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Stargate: The Fifth Generation - episode 14
Burnished Copper
~ or ~ Paranoia Doesn't Always Work

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Short stories
2,000 - 12,500 words

Stargate: The Fifth Generation
~ Home Page ~

This is set about one hundred years into a dark dystopic future.

Longer Stories
18,000 - 48,000 words


A Babe in Eternity

The Devil's Picture Book
(Tittivated - July 2009)

Rat's Tale

A Walk on the Wild Side
(Tittivated - May 2009)

Parallel Lines
(Tittivated - May 2009)

Other Stuff

The Ballad of Abydos

Timeo Danaos
- or -
Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts

(Tittivated - May 2009)

'Is It A Bird? Is It A 'Plane...?'
(Tittivated - May 2010)


Dramatis Personae + Glossary

Timeline and 'Future History'

Prelude - 1: Maxine

Prelude - 2: Theo

Prelude - 3: Coming Together

SG-24 Part 1
SG-24 Part 2

Crown of Steel - Crown of Night: 1
Crown of Steel - Crown of Night: 2

More Questions than Answers - Part 1
More Questions than Answers - Part 2

The Mirror Cracked - Part 1
The Mirror Cracked - Part 2

Perdition, Catch My Soul - Part 1
Perdition, Catch My Soul - Part 2

The Storm is Come again - Part 1
The Storm is Come again - Part 2
The Storm is Come again - Part 3

All That Glisters - Part 1
All That Glisters - Part2

Heirs and Graces - Part 1
Heirs and Graces - Part 2

Hitched - Part 1
Hitched - Part 2

Chaosium - Part 1
Chaosium - Part 2
Chaosium - Part 3

And The Band Played On - Part 1
And The Band Played On - Part 2

Bushido - the Way of the Warrior: 1
Bushido - the Way of the Warrior:2
Bushido - The Way of the Warrior:3


Off the Radar - Part 1
Off the Radar - Part 2
Off the Radar - Part 3
Off the Radar - part 4

Burnished Copper - Part I
Burnished Copper - Part II

Angle of Incidence

Double Trouble

+ The Bloodline of Dr. Daniel Jackson

'Brane Child
(Tittivated - July 2009)

Poles Apart
(Tittivated - June 2009)

A Town Like Alex...?
(Tidied up - 18 AUG 2008)

The Stargate Fan Awards

Summary: The S.G.C.'s marines don't think Daniel is a suitable person to be on a field team - or even a member of the S.G.C. One of them decides to do something about it.

Vignette is a short 'snap shot' of Daniel's life as an archaeologist long before That Lecture.

2,166 words.

Angle of Incidence


The man took cover the instant the Stargate surged into life. He wondered who else could be coming to this sodden godforsaken world. It should have been deserted, giving him plenty of time to move on before anyone back home noticed he was missing.

He liked to be at least three steps ahead. As this world had a 'Gate not far from the A.P., he had registered it as a possible bolt-hole in time of need. That time had arrived when the ...removal... of the Chairman had failed to stave off the impending investigation.

Fortunately, security was unaware of his 'wanted' status when he left, and anyone can be bought if you're willing to pay highly enough. So he should, by now, have been home free. He hoped the others had made it to safety somewhere, but if not, hey, it wasn't his problem now. The incoming visitors on the other hand...

Presumably they were the owners of the strange contraption which was positioned to the side of the 'Gate just out of range of the vortex. He guessed it must be a probe of some kind. It hadn't been there the last time he came, and would no doubt record his presence if he tried to go through the Stargate now. He would have to hang around until they left. Maybe they would just do a quick recce. then leave him in peace. It wasn't like there was anything much to hang around here for!

He gasped as the first person came through the 'Gate. Jack O'Neill! Off-world? He could hardly believe it. Next through was Sammy Kawalsky. Despite the lank shoulder-length hair he could still recognize her. He'd wondered occasionally if Sammy's bright bubbly curls were natural. Now he knew.

This Sammy was followed by Doctor Jackson of all people. He smiled in satisfaction. Now he had the beginnings of a plan that could solve all his problems. The last person to appear was Teal'c. The watery sun fought its way through the pearly clouds just then. A sudden ray reflected off something that glinted like gold on his forehead. Strange.

