'The Ballad of Abydos' - by - Hatshepsut

Part 2 - A New World

8. i

The team arrives inside a hall
With dark and creepy feeling
And many pillars, very tall,
And circle in the ceiling...

Wonder what *that's* for...

Oooh, spooky

Daylight shines betwixt the pillars
Across the sandy floor.
They must feel some kind of thrill as
They walk towards the door.


It's atop a long shallow ramp
With obelisks beside.
So off they go to set up camp;
'Cross desert sands they hied.

Alien sands

Looking back

On looking backward whence they'd come,
A pyramid they see.
The 'Gate's within its great sanctum
A marvel, you'll agree!


"You will return within the hour,"
O'Neill informs his men.
Dan says he does not have the power -
He's needing some more gen.

'You're going home P.D.Q.'

'You said you could get us home!'

Kawalsky really isn't pleas'd,
He knocks Dan to the ground.
"I need another glyph," he wheez'd,
"Keep calm - it will be found."

'Don't panic!'

9. i

O'Neil is acting shiftily.
A bomb he's brought with him.
His job's to blow the 'Gate, you see.
He's looking very grim.

Jack's sneaked away... That's a bomb he's got there. (split screen - blame '24 Hours'! )

It's a suicide mission for Jack

This is a one-way trip for Jack,
For he cannot forgive
His part in his son's death. Alack!
He does not want to live.

10. i

Back at the camp, Dan's pushed around.
The poor Doc's shoved and slapp'd.
They're scared the glyph will not be found—
On Abydos they're trapp'd.

Daniel's pushed around

A paper chase

Dan's things are scatter'd far and wide—
His papers blow away.
He's after them with hasty stride
To pick them up straightway


And while he's off upon this quest,
Some footprints he espies.
His curious mind is most impress'd.
There's wonder in his eyes.

Who - or what - made those?

Oh, that would be it...

Across the dune, Dan tracks the trail,
A sign of habitation—
He finds a beast that's huge in scale,
With harness and with rein on.


O'Neil returns and finds Dan gone.
He isn't very pleased.
He follows and soon comes upon
The doctor and the beast.

'Where's Jackson?'

Daniel's making friends

Dan's trying to befriend it and
His effort's going well
But then it does not go as plann'd—
Jack makes it run like hell!


Dan's foot is tangl'd in the rein
So he is dragg'd behind.
Men follow, but as they complain,
They make another find.

Introducing Danny the klutz. (Are split screens addictive?)

The mine

Beyond the dune, they see a mine
That's work'd by lots of men.
In search of facts, Dan thinks it's fine
To wander off again.


Caught on the hop, Jack's shock'd to see
His archaeologist
Head for the mine, his air carefree;
Jack's looking very piss'd.

Daniel's off to make more friends

Ooh, a cliffhanger... ;-)

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