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Stargate: the Fifth Generation

Time Line and 'Future History'

For the sake of completeness and to show I put in the spadework before I started this project
- something I suspect TWIC would never even consider doing - I thought I'd fill in a little more background.

This begins in the year 2000, around mid-season 3 of Stargate SG-1, and runs to 2109 when SG-24 is formed.
WARNING: There may be spoilers. The really big spoilers have been omitted.


2000-2010: Foundation



Birth of Jack and Laira's twin sons, Adam and Brendan O'Neill October 31st 2000. Thereafter, during Jack's leadership of S.G.-1, he took the time out for a side mission to Edora whenever circumstances allowed, i.e. they weren't running hell for leather through the 'Gate. He was, perforce, an absentee father but wanted his sons to know who he was at such time as he could relocate to Edora. The rest of the team covered for him, and after he moved to Washington, they continued to maintain the contact on his behalf, often taking small gifts.
Over time, Jack taught his sons about Irish legendary heroes.


Serena Jackson [24] gained her first doctorate.
Col. Carter sent as O.C. of Atlantis. Ori problem fixed.
A Democrat elected to the White House. (Prescient or what?! G)
Daniel taught Serena Linear A/Goa'uld and his version of demotic script so that she could read his journals once she had security clearance.


U.S. troops in Iraq begin a phased withdrawal; commitment of troops to Afghanistan reduced. (Got that one wrong!) Released funds channeled into health and social welfare.
Returning troops redeployed to Civil Guard and Emergency Services.
Attempt (failed) to remove D.A.D.T.


Nine major hurricanes including five Category 5s: Fiona, Igor, Lisa, Otto and Theta.
These were dealt with speedily and efficiently by the redeployed troops with a smaller financial commitment in war zones. This left the President riding a popularity high at home.
With Iraq teetering on the brink of all-out civil war, the name of America was mud abroad but, as the President frequently declared: 'Charity begins at home.'


2011-2020: Marriages, Births and Political Wrangling



Dr. Serena Jackson [27] joined the S.G.C.
Major Tom Pepperday [32] joined the S.G.C.


June 21st: Serena and Tom married; Serena left the S.G.C. until 2026.
Seeing the way the wind was blowing politically and fearing a Republican President, Jack decided it was time to cut and run. It was, in any case, time to be a full-time father with his sons now nearly twelve years old. His affairs had been put in order the previous year and kept that way. Such things as he didn't want to leave behind had already been smuggled through to Edora by SG-1.

October 31st: With the connivance of S.G.-1, a diplomatic mission was organized to planet, allegedly rich in mineral resources, whose inhabitants demanded a high official to negotiate. Detailed in Daniel's journal in Prelude 1: Maxine. S.G.-1 continued to make side missions to Edora to visit Jack and family whenever possible.

November: the incumbent President was returned for a second term (fingers crossed.) Republicans made murmured protests about electoral fixing, but shut up when the President threatened to re-open investigations into the 2000 and 2004 elections.


Eleven major hurricanes including five Category 5s: Delia, Hector, Luke, Zachary and Mu.


Record breaking tornado season resulting in several small towns being removed from the map, a couple of universities destroyed and harvests seriously hit by the wheat rust virus.

Daniel suggested using the Stargate to trade in grain and also cattle as pasturage had been affected. The U.S. would supply farming tools and other equipment plus advice in advanced farming methods in exchange for wheat. Fledgling treaties were set up with agrarian cultures including the Land of Light, Cartago, Ignacia- the mediaeval Christians' planet, Juna and Edora.
Things got off to a slow start, to Daniel's manifest frustration. During official visits to Edora by Tau'ri dignitaries, Jack and his sons would go off on protracted huntin' and fishin' expeditions.


March 24th: Jonathan Pepperday born


Major drought seriously damaged food crops. Civil Guard and Emergency Services unable to solve the problem entirely, and not enough could be imported from off-world, necessitating buying in grain from Russia - very unpopular.

November: A Republican moderate was elected to the White House. He saw the value of trading off-world for food. The source was kept secret and the figures fudged to suggest all was well with food production; if one area was having problems, the others took up the slack.
Further missions were instructed to focus on a search for agrarian communities.


January 30th: Claire Pepperday born


June 30th: Rosa Pepperday born
September: Brendan O'Neill married Edoran girl, Rusira


2021-2030: More Marriages, Births and Political Wrangling

This decade saw drought, caused by global warming, as an on-going
problem solved, but only just, by imports of food from other planets.