It was a little worrying that they were all kitted out in military-style uniforms and bearing arms. Even Sammy looked like she was used to handling the SMG she carried. Still, he wasn't in a position to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Stargate - The Fifth Generation

This is a dark series, set in a military organization (the S.G.C.) and thus has violence and strong language.

The Story So Far:
( Latest link and teasers added at the end.)

What's going on? The author makes her excuses explains herself.

Prelude - 1: Maxine
Maxine's eighteenth birthay in which Great Aunt Claire
gives her a rather amazing birthday present.


Maxine spent another couple of hours browsing through what she was rapidly coming to think of as her treasure chest. Sometimes, she lingered over accounts of certain events. Some of these were old favorites, like the arrival - no, make that eruption! - into Grandfather Daniel's life of Serena, his unknown daughter (then seventeen years old) and subsequently, Claire's mother.

She enjoyed Grandfather Daniel's account of the marriage of Serena Jackson to Colonel Thomas Pepperday on June 21st 2012. Others that she spent time on were ones which Claire hadn't mentioned before, particularly a certain other event of 2012...

Thursday 1st November, 2012.

We are now officially in mourning for General O'Neill, who will laugh his socks off when we tell him about it! I think we all deserve Oscars. The plan worked perfectly for once. General Thornley fell for it hook line and sinker, to borrow one of Jack's fishing expressions. We wouldn't have gotten it past General Landry and certainly not past General Hammond. Actually, looking back, I think General Hammond would have been complicit in it.

Prelude - 2: Theo
(Flashback) - to when Maxine first learnt about the Stargate project, and
later shared the information with Theo who was having a Very Bad Time.


"So what happened when you said you wouldn't join?" Maxine asked, certain of Theo's response. He gave her a wry grin, acknowledging that she was right.

"They said it was my duty. That The Rapture wouldn't come unless I joined and did my bit for The Lord - hallelujah! It's been delayed because of too many people whose faith was weak. It was my duty to makethose people believe and keep them true to The Lord - hallelujah! If I didn't, and The Rapture didn't come, it would be all my fault. I said I wasn't a warrior and that I believed Jesus preached peace and love, not war. Then they said, we have to fight for peace and that I was born on St. Amicus' Day."


"Apparently he was a French knight who worked for some guy called Charlie Main. He took part in a campaign in Italy and got martyred for it. So I said I wasn't aiming to be a saint."

"God! I bet that went down well! Not!"

Prelude - 3: Coming Together
2103 - How and why Maxine moves to Colorado Springs
and meets up with the rest of the team.


"Mitchell?" Maxine said when she could get a word in. "Your family always been in the Air Force?"

"Yep. Even unto the seventh generation." J looked at her curiously. "Why?"

"Just wondered."

"No. You had a particular reason in mind."

"Can anyone join in?" Luc asked, "'cos my great-great-grandfather was in the Air Force too."

"Really?" J said. "I didn't know that."

"Oh yeah. Colonel Louis Ferretti," Luc said proudly.

"Well, this is weird," Theo said. "So who was your great-great-grandfather, J?"

"Major General Cameron Mitchell. Now, would someone care to say why all the interest?"

"I'll think about it," Maxine said, "but first, do you know what he did in the Air Force?"

"I do actually," J replied, looking serious. "I suspect you do too, don't you? Both of you?" His glance took in both Maxine and Theo.

"Maybe," Maxine hedged, "depending on what you were told."

"Maybe I can make it a little easier for you."

"Luc, no!" J warned.

"Okay, I won't mention the Big Round Thing."

SG-24 part 1
...Something rotten in the state of Colorado...


... "Come on in, mi amico. I'll pour you some coffee - just made a fresh brew. You look like shit, by the way."

"Pretty much how I feel then," J responded morosely, closing the door.

[ ... ]

So what's bugging you?"

"The last mission," J replied, accepting the mug then following Luc into the living room. "What else?"

"Okay, give," Luc said once they were seated. J stared at the bubbles still rotating on the surface of his coffee, wondering where to begin. Still focusing on the little bubbles, said, "You subbed on SG-17 for a while, didn't you?"

