Crown Infernal

Angle of Incidence

Part 2

Tuesday - 15th August (very early morning)

After Maybourne had left, Daniel rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, and hopefully sleep off his headache which hadn't noticeably gotten any better. He dozed fitfully and was jerked awake a couple of times by weird dreams - bad dreams.

The third time he awoke, he realized he was about to get another visit as a key turned in the lock. The door was opened slowly and very carefully. Daniel was very surprised when Major Davis stuck his head round the door.

"Wha—?" he muttered, wondering if he were about to play 'bad cop' to Maybourne's apparent 'good cop' routine. Then Teal'c - Teal'c with no gold tattoo - followed him into the room and he was certain of it.

"Good, you're awake," Paul Davis said.

Like Maybourne, he wasn't wearing a uniform of any kind. He wondered what role Davis had in this reality. As he watched, now thoroughly awake, Davis fished something out of his pocket and turned his attention to the handcuffs. A couple of seconds later, there was a click and the 'cuff sprang open. Warily, Daniel asked what was going on.

"No time for that, boss," Teal'c said. "We're gonna get you outta here pronto."

Daniel blinked. So not the 'bad cop' routine then. His headache had cleared and his one remaining brain cell dedicated to self-preservation sprang into action. His alter-ego here seemed to be a bit of a rogue— which could be an understatement. In this crazy upside-down world, it seemed that Teal'c and Paul Davis were on his - not too squeaky clean - team, while Maybourne - against all the odds - was on the side of the angels.

He figured his best bet was to keep stumm and play a waiting game; if these two were on 'Alter-Daniel's' side, they might happily throw him to the lions to save their own skins if they realized he wasn't 'their' Daniel. Hell, they might do that anyway... Or were they freedom fighters against a totalitarian régime where Maybourne was working for Big Brother? That made marginally more sense. Maybe.

The pair led him through a warren of dark, dingy passageways, up a flight of steps and through an open door that he suspected was usually kept locked. They stopped outside another door a few feet beyond the last. It stood slightly ajar. From inside came a series of grunts and groans, male, and a higher pitched voice providing a counterpoint of gasps. Daniel's eyes opened wide as he heard a familiar female voice saying, "Ohhh, yes, give it to me, big boy!"

Davis whistled softly - three rising short notes - and waited. From inside the room, came the sound of something heavy and bulky making contact with the floor. Both Davis and Teal'c were now carrying zats as they sneaked inside the room. Daniel followed them.

"Danneeee!" came an delighted squeal, and an almost unrecognizable Doctor Fraiser leapt at him. She flung her arms round his neck and her legs around his waist, then laid an almighty kiss on him. His mouth had opened in surprise at this welcome. It opened even wider as she investigated his tonsils in a manner to which he was totally unaccustomed by the S.G.C.'s C.M.O.

"Put him down, Jan," Davis said with a touch of affectionate exasperation. "We're not out of this yet. I'll be able to concentrate on the legalities better once we have Daniel safe."

Reluctantly, she jumped down, leaving a damp patch of the front of his shirt.

"Oops!" she giggled, giving it a quick rub down with her hand. Behind her, a policeman - unconscious, Daniel hoped, rather than dead - lay in a heap on the floor, pants round his knees and hairy butt in the air. Not a pretty sight. Davis grabbed his sidearm and holster off the desk and gave them to Daniel.

"Thanks, er... Paul." Daniel figured maybe he should start thinking of him as Paul now seeing as they all seemed so chummy. Teal'c then led them cautiously out of the jail into the parking lot to the rear. Daniel was surprised to find it was night time and wondered if he'd been drugged. It might account for the wacky dreams - and the thumping headache which had been rather worse than the one he usually got when someone zatted him.

The four of them slid into an unmarked police car. Paul hot-wired it with the ease of much practice. He clipped on an ear-piece and contacted someone.

"Ok, Lou, package retrieved safely," he said. "Heading out now. Stay sharp."

He placed a red light on the roof, switched it on and drove rapidly to the barrier. He flashed the headlights twice to the officer on guard. The guard obligingly raised the barrier. The car slid through and out into the night.

