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Short stories
under 3,000 words

A Forever Love

* Going Loopy


The First Time

* The Dream

* A Bright Particular Star

* Red Herring



* The Saint Valentine's Day Mystery

* Trick or Treat

* Wake-up Call

* A Walk on the Wilde Side

Longer Stories
3,000 - 52,000 words

"Shut up, Daniel!"

The Sound of my Breaking Heart

Libera Me (Set Me Free)

A Different Perspective

* Vamp
2006 S.F.A. Nominee

A Little Misunderstanding
2005 S.F.A. Nominee
2007 S.F.A. Nominee

* The Darker Path

* The Master of Misrule

* Raison de Vivre

* Christmas Present
- or -
What the Dickens?

* Scarlet Secret I

* Scarlet Secret II

Well, sort of...

ephemeris_mea #1
Dec 2005

ephemeris mea #2
Jan 2-22 2006

ephemeris mea #3
Jan 27 - Feb 21

ephemeris mea #4
Feb 22 - Mar 24

ephemeris mea #5
Mar 25 - Apr

...Last Words
(Season1 - part 1)

...Last Words
(Season1 - part 2)

...Last Words
(Season 7 - part 1)

This series was re-formatted
on 8 AUG 2009
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for the heads-up. 8-)

Links Page

Homophobes please note: The Bible supports gay relationships. Screw Leviticus; try I Samuel Ch 18 - "the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David. Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul."
II Samuel Ch 1 - "Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love was wonderful, passing the love of women."

Live and let live; love and let love

Warnings, teasers, illustrations and such like follow below, beginning with the

"Shut up, Daniel!"

Jack tells Daniel to "shut up" once too often.
Daniel decides to give him The Silent Treatment.

Grateful thanks to my delightful beta-reader,
and plot bunny provider, Evelyn Duncan. 8-)

This is a tag for - well, any episode where Jack, owing to the vagaries of the scriptwriters, falls waaay short of the professional level of courtesy due to
his archaeologist, to the point where it really, really, really gets on one's tits...

WARNINGS: a modicum of bad language, plus it's almost gen. but not quite.
3,400 words

Link to 'The Sound of my Breaking Heaart'

Category: P.—? W.,T.A.B.O.A.P.* - a tag for Deride and Bonk 'er
Summary: Daniel hears something he wasn't meant to.
Jack isn't as dumb as he likes to make out.

Grateful thanks to MOrgan for de-Britting this. 8-)

Warning: adult - a little graphic sex
7,000 words

* Plot—? Well, There's A Bit Of A Plot. ;-)

Link to 'A Forever Love'

This is another one of those stories I never thought I'd ever write - a 'Death Fic.'

It's set over twenty years into the future - so natural causes then,
and it has a happy ending. .I don't do seriously sad.

As always, a big Thank You
to Eos for the alpha and for de-Britting this!

2,600 words

Going Loopy

A 1,000 word tag for Window of Opportunity

At the end of W.o.O., Jack directs a lecherous look at Sam in response to Daniel's query about what he'd done during the loops when there would be no consequences. .S.T.A.B., the 'Shippy Twins At Bridge, no doubt intended this as one of those wondrous 'shippy moments we all know and loathe. However, Tejas pointed out that we don't know that's what he was thinking about. ::facepalm:: What was I thinking? It wasn't Sam who put that look on his face...

Another Flash Fic.
This was written for the F.D.A.S. February Flash Fic Challenge. It's not only flash fic, but a little crack!verse too. It's set around season 4/5 and they're both still in the dark but looking for a candle. Um, if you get my drift?

Link to 'Valentine'

Just a couple of flash fics.

No summaries - they're too short - and a little sappier than usual.

Link to 'The First Time'
Link to 'The Dream'

200 words

Season 1: references Fire and Water

300 words

Season 7: references Meridian

What's a flash fic? Just a fancy way of saying drabble - or maybe because they're held to be written in a flash? Except they aren't, because keeping one's writing to an exact figure, not a word more, not a word less, ain't that easy - at least, not for me it ain't!

Link to 'Libera Me (Set Me Free)' part 1

Daniel burns his bridges
and Jack finds he's on the wrong side of the river.

