Legacy of the Serpent

Part 1

"Don't, Daniel."

A hand, my hand, holds Jack by the hair, pulling his head back slightly to expose his throat. The other hand brings Jack's own knife to press against his neck.

"Daniel, stop! Fight it!"

Sam's agonized shout demands a response. But I don't have control. I can't stop and I can't fight. The Goa'uld forces me to watch, to look Jack in the eye as the hand—my hand—forces the point of the knife, puncturing the skin of his neck. A strange look crosses Jack's face just before he gives the tiniest shake of his head.

"Don't blame yourself, Daniel."

The Goa'uld laughs with my voice and slashes viciously, parting skin and tendon and artery without resistance. Oh, God, no— Jack!

"Damn it, Daniel!"

My eyes snap open. Jack is sitting up in his sleeping bag, rubbing his nose. He turns an angry glare on me. The tension starts to seep out of his shoulders as soon as he realizes what happened.


"Apparently," I croak, looking away, unable to look him in the eye. Not after looking him in the eye while I slit his throat.


"Nightmare...Goa'uld memory...flashback...something," I mumble.

"Ah. A Goa'uld symbiote— the gift that keeps on giving," Jack says dryly.

"Do you ever get them?"

"From the Goa'uld?" Jack asks.

I nod. I mean—I know he gets them because of his past. Hell, I do, too. But these are different.

"Nah, little bastard wasn't in my head long enough for that. Sorry," Jack adds, seeing the disappointment on my face.

"Don't be. I wouldn't wish this on anyone," I tell him honestly.

I do wish there was someone who understood what I'm going through but no, I wouldn't wish the 'snake in the head' experience on anyone.

"Except maybe Kinsey."

"One can always hope," Jack says, his smile barely visible in the dim firelight diffusing around the open tent flaps.

We both sit quietly for a moment, staring at our hands, contemplating the sadistic nature of fate. And, in Jack's case, probably wondering why he's losing sleep when I'm the one who got snaked.

"Maybe you should talk to Carter," Jack suggests softly.

"It's not the same."

Sam was host to a benevolent—for the most part—creature. One who left Sam her memories as a gift, not as a punishment. I know that some of those memories are painful, but they're not intentionally cruel. Before he died, Tharis—or whatever the hell his name really was—dumped his bloody, twisted memories in my head. And more. He also left me with his sick fantasy—namely killing my teammates in front of my very eyes.

"Maybe you should talk to MacKenzie," Jack says even more quietly.

"I thought you wanted to get rid of the nightmares," I say. "Not give me new ones."

Jack just shrugs an acknowledgment.

"They're happening a lot?"

"They come and go," I tell him.

Yeah. They come when I'm asleep and go when I'm awake.

"Think you can sleep now?"

"Think I'll just get up and relieve Teal'c," I say, checking my watch.


"Jack, don't worry about it. It always takes me a while to settle back down and by then it'll be my turn on watch anyway," I explain. Jack sits for a moment, lips pressed tightly together as he thinks. "I'll catch a couple more hours of sleep after my watch."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

I am. These dreams or visions or whatever they are generally kill my desire to sleep for the rest of the night. Sometimes for several nights. I might as well go do something useful.


I watch and wait for Sam to respond. She's basking in the sun, lying on top of a weathered boulder. It's a while before she stirs lazily.

"Hey, Daniel."

I toss her a canteen and jump up on top of the boulder to join her. It was my turn to make the water run. A duty I was more than happy to take on given that Jack and Teal'c were engaged in a belligerent discussion of the relative pros and cons of their respective fitness regimens. I mean—it was only a matter of time before they started beating their chests and grunting at each other.

"Daniel, are you getting anything from this place?" Sam asks after taking a sip from the canteen.

"You mean like advancing a theory, adding to a particular body of knowledge, or discovering the meaning of life?" I ask.

She nods, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Not in the slightest," I confess.

"Me neither," she says, smothering a giggle.