The remaining members of S.G.-1, clad in black and with S.G.-3 as back-up, arrived in the parking lot attached to Daniel's apartment block. It was 03.00 and O'Neill anticipated that, if this Daniel Jackson was anything like their own - and bearing in mind that he had no real work to keep him from his - Daniel's - bed, he should be dead to the world by now. If it had been himself, the sound of S.G.-3's two humvees would have woken him several minutes ago. While Major Castleman deployed his men, S.G.-1 made tracks up to apartment 8-3.

O'Neill silently unlocked the door using a spare key that was lodged at the S.G.C. in case of emergencies. Gently, quietly, he pushed the door open. Inside, all was dark and serene. He waited for a minute but no sound came from within. Nodding to Carter and Teal'c, he ran through the living room and into the main bedroom. He trained his P90 on the bed. The light on the weapon showed the bed to be empty.

"Carter, lights!"

It didn't take long to verify that S.G.-1's cuckoo had flown the nest. Or that Daniel's 9mm. Glock had disappeared with him. Several spare clips of ammo. too, probably. O'Neill, passing the window, saw a movement below. A vehicle was heading for the exit of the parking lot.

"Dammit, he's taken my truck!"

Meanwhile, Paul Davis was speeding north on the interstate. Daniel didn't ask where they were going. This Paul seemed to have everything under control, and Daniel figured he'd expect their Daniel would know what he was up to. If his other self was on the wrong the side of the law, as the evidence suggested he was, then they must've had some escape plan worked out from way back. He wondered if maybe he should've bawled them out for taking too long in breaking him out of jail.

On second thoughts, Janet's welcome didn't suggest that she was used to working for a grouch like Jack. Jack! Maybourne had said he had troubles of his own. If this crew were as tight, working together, as S.G.-1...

He looked sideways at Paul, contemplating his new, and totally unwelcome, role as crime world boss. He needed to be convincing. If S.G.-1 didn't figure out they had a cuckoo in their nest too, his own life could well depend on it, one way or another.

"What about Ja-zzer?" he asked, showing, he hoped, the right degree of concern and remembering at the last minute the nickname Maybourne had used.

"Jack's fine. Nothing he can't handle," Paul said with great confidence.

"Well, Maybourne said— "

"Oh, screw Maybourne," Paul said dismissively. "He's always three steps behind."

"I think he might've been doing a bit of catching up lately from what he was saying to me earlier."

"Oh. Oh well, he'll never be able to prove anything in a court of law." Paul sounded positively smug about it."

"It won't do to get too complacent, Paul," Daniel said. "He was talking about a tox. report— "

"On Hammond?"

"Well, who else?" Daniel hoped there weren't any more corpses lying around that could be attributed to his twin... To him.


"Do I take it that this was not anticipated?" Daniel asked, accessing his inner godfather.

"Not... exactly. But it should've dissipated well before any cops were called in."

Paul wasn't sounding nearly so self-satisfied now. If anything, he was nervous. Of the cops, or of Daniel? And he'd just admitted to having had a hand in the murder of George Hammond.

Jack was furious at being out-maneuvered so easily. He radioed down to Major Castleman 'requesting' the use of one of S.G.-3's humvees.

"I can do better than that," Castleman responded. "I came in my own car. Figured we might have need of something with a good turn of speed."

"Hey, the truck'll do ninety," Jack said defensively, wondering what Castleman was driving these days. "If yours will go faster, how come Doctor Evil didn't take that instead of mine."

"Probably because I had Phillips block it in with a humvee," Castleman said - with unnecessary smugness, Jack thought.

"Ok, thanks. I'll be right down." He turned to the others. "Let's go, team. Castleman's offered us a lift in his own car."

"Oh, I don't think so, sir," Sam said, looking green with envy. It looked like she was having difficulty stopping her tongue from hanging out. "Viper's a two-seater..."

"Sports car?" Jack asked, just checking.

"Yep. Top speed 196 miles per hour, nought to sixty in 3.8 seconds," she said wistfully.

"Speed freak!"

Daniel was thinking they must be heading for Denver International and flying out of the country, when Paul had a message. "Ok, thanks,"he responded. "Lou says the airport's being watched, so we're on to Plan B. Ok?"

"Unless you have any better ideas," Daniel replied with a hint of disapproval. He hoped it would put a little distance between them. That should keep the others from expecting him to pull some rabbit out of the hat. Difficult when he was missing so much essential information. He surmised that 'Lou' must be Ferretti but he couldn't bank on it. Or query it.