Daniel threw a few clothes and necessities into a couple of bags, and went forlornly down to his car. He'd hoped he'd have Jack with him on the journey. Now here he was, alone again.

He felt even lower than he had when he'd walked out into the rain after that fateful lecture. Then, he'd only lost his grant, his job and his home. Hell, he felt lower than when Sha're died. This time, he'd lost Jack, his heart's choice. He'd taken his chance - shot his bolt - and it had missed by a cosmic mile. It had all been for nothing, just like the rest of his life.

He slung his bags into the trunk. A bright cheerful sun shone in a deep cloudless blue sky. He felt like it was mocking him. Why couldn't it have rained? It would've been more in keeping with his mood. Still, it wasn't as if there were any tears to hide. He just felt numb. Beyond numb. Cold and empty inside. Like the Tin Man, he thought. Damn Jack O'Neill and his stupid, fatuous 'Wizard of Oz' references. Friend of Dorothy? Not even close.

A novella - 17,500 words. It's set towards the end of season four and contains
the usual mix ~ a little action, a little humor and rather more angst than usual.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Author's Note:
This comes from having read a number of stories in which either Jack or Daniel
plucks up his courage to declares his love for the other....Whichever it is feels
exactly the same but feared to fuck up their friendship....They fall upon each
other's necks and shortly afterwards,...fall into bed to catch up on lost time.

I wondered what might happen if the reaction was negative...

Just One Warning: A little nastiness but it's not real. That's all - really - trust me, okay?

As always, a big Thank You
to Eos for the alpha and for de-Britting this!

Link to 'A Different Perspective'

Has Jack's worst nightmare finally come true?

Daniel gave a faint sigh and his body stilled. For an instant, Jack feared he'd stopped breathing forever, then he gave a cough, spraying a fine mist of blood over Jack's hand, and drew another ragged breath.

"For God's sake, get a move on!" Jack shouted at the unresponsive 'Gate. "Man dying here!" Softly he added, "Two men..."

Part 1 Part 2

An angsty slash short story set around early season 5.

Grateful thanks to Eos, my brave alpha,
for de-Britting this and making it better.

8,000 words.

Not a link.

In an idle moment, Daniel set up a Live Journal for himself.

It is, of course, set in that alternative universe which is inhabited by yours truly.
It differs from the one you see on T.V. in subtle ways:

* Janet still rules the roost in the infirmary, ably assisted by her new 2IC, Doctor Caroline Lamb.
* Master Sergeant Walter Davis is still Master Sergeant Walter Davis.

Jack is still in Washington, happily bonking Daniel whenever the opportunity permits. And when it doesn't, well, OTPs are all well and good, but the guys still have needs, ya know... ;-)

Sam is a well-adjusted career woman who can function perfectly well without a man in her life, thank you, and isn't pining away for Jack. Her Dad's still alive, too. :-)

Teal'c is a full member of the team known as S.G.-1. He's also a fan of a crappy T.V. show called 'Wormhole Xtreme' written mostly by Jerry Maladroit and Perry Mullett - to Sam's despair.
* And Cameron has the hots for Daniel is hot.

Part 1 December 2005....

Part 2 2-22 Jan 2006

Part 3 27 Jan - 21 Feb

Part 4 22 Feb - 24 Mar

Part 5 25 Mar - April.

With all his team otherwise occupied,
Jack goes solo.

"There are nightclubs here, Jack. Why go all the way to Denver?"

Jack shrugged. "Well the club's called Silky's.... Larimer Street, if you change your mind."

"Too much work on, Jack. You know that."

"All work and no play makes Danny a dull boy, y'know."

Daniel sighed. "Yeah. Well... Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Click the title image below to link

Link to 'Vamp'

This was inspired by Joy's porn
challenge from ages ago.
As usual, the
bunny turned out bigger than planned.

Late season 3 - 8,500 words.
WARNING: graphic sex

Nominated for Best Kink Story 2006

Link to Stargate Fan Awards

Thank you!

A Little Misunderstanding
A Stargate Novel

A Little Misunderstanding

The team finds an idyllic new world. Its kindly inhabitants' intention to heal Jack and Daniel's damaged friendship has unexpected repercussions.