The crew of Atlantis found a spare and fully charged Z.P.M. which was sent to Earth.
The old Antarctic D.H.D. was de-mothballed and the Z.P.M. installed. This D.H.D. was stored in Level 28 of the S.G.C. as a back-up in case of catastrophic failure of the dialing computer.
October 31st: Adam and Brendan turned 21.


January: Brendan and Rusira had a daughter, Zilsha O'Neill.


August: Adam O'Neill married Edoran girl, Lilendra.
December: Brendan and Rusira had a son, Cormac O'Neill.


May: Adam and Lilendra had a son, Declan O'Neill.


November: Brendan and Rusira had a son, Ewan O'Neill.


April: Colonel Tom Pepperday [47] listed as K.I.A. Serena [42] was left with three children, Jonathan [11], Claire [9] and Rosa [6]
Adam and Lilendra had a son, Felan O'Neill.

May: Dr. Daniel Jackson [60] retired from the S.G.C. to spend more time with his daughter and grandchildren.
Before he retired, he went on one final mission which included a side visit to Edora to see Jack for what would probably be - and was - the very last time. They exchanged tokens of friendship, to be returned when one of them died.
As Claire showed an aptitude for languages and was an apt pupil, Daniel passed on much of his knowledge to her, including the Linear A/Goa'uld and his version of demotic script. It was their little secret. He hoped that one day, his journals would be passed on to her.


Adam and Lilendra had a twin son and daughter, Gregor and Sharna O'Neill.


October: Dr. Serena Jackson [44] rejoined the S.G.C. Daniel [63] looked after her children, now 14, 11 and 9.


Brendan and Rusira had a daughter, Amsina O'Neill.


2031-2040: Everything Ticking Over Nicely



Eruption of the volcano, Pinatubo, in the Philippines spread ash around the world, lowering the global temperature enough to restore pretty much normal conditions.


Claire Pepperday graduated summa cum laude in Arch. and Anth. at Chicago.


Claire gained a third degree in Ancient Languages from Princeton.


Claire gained her first doctorate in anthropology, also from Princeton.

Eruption of El Chichón lowered global temperatures to non-threatening levels. Complacency set in: God will keep the world safe...


2041-2050: Two Deaths and Political Problems

Towards the end of this decade, global warming was again becoming a threat with droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes. There were rumblings from Fundamentalist Christians who began serious prophesying 'End of Days' scenarios. These were not taken too seriously at this time in the expectation that 'with God on their side, what can go wrong?' There had been nicely timed volcanic eruptions in time of need in the past and God would surely do the same again soon... Life went on.



Midsummer: Claire gained doctorates in archaeology and ancient languages from Princeton.

August 9th : Daniel [76] received a package from Edora. It contained the Egyptian statuette he'd given Jack in May 2026. Its arrival told him that Jack was dead - aged 83.
Daniel asked for permission to visit Edora on compassionate grounds, having been notified of the death of a friend who lived there. This is granted for himself, Serena and Sam [78] who was living in sheltered accommodation following the onset of Alzheimer's earlier in the year. Somehow, Teal'c, now snowy-haired, had heard the news and was already there to great his old comrades when they arrived.
Jack's mortal remains were laid to rest in alien soil during a short ceremony led by Adam and Brendan [40] and their mother, Laira [77].
At the wake afterwards, the rest of the original S.G.-1 heard that Jack had been in the habit of sitting out in his rocking chair on the veranda after dinner to watch the sun go down. When he did not return indoors as the twilight faded, Laira went to fetch him, thinking he had fallen asleep in his chair as he sometimes did. This time, as he slept, he had passed peacefully away, a gentle smile on his face.


Dr. Claire Pepperday [26] joined the S.G.C. having been head-hunted.


November 16th: Death of Colonel Samantha Carter. [82]


Martha-Bethany Barnes born.


Claire became a killer and Jonathan acquired a scar on his neck. Account of this event in SG-24 - Part 2.


Waldo Hunter born.


Major Jonathan Pepperday [35] joined the S.G.C.
Jonathan Pepperday married Seraphina Reid.


