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Scarlet Secret - 1

Category: First time - angst, hurt/comfort

Daniel discovers Jack's little secret
~ and takes advantage of it...

Spoilers: passing reference to 'Serpent's Lair'
Independent story - early season 4

Status: complete
Rating: N.C.-17 - B.D.S.M.
Archive: Alpha Gate, Area 52, anyone else, please notify the author.

Date: 15/MAR/2002

A bit of a grey area really. The sex is sort of non-consensual in that
consent is not sought, but it is tacitly given.

Notes: This was my very first ever slash story.

Link to Scarlet Secret - 2
tells the same story from Jack's point of view.

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Disclaimer: Sadly none of these are mine. I'm just borrowing them, polishing them and adding a bit of spin. Then you can have them back, mostly undamaged, just a little bent. ;-) And no money changed hands, so if you want to sue me, please bare in mind that the nearest thing I have to my assets are my knickers.

Daniel had stayed on at the S.G.C. long after the rest of S.G.-1 had gone their separate ways. This wasn't unusual. He often brought interesting items back from a mission and he preferred to catalogue them while it was all still fresh in his mind. He was just finishing packing up when General Hammond entered.

"Ah, Dr. Jackson. I'm glad I managed to catch you before you left," he said. "There's a report here that I'd like Colonel O'Neill to read before your mission to P6Y-569 on Thursday. Could you see you your way to drop it in for him on your way home? And make sure he appreciates that it is important."

"Certainly, sir. No problem," Daniel replied, slotting the document into his briefcase.

"Thank you, Dr. Jackson, and enjoy your day off," Hammond smiled.

Daniel parked behind O'Neill's truck and took out the report. It would only take a minute. He ran up the steps to Jack's front door and rang the bell. No response. He waited a while then rang again. Still no response. Then he remembered. The doorbell had packed in last week and Jack obviously hadn't gotten around to fixing it yet. He tried the handle. The door wasn't locked, so he opened it and stepped into the hall.

At the other end of the hall, he had the back view of a tall, leggy peroxide blonde who was just heading for the kitchen. This was something of a surprise. Jack hasn't said anything about having visitors, not that he would necessarily have mentioned this one.

"Er, excuse me, ma'am—" Daniel began.

The leggy blonde froze in the doorway. Daniel's eyes were suddenly drawn to the fluffy pink mules on her feet which seemed bizarrely at odds with the black fishnet stockings. His gaze travelled up to the indecently short black miniskirt, the ribbed red and white striped top with narrow straps, the... broad shoulders?


The figure in the doorway sagged slightly and sighed.

"Want a beer, Daniel?" said a familiar voice from the unfamiliar clothing.

"Erm, yes, I think I'd better."

Daniel was feeling ever so slightly fazed at this point. It's not every day you see a U.S.A.F. colonel in drag— and fluffy pink mules. He felt a sudden sense of power. He had Jack, the ultimate alpha male, right under his thumb. It could well be said that he had him by the short and curlies. Given the present situation, that could just as easily be literally as figuratively... Noting the keys in the lock, Daniel locked the door and followed the vision of loveliness into the kitchen.

Jack (Jacqueline?) was reaching into the 'fridge. Daniel was unable to stop himself. He tweaked up the back of the miniskirt like a kid in the school playground.

"Scarlet 'Frenchies'?" he gasped and couldn't help adding, "Jack! You— you slut!"

Jack turned to face him then, leaning back against the counter. At least he wasn't wearing make-up. He was biting his lip, his brown eyes holding a certain guilty twinkle. That look was almost coquettish, damn it.

But Daniel wasn't about to surrender the high ground. Not yet anyway. Here was an opportunity to test the water as it were, so he schooled his face into an expression of contempt. "Colonel O'Neill, you're a disgrace to your uniform," he exclaimed.

He put a creditable amount of scorn in his voice, drawing on his role as Sir Benjamin Backbite in The School for Scandal. While studying for his masters in linguistics at Magdalen College, Oxford, he'd been lured into the university drama group by the oh-so-handsome but otherwise undesirable Finn Sorenssen. It had been short-lived affair, but the acting experience was paying off now.

That biting condemnation wiped any further sign of bravado off Jack's face. He reacted as if Daniel had just slapped him. He looked at the wall, at the sink, at the carpet, anywhere but at his team mate. His normally direct gaze had gone. He simply couldn't look him in the eye any more.

"And if you're going to dress up like a two-bit hooker," Daniel sneered, "then for God's sake lock the door, or at least get your bell fixed. That way, I wouldn't have been obliged to see you like this. Colonel, I am deeply shocked."