Action/adventure; angst; drama; first time (later E.R.); humour; several episode fixes (ergo A.U.) — you name it, it's there...

Except wussiness - definitely none of that!

"Minister of Culture? Yeah, right!" Daniel muttered under his breath as they left the dining room with their hosts.

"Wha'? What's he sayin'?" Jack asked. His eyes were a little unfocused but the slurring of his speech was minimal.

"Trust me, Jack, you do not.. want to know," Daniel said drily.

"Yes, 'do," came the contradictory retort.

"Ri-ight. Then I'll tell you later, when you're a little more sober - if still want to know"
~ and when I've thought of a more socially acceptable translation, he thought.

"Want to know now."

Daniel sighed. "Oh well, if you must. They're, ah... just wishing us —erm, a good night's sleep."

"Then why all th' myst'ry?"

"Look Jack, you really wouldn't be interested. It's just - linguist... stuff," Daniel said dismissively hoping Jack would stay true to form and switch off.

"Hey, 'm interested!"

"All right, Jack, you asked for it," Daniel growled. "Very basically - and paraphrasing - in words that even you can understand right now - Ilarion just asked us not to bring the roof down when I'm vigorously fucking your ass!"

It took a few moments before Jack's remaining active brain cells registered precisely what Daniel had just said. His jaw dropped. .."Fucking my ass?"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Complete story set during season 4 - 52,000 words.
WARNING: graphic sex, language

Nominated for Best Alternate Universe Story 2005: Relationship: Jack/Daniel
Thank you!

Wake-up Call


Misunderstandings threaten
a recently renewed friendship.

A humorous tale set in season 4
2,000 words.

A Bright Particular Star


Unable to sleep, Jack is stargazing
and contemplating the past.

A sweet and gentle tale with a twist.
2,000 words.

The Darker Path

The Darker Path - this is not the link...
Jack has an unwelcome visitor

Harry Maybourne comes visiting with a proposition for Jack,
but neither of them gets quite what he expects.

"So what is your game, Harry?" he asked, resuming his seat on the other couch.

"I told ya. I just brought you a gift."

"Why now?"

"I wanted to give you a little time - a little space - to grow accustomed to— I know it's not something you'll ever... 'get over'."

Jack met his eyes and noticed they were more watery than usual. Just for a moment, he wondered what sorrows lay in Harry's past, then he dropped his head.

"No," he whispered.

They were silent for some while, each sunk in his own private grief. Then Jack's eyes narrowed.

"You've been getting off on watching Danny and me, haven't you?"

Maybourne didn't reply.

"Haven't you?"

"Can't deny you two were hot, Jack," he said at last.

Complete season 6 story with pictures, and a little angst, a little spookiness...

4,000 words. WARNING: graphic sex.


The Master of Misrule

A novella in four parts

...whimper. <snigger>

Jack's after building bridges, but Daniel's burning them...
A charity slave auction offers a tempting opportunity for one,
but stirs up nightmarish memories for the other. First time story.

The sky was black above. The road below was black and shiny with rain. Street lights reflected from the slick surface. The car was black too, with tinted windows - more like a limousine. The cab driver - chauffeur? - opened the rear door for O'Neill to enter. Car doors slammed and he was on his way.

After a while, the street lights petered out. O'Neill was a little surprised. He hadn't expected to leave the Springs. After half an hour or so of driving through the darkness, he tapped on the glass to attract the driver's attention.

"Say, driver, where are you taking me?"

The microphone clicked on. "I'm sorry, Sir, I'm not at liberty to say."

"Well, who booked the cab, then?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, that information is classified." The microphone clicked off.

Classified? O'Neill was beginning to feel distinctly edgy as he considered the possibilities - threat assessing... It occurred to him that the N.I.D. weren't above using an innocent charity event as a subterfuge - and he'd certainly made a few enemies among them over the years.

Maybe they already had Danny for some nefarious purpose? O'Neill didn't like the thought of that one bit. Whatever was going on, there didn't seem to be much he could do about it right now except stay alert and ready for action when the journey came to its end.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Complete story set around season 4ish - 20,000 words
WARNING: graphic sex

Daniel gets a Valentine
and Jack gets a wake-up call.
But is it too late?