Paul turned off the Interstate just past what Daniel knew as Silver Heights, but here was signed Silver Bluff, and on to West Happy Canyon Road - or whatever. It seemed to Daniel that they were going back towards the Springs. Paul continued to the end of the road, but then took Highway 85 heading west. Daniel was beginning to doze when Paul swung a right off the blacktop and on to a logging trail through forest land.

This soon gave way to a dirt road that zigzagged along the edge of a broad and deep ravine that fell away into darkness and treetops to their left. Here and there, the road had been widened sufficiently to allow a couple of logging trucks to pass side-by-side. Daniel suspected that his little gang had a secret hideaway somewhere along here.

Or maybe not so secret, as Paul said, "Uh-oh, we got company."

"Maybourne!" Daniel exclaimed. "I told you not to underestimate him."

"Maybe. I had a feeling we'd acquired a tail when we joined the highway."

"And yet you still turned off along here..."

"You're worrying too much," Janet said from the back seat. "We can take him."

"And if he's called for back-up?"

"It might not even be him. I've often seen loggers along here," Paul said, killing the lights.

"At this time?" Daniel asked mildly.

"No." Paul admitted sounding irritated. He found an outlet for his annoyance in gunning the gas pedal and sending up showers of grit and dust. The car behind speeded up too, though not so much.

"You might as well slow down, Paul," Janet said, sounding worried. "You aren't going to outrun him along here, but you could well get us all killed."

This had entirely the opposite effect from what was intended. If anything, Paul was accelerating. The car shimmied around near-hairpin bends.

"You must slow down, Paul," Teal'c said. "You are frightening Jan."

"Don't worry. I'll pull over round the next bend and— Aaarghhh!"

Daniel threw an arm up to protect his face as the car hit an unseen obstacle, somersaulted forward with a half twist and came to rest on its roof in a passing place, askew to their direction of travel and with its trunk partially overhanging the ravine.

Jack, Sam and Teal'c went down to the parking lot together.

"My truck has a G.P.S. tracker," Jack was saying. "We'll need a trace on it. He was heading north so far as I could tell, but that's probably a blind." He gave Sam the code number.

"I'll need someone with me to drive my car while I navigate," Sam said.

"Take Captain Collins," Castleman said, heading for the Viper. "He's a steady, reliable driver," he added with a mischievous smile.

"Thank you, Major. Such consideration!" Sam said with mock gratitude. She went to her car and took her laptop from the trunk.

"How come he didn't take your vehicle, Carter?" Jack asked, a little aggrieved.

"Maybe the Colonel O'Neill in his universe has the same kind of truck and he went for what was familiar?"

"Could be."

"And you reversed in so he could drive straight out," Sam added.

"Come on, Colonel." Major Castleman beckoned him as Phillips reversed the humvee out of the way. Jack jogged over to him feeling Sam's envious eyes boring holes in his back.

"Not exactly inconspicuous, Major," Jack observed, taking in the two broad white stripes running parallel atop the length of the vehicle. Jack slid in a little cautiously. Castleman revved the engine whose throaty roar probably did strange things to Sam's hormones.

It didn't take long before Sam's voice came over the comm. unit. "He is heading north. He's on the I25."

Major Castleman burned rubber as he set off in very hot pursuit. Once out of city limits, he opened the Viper up to the max. Jack figured that at that speed, they'd reach Denver in half an hour.

"Oh shit," Castleman murmured ten minutes out of the Springs.



Jack looked round and saw flashing lights in the distance. "Well, they're not going to catch you in this."

"No. They'll just set up a spike strip down the road aways. We'll have to stop." Castleman signaled he was pulling in, and hit the brakes.

It seemed to take quite a while before the cops pulled up behind them, and the traffic cop took his time moseying over to the Viper. Jack figured this was done with malicious intent.

"Ok, what's the hurry, mister?"

"Major Castleman and Colonel O'Neill on a matter of National Security," the Major said flashing his I.D. and passing over Jack's as well.

"National Security huh?" said the cop skeptically, observing the anonymous black attire.

"That's right, officer," Jack snapped, "and if you don't want to be pounding the beat in Nome, you'd better wrap this up damn' quickly."

The officer shone his flashlight on the two I.D.s, and took his time scrutinizing them. Finally, reluctantly, he said, "Ok, you're free to go."

