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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

Subject: While Jack's away—
Mood: .accomplished.

Have decided to join the 21st century and start a Live Journal as I understand these things can be kept private. One can also have a 'flist' of friends who have the right security clearance and are able to read it.

The first problem is that there seems to be a lot of people who share my name. Took ages to find something that hadn't already been taken. Finally had one of those slap forehead moments; I'm a linguist - I don't have to use English. So I went with the Latin for 'My Journal.' Simple!

I'm in Washington at the moment, spending Christmas with Jack. Sort of. I'm in the Ritz-Carlton suite, which Jack chose for me because it's close to the Pentagon. Mostly I think he picked it because it has a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. We don't get much opportunity to spend time together now that he's head of Home World Security, so we've been making up for lost time - or trying to. Right now, he's dealing with another emergency so I'm just amusing myself till he comes back here.

Even though it's the holiday season on Earth, this means nothing to the rest of the universe - except maybe as a good time to invade. Jack's permanently on call, though he does have deputies to handle the day-to-day stuff - supposedly - so we're always aware that he may be called away at any time, like now - or I may be called back to the S.G.C. This does tend to put a crimp in our love life, Jacuzzi or no. ::sigh:: It doesn't help that Jack has to evade his (almost) ever-present security detail...

Even at this level - or do I mean especially at this level? - we're still hamstrung by 'don't ask, don't tell.' It has helped that some high-ranking officers have come out of the closet, but we really can't afford to do that given the highly sensitive nature of our work. I mean, the last thing we want is Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church gang parading outside the S.G.C. or the Pentagon, naming us on their 'God hates Fags' placards. Season of Goodwill? I think not.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Subject: A Wild Goose Chase
Mood: {short description of image}.happy.

Jack didn't return to the hotel till gone 10.p.m. last night. He'd had to go back to his apartment and change into civvies, then dodge security. He swears that if he didn't, they'd be standing by the Jacuzzi while we made out. ::rolls eyes:: I think he's exaggerating, or maybe he just misses the excitement of going off-world.

Yesterday's 'emergency' turned out to be a teenaged prank - quite creative actually. They'd made themselves a alien spacecraft - just a model, but with the right visual effects - supplied by flashlights at dusk- and a parkland setting, they contrived to make it look more distant against the trees and therefore bigger. But they hadn't been satisfied with that.

A teenager with a videocam can be a royal pain in the ass. They're all trying to do their own 'Blair Witch' projects. So this group had made it appear that one of their number had been abducted by aliens. One second he'd been standing in a clearing, then he wasn't. Some sort of Photoshop graphics covered cut and the video then showed footsteps in the snow which came to an end.

Amazingly, the 'abductee's' parents bought into the prank and panicked, hence Jack's involvement. He's talking about a severe training régime in the New Year on how to identify hoaxers. I think age would be their first clue! Jack was not impressed - not favorably anyway, especially as he'd been dragged all the way over to Punxsutawney in a blizzard.

Which brings us back to making out in the Jacuzzi. ::big smile::

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Subject: An old 'friend' reappears
Mood: pissed off.

Didn't see much of the morning. Jack had already left when I woke up. After a very late breakfast, I went sight-seeing. It would've been more fun to have Jack show me the sights, but he's working today. However, barring any further emergencies, I'm hoping he'll be showing me sights much dearer to my heart this evening. ;-)

Anyway, in the afternoon, I was doing a little shopping - souvenirs for Sam and Teal'c - Cameron too (wish he'd stop calling me 'Jackson.') I don't know why - well, in retrospect, maybe I do - I got the feeling I was being followed. A sideways glance in a store window as I went along the sidewalk showed me I was right. I slowed my pace allowing him to catch up with me then stopped dead. There was an "oof" sound as he ran into my shoulder.

"Hello, Harry," I said. I turned around to find him scowling and rubbing his nose. Score one for the geek. {BG} "Why are you following me?"

"What makes you think I was following you?" he asked.

"America's a big country; Washington's a big city. It's too much of a stretch to think that you and me in the same square yard could be coincidental. Now, why were you following me?"

"Just looking out for your interests," he said, looking shifty. Or maybe he hasn't mastered any other expression yet.

"Why would I need you to look out for me?" I asked.

His eyes slid back and forth as he scanned the street without too obviously moving his head.

"We can't talk here," he said, and gave me directions to a basement brasserie across town.

"Oh, and tell Jack he has a couple of goons outside his door for a very good reason." Then he disappeared into the throng of shoppers.

Much as I didn't want to have a drink with Harry - Teal'c isn't the only one with a long memory - my interest was piqued. I have no doubt that Harry knew this and was playing me... Anyhow, I went along with it - he has occasionally come good for us - and it was possibly something I should know.

When I arrived, Harry was already settled in with a beer in front of him and a glass of red wine for me. I wasn't going to ask how he knew and I wasn't going to indulge in small talk. He eventually got the message and got to the point.

"You remember you said that you and me being in the same place wasn't a coincidence? I felt the same when I saw Kreutzmeier and Todd here in D.C. last week. They worked for me a few years back when I was with the N.I.D. They left under a bit of a cloud..." (couldn't help grinning at that one!) "and I lost track of them for a while. I don't know who they're working for now, though I have a few ideas, and none of them's good from your point of view. And whatever they're up to probably won't be good for you either."