2051-2060: More Deaths and More Political Problems

With no divine intervention, global warming continued. Sea level rises saw major cities in danger of innundation - Venice, London, Shanghai and Alexandria, among others. Many low-lying islands had disappeared and the Netherlands were fighting a probable losing battle against the sea. New York, that temple to Mammon, and the struggling den of vice that was New Orleans, were also in serious danger, to which the Fundies pointed with cries of 'Told you so!' and 'Now will you believe us?'



Philo Hunter born.


Barnaby Ward born


August 15th : Rufus Pepperday, Maxine's father, born.


Dido Hunter born.

August 9th: Death of Dr. Daniel Jackson. [91] His death was a bit of a mystery. He was taking a walk in the park when a violent storm hit. It was believed he was struck by lightning, yet although his clothing remained, there was no trace of his body. This event is recounted in Prelude 1: Maxine.


Serena Pepperday [73] died.
Kim Cassidy, Maxine's mother, born.


Teal'c rumored to have died, possibly on Dakara, aged ~160.


Drought destroyed crops. Off-world imports could barely cope. Rationing was imposed and there was civil unrest.
The Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and other whack jobs alternatively preached about The End of Days, the Wrath to Come and the imminent 'Rapture.' Their schools' curricula were already heavily Bible oriented, with science a shadow of its former self.
Teaching, or even hinting at, evolution was a sackable offence. There were nascent signs of the coming 'Warriors of Christ.'

November: David Abbott elected President. He was avowedly Christian but a reasonably moderate and pragmatic Republican.


2061-2070: Major Disasters and Social Break-ups

A majorly desperate decade!!!



Hurricane season set in with a vengeance. NOLA was removed from the map entirely and most of the southern and eastern seaboards were seriously damaged. This was too much for the Emergency Services to cope with.

W.A.S.P. communities were given preference, leading to riots by black and Hispanic communities. These were dealt with in a heavy handed manner by the Civil Guard. This led to the formation of The Ebony Brotherhood, dedicated to the protection of black people, including Creoles and people of mixed race.

The authorities decided to take the easy option and left them largely in control of the southern states where they eked out a living in ghettoized houses once belonging to The Whites whom they drove out of 'their territory' - by force if the whites hadn't already removed themselves from the areas 'polluted' by the blacks.


Swarms of tornadoes added to the misery created by hurricanes, greatly reducing the already depleted food sources, even taking off-world imports into account. These were already quite a drain on the fiscal resources. Many small towns were destroyed.


A better summer meant a better harvest, and with a reduced population, enough food to go round. It was expected that President David Abbott would win a further term in office.


Juan de Fuco - subduction earthquake under the Cascades registered a magnitude of 9.6 on the Richter scale.

This triggered major movements of the San Andreas and Hayward Faults, a blind thrust fault on the San Gregorio, plus a minor movement of the Calaveras Fault among others, with many fires, release of radiation from a nuclear dump along the Calaveras Fault and the semi-collapse of the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge which rendered it unusable; likewise the western end of the Bay Bridge.

It also triggered eruptions of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood, but fortunately not the super-volcano under Wyoming, which was relieved of some of the pressure on it. These eruptions, with lahars and pyroclastic flows, laid waste to a sizeable area of Washington and Oregon states, and notably Seattle.

Together with the preceding disasters, the population of the U.S. was reduced by over a third. [36%] And there was no 'Rapture...' This led the Fundies to think that they had been denied the 'Rapture' because they had failed God in some way, specifically by not converting the whole country to their particular brand of 'Christianity.' This led to a lot of horrific crimes committed in God's name by the now powerful 'Warriors of Christ'. No Muslim, Jew or gay person was safe in their zones of influence. Suddenly everyone was a Christian (but not Catholic.)

Under the circumstances, President Abbott suspended elections, on the grounds that they must all pull together to get through the challenges that God had set them. Yes, he was a good Christian God-fearing soul and therefore supported by the 'Warriors of Christ' - who had guns and knew how to use them.

The Survivalist Brigades of Washington, Oregon and adjacent states who had survived the initial catastrophe, took over control of 'their territory,' and ruled it with an iron fist - mostly with a gun in it. They were particularly 'agin' the Native Americans for their 'drinkin,' whorin,' gamblin' Godless ways.'

The Native Americans for their part were skilled at evading their oppressors and made use of a now very porous border with Canada. The Canadians in general were quite happy about this and the Mounties gave short shrift to incursions by the Survivalists.

Finally, there were the Students of Islam a.k.a. the Taliban. They worked in isolated groups, trying to protect their people.