And he was too, but not by Jack's appearance. He'd just discovered that he, Daniel Jackson, the caring Mr. Wonderful, had a dark side after all - even without the mind-altering effects of a sarcophagus. He had a nasty little streak of something that came very close to sadism. It was really quite... exhilarating! Watching Jack squirm like a worm on a hook gave him a frisson of - one might almost say - pleasure. He had the upper hand now, and becoming drunk on the unexpected power, he was going to play for all it was worth. Already, he'd invaded O'Neill's personal space; he was up close and about to get a whole lot more personal.

"It really was crass stupidity to leave the door unlocked, you know."

Daniel's voice was soft and low, and somehow held so much more menace that if he'd been shouting. O'Neill was looking distinctly freaked.

"After all, you have no idea what kind of... pervert... could walk in off the street," Daniel purred, thrusting a knee between the colonel's legs, "and take advantage of you..."

He slid his hand between Jack's thighs and under the miniskirt. Inwardly he smiled. Now he really had got his commanding officer's balls in his hand. Jack's brown eyes, round with alarm, met Daniel's for a moment. Their blue depths held a predatory gleam as Daniel's fingers roved inside the scarlet silk Frenchies.

"What the fu— ?"

But Daniel was ahead of him. With his other hand cupping Jack's head, his mouth closed over the expletive, silencing him with a kiss, hard and intense.

He was pretty sure he hadn't missed his guess. It had been many months ago that he'd first noticed Jack watching him. O'Neill had been trained in covert operations, but those glances, rare at first, hadn't been covert enough for the observant archaeologist. Sure, he'd looked away casually as Daniel moved his head in his direction, but every now again he hadn't been quite quick enough.

Daniel had indulged in his own covert observations then. It was easiest to do this when they were off-world and he was on hands and knees digging up interesting artefacts. He could steal a glimpse under his armpit at Jack. More often than not, Jack's eyes were focussed on his ass.

Occasionally, in a spirit of pure mischief, he'd wriggle that part of his anatomy, then watch slyly as Jack closed his eyes and turned his face up to heaven before he opened them again, clutching his P-90 close to his groin.

It had given Daniel a lot to think about. For one thing, was he just imagining it? Or was it wishful thinking? He'd discovered way back that he was bi-sexual. That affair with Finn had opened his eyes to that. He'd never thought of himself as entirely gay though. He couldn't deny that he felt an attraction to Jack. Initially, he hadn't thought he was attracted in quite that way. They were just close friends. But the twitching in his own pants when he saw the hunger in Jack's eyes soon gave the lie to that idea.

As the months passed, he increasingly found himself fantasizing about Jack. About making love with him. About just plain loving the guy. Recently, Jack had started appearing in his dreams too - and pretty wacky dreams at that.

Of course, he realized that Jack would never jeopardize his career by making a move on him. The attraction, if it were indeed mutual, would remain forever unspoken. But that was before he'd walked in on Jack's little secret. Suddenly everything had changed...

No, Daniel hadn't missed his guess. Jack's body was answering for him, his dick rising and thickening under the stimulation of those long agile fingers. O'Neill seemed to realize there was no point in acting like he was repulsed by Daniel's assault. Reluctantly he capitulated, melting into Daniel's kiss - opening his mouth and allowing full access to that demanding tongue.

It must feel strange for him to be on the receiving end - to yield control to someone else. Once the initial shock had worn off and Jack recovered his scattered wits, Daniel knew that he could easily regain that control, physically at least. The question was, would he do that - or would he let what was about to happen... happen?

Daniel felt the desire inflame O'Neill as his tongue explored that willing mouth - intrusively, teasingly. Jack's own tongue slid responsively along and around Daniel's. It seemed they were both revelling in those profound sensations. God, but he wanted this first kiss to last forever!

Lightheadedness reminded Daniel of the need to breathe and he pulled back.

"Oh God, Daniel! What are we doing?" Jack gasped, drawing in shuddering breaths of air.

"Well, I know what I'm doing," Daniel replied coldly and quietly, "and you're going to do exactly what I tell you. Remember, it's your career on the line here."

"Daniel?" Jack began, looking confused. "I thought..."

"I didn't ask you to think, fuckwit. That's my department. You just obey— Understood?"

He reinforced the message by squeezing Jack's balls.

"Aargh! Understood..." he croaked.

"Right, ah, good. So - get down on your knees— tramp," Daniel ordered, unfastening his pants as he spoke.

Rather to his surprise, Jack did as he was told without saying another word and waited. Daniel slid his pants and boxers down over his hips and his own erection, then let them go. Slowly, they tumbled to his ankles. Jack was looking at that engorged cock in fascination. He was about to get to know it a whole lot better. Daniel took his colonel's head between his hands, discarded the wig - it really didn't suit him - and ran his fingers roughly through the greying hair.

