Daniel from 1 to 10

Do you ever wonder...?

...what terms people type into Google
which bring them to your website?

Fourth Batch

And there's more, like... oohhh... stargate nc17 jack/sam fanfiction...

Or as someone else typed:
painfully hard cock groan jesus fuck shudder
LBig grinL !

danny's arm hurts fix it

horus headboards

picture book of dionysus

jpg blonde ass with dick

wrench as phallic symbol
a Siler fan?

distinctiveness of words coloured on recall
::blink: ? ? ? ? ? ?

highway to heaven robert rothman
we feel your pain

he licked her stocking tops
not on my site, he didn't!

cracked ribs flying
::blink:: sounds painful

gym shorts cock voyeur

gym jerking off shower cubicle
am I spotting a trend here?

blowjob puck
Wadj., I think that one's yours!
Now, just finish the damn' fic! {BFG}

where can i order frogspawn from
buggered if I know!

little danny spanking stargate
And there's no child abuse here either!

me too!

stargate quarry

gasps orgasm tantalizing

naked coffee

daniel jackson telescope

jack o'neill first time minnesota gay

how to suck a guys cock?
the question?

how to suck a man's cock
the answer, maybe...

keanu reeves erected nipples
keanu reeves? ::blink:: did I miss something...?

sucking man nips

red blotch in armpit
Eos, one of your House/Wilson fics?

dream interpretation untied the rope

all the right reasons to smile
Ahh, sweet! 8-)

Third Batch

Rod's found yet more of those bizarre search terms that led Google
to drag folks kicking and screaming to this site - like 'glasyalabolus'...

tush licking (the pattern continues)

daniel hiscock

gob piles legend (one of those WTF? moments)

free jesus ecard with words how much do you love me? Boy is s/he barking up the wrong etree!)

jaw dropping (ain't that the truth?!)

free she devil wallpaper (now that's more like it!)

smiling red devil illustration (and that...)

without a trace danny angst fanfic

stargate nc17 jack daniel into his mouth

sue and jack and fan fiction (does Sam know?)

jason coburn (no, he belongs to Joy - try here)

euphroyne fan fiction (again, no - that would be here)

dangermouse wallpaper ::sigh:: that would be here

scary pictures of rats

well well well gifs

jaffa test jack (Jack/Teal'c, anyone?)

weird cocks (the mind boggles)

screw the air force ( TPTB writing slut!Sam again?)

my knickers his cock stockings

lick my feet fluffy mules

daniel jackson jack muscle relaxant

pixilated derivation (variation of 'pixie-led')

harlequin tears gifs

sagittarius tree

slave disclaimer angst

the old alex in egypt

janet shot daniel butt

sam carter not national treasure stargate

mole picture dangermouse (Dangermole? <snigger>)

scrap motorbikes grimsby

i hate shrinks

Second Batch

Rod's found some more of those 'Huh?!' and 'What were they thinking?' moments.
We really wonder what possessed Google to connect some of them to my site. LOL!
We also wonder what was in the mind of the person who typed
jr bourne penis
into Google and clicked enter? Actually, we have a fairly good idea...

Big grin Big grin

squeezing my balls (I kid you not!)

janet has a mole on her bum

eye catching miniskirt uk

little tush

tush lick (Seeing a pattern here)

jack carter cock (I don't do 'ship)

sam jack cock (I still don't do 'ship)

jack carter erection (not going there!)

dumbfounded (Yeah, right - see above...)

sharp pain after acl recon

teased disrobed wrist

"pritania goddess of britain"

miniskirt oops

stripped naked

eyes like an angels smiles like a devil

pink flamingo

what does teal'c head thing mean?

organic box scheme gloucestershire

.daniel/jack cock slash (Yelp! Eyes watering here!)

jack teal'c wank

part m compliant shower fittings

ripped off his clothes

bosom absorbed by men picture

blood written letter

her sore feet

she massaged the soles of his feet

erotica life essence

erotica essence drain

mice in garden problem

pictures of the devil between two buildings

picture of devil feet

jack nauseous daniel teal'c

busty 800*600


stourport on severn monthly events (?)

heater register greek key pattern

First Batch

The most popular combinations include the words 'devil' and 'picture'. We think they're looking for info about the Tarot, or 'Devil's Picture Book'. Guess they're pretty disappointed to find a pre-'Stargate', the movie, fic. about a visit to a fortune teller!

norms in translation winnie the pooh

rat in thongs

rat my thongs (a different one)

janet's foot tease (Wadj.?)

greek homoerotica (definitely not Cats!)

bulge in his groin

bandana large (That one, I get!)

stop rats climbing drains

sha're and samantha carter slash (Hadn't thought of that pairing)

naughty moving gifs

free dangermouse wallpaper (Something we should know, D.M.? You behind bars?)

hovered upside down

russian folc heroes

ouroborus uraeus

when col opened his eyes again his head swam

walk throw for secret of the scarlet hand

2 part mug pack

skirt blew up knickers (Huh?)

jamhuriya (???)

nc 17 my socks

ikea pandemonium (eek!)

spaceship cock he (he... what?)

ghostbuster pyjamas

sweet little tank top disclaimer

stargate jack sam manips
(Not on my site, Sunshine!)

jonas quinn quotes (See comment above)

jason coburn stargate
(I swear I haven't borrowed him, Joy!)

bastinado pain

scary pictures

picture of hatshepsut for kids


fauna britannica buczacki

Added 14 FEB 2005 - updated 9 MAY 2007

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