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Summary: A quick (and unbetaed) scene in response to Joy's 'Masturbation Month' challenge. Jack needs to relax, as does Daniel, but it's not going to be too easy to do it.

Daniel saw the strain in Jack's eyes as they sat around the briefing table. It hadn't been a good mission. Jack was feeling particularly bad because Daniel had got hurt. It wasn't a bad injury, but his right arm would be out of commission for a good few days. He'd been in a hand-to-hand fight which had left him badly bruised and with a nasty, but superficial stab wound to his upper arm. Jack had killed his attacker with his bare hands, fiercely determined to protect his teammate, best friend, lover... and dom. The Jaffa he'd been busy with had stood no chance when Jack had seen Daniel hit the deck with blood streaming from his arm. It was as if his world had gone red.

He didn't really remember what happened next, but he heard it from the others as they gave their accounts. Pulling his knife out of his boot, he'd slashed the neck of his own attacker and then jumped on the Jaffa that Daniel was fighting with. The Jaffa was dead in moments, as Jack plunged his knife into his neck, hauling him off the injured Daniel at the same time.

Hammond understood Jack's desperation. After all they'd lost Daniel, or nearly lost him, too damned often. He knew that Jack couldn't bear the thought of losing his friend again - even if he had no idea just how close they really were. So he'd spent the debriefing soothing Jack's frazzled nerves and commending him for his actions.

Now it was Daniel's turn to calm Jack down properly.

"Jack? I don't want to impose on you but I could really do with a lift home," he said in front of the others.

Jack's head snapped up and he looked a little confused. He hadn't really been paying attention throughout the debriefing.

"Jack? Could you drive me?"

"What? Sure. Of course. I'll stay over, help you out," he said quickly, recovering his equilibrium in the manner he'd learned to do over years of not paying attention to superior officers.

Hammond looked at him with a smile, grateful that Daniel would have company. Daniel looked grateful, too. He really didn't want to be alone that night and he knew it.

They said nothing as Jack drove home, Daniel allowing him the time to go over things in his mind, and concentrate on the road. The silence gave him time to work things out, too, and he didn't like what was in his mind. He'd been caught off guard when they were ambushed and he'd been knocked on the floor before he'd realised what was going on. Sure, he'd fought back, given his best, but if Jack hadn't come to the rescue, he'd have been in a bad position and he knew it. Dead or captured, that was for sure. He had to fight down an inappropriate giggle as an image of Jack, dressed as a knight coming riding towards him on a white horse, flashed into his mind. He cursed his brain for thinking like that. Sometimes, a warped mind led to a good laugh - at times like this, however, it would have been asking for trouble.

Making their way up the stairs to Daniel's apartment, Daniel let Jack know that he was going to be in charge in no uncertain terms, just to make sure that Jack understood.

"When we get in," he spoke quietly, "you will go directly to the bedroom and strip. Say nothing."

Jack shuddered as he took his next step and nodded. When Daniel found his key, Jack felt himself start to harden, purely from the prospect of what was to come.

He said nothing as Daniel shut the bedroom door behind them, just put his jacket on the back of a chair and started to strip. Wearily, Daniel sat on the bed, watching his every move and trying to hide his tiredness. Jack's movement was mechanical, but Daniel didn't call him on it. He wanted this - wanted Jack to shut his mind off and just do. Fighting his own exhaustion, he painfully hauled off his own clothes, never taking his eyes off Jack longer than necessary. When they were both finally naked, Daniel decided to act.

"Lie on the bed," he ordered, standing up to watch Jack's every move.

Without words, Jack did as he was told, laying with his head on a few pillows, his hands by his side and just staring up at the ceiling.

"You're going to have to do all the work, Jack. It's my right arm that's been damaged."

Despite the tiredness, Jack heard a little bit of amusement in Daniel's tone and smiled back at him. He waited for Daniel to move, knowing that he'd know what Daniel wanted him to do the moment he was in position.

Daniel climbed onto the bed, straddling Jack and kneeling up. He leant forward, letting his soft cock brush Jack's and dipping down to kiss him. They spent a few moments like that until the pain in Daniel's arm was too much and he had to kneel back up so his arms could rest.