"When you were with SG-12 for six weeks? Yes, I was." Luc scowled at the memory.

"What did you think of the team?" J asked, keeping the question non-specific. Luc thought about it.

"Ill-matched. Morag Westray was wasted with them. Bachmann and McLeroy wouldn't give her the time of day, so basically she was unable to do her job properly - or indeed at all. Like I said, talent wasted. Gavigan and Cartwright did their best. Couldn't fault them for falling short in any way."

J nodded his concurrence with that assessment. "And the rest?"

"Bachmann and McLeroy? A couple of hundred per cent, cast iron jerks. Bachmann's an idiot and McLeroy's a bully."

"Was, Luc. Was a bully."

"W... was? He's dead?"

"Very. But Bachmann's still an idiot. And he's trying to pin the blame on me..."

SG-24 Part 2
...Military training, a crisis of conscience - and dirty, dirty tricks...


By the time she'd emptied the clip, there was a neat arch of holes around the edges and none on the black shape.

"Yes, you'd do a whole lot better if you kept your eyes open," Robinson said gruffly, handing her another clip. Then he had to show her how to eject the spent clip and insert the new one. "You really haven't done this before, have you?"

"Well no. I've never needed to. I mean, I've met people that make me think the world would be a better place without them, but it's a big step to actually wanting to kill them."

"It's not a case of wanting to kill people, but needing to, ma'am." Maxine swallowed and gave Robinson a deer in the headlights look. He looked disapproving as though she'd just committed an act of gross cowardice.

"Yes, going through the 'Gate is dangerous, and it's likely that at some point, people will shoot at you - maybe hit you - possibly kill you. If you can't handle that— "

"It's not that," Maxine snapped. "I more used to talking my way out of trouble, not shooting at it."

"Then you'd better get used to the idea or you're no use in the field." When Robinson had gone along the line to check out on other new members of the SGC, Theo took a hand. Standing behind her with his hands over hers, he showed her how to stand and how to aim. The next round was in the black - just.

Theo took her gun and fired a shot. "This gun shoots a little low and a little to the left. You need to aim a bit higher and to the right to compensate. Now you try it."

This time, the bullet hit the top right-hand corner of the sheet...

Eventually, she began to get the hang of it, but although most of her shots were on target, they looked more like mice had nibbled away at the edge of the black zone.

"No, no, no," Robinson exclaimed. "You have to go for the head shot - the kill shot!"

Maxine glared at him in a way that could've stripped paint. She turned back to the target and fired off half a dozen quick shots. They formed a neat little cluster in the groin area.

"No, no and again, no. You were supposed to go for the head shot!"

Maxine put the gun down. She looked significantly below Robinson's belt. "I did," she said and stalked off.

J had arrived moments earlier to check up on his two new team members in the fond expectation of seeing a demonstration of their prowess. He arrived just in time to catch Maxine's hissy fit. Theo held out both hands and shrugged helplessly. J scowled and took off after her.

He soon caught up with her, grabbed her by the arm and swung her round to face him. Two spots of bright anger flamed in her cheeks and her green eyes sparked a challenge. But Maxine wasn't the only one with a temper.

"Dr. Pepperday. There is no room in my team for behavior like I just witnessed," J said, his anger cold and controlled, his voice pitched very low. "I need to be able to trust my team - all my team - to behave in a civilized and competent manner at all times. I do not tolerate passengers, nor do I tolerate infantile temper tantrums. Now you either go straight back in there, make a groveling apology to Sergeant Robinson, who is just doing his job - or trying to - and you do what is required, or you're off my team as of right now. Your choice."

Crown of Steel - Crown of Night: Part 1
Face to face? Or through a glass darkly?


With that, they both left the Big Broom Closet and Maxine locked her door. Once they were outside the barricades and on their way to the Sunny Side Up, Maxine asked, "Okay, Ash, so what was all that about? Dr. Pepperday indeed!"

"I think someone's put a bug in your machine."

Maxine shuddered. Her first thought went to cockroaches. The kitchen at her Denver home had once had an infestation when she was little and she never wanted to experience that again. Ever!

