presents a collection of some the Little Devils' favourite pictures,
artistically adapted for your pleasure. Well that's the intention anyway... impish grin

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Last up-date: 25 APR 2007. See Room 4.
WARNING: Room 3 contains slash images, i.e representations of gay love.

The Gallery

Daniel Friendly

Daniel Friendly
Team friendly

Team friendly

Jack and Daniel

Jack and Daniel - very friendly

very friendly

Introducing our latest addition to The Gallery

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Opened 18 MAR 2006.

Room 1


# 1 - Full Circle
# 2 - Another Kind of Docter
# 3 - So what's not to like?
# 4 - Promise
# 5 - Brains AND Beauty

# 6 - Go get 'em, girl!
# 7 - "A serpent guard, a Horus guard
.............and a Setesh guard..."
# 8 - "It's a Jaffa revenge thing..."
# 9 - "I can't tell you what I don't know!"
# 10 - A moment's peace

Full Circle

Full Circle

Another Kind of Doctor

Another Kind of Doctor

So what's not to like?

So what's not to like?



Brains AND Beauty


Go get 'em, girl!

Go get 'em, girl!

A Jaffa joke

"A serpent guard, a Horus guard and a Setesh guard..."

"It's a Jaffa revenge thing..."

It's a Jaffa revenge thing...

What fate Omoroca?

"I can't tell you what I don't know!"

A warm smile

A moment's peace

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WARNING: Room 3 contains slashy images.
If M/M relationships dont't float your boat,
this room probably isn't for you.

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