We sit quietly for a moment, just enjoying the sun's warmth and each other's company.

"So, we should probably tell the colonel?"

This is the second of four scheduled days on P7Z-288. P7Z is like many of the worlds we've visited before. Carbon based life. Oxygen rich atmosphere. Trees. There's a real "spring" feel to the place. The air is mild. The plant life is lush and blooming everywhere you look. It's beautiful. Peaceful.


"Not for all the fish in Minnesota," I say firmly.

Sam doesn't bother suppressing the giggle this time. She casually nudges me in the shoulder.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," I say quickly.

"You look tired."

"Haven't been sleeping all that well," I admit.

But Sam already knows that. Canvas is not the greatest sound-proofing material. I'm sure she and Teal'c are both aware of my nightmares.

"Do Jolinar's memories ever sneak up on you?" I ask abruptly.

I know. I told Jack it wouldn't do any good to talk to Sam. But just on the off chance I'm wrong....

"Sort of," Sam says thoughtfully. "I mean, they usually aren't something I can recall at will. Normally there has to be something that triggers them. But they're just sort of there. I'm aware of them but I know it's Jolinar's memory, not mine. And I don't think I've ever had nightmares because of them."


That's pretty much what I thought.

"Of course, her memories aren't as awful as the Goa'uld's," Sam says. "Not for the most part."

"Not to mention that her reactions would have been different," I say. "Honestly, one of the most disturbing aspects of these memories is how much the Goa'uld enjoyed committing atrocities."

"Yeah, that would be hard to stomach," Sam agrees. "But in my experience the images fade with time. The first time I 'see' one of Jolinar's memories it's pretty strong but it subsides fairly rapidly. Right?"

"Oh, sure," I say quickly.

Well, it's partially true. The real memories the Goa'uld left me have been fading steadily into the background. They're unpleasant but I can usually deal with them. Sometimes even ignore them completely. Unfortunately, these other images, the ones that aren't—can't be—real, they aren't fading. If anything, they're becoming more intense.

"Daniel?" Sam says skeptically.

"They are," I insist. "Just maybe not as fast as I'd like."

"Well, maybe a couple more days on a nice peaceful planet like this will help," Sam suggests.

"Probably," I agree. "And that would be a very good excuse for us to stay here."

"So there wouldn't be any reason to tell the colonel we've finished our assigned tasks."

"No. We definitely have a valid excuse for staying. It's not like we'd be deceiving Jack."

"Absolutely not," Sam nods firmly.


"So," Sam nods. "You know, there's another really nice boulder just on the other side of this valley. Overlooks a little pond."

"Are there any fish in the pond?"


"Last one there is a symbiote!"

We've finished our four days on P7Z and we're now dutifully trudging back to the stargate. Teal'c is on point and Sam's just a short distance ahead of me. I can feel Jack's eyes on the back of my neck. I've got to find some way to deflect his concern before he hauls me into MacKenzie. Because he will, no matter how reluctant he may be to do it.

I dig some M&Ms out of my pocket and start flicking them at Sam. Hey—when you're running short on sleep you need something to keep you going. Coffee and chocolate have always been the magic combo for me.

"What the...?"

Sam brushes at the side of her neck and turns to look at Jack and me suspiciously.

"Something wrong, Carter?" Jack asks casually.

He knows what I did but he's got that little boy sense of honor. No way is he going to rat me out.

Sam stares a moment longer then gives an exasperated little shake of her head before turning forward again. I bounce another candy off of her head. Sam flinches but refuses to turn around. So I do it again, watching the tension growing in her shoulders. This is completely juvenile. Apparently so am I. The truth is I'm having fun. And I can sense Jack's grin at my back.

My next toss hits Sam in the neck. Her hand slaps against her skin lightning fast, catching the M&M before it falls. She looks at her prize and immediately turns her accusing eyes on me. Well, yeah—I'm the only one who brings M&M's on a mission.