Then rationality reasserted itself. "Someone's tampered with my programming?" That was nearly as bad.

"No. I mean someone's put a surveillance device inside the housing. There aren't that many still around. They tend to get found eventually, and the finder usually crushes them underfoot. Or drops them in their drink. So they're only used very sparingly."

"Why me? And what makes you think there's one in my machine anyway?"

"Taking the second question first, there are a number of computers I service on a regular basis that I regard as... sensitive, I guess. I do my own personal checks whenever I'm called in to do something to any of them. Yours is one of them, obviously. There's never been anything amiss with yours - other than the usual computer glitches - until today."

He stopped talking for a few moments and led her across the road.


"Don't look round but I think we might be being followed. There's a guy who works in surveillance about twenty yards behind us."

"And they call me paranoid!"

"Well he might just be going out for lunch like us, but I like to avoid Josiah Fischer if at all possible."


"Yep. And he's just crossed the road. I think we'd better stick to safe subjects until we get to the Sunny Side Up."

They found a corner table so as to be able to see all the customers in 90o but the paranoia only mounted when Fischer entered the café. So not good. He affected not to recognize, or even notice, either of them, but Ash at least was not fooled. It occurred to him that maybe it was not Maxine but himself that Fischer was interested in, which was freakin' scary.

Crown of Steel - Crown of Night: Part 2


Outside, on either side of the arched gateway into the town, two guards wearing helmets and breastplates and bearing halberds stood to attention. Luc was pretty sure he could see arrows poking through a number of loopholes above them and warned the rest of the team. As they reached the gateway, the two guards crossed their halberds to deny them entrance.

"Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?"

Maxine stepped forward. "We come in peace and friendship."

"Hold your tongue, woman! Don't speak until you're spoken to!"

Theo moved to Maxine's side. "With respect, you asked a question. The lady answered it."

"I was only addressing the men in your group. And she don't look much like a lady to me," he sneered.

J, wondering how Maxine would react to that, gave the man a look of horror at his impudence. Luc cosied up beside him.

"A word of advice, friend," he said in conspiratorial tones. "The Lady Esther is of very high importance and respect in our country. As such, she does not deem it necessary to demonstrate the distinction of her rank by the regalia of state. A peacock wears fine feathers, but is otherwise... useless. Now, if you could direct us to your leader..."

"I will escort you there myself."

"There is no need, my good man," Maxine said with all the imperiousness of the lady she wasn't. The guard now noticed that she was actually looking down at him. "We would not wish to land you in trouble for leaving your post. In my country, a man may be thrown in jail for doing so. Simply give my Lord Theodore directions and we shall be fine."

With that, she placed a finger under the shaft of his halberd and pushed upwards. The guard took the hint and she swept regally through the gateway. The rest soon joined her.

"You bunch of bull-shitters !" J exclaimed when they were out of earshot of the guards.

"Hey, don't knock it! It worked didn't it?" Luc grinned.

"It was certainly interesting," Maxine said.

"In what way exactly?" J asked.

"Well, I'm a linguist..."

"The guard was speaking English!"

"And with an American accent. Fluent English too. It wasn't a second language."

"Don't tell me, you've got a bad feeling about this?"

Maxine snorted in a most unladylike manner. "I already had that. Now, I'm intrigued."

Following the final episode of the final season of Stargate S.G.-1, a few of us got together with a view to maybe writing our own virtual Season 11, (gen.) and straightening out some of the unsatisfactory wrinkles we were left with in that final episode. We had a lot of fun plotting out a whole season, but sadly, R.L. got in the way and we only have one completed story. So far anyway. This is it...

A Babe in Eternity

The title is taken from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake.


"Previously on Stargate S.G.-1... " Teal'c announced in lugubrious tones.

"The dying Asgard bestowed upon the Tau'ri all their knowledge and technology. This was uploaded to the Odyssey's data banks. It was a lot to take on board, even for a gifted theoretical astrophysicist like Colonel Carter, particularly when being shot at by Ori battleships with every leap from hyperspace.