Collapse of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Seven S.G. teams were stranded off-world: SG-1 (commanded by Colonel Jonathan Pepperday [49] ), SG-4 who were at the third Alpha Site (P4X-650); SG-6; SG-9; SG-11; SG-15 and SG-23. They were all listed as M.I.A.

The Habakkuk, a Daedalus-2 class transporter, mothballed and left in orbit was able to beam up all the living trapped below ground. Given the nature and enormous area of the disaster, the dead were left where they were, the S.G.C. was left as a grave site and the Stargate was also mothballed until such time as there were sufficient funds and manpower to make it operational again.

Dr. Claire Pepperday [47] had been on leave at the time and hence survived. Concerned for her brother and others trapped off-world, she campaigned for the re-opening of Cheyenne Mountain but kept being told there were no funds available.


The eruptions created fears of a nuclear winter. Fortunately, as it happened near the beginning of winter, the year's harvest had already been gathered in. Many lives were lost owing to a fierce winter, however, with blizzards blowing in from the Arctic and many areas snowbound for several months.

Fuel rationing continued to bite as oil reserves were rapidly running out.

The summer, though dull, was survivable. With the population down to about 57% of the figure at the beginning of the century, and heavy deployment of the Civil Guard, things seemed to settle down. Unfortunately, the fatalities had included members of the academic community whom the country could ill afford to lose.


This was a better year. The ash in the atmosphere subsided enough for enough food crops to grow to feed the remaining population. New England fared better than most and wisely refrained from drawing attention to this. Claire continued her campaign to re-open the S.G.C.


June: Severe unseasonable blizzards in early June killed off much of the food crops and wiped out the citrus fruit trees of California and Florida. The President was driven to accede to Claire's demands to re-open the S.G.C. Not only were there food shortages but oil reserves were almost entirely drained. Re-opening the S.G.C. was a major undertaking and a bit of a health risk as there were still bodies entombed there which had to be got out and laid to rest with proper obsequies.

September: When they managed to dig out all the debris in Level 28, they found that the dialing computer had been damaged beyond repair, as had most of the other base computer systems, but the mothballed D.H.D. was undamaged and the self-destruct mechanism had not been activated. This was seen as a sign from God that He smiled upon their venture and would thus provide them with food as He had supplied Moses and the Israelites with 'manna from Heaven' in the Wilderness. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the dialing computer and wreckage of most other computers, all details of allied worlds was gone. Claire said that she could remember some of the addresses. She could certainly remember the one which her brother was visiting when the earthquake hit. She also had all Grandfather Daniel's journals which had full addresses of all the worlds visited during his time with S.G.1, but that information she kept to herself.

October: The Stargate was re-opened for business. At Claire's instigation, a visit was made to the third Alpha Site, P4X-650, in the hopes of finding SG4, and possibly the other SG teams who might have settled there once the G.D.O.s failed to give them the green light to return.

All they found was destruction and devastation, but not like that on the home world. A handwritten log was found, recording the activities of the teams trapped off-world who had gathered at the Alpha Site. The record, however, ceased abruptly on August 14th 2066.

There were the remains of eleven humans, not including Colonel Jonathan Pepperday. What had happened to him and the other sixteen missing SG team members, no one knew, though they doubted it would be good.


January: The great 'flu pandemic reduced the falling population even more. It had fallen by nearly 50% from over 303 million in 2008 to 152 million.

November: Joshua Harrington [58] elected President. He was an extreme right-wing Republican, funded in large part by the Warriors of Christ. He was a 'Man with a Mission' and as such, dangerous. He believed he had been sent by God to straighten out America so that the Rapture could begin... Very soon, pretty much everyone began to turn up at church on a regular basis, if only to pay lip service. To do otherwise drew unwelcome attention from The Young Warriors, the youth wing of The Warriors of Christ.


As the Stargate clearly had God's blessing, President Joshua Harrington made it his pet project once he found out about it. He staffed it with his own people, and renamed it The Stargate Corporation. It was still known only as The SGC.

Claire [52] was not one of his people, and so was left out in the Wilderness for some years, not that she wasted her time...

Joshua Harrington personally oversaw the formation of two dozen SG teams. Sixteen of these were made up of six marines or equivalent plus an evangelical pastor. Their missions were to discover agrarian worlds at a low level of technology, to convert these worlds to Christianity, with death as the alternative to conversion, rather like the Conquistadors in South America and to collect food supplies for the U.S. The other eight teams consisted of six marines plus a geologist, an engineer and a pastor whose missions were to locate oil or usable fuels.

