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Too short for a short story...
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"Oh Colonel," came a perky voice from close outside the tent, then just inside, "Dani— el..."

The perky voice faltered. Its perkiness slithered away. On the verge of waking I froze, suddenly realizing that Jack's arms were wrapped around me. In panic, I kept my eyes closed, feigning sleep. I just hoped the rapid thudding of my heart wasn't as loud to Sam as it was to me.

"Mm, Sara... I love you..." Jack snuffled in my ear.

That was my cue. I thanked my stars that Jack is a morning person and able to hit the ground running - metaphorically speaking.

"Uh, Jack," I responded, adopting a husky sleep-befuddled voice - which wasn't difficult, " 'm not Sara."

Jack opened his eyes sharply and gasped. He shuffled as far away from me as the tent would allow.

"Oh, god, Daniel! I'm so sorry. I was dreaming of—"

"Sara. Yes, we got that," I grouched, willing my lover not to overdo the amateur dramatics.

"We?" Jack asked, then did a double-take on Sam's head poking through the tent's entrance.

"Oh Jeez, Carter, what must you think of me?"

"That's okay, sir," she said, her early morning perkiness - gak! - returning. "I just came to say that breakfast's cooking and coffee's ready."

Then she withdrew. Jack and I exchanged glances.

"That was a close one," I said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Oh, I don't know. Carter's not the sharpest knife in the block when it comes to that sort of thing," Jack grinned. "Think she'd probably have bought it even if I'd had my dick embedded in your ass."

"And maybe she wouldn't," I warned. "I don't think she'd swallow it a second time," I went on ignoring his suggestive snigger, "so from now on, I don't care how hot it is, we keep our sleeping bags zipped— And our packs between us."

"You know, Daniel, sometimes I think you have no sense of adventure."

Added 25 JAN 2005

Disclaimer: Not mine - more's the pity. Written for love, not for money.

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