"To buy time - time? Grrr! - Colonel Carter managed to create a time dilation bubble around the Odyssey. In the blink an eye, S.G.-1 has passed fifty years. Fifty years stranded in space with S.G.-1 is a Very Long Time... ::headbulkhead::

"However, Colonel Carter, amazingly still in possession of her mental faculties, managed to solve the problem and reset time. Unfortunately, one of us had to remain fifty years older in order to avoid setting up a loop. I remember every second of those fifty years..."



No slash (sorry, though you can read between the lines if you squint.)

Definitely NO 'Ship!
We like Sam (and Jack) way to much to inflict that on them.

Inca gold

A Stargate Novel

Inca gold


'Double Trouble?'


Colonel Jack O'Neill

Jack's in the dark

Daniel's past comes back to lead him a not-so-merry dance

Doctor Daniel Jackson

Major Samantha Carter

Sam comes over all heroic

Teal'c learns more about orchids than he ever wanted to



~ I need Jack's help—
mustn't tell Jack...
...can trust Jack—
they know about the Stargate!
...breach of security... National Security—
can trust Jack - can't trust The Colonel...
what the hell am I going to do?! ~


late 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

48,000 words

A Town Like Alex?

A Town Like Alex...?

An adventure story which begins when Daniel goes to the aid of
an old university friend in Alexandria, Egypt. There, he makes
a discovery that takes S.G.-1 to a hitherto undiscovered planet.
It doesn't take very long for them to get into trouble...

Daniel hadn't been so tight-lipped in the past. Ashley suspected that it involved more of Daniel's quirky obsession with aliens, so maybe it was just that he'd learned his lesson. Or maybe he really was on to something.

"Hey, buddy, you any idea what these glyphs could mean? I can't make any sense of it and I can't find any useful references anywhere."

Daniel looked across at where Ashley was pointing.

"Naquadah," he said without thinking and continued with his own papyrus.


Suddenly, it sank in.

Adventure, a little humour, a little angst.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A novella - 19,000 words - set in season 4.


King of Cups The Magician The Star The Fool

The Devil's Picture Book

Daniel visits a fortune-teller the
day before giving an important lecture.

An independent short story

3,000 words


Ta-Tooey behind bars Daniel behind bars

Rat's Tale

Daniel's little pet, the rat, Ta-Tooey, follows
the kind man who rescued her - an adventure.

An independent short story

2,000 words


Poles Apart

How Daniel Jackson left S.G.-1 ~ without dying!
Jack finds his Tau'ri replacement far more of a handful than Daniel ever was...

Not much taller than Dr. Fraiser, she was built like an eastern European shot-putter, and was of an indeterminate age somewhere between thirty and fifty.

"Come on, lighten up, people," she said breezily as she sashayed into the 'Gate Room. "You look as if you are goink to a funeral!"

O'Neill, still coming to terms with the loss of 'his' archaeologist, gave her a look that would stop a clock. Frankie eye-balled him right back.

"Vell, who rattled your cage zis morning, Sveetie?" she asked pleasantly.

Before he could reply, General Hammond called his attention. His eyes narrowed as O'Neill approached.

"I hope I don't need to remind you not to intimidate your new team member, Colonel," he said pointedly.

"No, Sir," O'Neill responded sourly, wondering if she'd ever come across the concept of intimidation.

Angst, adventure, drama, humour, more angst.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A novella - 18,500 words - season 5

I can't believe I just said I'd come to admire him - a little... Well, too late now, I guess I think I just made a big mistake...

A Walk on the Wild Side

Post 'Meridian', Daniel finds that ascension=exploitation when Oma sends him
to act as guardian (god) to a primitive tribe for the next several thousand years.
However, very soon Daniel is alive and kicking ass across the galaxy.

"Ah, I'm sorry, General, but - um - I didn't exactly come alone."

"What?! Reetou?" Hammond exclaimed, he and Sergeant Davis looking round in alarm.

"No! No, it's nothing like that... Just, please... send me off this world."

Daniel's eyes glowed. "Yeah! Somewhere where we can have fun!"

General Hammond stared. It still sounded like Dr. Jackson, but the voice was deeper and gruffer and sounded as if he were speaking through a radio with a bad attack of static.