The SG teams took what they wanted, giving small hand-outs to worlds which accepted Christianity and just taking from those who didn't. Natives were dragooned into carrying the supplies to their Stargates. Any who complained that they needed the food to feed their own people were beaten up and sometimes shot - 'to encourage the others.'


2071-2080: Births, Marriages and Assassinations



November: Joshua Harrington [62] re-elected President unopposed. Food supplies were now back on-stream and some really believed that the President had a hot-line to God who had provided the food for them. Naturally, there was a pecking order in rationing as to who got most food and better quality food soonest.

The Stargate was still a well-kept secret - with the threat of a charge of treason for any who broke their oath of silence. Not that any did. They knew a good deal when they saw it, and they had a very good deal - a certain food supply, accommodation and other benefits Some in the vicinity but not involved in the Stargate project, noticed grain trucks coming down from the mountain and were suspicious. Investigation or mere interested curiosity were assiduously and painfully discouraged. This merely served to fuel rumors.


October 13th: Joshua Harrington [64] assassinated. The official story is that he was shot while relaxing at Camp David on the evening of the tenth anniversary of The 'Quake by a disaffected member of the Survivalist Brigades. They were not first in the pecking order as they thought they should've been. That honor went to the Civil Guard which had pretty much become the President's personal army.

The Presidency went to Joshua's Vice President and brother, Melchisedec Harrington. [53] Melchisedec Harrington was believed by cynics to be behind the assassination. The assassin was never caught.

Although outwardly as religious as his brother, the new President was much more worldly. He took a keen interest in the SGC which he viewed as his own personal treasure chest. He endowed a wing of Colorado University in the Springs in his late brother's name.


Claire [58] was recalled to the SGC - no option - because of her expertise. She was horrified by the way things were being run, and felt guilty about providing the initial addresses. Her first thoughts were towards feigning Alzheimers and retiring, but thought better of it. Better her in that position than someone like many of the new staff - bullies aiming for self-aggrandizement. So she knuckled down to the job and did what little she could to ameliorate things.

October: Philo Hunter [24] died under suspicious circumstances.

Rufus Pepperday, Maxine's father, moved to Denver to get away from his demanding mother, Seraphina.


November: Melchisedec Harrington [ 55 ] elected President and became a very controlling entity in many departments. He had new Government Offices built in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and Pueblo, plus new universities in the Springs and Denver to supply the needs of the Stargate. Although some sciences were taught, the Bible was regarded as the ultimate source of knowledge - by non-scientists at least.


Harrington University, Denver, opened [on a site which was once Cherry Hills Country Club and golf course.]

Dr. Claire Pepperday [60] made head of the departments of Anthropology, Archaeology (Biblical Archaeology that is, which nearly choked her) and Ancient Languages/Linguistics.

Naturally, a fine property [in Cherry Hills Drive,] went with the post. Although she disapproved of that and other perquisites which she felt were the government's - make that President's - attempts to buy her loyalty, she wasn't stupid enough to reject them since they put her in a better position to help others. She certainly didn't feel beholden, nor did she feel any need to be loyal in more than appearances.

Marya Mehitabel Hunter born.


February 21st: Rufus Pepperday met Kim Cassidy

April 4th: Jefferson 'J' Mitchell born.

June 1st: Rufus Pepperday married Kim Cassidy. She was already pregnant with their first child, Felix, at the time of the wedding. 'Living in sin' was no longer considered acceptable behavior.

December 9th: Felix Joseph Pepperday born.


August 2nd: Giancarlo Giustino 'Luc' Lucarelli born.

November: Melchisedec Harrington [59] elected President for a second official term.

During his second term of office, he set up New Washington at the fourth Alpha Site on P7X-259 which he designated New America. His aim was to have a bolt-hole to escape to, should the need arise and he planned to retire to New America, which he did, setting up his own private fiefdom with the loot he'd accumulated off-world during the ten years he'd spent in office.


2081-2090: More Politicking and Births



July: Claire Pepperday employed Joel Isherwood, son of janitor David Isherwood, as her gardener/handyman.

October 12th:Theodore Jared Hunter born.


End of January: Dr. Claire Pepperday [65] officially retired but was retained as an advisor both to Harrington University and to the SGC. She also kept her house, a gift/bribe from President M. Harrington.