"Thank you, officer," Castleman responded, "and as we're in pursuit of a possible terrorist, it would be appreciated by your government if you would radio on ahead and make sure we're not held up like this again."

The officer's eyes opened wide at this. "Yes, sir! Will do." But he was talking to the space where the Viper had been. It was now nearly a quarter of a mile up the road and disappearing fast.

Jack contacted Sam to explained the hold-up.

"Maybe it's just as well, sir. Your truck just turned off the I25 on to Meadow Parkway heading west, then took a right on to highway 85."

"What's his game, Carter? Trying to evade pursuit by taking a different route into Denver, you reckon?"

"Could be, sir, or maybe he's just trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and anyone following, then lose himself in the backwoods. Yep, that looks likely. He's just taken a right off the highway about five miles from where he joined it - it's just before the turn into Sedalia. It's a logging trail, I think. Teal'c thinks the other Daniel might be familiar with the area and know somewhere to hide out," she said.

"I'll bear that in mind. Thanks."

By the time the Viper reached the logging trail, they were only a couple of minutes behind and closing fast. Castleman had necessarily slowed down - didn't want to end up in that dark ravine that dropped away to the left of the dirt road. Jack was pleased to hear that his truck was likewise traveling at a more sedate pace. Presumably the driver had figured he'd be off the radar by now if anyone had managed to follow him.

"There!" Castleman exclaimed, seeing distant red tail lights through the trees ahead. "We'll soon have him."

"Yeah. Go careful though. He's armed and probably dangerous."

Sam's voice came in again. "The trail you're on is called Cherokee Ranch Road. It eventually joins up with North Daniel's Park Road in Castle Pines. I've ordered one of the humvees to set up a road block there in case he manages to... you know..."

"Not gonna happen, Carter, but it's a good move anyway. Thanks."

He returned his attention to the road. "Hey, where'd he go?" he exclaimed, seeing an absence of tail lights.

"Just disappeared round a hairpin. We'll pick him up again in a moment or two," Castleman said with confidence, slowing right down as he approached the bend. But when the dirt road straightened out again, there were still no red lights to be seen ahead.

"Stupid idiot must be driving without lights," Castleman said, sounding surprised. There was an explosion a little way behind them, partially muffled by trees and the Viper's engine.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed and slowed to a stop.


"Look behind you," Castleman said dourly, reversing to where the truck had left the road.

"Sonofabitch!" Jack exclaimed seeing the orange glow emanating from the bottom of the ravine. "Bastard's totaled my truck!"

"Colonel!" Castleman sounded shocked. "There's a man dead down there."

"I very much doubt it," Jack snarled. "He may not be our Daniel, but he's a Daniel, and until I see a body, I'm assuming he's still alive..."

Daniel, temporarily stunned, regained consciousness to find himself upside down in a much smaller space than when he'd last seen it. There was a little blood trickling down the side of his face and he felt battered and bruised - well, like he'd just been in a car wreck actually - but otherwise ok. Luckily, his glasses had also survived intact.

In the light of the approaching headlights, Paul didn't look so fortunate. In fact Daniel suspected he was dead, or at least past help. The car seemed to have impacted hard on that corner when it landed. By the sound of it, the other two were at least breathing.

Then that stubbornly surviving self-preservation brain cell woke up again. The following car had nearly reached them. He couldn't do anything right now to help his companions, and it wouldn't do anyone any favors for him to be captured as well.

On the plus side, if this escapade could be said to have a plus side, his seat belt was still functioning properly, the glass in the window beside him had shattered, allowing him to slither out through it, and he was on the shadowed side of the wreck. He continued to slither on his belly to the edge of the ravine and looked over.

Luck favored him again. There was a small ledge about eighteen inches wide some four feet or so below the grassy overhanging lip at the top of the ravine. A sturdy sapling had driven its roots into a crevice in the rock and a couple of straggly bushes had found enough soil and other detritus in which to establish themselves. Daniel grabbed the sapling for support then dropped over the side on to the ledge.

As the other car pulled up in the passing place, it occurred to him that Harry, assuming it was Harry, would expect to find all four of them in or around the car. And would start a hunt for the missing fourth. Quickly, he slipped out of his jacket - or rather, his other half's stylish, and probably very expensive, leather jacket - pulled off his light-colored polo shirt, wrapped it around a good-sized stone for weight, and flung it down into the ravine. Then, replacing the jacket, he settled down to watch and wait.