He gave me a bulletin board address and told me his I.D. there was 'Rick Deckard 2019'. It would be in my interest - and Jack's - to check on it now and again. If we needed to contact him (and I so hope that will never happen) a message in the name of 'Rick O'Connell1923' would find him.

I told Jack about it this evening over dinner in my suite. He was much inclined to dismiss it as just Harry coming over all cloak-and-daggery to be interesting, till I mentioned the comment about there being a good reason for him not to dispense with his security guys. He said he'd bear it mind, but that right now, he'd prefer it if I'd bare my ass. Good thing I'm not looking for romance.

So Jack was just about to enter me when he stiffened - and not in a good way. I was then left waiting with my ass hanging out while Jack did a sweep of the suite for hidden bugs, or worse, cameras. He didn't find anything, for which I suppose I should be thankful, but... Way to kill the moment. Thanks, Harry!

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Subject: Contemplating the Ori
Mood: .worried.

Went into the Pentagon with Jack today to check through the facilities in the Department of Home World Security. I've been niggling away at the Ori problem in my spare time between souvenir shopping, fraternizing with Harry and hot sex with Jack. I'm sure I'm missing something among all the information I've collated - not seeing the wood for all the trees kind of thing. Or maybe what I need is tucked away in the memories I'm unable to access from the time I was ascended.

We really know very little about the Ori, or their connection with the Ancients. We know, or rather, we think we know, that they both started out as a race of humans on Altera at least fifty million years ago. We don't know which galaxy Altera is in, nor how far away.

It is overwhelming to think of Alterans' development over the past fifty million years. When one thinks that three million years ago, we were small ape-like Australopithecus hominids living in Africa - that by 10,000 B.C.E., as Cro-Magnon man, we'd learned to build permanent homes and leather clothes, use bows and arrows and make pottery and jewelry - that in the last fifty years we've put men on the moon by our own efforts, one has to wonder where we could be 47 million years from now. And that's where the Alterans are at now.

We also know that until Vala and I blundered on to an Ori dominated world, they didn't know that our galaxy was inhabited because the Alterans had shielded us from their knowledge. This argues that they aren't totally averse to interfering, if only to preserve some degree of balance. I have to say that, given a choice between the Ancients' irritating non-interventionist policy and the Ori's compulsion to dominate lesser civilizations, the Ancients' attitude is infinitely preferable.

Didn't find anything to add to what we already know which is disappointing but not entirely surprising. I did, however, take a look at the bulletin board Harry mentioned. Trainwreck Syndrome I guess. You don't want to look, but somehow, you can't avoid it. There was a message there from 'Rick Deckard 2019': 'Katy is still doing her washing.' I presume this means that Kreutzmeier and Todd are still here in D.C.

I suddenly had this bizarre idea that maybe they're spying for this crap sci-fi show we had trouble with a few years ago and which Teal'c finds so amusing. 'Wormhole Xtreme', IIRC. Heaven knows how that show still keeps running when 'Firefly' got canceled mid-first season. Although they desperately need some original plots, I can't imagine Harry wasting our time - certainly not his - on anything so banal.

Actually, that doesn't stop someone else taking true stories and adapting them for 'W.X.' Teal'c says they have a current plot line which has a race called the Fori. Their Jack calls them the 'Four-Eyes' and their holy book 'Foraging.' ::rolls eyes:: They rule through their henchmen, the Friars. Hm. Maybe we have got a security leak.

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Subject: Sam and Teal'c and Wormhole Xtreme
Mood: .horny.

Jack said my thoughts about a security leak were probably correct. He'll give General Landry a heads-up about it, but he doesn't think we need worry too much because no one takes the show all that seriously - well, except for a few really dedicated fans but they seem more interested in writing lurid romances about their version of Sam and her commanding officer. As if.

Sam loathes the show with a purple passion and pokes her fingers down her throat every time anyone mentions it. This is principally Teal'c who's a very sly tease on the subject and loves winding her up. She has two pet peeves about the show:

#1 "Why can't they show their Sam as an intelligent, mature and honorable A.F. officer instead of a neurotic adolescent bimbo who can't get through life without lusting inappropriate males? She's a career woman, dammit!"

#2 "Why doesn't someone put a comb through her hair occasionally?"

Our Sam, like the rest of us, gets dirty and disheveled on missions from time to time, but on base she's always smartly dressed and tidy, and without all the make-up the W.X. version has plastered on her face. After Teal'c's wound her up about the latest episode, he assumes an innocent look and asks, "Is it not merely a T.V. show, Colonel Carter?" then wanders off looking smug. Fortunately for Sam, the show's having its Christmas break right now.

Jack and I are planning on seeing in the New Year here in the suite. There's a good view over the city and it'll be nice to watch the aerial bombardment knowing it isn't aimed at us personally for a change.

As I'll be going back to Colorado on Monday, we'll have to make the most of the time left to us. So lots of hot sex will be on the menu - something to tide us over until the next time we can get together, whenever that may be. ::sigh:: Why do I have to love someone who works for a homophobic organization?

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