I just smile innocently. The second her eyes drop I toss another and she whirls on me in mock anger.

"Damn it, Daniel—stop!"

"Daniel, stop!"

Sam is kneeling in front of me. My hand, encased by a ribbon device, is pressed firmly against her forehead.

"Daniel, please don't do this."

I realize my hand is stained with blood. Jack's body is lying on the ground just to Sam's right. The pool of blood under his head is still growing. It can't have been long since I...the Goa'uld...we slit his throat. Jack's blood is on my hands—literally as well as figuratively.

My stomach starts to churn just as the ribbon device pulses with corrupt power. Sam's eyelids flutter as the energy burns into her brain. She manages to choke out my name one last time.



For a moment there's an overlap between reality and illusion, the mundane and the grotesque, but Sam's sharp cry brings me fully back to the here and now. The sense of disorientation has me stumbling to my knees, gritting my teeth against the bile rising in my throat.

"Flashback?" Jack asks from somewhere above my right shoulder.

"Or something," I mutter.

"All right, everyone take ten," Jack orders.

I flinch away instinctively when he touches my shoulder.

"Okay," he says, backing off a couple of steps. "Take it easy. Same one?"

"Yes. No. Sort of," I finally manage to stammer out. I don't want to have to explain what it is I saw.

"Daniel?" Sam says softly as she crouches down in front of me.

"I'm fine," I say, looking up at her. "I am."

"You going to be able to make it back to the gate?" Jack asks.

"Yes. I just...I just need a minute, okay?"

"If you require assistance, Daniel Jackson...."

"No!" I say a little more sharply than I had intended. I push myself up to my feet. "No. Thank you, Teal'c, but I can manage."

"Let's move it out then," Jack says.

His tone is casual but his eyes are fixed on me and he's got that look. I suppose I might as well start penciling those weekly sessions with MacKenzie in on my calendar.

Teal'c motions silently ahead of us. Not twenty yards away there's a man dressed in the hallmark tacky attire of a Goa'uld. Damn it. Five more minutes and we would've been back to the gate. We would've been safe.

"Isn't this planet supposed to be deserted?" Jack hisses angrily.

Like that means anything. Look what happened last time we went to an uninhabited planet. Moon. Whatever.

"He most likely arrived through the stargate just recently," Teal'c theorizes.

"I don't care when he got here," Jack says. "I want to know if there's anymore with...."

I'm on my feet and moving before I even realize I'm going to do it.

"Daniel? Damn it, Daniel!"

Jack's fingertips brush my pant leg as he lunges for me. I evade him easily and move toward the Goa'uld, anger surging.

"I've had it," I spit, grabbing my boonie and throwing it violently at the ground as I advance on the startled Goa'uld. "I am sick to death of you sick little parasites showing up everywhere we go."

I hear voices behind me but I can't make out what they're saying. Or maybe I just don't want to. The Goa'uld is staring at me, his eyes nearly bugging out in astonishment at the crazy Tau'ri bearing down on him.

"You want a piece of me?" I shout. "Well, guess what. You're too late."

I'm on him, kicking and punching and lost in a black fog of anger. I'm sure the Goa'uld's shock is the only reason he didn't ribbon me to a crisp before I could get within five feet of him. Before I know it, Jack's pulling me up off the snake but I'm still swinging my arms, looking for just one more shot. Teal'c takes control of the Goa'uld, putting a heavy, booted foot across its neck while Sam relieves it of its weapons.

"Daniel! God damn it, Daniel, stop!" Jack shouts in my ear.

I finally give up, sagging back against Jack as the blood lust drains away. Jack pulls me upright, turns me around and grabs me by the shoulders.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?!?"

"I don't...I don't know," I admit.

Jack stares intently into my eyes. I don't know what he sees there because I sure as hell don't know what's going on in my head. I just gape at Jack, stunned by my own stupidity, my overwhelming rage...and yet, strangely, feeling no regret.

"Right." Jack's voice grates on my ears. "As of five minutes ago, Jackson, you're suspended from duty."