"Now," he continued, his voice silky and menacing, "you're going to suck me off, and when I come, you're going to swallow. Clear?"

Jack nodded. This was going to be crunch time, Daniel realized, and hoped it wouldn't be too literally. Now he was possibly ceding some of his newly acquired power back to his commanding officer. O'Neill could take a vicious revenge here if he chose. The element of danger rather added to his arousal.

He held his breath as Jack's lips slid smoothly over the glans, which was already slick with pre-come, and down his shaft. Oh, that felt so-o good! If anyone had said an hour ago that his commanding officer would soon be fellating him, he'd have... well, he'd have said that person was crazy. And now, that same commanding officer's lips and tongue were rhythmically caressing his cock.

He wondered, hazily, if Jack had ever done this before, or if it was his first time too. Feeling his legs turning into cooked spaghetti, he leaned back against the counter for support. Not long now. Much as he yearned to prolong this precious moment, he hadn't a hope in Hell. Pulse after pulse of hot come filled Jack's mouth as Daniel closed his eyes, crying out in sheer ecstasy.

He felt Jack's hands grip his thighs, supporting him lest his knees buckle entirely. So either he really had scared the shit out of O'Neill, or that man cared rather more about him than he'd ever given any sign of before. Daniel truly hoped it was the latter, but, oh joy! he was still in control here... apparently.

They remained like this for several minutes until Daniel felt the capability of remaining on his feet unaided returning. He looked down at Jack, who hadn't moved. There was a small trickle of come drying on the side of his chin. So he had swallowed most of it then... Just the thought caused his now flaccid cock to twitch. He wondered how much more he could get away with before his mask of callous indifference crumbled - or Jack called his bluff.

"Jack, take my boots and socks off," he ordered sharply.

"What, and lick them?" O'Neill demanded.

~ Oops, we're back to the sarcasm are we? Better nip that in the bud, or it's all over for me ~

"Not unless I say so, Jack, and that's 'Dr. Jackson' to you. I'm not taking any more of your lip - unless it's on my dick."

~ No Jackson, don't grin. That'd really give the game away, and it's a game I'm enjoying wa-ay to much to stop now. ~

"Aw, cut me some slack here, Da— Dr. Jackson."

"And quit with the whining, Jack. You're beginning to annoy me," he scowled.

Once Jack had removed his footwear, Daniel shucked off his lower garments.

"Now strip - trollop!" he commanded, drawing on The School for Scandal again. Those eighteenth century Brits certainly had a way with invective. No, Sheridan was was Irish; still British Isles though.

He watched appreciatively as Jack shed one garment after another, leaving the scarlet Frenchies till last.

~ God, Jack, you are such a pricktease... ~

Or perhaps he was hoping that the sheer scarlet silk might in some way conceal the interest that his own dick was taking in the performance?

"O.K., take yourself off into the bedroom - baggage - and wait for me on the bed. And don't touch yourself!"

Jack looked as if he were about to say something, then gave up. As he turned to leave, Daniel fetched him a sharp smack across the buttocks. It was a satisfyingly solid thwack.

"That's for not obeying orders quick enough - harlot!"

Jack paused and Daniel wondered if he'd just pushed his luck too far, but no. Jack was still going along with it. Daniel picked up the scarlet Frenchies and stuffed them into a pocket in his discarded pants, then looked around the kitchen for some lubrication. He found a bottle of oil and made his way to the bedroom.

~ Ohh... A brass bedhead! Nice. ~

The object of his desire was sitting patiently on the edge of the bed, wonderfully naked and aroused. Daniel's own cock responded at the very sight, and a sensual tingle spread across his whole body.

~ Oh, Jack O'Neill, you are mine now, body and soul... You have to be, you gorgeous man! ~

Daniel put the bottle of oil on the night-stand, hunted through Jack's drawers and found a couple of ties and a scarf. In as short a time as possible, he had an unresisting and blindfolded Colonel O'Neill tied by his wrists to the bars of the bedhead.

Picking up the bottle, he climbed on the bed to join him, pulling Jack's hips up on to his lap, and rested his C.O.'s sinewy legs over his own broad shoulders. He poured a quantity of oil into his palm and let it warm there for a little while.

Let Jack sweat, wondering what was coming next, as if he couldn't guess. Daniel smeared the oil liberally over his cock and his fingers, then lightly touched Jack's anus. Gentle as it was, it had a shock value that made him buck and moan. Daniel allowed himself a broad grin now that O'Neill could no longer see him.

Daniel took a little time anointing Jack's asshole, rubbing a finger around it and working on careful and sensitive preparation until he figured the time was right. Then he laid the purple-red tip of his well-oiled cock against Jack's ass.