November 21st: Maxine Pepperday born.


Sunday, January 3th: Maxine christened Esther Maxine Pepperday at the insistence of her godmother, Claire. A biblical first name would ease her way through life in these hyper-religious times - Maxine seemed a little high-and-mighty as a first name in the present religio-political climate. Rufus was inclined to resent Claire's 'interference' but Kim saw the sense of Claire's argument so Rufus was outvoted. Claire had a number of reasons for choosing Esther: it meant 'star' (also, biblically, it meant 'secret' or 'hidden') It gave her the initials E.M.P., which was also an abbreviation for electro-magnetic pulse, and Claire dreamed that, one day, Maxine might have that effect on those running the Stargate; and according to a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist, John Millais, the Queen Esther of the Bible had deep red hair like Maxine's seemed likely to be.

November 15th: Zachary 'Zak' Ward born.

Following a smear campaign hinting at corruption in very high places, much of which was true, ultra-left-wing Democrat, Xavier Garcia, became President on a ticket to roust out corruption.


Ex-President Melchisedec Harrington [64] retired to New Richmond on New America, P7X-259, taking with him his 'pets' - those members of staff he needed/liked, including a dozen 'security guards,' the roughest, toughest members of the Civil Guard that he could trust. He also had two SG teams - 17 and 23 - unofficially in his pay (on top of their normal salaries). Their 'extra duties' involved pillaging other worlds on his behalf. If further muscle was required, he loaned them his security detail.


September 10th: Dominic 'Dom' Ward born.



October 18th: Isaac Russell 'Rusty' Pepperday born.


2091-2100: Approaching 'The Present Time'



Early spring: Rufus Pepperday was involved in a little dalliance while 'working away from home.' He was going under the name of Reuben Reid at the time. This may have been the source of The Row which drove Maxine to run away from home.

May 29th: Maxine ran away to Aunt Claire's house and learned about Grandfather Daniel and the Stargate as recounted in Prelude - II: Theo (Flashback). It was the beginning of Maxine's weekend study sessions with Aunt Claire.


November: Republican Elijah Warren [45] elected President in a close-run election, and amid rumors of vote-rigging. Many saw him as a second Melchisedec Harrington.


January 30th: Dr. Claire Pepperday celebrated her 80th birthday. [Maxine: 13 y., 2 m.]

April 27th: Claire hosted a not-birthday party for Waldo Hunter. Maxine told Theo and Zak and Dom Ward about Grandfather Daniel and the Stargate as recounted in Prelude - II: Theo (Flashback).


Autumn: Theo [18/19] began studying at Colorado State University, majoring in geology with engineering as his minor. He'd already learned plenty about that from his father and uncle, Barnaby Ward.

November: President Elijah Warren [49] re-elected amid further stronger rumors of election-fixing.


2101-2109: Into the New Century



Autumn: Maxine [17/18] became a student at Harrington University, Denver CO for two years.

November 21st: Maxine's 18th birthday - Great-aunt Claire [84] showed Maxine her inheritance - Claire's repository of knowledge - and gave her Grandfather Daniel's journals. (See Prelude -I: Maxine.)


Theo [20/21] graduated in earth sciences with engineering, and began work on his doctorate.


Maxine [19/20] gained her first degree in cryptology and linguistics.

Summer: Wheat rust disease took hold. Food supplies were seriously threatened. Maxine continued her studies at Harrington for two years on a part time basis - while also working for the government in the new Office of National Security in Colorado Springs where, through Theo, she met and became a friend of Asher 'Ash' Kirkwood. She subsequently met J and Luc socially. (Prelude - 3: Coming Together.)


April: Isaac 'Rusty' Pepperday [15] joined the Young Wariors.

August: President Elijah Warren [52] declared 'A State of Emergency' with suspension of elections for the duration. The President - a corrupt unlikeable man and all his hangers-on 'necessary for the continuance of good government,' were 'moved to a place of safety,' i.e. New Washington at the fourth Alpha Site on P7Z-259, designated New America.


Maxine [21/22] gained second degree in anthropology and archaeology then transferred to the Joshua Harrington wing of Colorado State University.


Maxine [24/25] gained her doctorate in anth. and arch.


Maxine [25/26] joined the SGC, working part of the time on Earth and part in Washington, New America at the fourth Alpha Site on P7X-259.

SG-24 created

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