"Wha...? No," I protest.

"Yes," Jack says angrily. "I damn well will not be responsible for you getting yourself killed. Or the rest of us. Until you check out 100% A-OK you are not going off world again."

Right. So that would be daily sessions with MacKenzie then.

"Feeling better?" Jack asks as he ambles slowly into the infirmary.

"Peachy," I answer, banging my heel aggressively against the frame of the gurney I'm sitting on.

While the rest of SG-1 has been debriefing and dealing with our captive, I've been subjected to Janet Fraiser's own personal brand of sado-medicine. I'm absolutely certain that some of the tests she ran on me aren't sanctioned by the AMA.

"What's up with the Goa'uld?" I ask.

"Turns out it's a good witch, not a bad witch."

"I've heard that before."

"Apparently this time it's true," Jack says, a slight lift of his shoulders indicating his own reluctance to accept the news. "The Tok'ra vouch for him."

"Oh. Er...did I hurt him?"

Now I do feel bad. Not only did I go off half cocked, putting my team at risk, but I attacked someone who isn't even an enemy.

"Nothing the symbiote can't fix." Jack taps his fingers against the metal cover of my chart. "So. What were you thinking?"

"I don't know," I confess. "It was just...too soon. I saw a Goa'uld and I got angry. Maybe a little scared. I just reacted."

"That's not like you, Daniel," Jack says quietly.

"I'm a little stressed out," I admit reluctantly.

Jack just nods his agreement.

"Fraiser is putting me on restricted duty."

"I heard."

Great. Another "crazy Daniel" story is probably already shooting along the wires of the SGC grapevine. It's really tough to shake that 'flaky' description when every time I turn around some alien machine/entity/drug is making me act a little...nuts.

"Colonel, would you excuse us?"

Uh oh. Fraiser's back and she's acting all stiff and formal. This is not good news for me.

"Later," Jack tells me.

Much later if the look on Janet's face is anything to go by.

"Daniel...." Janet begins as soon as Jack's gone.

"I don't need MacKenzie," I tell Janet firmly.

"Dr. Jackson...."

Oh, boy. "Dr. Jackson." I'm definitely in trouble here.

"Look, MacKenzie may—I emphasize may—be competent in normal human psychiatric care," I argue. "But he's proven that he doesn't have the first clue when it comes to dealing with alien interference."

"Dr. MacKenzie has a lot of experience in treating PTSD," Janet says calmly.

"That's my point," I snap. "PTSD is the result of a bad experience. An experience a person has actually lived through. I don't have a problem with my memories. Granted, I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about having a snake in my head, but that's not what's bothering me. The so called memories that are keeping me up at night are artificial. Alien."

"I realize that they're actually the Goa'uld's memories, but in a sense, they're your memories now," Janet persists.

"No, that's not it. The Goa'uld left images in my mind," I try to explain. "Some of them are his memories. But some of them aren't. Some of them...they're not real."

"How can you be sure?"

"Is Jack still alive? And Sam and Teal'c?"

"Yes, of course. What does that...oh. Oh, I see," Janet says thoughtfully. "Still...."

"Can you tell me that the therapy that treats PTSD will work the same on an implanted false memory?" I challenge. "Can you tell me that psychobabbling to a shrink will lessen or eliminate the feelings I have about events that never even happened?"

"Daniel," Janet sighs. "You know there are no guarantees, but the nightmares and the flashback Colonel O'Neill told me about sound like classic PTSD. It's worth trying psychiatric intervention. Bottom line—we have to do something and this is the logical place to start."

"I don't have any choice, do I?" I ask, realization dawning.

Fraiser drops her eyes, unable to look me in the face. That's all the confirmation I need. God bless America: Land of the Free...unless the military owns your ass.

"Why won't you give me a chance to work it out myself first?"

"Because it's been a month since the Goa'uld was removed. You've had time."

"I need a little more," I plead.

