack complained.

"Hush," Daniel barked. "Paul, kick your shoes off."

Paul did as he was told. Then he felt Daniel behind him and saw Jack in front of him. Jack, following Daniel's looks, the directions his expressions and eyes gave, started to kiss and undress Paul, loving the fact that Daniel was joining in, kissing and touching reaching around to help out as Jack fumbled with the fly buttons, pulling the T-shirt over Paul's neck and so on. Between them, they finally got him undressed and he was as excited as he'd ever been in his life.

Daniel caught Jack's eye and looked down then lifted an eyebrow. He got a slight nod in return. All of this 'telepathic' communication that they had in the field was coming in handy in the bedroom. Daniel had just asked him if he was okay to go down on his knees and suck Paul off. Jack agreed that he was fine. Daniel slid his fingers inside Paul and caught hold of the string that was attached to the plug.

"I'm going to pull it out now, babe, just relax."

Paul gave a groan as he felt the piece of rubber leave him.

"Are you okay?"

"Feel so empty."

"Not for much longer, I promise. You need to relax now, baby, or we'll hurt you."


"Shh, baby, let us take care of you."

He gave Jack the nod, then they both trailed down Paul's body, leaving kisses as they went. He felt his legs being pushed apart, tongues all over him, seeming like more than the two that were there. Hands roamed, Paul tried to follow their movements but gave up. Then he felt Jack's hot mouth engulf him and Daniel start to rim him, and he lost all capacity to think.

Generals and senators were forgotten, meetings with diplomats and bean counters had no importance. All Paul knew was that he was currently still upright, a tongue was up his ass and he was being sucked like never before. His head nearly exploded with the sensations. Finally he gasped out that he was going... to... aargh.

Jack and Daniel stood up, grabbed the shaking Paul and sat him on the edge of the bed. Then he saw them as they kissed in front of him, for him, undressing each other and loving each other, caressing each other's bodies as more and more skin appeared. He wanted more. And he was going to get what he wanted sometime soon.

They were ready. Daniel directed Jack to sit at the foot of the bed and then lie back, his legs over the end of the bed. Then he got some things from the side table.

He opened a small bottle and put it under Paul's nose, catching hold of him as he went a little dizzy.

"Danny? What's that?"

"Amyl nitrate; It's going to help him relax."


Daniel just grinned.

"You'll see. Paul, honey, are you ready?"

"Whoo ya, I'm ready. Ready when you are."

"Is he okay?" Jack was concerned, Paul's face was slightly flushed.

"He's fine. We've used this before, not much, just once in a while. I won't allow abuse of it. It's not illegal, Jack."

"No, I know that, but look at him."

"Hmm, I am. He's okay, I won't do anything to hurt."

"I know that too."

Jack sighed and waited for whatever was going to happen. Jack's erection had somewhat diminished by then, so Daniel, covering his hand with lube he started to stroke him until he was getting hard. Then he felt something being slipped on him.


"Just a ring, to stop you going off bang, so to speak. I won't leave it on for long. Look, I've got one on too."

Jack nodded, just accepting that whatever Daniel had planned it would need this. Then he felt Paul kneeling over him as if he was going to sit on his cock. Which he was going to do. What Jack hadn't expected was that Daniel had grabbed some cushions off the armchairs, and put them underneath him until his ass was higher than before. Then he was even more stunned when he felt Daniel open his legs, then stand in-between them.

He was positively stupefied when he felt Daniel grab his cock and squeeze it in the same hand as he had his own.

Then Paul sat.

Slowly, he moved down, taking more of them both in.

"Jack, push up a bit if you can," Daniel directed.

Jack wasn't sure how Daniel could speak, let alone think at this moment. He had never had his dick in something so tight in all his years and currently his brain was on vacation. His last coherent thought was that he was glad that he had the ring on, because he wanted to come now.

Paul was red, sweating and panting, but not giving in. Daniel let him have one more sniff of the amyl and that helped him take the final step. He was all the way down.

"Does that feel good, baby?"

"Yes, so good, so fucking good. Love you," Paul whispered. "Love you both."

"Love you too," Daniel replied, then he started to move.

No way was he going to let Paul have this for too long, he was afraid of hurting him. So he reached down and undid his and Jack's rings. The immediate 'danger' had passed and he figured they'd both hold out for a minute or so. Not much longer than that, though, that was for sure.

