The First Time

I remember the first time I got Daniel Jackson into my bed - my bed, that is, not the spare bed in the guest room.

We had a little 'Daniel's Alive!' party after his escapade with Nem - just S.G.-1 and General Hammond.

George went home promptly dropping Teal'c off at the Mountain en route. The rest of us got pretty well hammered, so I insisted they stay on, promising them a cooked breakfast.

Sam groaned at that then staggered up to my spare room. It didn't feel right letting Daniel have the couch, and sharing my bed was— well, not to be thought of, except that I did.

When I was sure he'd be asleep, I crept in and watched him sleeping. In my bed... True to my word I cooked breakfast. Sam was down a couple of hours before Daniel. She'd already gone home when I took him breakfast in bed. He went pretty much straightaway - had to sort out his 'resurrection.'

After he'd gone, I went up to strip the beds. Daniel's - mine - was still warm. I undressed and slipped between the sheets, lying where he had lain. I breathed in his aroma on the pillow and jerked off.

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