"It's not getting any better, is it?" Janet prods.

I don't bother answering. The fact that I had one of these nightmares while awake proves it's not getting better.

"This isn't just about protecting the Stargate program, either," Janet says, preempting my next argument. "We're worried about you."

"You were worried about me before, too, and I still ended up in a padded room!"

Not to mention drugged to the gills.

"That won't happen again," Janet says tersely.

Her face flushes with a mix of anger and guilt.

"No guarantees—that's what you said, right?" I remind her sharply.

"Not about the efficacy of the treatment," Janet agrees. "I promise you won't end up in a psych ward again."

"You can't make that promise," I say bitterly. "I'll do something...crazy that will make you change your mind. Or someone higher up in the military food chain will take it out of your hands. You'll be doing what you think is best, I know that, but I'll still end up locked up, hidden away."

I hurry along C corridor. I am so late. I was supposed to have this report to SG-10 an hour ago. The fact that I'm on restricted duty doesn't mean that I can afford to slack off. Quite the contrary. If I don't get my shit together soon Hammond will have my butt back in the infirmary before I can say....

"Daniel! Hey, Daniel, wait up."

A hand clamps onto my shoulder and I whip around.

"I said kneel before your God."

The Goa'uld grabs Jack's arm, twisting it, and forces him to his knees. The Goa'uld is so powerful. It requires so little of his true strength to subdue Jack.

"Ah!" Jack winces. "Hey, I've got a little cartilage problem in the knees, you know. And I know you know 'cause Daniel knows."

"You will not suffer pain in your knees for much longer," the Goa'uld promises.

"Yeah," Jack says slowly. "Normally I'd be happy to hear that...but I've got the feeling that something else is going to be hurting."

"Not for long, O'Neill."

The Goa'uld leans forward and spits the words right into Jack's face.

"Soon, you will feel no pain at all. Soon you will feel nothing at all. Ever again."

"Dr. Jackson!"

I struggle a moment longer before I realize that I'm wrestling with a couple of bewildered airmen. I stop abruptly, not wanting to hurt anyone. Including myself. As soon as I stop struggling one of the men releases his hold on my arm. The other keeps a firm grip on my shirt, eyeing me with both surprise and suspicion.

"I'm sorry."

It's a general apology since I'm not quite sure what I did. Or to whom.

"It's all right, Sergeant."

My head whips around at the sound of Jack's voice. He's down on the floor, flat on his butt. He shifts his legs under him and crouches, resting on one knee.


"I said stand down," Jack says more firmly.

The airman releases me cautiously.

"Appreciate the help but we're fine now. You can go."

The sergeant still hesitates.

"I can make that an order."

The two airmen finally walk away, throwing suspicious looks back over their shoulders. I turn back to Jack and lean over to offer him a hand up. He instinctively flinches away from me before giving himself a shake and grasping my hand.

"Well, that was embarrassing," Jack says as he climbs slowly to his feet.

"Um...did I...did I do that?"

"Oh, yeah." Jack looks at me and sighs. "Come on."


"To see Fraiser."

"No, I can't."

Jack reaches out to grab my arm and stops at the last second. He holds his hands up, palms forward, presumably to show me that he's not a threat.

"Yes, you can."

"No, I can't. I have to get this report to SG-10."

I crouch down to gather up the scattered papers.

"I'll take the report," Jack says, yanking the folder from my hand and scooping up the rest of the pages. "You—infirmary. Now."

He shakes a warning finger at me and heads down the hall.

"Fine. Going now," I mutter to myself. "But it won't help."

"Daniel...." Sam begins reluctantly.

"This is all MacKenzie's fault," I interrupt, plopping down in my chair.

I was right. The infirmary was no help.

"How so?" Jack asks sharply, rubbing at his butt.

He stops immediately when he realizes that we're all watching him.

"Because he wants me to tell him everything but he doesn't listen to a word I say," I complain. "He wants me to tell him, in detail, how...."