Jack opened the card. His eye went immediately to the handwritten message:

'Dinner for two at the Deck of Cards. 20.00. Don't be late! All my love, Justin.'

Jack was dumbfounded. 'Justin'?

Click the title image below to link

Link to 'Red Herring'

My response to Joy's Valentine challenge.
Slash - S4/5ish - no warnings. 1,400 words

Link to Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards: 2007
Nominated for Best Stargate Fan Website: Personal Pages Thank you!


Raison de Vivre

Minutes from death,
Daniel finds a reason to live
and a new avenue to explore.

Short story - 3,500 words.


Whoa?! It felt like I'd just been slammed against the bulkhead again. That look... that touch... then... It was something he shouldn't have said— probably wouldn't have said in any other circumstance. But— what, exactly did he mean? Was it just a very close friendship - or something deeper, stronger. I had to know...

...Last Words

Last Words...

Jack and Daniel mull over what their alter egos have been up to on screen. These are short, mildly humorous sketches in the 'talking heads' genre.

There are 21 conversational pieces so far...
As usual, there are a few illustrations (with captions).
Spoilers? See the titles. Warnings? Nah.
Latest - 'Tin Man' - Season 1: part 2

Season 1 - part 1

Season 1 - part 2

Season 7 - part 1

series 1 updated 16 MAY 2005: series 7 updated 20 OCT 2003.

Link to 'Oops!'


Horizontal Jack thinks on his feet - sorta...

Too long for a drabble.
Too short for a short story.

Link to 'Keys'


A stitch in time might save time,
but holes can have their uses...

Nothin' fancy, just drabblin'.

Christmas Present
- or -
What the Dickens?

Jack fears he's lost Daniel for good.

Complete seasonal short story set in season 4.
3,500 words.


"Just lost another team member, Jack?"

"Huh?" Jack blinked blearily at the television set. "Kawalsky? What are you doing on T.V.?"

"Always fancied doin' stand-up, Jack," Kawalsky grinned. "Actually, I've been watching yourshow. Boy, you sure pitched into Danny good 'n' hard there."

"Did not!" Jack replied, stung. "Anyway, he started it."


"Yes, really - as soon as he came through the door..."

"Well, let's just check that out, shall we? Give me your hand."

Somehow, Kawalsky was now standing in front of him, hand outstretched. What was this? Charlie's ghost? He didn't believe in ghosts.

The Saint Valentine's Day Mystery

I don't believe it! (That Victor Meldrew moment...)

An e-Valentine arrives at the S.G.C.,
causing alarm and consternation...

Complete short story - 3,000 words.

Trick or Treat

It's a pumpkin... ;-)

It's Hallowe'en. Daniel, Sam and Teal'c
play 'Trick or Treat' on Jack.

Complete short story - 2,000 words.

Scarlet Secret I


Daniel discovers Jack's little secret
- and takes advantage of it...

(The result of reading one
too many 'bottom Danny' fics.)

"It really was crass stupidity to leave the door unlocked, you know."

Daniel's voice was soft and low, and somehow held infinitely more menace that if he'd been shouting. O'Neill was looking distinctly freaked.

"After all, you have no idea what kind of... pervert... could walk in off the street," Daniel purred, thrusting a knee between the colonel's legs, "and take advantage of you..."

WARNINGS: kink, graphic sex, B & D
(slightly non-con in that consent is tacit.)

Complete story - 3,200 words.

Scarlet Secret II


This is the same story but it's
told from Jack's point of view.

(My first slash stories,
so in at the deep end then...)

"Oh God, Daniel! What are we doing?" I gasp.

"Well, I know what I'm doing," he replies, coldly and quietly, "and you're going to do exactly what I tell you. Remember, it's your career on the line here."

I'm confused. I'm getting all the wrong messages. How can he kiss me like that then freeze my heart with his coldness. Fire and ice... Christ, what's going on?

WARNINGS: kink, graphic sex, B & D
(slightly non-con in that consent is tacit.)

Complete story - 3,200 words.

A Walk on the Wilde Side

Jack has a problem which he can't
keep to himself any longer.

Complete short story. 1,600 words

The divine Oscar.

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