Harry Maybourne, for it was indeed he who had been following them, radioed in to the authorities, notifying them of the accident, and requesting medical assistance and police back-up. He didn't think it likely, having seen the spectacular vehicular acrobatics, that anyone was likely to put up much of a fight, but he knew the fugitives would be armed and not unwilling to shoot him if he provided them with an easy target. He, too, settled down to wait.

It was only about five minutes, but it was a long wait for everyone. The Emergency Medical Service team, which must have been in the vicinity, arrived first. Janet, who had been sitting behind Daniel had come round earlier and was screaming for assistance. It had wrung Daniel's heart to hear her and be unable to do anything for her after all her other self had done for him over the years.

With Maybourne taking guard, Beretta in hand, the E.M.S. team went over to assess the situation. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene. Although this was a different Paul Davis, it still hit Daniel very painfully.

Janet and Teal'c were trapped in the wreckage, and there was a smell of gasolene vapor in the air. Could the day get much worse? Some of the E.M.S. crew stood ready with foam extinguishers as it required cutting equipment to free Janet's arm before she could be moved. Teal'c needed to have a leg amputated below the knee before they could get him out. Paul was removed in a body bag during the operation.

Ok, they might be criminals but they'd done their damnedest for him. And Paul had paid for his loyalty with his life. Daniel felt a cold numbness inside, and a profound sadness.

Jack grabbed his P90 and leapt out of the car almost before it had stopped. He ran to the place where his vehicle had, somehow, left the dirt road, and looked over into the ravine. A crooked track of broken trees and mangled greenery marked the passage of his beloved truck which was lying on its back at the bottom with its wheels in the air. Just like it was dead, he thought mournfully.

The light of the blaze revealed no sign of the driver. Castleman joined him after immobilizing and locking his car. If Jack was right - and he probably was - he didn't want this other Daniel hijacking his Viper.

"See anything?" he asked.

"Nope," Jack replied, still fuming. "I wouldn't mind betting a year's pay that the fucker pushed it over the edge while we were out of sight. Probably set the fire before he pushed it over too. Bastard!"

"So now what?" Castleman asked, looking round carefully. "If this other Daniel wasn't in the truck, he must be somewhere close by, and he's armed."

"Good point, Major."

They retreated to the other side of the road where the passing point had been cut into the bank and fell silent. There was no sound apart from the distant noise of the fire down below.

Jack sighed. "Now we wait for the rest to catch up with us. We need Teal'c to follow his trail. He's on foot so he won't get far."

"He'll have a good head start though, before they get here," Castleman pointed out.

"Not necessarily. He'll have to go slow to keep the noise down, and he's not fully fit. Carter reckons that, in the universe he came from, he isn't in the military."

"Neither's our Doctor Jackson."

"No, but he's in a military unit, wears a military uniform. If this other guy was in civvies when he came through, he would've had to change clothes with Daniel in order to fit in, and that includes boots. Carter says Daniel's boots wouldn't have been a perfect fit, hence our cuckoo came hobbling home with several large blisters."

"Guess he won't be feeling any too comfortable right now then," Castleman chuckled.

"No, he won't. But he could be a lot more comfortable than our Daniel."

"How so?"

Jack shivered involuntarily. His conscience had been giving him a rough time since it was suggested that their fugitive was a fugitive on his own world too, and that S.G.-1's Daniel could, at this very moment, be taking the fall for his misdeeds.

"We don't know what's driven the other guy to leave his own universe," he said, "—what he was escaping from. Carter thinks he's probably done something illegal. I just hope to God it isn't a capital offence, or if it is, that the wheels of justice turn as slowly as ours do..."

"There were four people in the car," Maybourne was saying as Teal'c was being stretchered away. The E.M.S. leader looked around the back side of the upturned vehicle. There was no sign of that fourth man.

"Must've been thrown clear," the medic. surmised, shining a flashlight along the road ahead then down in to the ravine just above where Daniel was crouching. Daniel pressed himself against the wall and hoped the overhanging grasses and bushes would conceal him.

"There's something light-colored down there, right at the bottom," the medic went on. "Can't tell what it is at this distance. Maybe a body, maybe just someone's been fly tipping. Whatever it is it isn't moving. If it is your guy, well, a fall like that, he's probably dead. I hope so because I'm not risking the lives of my team to go down and check. I'll send the heavy gang at first light. Right now, we've got to get these two to the E.R. The man's lost a lot of blood."

