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1. Stargate: the Fifth Generation 14
Burnished Copper
by Hatshepsut

3. Loose Ends - 11: Legendary Epistemology by Dangermouse

2. Stargate: the Fifth Generation 13
Off the Radar

4.Stargate: the Fifth Generation 12
Bushido ~ The Way of the Warrior

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Link to Stargate - The Fifth Generation - home page Home Page - with links to all 'episodes' and more.

Loose Ends latest :
10: Linguistic Extraction
Loose Ends - 11: Legendary Epistemology

SG-5G latest:
13: Off the Radar
14: Burnished Copper

Loose Ends - coming next:
Loose Ends 12 - Lilliputian Enemy

SG-5G - Coming next:
Ep. 15: Slipping Through the Cracks

HINC AD OMNIA a single page of links to all stories, articles, art, fic recs. and puzzles by Alph, Hat and Min.

N.B. A lot of stories here contain adult material, specifically involving gay relationships.
Homophobes please note: The Bible supports gay relationships.
Try I Samuel Ch 18 - "the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David [...] Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul."
and then try II Samuel Ch 1 - "Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love was wonderful, passing the love of women."
Now I could be wrong here, but isn't marriage a covenant? And the second one doesn't sound strictly heterosexual to me...

Live and let live; love and let love

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Link to Stargate Fan Awards - 2007

The icon tiles below are links to the menu pages of the contributors. Each menu page gives a little information
about the writers' fics. along with links to said fics. For those on dial-up, there are additional text links.

Link to Alphekka's Home Page

A collection of slash fan fiction, mostly D/J.
This is unsuitable for people who are under 18
or are of a sensitive or homophobic disposition.

Link to Eos' Home Page

A collection of slash and general fan fiction,
some of which is unsuitable for under 18s.
Also includes House/Wilson fiction.

Link to The F.D.A.S. Archive

A collection of (mostly) slash fiction by
the original F.D.A.S. authors. It is not suitable
for under 18s, homophobes or the easily shocked.

Link to the F.D.A.S. Yahoo Group Home Page

This is a link to the F.D.A.S. Yahoo group, a
haven for those who see Daniel as a capable,
full grown man, not a girly wimp in jammies.

Link to Hatshepsut's Home Page

A collection of general Stargate fiction
with nothing to disturb even a delicate
reader - unless you really don't like rats...

Link to Minerva's Home Page

A few stories, articles and wallpapers from
Min the Merciless. She's a Sam fan who hates to
see a smart woman turned into a weepy groupie.

Link to The Art Collection Index

A collection of wallpapers, icons and other
arty-farty stuff, mostly relating to Stargate.
Warning: there are some slashy images.

Link to Puzzle Pages Index

Eight puzzles and quizzesto tickle the
little grey cells. (Latest added 8 JAN 08.)
Warning: excruciating clues abound...

Link to 'A Cornucopia of Golden Goodies'

This is a collection of links to some favourite Stargate stories. Please be aware that Alph's
taste tends towards slash (Daniel/Jack), so if that don't float your boat, grab a lifebelt and swim for shore, sharpish. Here be sharks...


This page is a catch-all for all the silly stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else.
WARNING: Here be (fluffy) dragons.
This part of the site includes crack!fic
by those scatty twins, Fifi L'Amour and
her fluffier sister, Fluffie L'Amour.
And now, Daisy Wheeyull-Printa...

Nominated for Best Stargate Fan Website 2004: Personal Pages
Thank you!

Original Fiction

Link to Pandemonium Home Page

A link to the main Pandemonium sitewherein
can be found a collection of original
short stories, poems and the fantasy novel,

'Crown Infernal'

Link to Tartarus

A link to a new zone on the Pandemonium site.
This consists entirely of the dreaded Works In Progess. I hope to finish all of them eventually.
Putting them up in public may well spur me on
to this effect. Well, that's the theory anyway...

'Fallen Angels'- Ben and Rio have been thrown out of Heaven for partying too loudly, and are trying - not too hard - to get back there.
(Unsuitable for Christians who have no sense of humor)
'Headlong'- The history of a rock band
from the beginning to Armageddon (almost)

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