"Look, I told you to let me handle it!" Daniel snapped.

"Are you sure you are who you say you are?" Hammond asked suspiciously.

"Please Sir, I just need to go to a more... suitable... world. My, ah, my... companion... is capable of making quite a... mess... around here. Trust me, General, it's the best solution I can think of right now."

"Cut the crap, baldy, and just do it!" came the crackly voice again. The blue glow flowed from Dr. Jackson's eyes.

"Dr. Jackson!"

"No, no, no, no, no— that wasn't me! Honestly! That was, er... Danny..."

"Who is going to start making quite a... mess... around here, an-ny second now!"

"No!!. No killing!" screamed Daniel as he felt the power building. "General, duck!"

Action/adventure, drama, angst, humour

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A novelette - 12,500 words - season 5


'Brane Child

Jack finds out the hard way that the laws of physics are yet more complex than he realized.

Jack rose early next morning, the last day of his leave. He showered, dressed and went into the kitchen. He'd gutted the two chub the previous evening. Now he laid them on the rack in the grill pan, drizzled on a little oil and sprinkled them with black pepper.

While he waited for them to cook, he returned into the front bedroom to lay out his clothes ready for packing up later.

Something caught his eye. There was a figure sitting on the steps outside, leaning against one of the supports of the porch. For a moment, it flashed into his mind that it was Daniel come back to see him, but of course Daniel didn't go fishing.

On closer inspection, the figure, which was facing away from him, looked like an elderly vagrant. He was wearing a thick dark greatcoat, possibly on top of one or two more - it was pretty cold at that altitude. Straggly grey hair showed beneath a battered grey fedora. Jack went to the front door to see what the fellow was up to.

As the door opened, the vagrant rose to his feet. Something about him seemed vaguely familiar.

"Yes?" O'Neill asked.

"I've been waiting a long time for this, Jonathan. Sorry," he said, pulling a gun from inside his greatcoat, "but you're dead..."

He fired twice into Jack's chest, dropping the big man where he stood, and breathed deeply.

Look, trust me— just trust me, okay...?... :o)

Action/adventure, drama, angst.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

A novella - 20,000 words - season 5/6

Timeo Danaos
~ OR ~
Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts

"Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind."

An adventure with Jonas Quinn and Dr. Janet 'Rambo' Fraiser,
in which Mr. Quinn learns that crime doesn't pay.....

"Why have you stopped, Doctor?" Quinn asked.

"You know, I really need to make a comfort stop," she replied.

"A what?"

"A comfort stop - natural break - use the bathroom...? Oh, for goodness sake, I need to wee!"

"Oh." Jonas blushed. "Oh, well - go right ahead. I won't look."

"I'd rather just step behind a tree - if you don't mind?"

"Okay, fine. Just don't take too long," was all he said.

Janet stepped demurely among the trees. He watched her head weave a little way into the woodland then bob down. Apart from the usual cries of birds, shrieks of unseen animals and the whine of insects, the wood went quiet.

After a while, the bushes in her vicinity shook. He watched for her return. A twig cracked underfoot, or so he thought. Seconds later, a substantial branch thwacked him across the side of the head from behind with some force - Janet was well pissed off!

Action/adventure, drama, a little angst

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A novelette - 8,000 words - season 6

"Danielsdeadgetoverit," they said.
"Give da Noo Guy a chance," they said.
So I did... (WEG)

'Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane...?'

Jonas Quinn - Intergalactic Superhero -
single-handedly saves the world,
written by Jonas Quinn himself...
A short spoof - enjoy!




Parallel Lines

A scientist's letter to an agony aunt
after a fatal accident



The Ballad of Abydos

Here is something rather groovey,
—It is both new and old—
This is is 'Stargate' - yes, the movie!
In jaunty ballad told.

Yours truly here has run amuck
—There's even pictures in it—
So step right in and take a look,
It won't take you a minute...

NOTE: This is kind of a W.I.P., but most of you already know the story so it's
not like I'm keeping you poised on the edge of your chairs wondering what happens next.

Part 1

Part 2

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