"Pick up the pillows and prop yourself up a bit, Jack."

He did as he was told, padding out the pillows behind him so he was sitting further up.

"Jerk off."

Jack was surprised. He'd thought that he would have to get Daniel off first. Doing as he was told, he reached down and took his still semi-limp cock in his hand and started to stroke it, loving it when he felt it grow. Tiredness be damned, having a naked Daniel straddling him was enough to overcome it. He felt the back of his knuckles brush Daniel's balls and cock as Daniel shifted slightly, and he wondered just what it was that Daniel had in mind. Then he decided to just go for it, that second-guessing Daniel usually didn't work.

The touch of Daniel's skin as he moved his hand turned him on and he got yet harder. Daniel wasn't saying anything, and despite the fact that he had his eyes shut, he knew that Daniel was staring at him. That, too, turned him on.

Finally, he heard the voice that he loved, quietly encouraging him and urging him on.

"Fuck, Jack. You look so hot. So hot. Look at you. Your hands, your body... your cock. I love you, love feeling you inside me, love being inside you. Love watching the way you screw your eyes shut and arch your back as I push my cock into you."

Jack's hand sped up, desperately wanting to come now so he could finish Daniel. He felt Daniel hardening next to him, his dick jumping with every stroke, and could see it in his mind. His imagination let him taste the drips he felt on his hand and he let out a low, hungry moan.

"That's it, baby, you come for me. Let me see you come all over your stomach. I want to watch you."

Jack's hips jerked up in reaction to Daniel's words and his balls hit Daniel's. Daniel reacted by grinding his groin into Jack's, urging him to finish. He wasn't touching his own cock, relying totally on the sight before him, the sounds, the scent and the touch from Jack. He wanted to come, his dick hard and purple as he watched Jack's hand moving faster and faster.

"Oh God, Daniel... I'm gonna..."

Jack couldn't say any more. Daniel fought back his own urge to come as he saw Jack's semen spurt high, hitting himself on the chest and stomach. Before Jack had even finished, Daniel gritted his teeth and took his weight on his arms for a short while, allowing himself to lean down and lick it off him. The sensation of the rasping tongue on his chest caused Jack to call out and sent another tingling 'shock' to his groin.

When he couldn't lean anymore, Daniel pulled back up.

"Jack. It's my turn."

Using both his hands, Jack started to work on him, knowing that Daniel didn't want to hold on longer than necessary. He held Daniel's balls in his left hand, gently but firmly rolling them around in his palm and stroking them with his fingers. His right hand worked Daniel's cock urgently, not bothering to build up speed but going for it right away.

"Yes! That's it!" Daniel growled. "Feels good. Real good."

Encouraged, Jack worked as hard and as fast as he could, stroking his left-hand fingers behind Daniel's balls and edging them towards his asshole. The moment one of them reached it, he pushed it inside him and that took Daniel over the edge. Jack felt Daniel's semen as it landed on him, over his body, and he revelled in it.

"Fuck, Daniel. Look at you," he said in awe. "Look at you," he repeated, unable to think of anything more to say as he couldn't take his eyes off the sight before him.

With great reluctance, he let go of Daniel's spent cock and struggled to sit up so that he could hold him.

"Thank you," he whispered into Daniel's neck.

"Hmm, my pleasure," Daniel purred back. "How are you feeling now?"

"Not so bad," Jack assured him. "Tired, though."

"Me too. Come on, let's get cleaned up and then we can get some sleep."

Daniel knew that he couldn't hold Jack in the way that he wanted to, so he tried a different track.

"Um, Jack?"


"Would you hold me tonight?"

He saw Jack smile, despite the lack of light in the room, then felt Jack cautiously put his arm out and pull Daniel to lay on his side so his injured arm wouldn't get knocked.

"It would be my pleasure," Jack answered as he manoeuvred Daniel into position.

He dropped a kiss on Daniel's head, smiling when he felt one on his chest in response. He knew what Daniel was up to, that they both needed the contact to keep the nightmares away, and he wasn't going to call him on it either. Pulling the covers up, he made sure that Daniel was warm and in his arms, and touching as much as they could, they went to sleep.