My voice trails off. I haven't told Sam, Jack or Teal'c exactly what my visions are about. I don't want to.

"He wants me relive it so we can 'dig deeper and uncover the cause' of my...flashbacks."

Jack shuffles his feet. I'm sure he's torn between his genuine distrust of MacKenzie and wanting to tell me to get with the program already.

"Sometimes you have to get down and dirty to find the important stuff," Jack finally says.

"Oh, please. MacKenzie couldn't find his id with both hands and a flashlight!" I snap.

Jack ducks his head quickly but not before I see the grin.

"There's no need to dig around my subconscious. This has nothing to do with my past or my relationships with...with anyone. The Goa'uld put this in my head." I snort in derision. "And MacKenzie just keeps asking me why the Goa'uld would do that."

"Because it's a Goa'uld," Jack says.

"Exactly!" I say, waving a hand at Jack.

"The Goa'uld need no further reason than the opportunity to cause suffering," Teal'c agrees. And he should know.

"And I'm on medical leave, effective immediately," I grumble.

"You confined to base?" Jack asks.


I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies.

"I'm supposed to go home, rest, and follow up with MacKenzie."

"Maybe that's not such a bad idea, Daniel," Sam says. "You're not getting any rest if you're hanging around here, burying your nose in work."

I give Sam a dirty look. Like she's got any room to talk. I'm not the one Jack is always telling to get a life.

"Yeah, yeah," I mumble as I gather up some notes.

All three of them watch silently as I start packing my briefcase.

"Daniel Jackson, did you not just say that Dr. Fraiser ordered you to rest?" Teal'c asks, staring at my briefcase pointedly.

"You know me. If I don't have something to do, I really will go crazy."

"Yeah, okay...just try to keep a limit on it, okay?" Jack says.

"I will. I am tired and I'll be more than happy to get some sleep."

Even more happy if I could get some uninterrupted sleep. I close my briefcase.

"This is just to keep me out of trouble."

"Ha!" Jack says sarcastically. "Famous last words."



"Bite me."

My hand holds a symbiote.

It squirms and hisses, trying to escape my grasp. Teal'c stands before me, a fine sheen of sweat covering his skin.

It's his symbiote.

I don't know how long the symbiote has been away from the protection of Teal'c's pouch, but Teal'c is obviously suffering, and Junior's struggling is weak. My hands suddenly grasp the immature Goa'uld, hold it up in front of Teal'c's face, and twist sharply. The symbiote dies with one last squeal of pain and outrage. Teal'c's face remains nearly impassive.

"I shall enjoy watching your slow and excruciatingly painful death," my voice taunts. "But even more appealing... you will live long enough to watch your Tau'ri friends die."

God, there couldn't be anything worse for Teal'c. Death is something he's faced before and he's made his own kind of peace with it. But forcing him to stand by helplessly as Sam and Jack are murdered...I suspect he will welcome death after that.

I'm so sorry, Teal'c. I'd stop him if I could. You know that, don't you?

"Tell me, sholva, how does it feel to know that Daniel Jackson will be the instrument of your demise?"

"Daniel Jackson would never do such a thing," Teal'c says, his voice rough but firm.

"No? Perhaps he would not initiate such an action," the Goa'uld agrees. "He is weak that way. But he will not be sorry to see it happen."

Teal'c's eyes narrow as he tries to read the Goa'uld's face. My stolen face.

"You took his wife, gave her to us, and then murdered her before his eyes." The Goa'uld laughs harshly. "No, he would not kill you himself, but as long as he can blame another for the act, he will not be sorry to see it."

God, that's not true! Yes, I've distrusted, even hated Teal'c at times. I'm only human. But I have never, would never, wish for let alone enjoy his death.

"If that were the case," Teal'c says calmly, "then I would not blame Daniel Jackson. Revenge is his right and I would not deny him that."

What? No! Damn it, Teal'c. There's no revenge, no 'right'. I struggle to break through the Goa'uld's control. I can't let Teal'c die thinking that I wanted it. God damn it! Let me....