Daniel was watching again as the E.M.S. vehicle did a very precarious fifteen-point turn— and thinking. If he was going to make it back through the quantum mirror, he was going to need help - inside help. And, irritating as it was, the only person who even came close to fulfilling that criterion was Harry Maybourne. At least he wouldn't have to tell his story all over again.

S.C.I. Maybourne was currently occupied in assisting the E.M.S. personnel with their maneuvering. Under cover of the engine noise and grinding gears, Daniel hoisted himself back on to the road behind the getaway vehicle. He pulled out the stolen handgun and rested his arm on the edge of the bodywork.

Maybourne waved the E.M.S. crew on their way then turned back towards his own car. He'd told the police crews to wait at either end of the trail to facilitate the ambulance's exit. Now, he planned on waiting in his car for their arrival. He wasn't convinced that it was Jackson's body at the bottom of the ravine and didn't fancy having the infamous Doctor J. get the drop on him out in the open.

"Hands in the air, Maybourne, and don't try anything heroic."

Daniel could've laughed at the ludicrous way Maybourne's face fell, but he remained focused and was relieved when Maybourne did as he was told.

"Good. Now, I don't want to shoot you - much - so let's not keep that option open, huh? Just remove your weapon - ve-ry slowly and carefully - and toss it into the ravine."

Reluctantly, Maybourne did so.

"Very good. Now take out any communicators, put them on the ground in front of you and take three steps back—. Excellent. Now you and I are going to have a little talk."

"What do you want - as if I can't guess?" Maybourne asked, inwardly cursing his luck.

"I want to discuss how you're going to help me," Daniel said simply.

"Well, you can go whistle for it 'cos there's no way I'm helping a murderer escape justice."

"Maybourne... Harry..." Daniel smiled at him, a clenched-teeth smile than suggested patience stretched very thin. "If I were half as dangerous as you make out your Daniel Jackson to be, do you really think we would be having this conversation? Don't you think you'd be down at the bottom of that ravine with my bullet in your head by now?"

"No, actually, I don't. You never sully your lily-white hands with the dirty work. You always leave it to someone else. I don't think you've got the balls to pull that trigger," Harry said, crossing his fingers. He took a tentative step forward.

"It's true I prefer to avoid violence, but if I have to..." Daniel said. A bullet sent up a spray of dirt a couple of inches to the side of Maybourne's foot.

Maybourne stepped back again.

"Better," Daniel approved. "You seem to have forgotten that I'm in a military unit in my own universe." He sighed. "Relax - Harry. I have no intention of killing you, but I'm not averse to putting the next bullet in your thigh. It won't kill you - unless I miss my aim and hit your femoral artery - but it will slow you down a whole lot. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand."

"Ok, so let's get down to business,"Daniel said, keeping an eye and his gun trained on Maybourne as he picked up his cell phone and comm. unit. "We'll talk in the car. You drive."

"Where are we going?" Harry asked as Daniel slid into the back seat.

"Well, back to the S.G.C. of course— or... whatever it's called here."

"Still persisting with that fairy tale?"

Daniel gave a frustrated growl. "Will you please give your brain a little exercise and ask yourself, if I really were your Daniel Jackson, isn't that the very last place I'd want to go? Maj— Paul... Davis died trying to get me as far away from there as possible. Think about it, and get back to me when you've turned this car around."

Daniel didn't say any more until Harry had set off and rounded the hairpin. As he feared, there were headlights in the distance heading their way.

Harry figured that his back-up must've set off down the trail as soon as the ambulance emerged without waiting for his summons. Apparently, some hot-shot with his eye on promotion had divined, correctly, that the radio silence meant something had gone wrong.

Daniel pressed the muzzle of the gun against Harry's neck. "Pull in and stop."

Harry obeyed, wondering how Jackson would handle this.

"Ok," Daniel went on, "now I'm going to pass you your comm. unit., and you're going to report in that all parties have been accounted for and that you're coming back in as there's nothing more to be done round here. And just in case you think of doing anything brave but stupid, please keep two things in mind. One, I have no intention of killing you. Two, if you're hell-bent on having me executed for a crime which had nothing to do with me - being in another universe at the time - then I really have nothing to lose... "

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