Slowly, he leaned forward, watching almost in disbelief as the glans disappeared inside him. At that, Jack muscles tensed slightly and Daniel almost came right there and then. His mind had become focussed on a single idea - he wanted to fuck Jack O'Neill's brains out.

It took immense control not to thrust his full length into Jack— again and again and again... but somehow he managed to overcome the urge. Slowly, slowly, inch by inch, he slid inside O'Neill's body until he was fully within, and paused to hold on to that moment of rapture.

~ Now we two are one ~

"Oh, for God's sake, Danny, do it!" Jack begged, "Don't keep me hanging on!"

At that, Daniel's fragile self-control fragmented as wave after wave of passion carried him higher and higher. A guttural growl, hardly human, came from somewhere deep within him. It burst from his throat in a great strident scream as he came. He collapsed, panting, across O'Neill's chest. Shuddering with the after-shocks, he felt Jack's cum flooding between them in heavy spurts.

He lay there in perfect contentment, utterly drained. Blissful peace. Nirvana. Time stood still as if he were on the brink of eternity.

Eventually, the euphoria diminished and time began again. Without saying anything, he dragged himself off O'Neill and headed for the bathroom to shower.

As he languidly rubbed the shower gel over his body, he reviewed the immediate past. Till today, he hadn't really known himself. The gentle and compassionate Dr. D. Jackson had suddenly turned into a sex-crazed Mr. E. Hyde. What insanity had led him to do what he'd just done - taken gross advantage of a harmless foible of his commanding officer and violated his body entirely?

Ah, sweet madness then. Till today, he'd never experienced such passionate emotions - ever. Jack O'Neill had awakened something in him, something strong and primal, and forged an almost mystical link with the universe... One thing he knew, he'd never wanted anyone as much as he wanted his darling Jack.

He stepped out of the shower cubicle, roughly towelled off most of the moisture, and returned to the bedroom. Jack lay there, just as he'd left him. Daniel was a little surprised. He was pretty sure Jack's experiences in Special Ops. would have enabled him to escape easily. Did this mean Jack was leaving control in his hands? Well, one last bit of teasing then. He couldn't hold out on Jack much longer.

"You look a real mess, Jack," he said, sounding utterly uncaring as he untied the knots. "Go shower, then come back here."

Without a word, Jack got up and walked, head down, towards the bathroom. There was an indefinable air of defeat about him. Daniel noticed the red blotch remaining on one buttock where he'd cuffed him. Guilt was beginning to surface, dragging the old Daniel Jackson with it. He owed Jack big-time for this.

Jack took a long time in the shower. Daniel wondered what was passing through his head. He suspected his thoughts were not so pleasant as his own. Finally he emerged from the shower and Daniel, naked yet, went to meet him. Jack was still studiously looking at the bedroom carpet.

"Jack," Daniel said softly, gently, "look at me..."

Reluctantly, Jack raised sad, doe-like eyes to Daniel's face, and met Daniel's most beautiful and guileless smile.


"Yes, Jack...?"

"You...? You... you... you bastard!!"

Daniel, playing to his strengths, just stood there looking as innocent and penitent as an overactive puppy dog that's left a trail of chaos in its wake. He pulled Jack's arms around his neck and wrapped his own round Jack's waist, pulling him gently towards him.

"Oh God, Daniel!" Jack whispered in his ear, his voice cracking on a sob, "I thought... I thought you were just using me... that you despised me, hated me even."

"God no, Jack, never that," Daniel replied gently massaging Jack's back.

"Then why, Danny, why?"

"Because... because I love you, Jack, but I can't love in a vacuum. You're not the most demonstrative guy in the world when it comes to feelings. I figured, if you knew what it felt like to be... frozen out, then maybe you wouldn't do it to me any more. I mean, if you love me, say it. Say it often. I need to know."

"Of course I love you Daniel!"

"Not like that, Jack, say it like you care."

"Oh Daniel," he said with such soft sweetness, "I love you with all my heart."


The mission to P6Y-569 went well and S.G.-1 returned in a happy-go-lucky mood. For once, Daniel, having little to write up, joined his team mates as they set off for home. Sam, a little way behind, caught sight of a triangle of something silky and red poking out of Daniel's pants pocket. Catching up, she playfully gave it a tug. Daniel wasn't quick enough to stop her. She giggled when she saw what she what she'd captured.

"Hey, Daniel," she teased, "are these yours or do they belong to your latest conquest?"

"Well, my latest conquest of course, Sam."

Daniel looked across at Jack, whose eyes looked like they were about to burst out of their sockets, and grinned.

"I'm keeping them as a token of our love."

"She must be quite a girl!" Sam laughed.

"Oh, 'she' is," Daniel agreed with a thousand megawatt smile, "she's the love of my life, my All, my Everything..."

"Wow!" said Sam and smiled.

Fizz... Ting!

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