Jack just lay there, trying to process the sensations of tight ass and moving dick. Daniel had lubed them with a petroleum based lube that would last longer than the quicker drying water based ones, so it felt hot and slick. Their continuous blood tests at the SGC had long killed the need for condoms, they were all clean, knew it and could prove it.

Paul was moaning incoherently, and Daniel was trying to retain his last shred of self-control. He was moving faster, not as fast as he would do normally, but picking up to a good rhythm. Paul was getting harder again so Daniel reached around and started stroking him to his thrusting rhythm.

"Is this good?"

"Hmm. More."

Daniel picked up the pace, thrusting a little faster and rubbing harder. Jack thought his brain would melt with the heat that the friction was causing. It was too much for him.

"OhgodDaniel... 'mgonnacome," he gasped.

"Come then, Jack," Daniel panted. "Come for me, let me feel it."

He did, he felt the pulsing of Jack's cock as he let go, then felt the creamy liquid as it fell back, lubricating him more and giving him more assistance to move. He jerked Paul rapidly and felt him building up, then he let his own control go. As Paul came, his muscles squeezing hard and causing Jack to cry out, he came too. He thrust four or five times until he stopped coming, slowing down as he did and slowing his hand on Paul too.

Daniel pulled out slowly and carefully, then he gently lifted Paul off Jack and lay him on the older man. Jack wrapped his arms around Paul and stroked his back, soothing him as he came down off his high.

As Daniel had feared, there was blood. Not much, Paul had been as relaxed as he could have been for that, but there was some.

"Bath, guys, come on. Paul's going to need it to soothe him."

He picked Paul out of Jack's arms and nearly carried him to the bathroom. Carefully, he guided him up and over the edge of the jacuzzi and into the still hot, but now tolerable water. He joined him, calling Jack to come too. Jack got in, on Paul's other side as Daniel directed. Then they held him, kissing his face and calming him.

"Are you all right, Paul?" Jack asked, the concern in his voice evident.

"Fine," Paul finally managed to say. "A little sore, but fine. Wonderful in fact. Thank you Jack, Daniel, thank you so much for that. I'd always wondered what that would be like, if I would like it."

"Did you?" Daniel was curious. Much as he loved to be fucked roughly, he couldn't think of being in that position.

"Yes. I'm not sure if I'd want it again. Maybe one day. But I'm glad you did it, guys. No regrets, not for one second."

"Wait till you try to sit tomorrow," Jack grinned.

"It shouldn't be too bad," Paul contradicted, "probably no worse than after my first time ever. Daniel was so meticulous in preparing me, getting me further and further open before the 'main event' so to speak, that it wasn't much of a struggle. How did it feel for you?"

"Incredible. My brain went into overload," Jack admitted. Then he looked at Daniel.

"How did you maintain such self-control, Danny?"

Daniel just smiled at him and then after a moment's thought, said, "I've had a lot of practice, Jack. I've always had to rein in my desires, my need to let go or to want. Let's just say it's easier than it could be. Not that it's easy, not when I'm with you guys. You make me want to go mad and fuck you insensible," he sniggered. "But, I could hurt you if I did that. So, it's easier to hold back, no matter how wonderful you are. And it was pretty incredible, Paul. Feeling you both like that, it was like nothing else I've ever known."

"Why have you had to hold back, Dan?"

Paul wrapped an arm around Daniel and hugged him close, letting him know that it was okay to talk. Daniel just shook his head and smiled.

"Another time, maybe," he said. "It's a long, long story, probably very boring. And I don't know about you guys, but I'm fucked."

"I think you'll find that that was me," Paul teased.

"Welcome back, SG-1," Hammond said as Jack appeared in the briefing room, followed by his team. "How was your leave?"

Sam and Teal'c said they'd had a wonderful break and thanked him. Daniel just looked at Jack, wondering what he would say.

"It was fantastic, General," he said happily. "Daniel, Paul Davis and I went to Chicago. We did the tourist thing, watched the Cubs win at home, ate good food, drank good beer in an Irish pub, and generally speaking, I forgot who the hell I was for three days."

Daniel smiled and nodded a 'what he said' at the General. Inside though, he was relieved. Mission accomplished.