"Ow, fuck!"

I put my hand to the sharp pain in my forehead and look around me, dazed. I'm on my knees on my bedroom floor. The room is dark and quiet, just as it was when I finally went to bed. Something runs into my eye, blurring my vision. I take my hand away from my forehead to wipe my eyes and stare at my bloody palm.

Stunned, I look around for the responsible assailant. My eyes come to rest on the bedside table just inches away. Great. I must have fallen or run into it during my dream. Nightmare. Whatever.

I stumble into the bathroom, leaving a trail of blood drops behind me. I turn on the light, blinking painfully at the harsh assault on my fatigued eyes. Almost blindly I fumble for a towel or washcloth to hold against my forehead. I've been knocked on the head enough times to know that even minor scalp wounds can bleed like crazy. I just need to put some pressure on it to stop the flow of blood.

I close the toilet lid and sit down, holding the towel to my forehead and trying to forget the latest installment of "This is Your Life: Goa'uld version." Once I estimate that five minutes have passed, I force myself to my feet. I remove the towel and look in the mirror. Damn. The gash is deep...and still bleeding briskly.

"So what exactly happened?" Jack's voice is both sharp and weary.

Don't look at me. I'm not the one who dragged him out of bed at four in the morning. And I certainly didn't ask Janet to do it either. As if reading my mind, Fraiser tugs sharply at the stitch she's putting in my forehead. Sadist.

"Nothing," I mumble. "I fell."

"Getting out of bed?" Jack asks sarcastically.

"It was dark. I didn't have my glasses on."

"Even you aren't that big a klutz, Daniel."

"Well, apparently I am."

"You were having a nightmare," Janet says.


"You need to stay in the infirmary until we can get this under control," she says.

"There's absolutely no reason why I should have to be in the infirmary," I argue.

"Daniel, look at you," Jack says in exasperation. "You're covered in blood."

Yeah, okay, so I'm not looking my best right now. That's hardly grounds for committal.

"Scalp wounds bleed heavily," Janet says.

"Yes, I know. They look bad."

"No, Daniel," Janet says in clipped tones. "I mean head wounds bleed heavily. A significant laceration can cause enough blood loss to require a transfusion."

"Okay, but...this one isn't that bad," I argue.

"I think she's just trying to point out that it could have been," Jack interjects. "Hell, Daniel, if you weren't so damn thick-headed you would've cracked your skull open."

"You really want to get into a discussion about thick-headedness with me?"

I just glare at Jack. He scowls but doesn't pursue the matter.

"There's no need for me to go to the infirmary. It was dark, I was half-asleep, I got disoriented and bumped into the table. It happens to people all the time."

"Daniel...." Janet begins.

"Are you going to force me? Because that's the only way I'm going."

"No," Janet says with a weary sigh. "Not yet."

"Please eat, Daniel Jackson."

I look up from the magazine in my hands, the one that appears to have been written in one of the languages I don't speak. I certainly don't seem capable of comprehending it. It might help if the lines of print would quit wiggling around.


"You must eat," Teal'c repeats kindly but firmly. "Then rest."

On a good day, it's a barely equal battle of wills when Teal'c and I butt heads. Today is not a good day. I rub my eyes and accept the plate warily. I relax a little when I see that he hasn't prepared Jaffa size portions. I've quietly worked my way through half the turkey sandwich before I realize that Teal'c doesn't have a plate of his own.

"Aren't you eating?" I ask.

"I do not need nourishment at this time."

"Um...okay." I chew at another bite of sandwich. "You can make yourself at home, you know?"

"I am quite comfortable in your home, Daniel Jackson."

"Okay. Good." I set my plate down on the end table, suddenly full. "You don't have to do this. I mean—I appreciate the concern but I can take care of myself."

