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"Location, Location, Location"

And where did they first appear on screen?

Come and play in my sandbox Do they grow oranges here? You might call this Sun City

1. What's the name of this planet

2. Name this city.

3. What place is this?

A dream home? A heavenly place? If you can't stand the heat...

4. Who lives here?

5. Who got lost here?

6. Name this moon

They took sharing a little too far This place has exteme weather conditions You might get a buzz here...

7. Name this planet

8. Name this city

9. Who was injured here?

It's a little warmer below this city Where Hanno wanted retribution Where size mattered to Jack

10. Name the four 'new employees'.

11. What's the name this place?

12. Name this land of cocky people.

A seat of learning Termites are not the problem... A place of 'beautiful décor' and a lot of bull(s)

13. What place is this?

14. Name this home world.

15. What culture was found here?


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Added 12 JUNE 2004. Last updated 16 MAR 2006
The background is M20, the Trifid Nebula.