Apparently Jack, with all his usual subtlety, has decided I can't be left to my own devices. Over the last few days there have been a lot of 'just in the neighborhood, thought I'd drop by' visits by my teammates. Except for the fact that Teal'c is never in the neighborhood without a specific reason, I might actually buy it. Not.

"Jack's just a worry wart," I tell Teal'c. "And I'm fine."

Teal'c's answering look is less than convinced which just irritates the hell out of me.

"You don't have to take care of me. I don't need it and you shouldn't have to waste your time."

"On the contrary, I agree with O'Neill. And I consider it a privilege, not a duty, to assist you. I owe you a great deal, my friend."

"I owe Daniel Jackson much. Perhaps even my life."

Teal'c's voice shakes a little, the loss of his symbiote taking its toll.

"Look at the once proud First Prime," the Goa'uld taunts. "Reduced to 'owing' a lowly Tau'ri scum."

"There is much that I have taken from Daniel Jackson. There is even more that he has given me freely. My life is not too great a price to pay"

Teal'c looks into my eyes.

"We are now even, Daniel Jackson."

I stumble as I shoot up from the couch, shaking and sweaty. I have to get out of here. I have to get away from it...me...whoever. I turn blindly, only to run smack into Teal'c. I take one look at his face before turning the other direction to run for the bathroom.

After losing what little I'd just eaten, I sort of puddle on the bathroom floor, laying my head on the cool tiles. I'm not sure how much time passes before I hear someone try the doorknob.

"Daniel, open up before I have to force the issue."

The doorknob rattles vigorously as Jack's voice calls through the locked door. I stumble to my feet and unlock the door. Jack pushes it open slowly.

"You look like crap."

"Where's Teal'c?" I ask, ignoring Jack's assessment of my current state of presentability.

"He called me, then left as soon as I got here," Jack explains. "He was under the impression that you found his presence disturbing."

"Damn," I mutter, trying push by Jack. "I've got to call him."

"Later," Jack says.

I'm so wiped out that he barely has to exert any effort at all to push me back into the bathroom.

"Jack, I have to explain. It wasn't Teal'c. Not really. I was...it was...."

"He knows, Daniel," Jack says firmly. "You were having a flashback. Don't worry about it. He understands."


I need to have a talk with Teal'c. I have to be sure.... Teal'c has always taken full responsibility for his actions while First Prime of Apophis. And I know he regrets having to kill Sha're, even though he did it to save my life. But he's not a quitter. I really don't think Teal'c would just sit there and allow me to kill him. Not like the Teal'c in the vision. I'm sure.... Pretty sure....

I need to have a little talk with Teal'c.

"You can talk to him later," Jack promises. "Now—get back in there, take a shower, put on some clean clothes and I'll find something for you to eat."

"Fruit," I call after Jack.

"Fruit?" Jack asks indignantly. "I said food, Daniel."

"Fruit is food, Jack. And that's what I want."

Feeling marginally better after a hot shower, I join Jack in the living room. He passes me a plate. I settle myself on the couch with a sense of déjà vu and take a look. Apple slices...and cheese.

"I said fruit," I say, waving an accusatory cheese slice at Jack.

"Think of it as cow fruit."


I shake my head to rid it of a very strange image. Jack has the oddest way of looking at things.

"You need protein," Jack says, waving a hand at my plate.

"How long are you going to do this babysitting thing?" I ask as I start in on the apple slices.

"Long as it takes," Jack says blandly. "Until Fraiser clears you for duty again."

"You'll drive me crazy."

"Paybacks are hell," Jack agrees, leaning over to grab some cheese from my plate.

I do not drive Jack crazy. He just needs to learn to be a little more...flexible.

"In the meantime, Teal'c is harassing the new recruits and Carter is doing something very scary with unstable elements. They're having fun."

"And you?" I ask pointedly.

"According to Doc Fraiser—given my current assignment—it's a toss up as to which of us will end up in the infirmary first," Jack says with an evil grin. "I got twenty bucks says it's you. And you know how I hate to lose."

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